Boyfriend Kills LASU Final Year Student For Rituals (Photos)

Boyfriend Kills LASU Final Year Student For Rituals (Photos)
Tragedy struck on Christmas eve when the sad news of the death of final year Theatre Arts student of Lagos State University (LASU), Miss Favour Sewanu Oluwabuyikunmi Daley-Oladele was broken to her Parents at their Mowe, Ogun State home.

She was declared missing on Sunday December 8, when she got a call from her boyfriend, Owolabi Adeeko, also an Ex Student of LASU that same day, when he offered to drop her off in school at LASU.

According to her dad, Mr Daley Oladele, who spoke with UPSHOT REPORTS on the sad development, they could not reach her again since she left home on that fateful Sunday.

Boyfriend Kills LASU Final Year Student For Rituals (Photos)
A search party began and her phone was tracked to Ikire by Police detectives, where they found her buried body with the heart and some other vital organs already dismembered.

The police at Mowe Police station where the case was reported confirmed the arrest of the culprit Owolabi Adeeko, Pastor Segun Philips of C& S Church, Ikoyi Ile, near Ikire in Osun State.

Owolabi, a suspected Yahoo Plus member, was said to have confessed that the ‘Prophet’ told him to eat the heart of Miss Favour for Money ritual and Power.

He told the Police that he drove her out of Lagos to Ikire where she was killed on the night of Sunday December 8 after they took some vital organs from her body and buried the remains near Ikire.

The Police has confirmed the arrest of the suspected Yahoo Plus member, Adeeko as well as his mother, Mrs Adeeko, C & S Prophet Segun Philips and some others.

A devastated father of Miss Favour, Pastor Daley Oladele, appealed to well meaning Nigerians to assist the family get justice for their late daughter and pray for the family at this time of their grieve.


Some things go a long way and have more impact than you can ever imagine. Every strong relationship takes a lot of time, effort, and strength to work out for the long run, they also require a couple of special experiences, those special moments only the two of you share and always think of when you’re going through a rough patch, such memories can strengthen the bond of your relationship and save it during the bad times. Let’s begin.
1. Share your worst fears
We can be weak in front of the people we love, we can cry in front of the people we love, we have no inhibitions in front of people we love, reveal your worst fears to one another, it will create an incredible bond of trust and faith between the two of you, the kind of bond that never gets broken.
2. Having a show you share
Everyone has different taste when it comes to TV shows but it’s an amazing thing if you and your partner can share at least one show together that both of you love. For me, it’s actually a lot of shows, we discuss them so much that they take up half of our conversations. Have that one show that you can watch together and discuss about it with each other.
3. Being completely comfortable
I took a long time before I was completely comfortable with my girlfriend, but now I can’t imagine being this comfortable with anyone in my life. And by being comfortable I mean to feel at home, to feel like you’re safe and no one will judge you, that’s being comfortable.
4. Try cooking together
Cooking is fun, I don’t know much about it but I always join my girlfriend in the kitchen to just watch and learn. It’s fun to try to mix and match together and try to cook something fun for each other. Get to know each others’ tastes a little better and cook together. It’s not going to turn out perfect the first time, you two might fail at it first, but you’ll soon master cooking together. It’s also fun when you have to go grocery shopping for it.
5. Road trip
A road trip can change people, you go through so many different transitions and you learn so many new things about life and beauty. When someone goes on a road trip, they come out of their little protective bubble of comfort and they brace themselves to accept whatever comes their way, it’s a very powerful feeling. I changed after my road trip too. Now going on a road trip with your partner is just something completely life changing. You two will see a side of each other you had no idea of, and you’ll grow to be more comfortable with one another. It’s definitely an experience worth having.
6. Have the most explosive fight
This might sound a bit strange but my relationship is living proof of this one. Me and my girlfriend recently had a major fight, we screamed our lungs out at each other, it was bad. We both took a day off to think things through and to cool down. When we spoke after that fight, I felt a bit closer to her, she felt the same, it was as if our hearts just wanted to stay connected no matter what, so even in that enraged state we both managed to tell each other how much we loved each other.

Sisters In Polygamy: Food For Thought

Sisters In Polygamy: Food For Thought
Dear Sister going into polygamy (as 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife), please note that:

1. You must not apologize for marrying that man. He is your husband as well as that of others. 

2. You don't take someone's husband Allah (SWT) gave him the opportunity to marry up to 4 and you are just one of them.

3. Don't try to be friendly with your husband's senior wife as soon as you come in. She is still trying to adjust to the situation. Observe her and know how best to deal with her. But, BE COURTEOUS..

4. You are not special or in a competition where you need to win. So don't try to out-do your co-wife. BE YOURSELF.

5. You are not a correction to the senior wife's mistake, so don't let any man fool you. If his first wife has a shortcoming, don't go out of your way to be the correction. MEN ARE INSATIABLE.

6. Be courteous in your dealing with your senior wife. She was once the toast of her husband. Remember you can also be in her situation in no time. 

7. If your husband abandoned the senior wife to be with you, please don't be happy about it. Remind him of his duty and fight him to be just. Reason being that the table may turn at any time. And you will need Allah's favour then.
What will you use as TAWASUL?


May Almighty Allah Help you all.

I Don’t Mind My Man Having A Side Chick, Men Need S*x So They Can Think Properly - Huddah Monroe

I Don’t Mind My Man Having A Side Chick, Men Need S*x So They Can Think Properly - Huddah Monroe
Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has advised that cheating in a relationship is OK.
The CEO of Huddah cosmetics said she does not mind having a cheating boyfriend in so far as he does it in secret and he does not spend his money or falls in love with the side chick.
She further added that a woman should cheat discreetly so as to look younger and more dainty.She said,
I don’t mind my man having a side chick.
As long as he does it secretly! After 5 kids, i probably won’t be able to fuck him the same way!
Men need s*x so they can cum to think properly.
Cheating is the least of my worries in a relationship! I will never leave a man for cheating.
Him falling in love and spending our money on that bitch! That’s a problem. Like WTF!!
Meanwhile, I don’t think i’d be attracted to my man for life!
30 yers, same dck? I can’t eat meat everyday! Sometimes i want the good old chicken! Another day veggies. Its Human nature! That’s why most married women are miserable looking!
Your man is older than you but you look 60 years older because he enjoying life and you aint.
Do shit secretly. Don’t fall in love.
Appreciate and respect your husband… create a strong partnership!! Not a prison chamber.


Alhaji Mamman Abubakar Yusuf, Ebira by tribe, a native of Okene Local Government area, Kogi State.

He was born on 19th October 1969 into the family of Mr. Otaru Momoh Yusuf and Hajia Hawawu Yusuf in Okene, Kogi State.

He had his primary education in St. Andrew's in 1982 and secondary education in Okene Secondary School (OSS) 1987.
Upon leaving secondary school, Alhaji  Mamman joined his uncle, Mr. Siyaka Momoh Fache in Abeokuta, Ogun State where he was privileged to gain employment in 1989 as a Junior Staff with Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Ilorin Branch in Kwara State.

As a determined and enterprising young man, Alh. Mamman he enrolled as an external candidate at Muhyideen Arabic Secondary School, Kunmi-Igbaja in Kwara State where he had his Senior Secondary Certificate Education (SSCE) in 1994 in Social Sciences to conform with his current employment with the Central Bank. As a believer of social transformation through education  from cradle, Alhaji Mamman continued his strife to excel in leaps and bounds by sacrificing his time to run his National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) in Banking and Finance between 1994 and 1999. Having achieved this academic pursuit the young astute man was not done yet. He proceeded for his Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in Financial Management and subsequently his Masters programme was executed in Business Administration department from Ondo State University now Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State between 2001 and 2005

Alhaji Mamman Abubakar Yusuf is a proud member of many professional bodies in line with his discipline which includes:

Associate Member of Nigeria Institute of Management (AMNIM), Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria (ACPIN) and Information Security Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

Alhaji Mamman is one man that never allows any second to pass without using it to add more value to his life. He have attended a number of conferences, seminars, trainings, and workshops both locally and internationally. He has also received both local and international awards.

Here are some of the many seminars and conferences he has attended:

(i) Fraud and Forensic Management GBBK Solution in 2012.(ii) Relationship Excellence and Team Building Working Success in 2013.(iii) Anti-Money Laundering Training 2017.(iv) Human and Public Relations SDC 2009.(v) Credit Risk Policy Guide Certificate GMCL 2014.(vi) Policy Formulation, Implementations and Feedback MEM International 2014.(vii) Occupational Health Safety Administration (OSHA UK) 2016.(viii) Meeting Grassroots Politicking and Community Development (London) 2015.
The astute and generous nature of Alh. Mamman Abubakar Yusuf has endeared him to many people and also different bodies who deemed it fit to confer awards on him. 

The following are some of the revered awards he has  received:

(i) West African Students' Union (WASU) Kwame Nkrumah Award of Leadership in 2014.(ii) Northern Youths Advocacy for Excellence (NOYAD) Award in recognition for Public Service Excellence, Humanitarian Fervour and Strong Leadership Traits in 2014.(iii) Ebira Students Union (ESU) Kogi State Polytechnic Chapter Award for Good Deeds and Fatherly Role as meted out by Alh. Mamman Yusuf Abubakar.(iv) UM Best Entertainment Award as Great Developer of Humanity 2018.


Alhaji Mamman is a true believer in God. He is a devout Muslim with a firm hold of the tenets of the religion. He strongly believes that ones destiny is premised on the believe and faith that is in the heart of the individual. He hates laziness to a fault and that is why he is known to be a lover of hard work, perseverance, discipline and dedication to duty. This informed the painstaking steps he took in acquiring knowledge through education and he is always on hand to admonish the young ones to win their future by creating it with their own hands.

With his struggle to make his future and life meaningful, Alhaji Mamman despite all odds was able to weather the storm and today he is a Senior Staff of the CBN.

He has served as an Executive Member of the CBN Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited where he served in different capacities that have earned him accolades from all and  sundry.

As true son of  Ebrialand , he has touched many lives through helping some youths to be gainfully employed, he gave scholarships to many and served as a model to Ebira youths who are making their waves in the finance sector.

An intelligent man he is, he has made Ebiraland proud as he stand shoulders tall with all who have made their mark in the financial decisions of this country.

Check Out TOP 60 Arrests Made By Dcp Abba Kyari

Check Out TOP 60 Arrests Made By Dcp Abba Kyari
Abba Kyari, a Kanuri by tribe, is a native of Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State.

He was born on March 17th, 1975, into the family of Alhaji Baba Kyari, at the metropolitan city of Maiduguri, Borno State.

He had his primary and secondary education, at the University of Maiduguri Staff Primary School and Government College Maiduguri, where he obtained his Senior Secondary School Leaving Certificate, SSCE. He gained admission into the University of Maiduguri in 1993 and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Geography in 1997. Afterwards, he proceeded on his compulsory National Youth Service, NYSC.

1• Arrest of Nigeria’s most notorious Kidnap kingpin Billionaire Kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwaumadike Aka Evans in Lagos State and his Gangmembers,

2• Arrest of the killers of former Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) Air Marshal Alex Badeh ‘rtd’ along Keffi-Gitata Kaduna Road,

3• Arrest of the most wanted Boko-Haram Commander Umar Abdulmalik and Eight (8) of his Terrorists gang members,

4• Arrest of Twenty-two (22) Boko-Haram Terrorist gang members responsible for the kidnap of the Chibok School Girls in 2014 and also responsible for series of suicide bombings/several attacks and ambush against Security Agents in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States.

5• Captured the Most Deadly Kidnapper in the History of Nigeria, Henry Chibueze Aka “Vampire” in Owerri, Imo State and his gangmembers,

6• Arrest of the Deadly Offa Bank robbers that invaded Offa Town, Kwara State and robbed five commercial Banks, the gang also murdered over Thirty-one (31) innocent Nigerians Making it the deadliest Bank Robbery in the History Of Nigeria.

7• Arrest of kidnappers who kidnapped a serving Assistant Comptroller of Customs In Portharcourt,

8• Arrest of a syndicate of kidnappers, armed bandits and their sponsors in Zamfara State, after the gang had kidnapped the twin sisters before their wedding,

9• Arrest of deadly armed robbers and murderers who escaped from lawful custody at the SARS Lokoja, Kogi State,

10• Arrest of deadly kidnappers responsible for the kidnap/murder of Mr. John Iheanacho a staff of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/President of Eastern Zone Investment Cooperative Society Ltd, in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State,

11• Arrest of suspect responsible for the murder of Lieutenant Abubakar Yahaya Yusuf a serving Naval Officer and his girlfriend Miss. Lorraine Onye in Rivers State,

12• Arrest of deadly kidnappers responsible for the kidnap of two South African Citizens in Kaduna State,

13• Arrest of the Terrorist responsible for the bombing of Kuje and Nyanya towns of Abuja and recovery of primed bombs in the FCT,

14• Arrest of deadly kidnappers responsible for the kidnap of two Americans and two Canadians in Kaduna State,

15•Arrest Of a Notorious Criminal who threaten to Kill the Former Vice President of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar and his Family.

16• Arrest of the kidnappers of elder statesman Chief Olu Falae in Ondo State,

17• Arrest of gang of deadly killers responsible for the killing of several innocent persons in Benue State and recovery of their operational weapons,

18• Arrest of notorious arms and dealer who specializes in selling arms to armed robbers, kidnappers and Politicians in South-West/recovery of over Fifty arms and thousands of life ammunitions,

19• Arrest of the most notorious armed robber in the South-West, Abiodun Egunjobi Aka “Godogodo” in Ibadan, Oyo State, he was responsible for the death of over Five hundred (500) innocent Nigerians & Police Officers,

20• Arrest of the Kidnappers of the Turkish School Girls in Ogun and Lagos States,

21• Arrest of the kidnappers/murderers of Barrister Sherif Yazid along Abuja-Kaduna Express road,

22• Arrest of most the notorious kidnapping kingpin in Kogi State Halti Bello and twenty of his gang members, the gang had been terrorizing Kogi State and its environ for many years, who also kidnapped and murdered one Istifanus Gurama a senior staff of Dangote group,

23• Arrest of more than Fifteen (15) different gangs of kidnappers totaling over Three hundred (300) kidnappers and recovery of over Two hundred (200) AK47 rifles and other dangerous weapons used in terrorizing Abuja-Kaduna-Kano Highways,

24• Arrest of kidnappers/murderers of the Production Manager of Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Limited Mr. Ubani Onyema ‘m’ 64 years old, in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State,

25• Arrest of the most Notorious assassin in the South-west Ade Lawyer and his gang responsible for series of killings in various parts of Lagos State and South-western Nigeria,

26• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Isheri Landlords in Lagos State,

27• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Eighty (80) years old Chief Felix Ogbona in Aba, Abia State,

28• Arrest of assassins and masterminds who gruesomely murdered Mr. Uba Emmanuel aka Onwa in Festac Town, Lagos State,

29• Arrest of kidnappers of Dr. Alex Pepple in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State,

30• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Ikorodu School Girls in Lagos State,

31• Arrest of the Kidnappers of CBN Governor’s wife in Delta State,

32• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Ambassador Bagudu Hirse in Kaduna State,

33• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Serrie Leonian Deputy High Commissioner in Kaduna State,

34• Arrest of the Kidnappers of former Minister of Finance Okonjo Iweala’s Mother in Delta State,

35• Arrest of Niger-Delta militants planning to bomb 3rd Mainland bridge/recovery of arms and explosives in Lagos State,

36• Arrest of Niger Delta militants/notorious Kidnappers and recovery of GPMG, Ak 47 rifles and military grenades in Port-harcourt, Rivers State,

37• Arrest of notorious gang who planned to Kidnap Nigerian billionaire
Femi Otedola in Lagos State,

38• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Oniba of Iba a first class King in Lagos State,

39• Arrest of kidnappers of Hon. Sani Bello member of House of Reps/representing Mashi Federal Constituency of Katsina State (now late),

40• Arrest of the Armed Robbers/Militants who attacked and robbed Lekki, Ikorodu, Festac and Agbara Banks in Ogun and Lagos State,

41• Arrest of the Kidnappers of the three (3) Orekoya’s Children in Lagos State,

42• Arrest of the Kidnappers of Former Chairman of Ejigbo LGA in Lagos State,

43• Arrest of Killers of Oyo State member of House of Assembly in Oyo State,

44• Arrest of the kidnappers and Killers of Reverend father Adeyi in Otukpo Benue State,

45• Arrest of Kidnappers of Alhaji Salami in Abuja,

46• Arrest of the kidnappers of two (2) ABTI American University of Nigeria Female Students in Abuja,

47• Arrest of the attackers of Nimbo Community in Enugu State and many more breakthroughs that are too numerous to mention.

48•Rescue Of Magajin Garin Daura from Kidnappers in Kano State and Arrest Of 13 of the Kidnappers/Terrorist  

49•Arrest Of a Notorious Southwest Kidnap Kingpin Abubakar Mohd Aka Buba and his Gangmembers In Oyo State. 

50•Arrest Of the deadliest Kidnapper in the Southwest Abdullahi Abubakar aka Osama and his Group In Ekiti State. 

51•Arrest Of Adamu Umoru aka Dabo and Group, Kingpin Of Abuja-Kaduna expressway Kidnappers Responsible for Kidnapping Dr Mahmoud Chairman UBEC, Killinghid Driver and Many Other Kidnappings and Killings Along the Expressway. 

52•Arrest Of Usman Mohd and Group Of Kidnappers Responsible for kidnapping the Son Of the immediate Past Minister Of Health In Oyo State and Many Other kidnappings in the Southwest. 

53•Arrest Of Tony Raphael aka Chairman and his group, Kidnap Kingpin Terrorizing Rivers State. 

54•Arrest Of Abdullahi Sani and his Group Responsible for the Kidnapping Of the Mother in-law Of Governor Masari Of Katsina State. 

55•Arrest Of Notorious Kidnapper Isa Abdullahi aka Biyi and his Gang Responsible for Several Kidnappings and Killing In Katsina State. 

56•Arrest Of Gbenga Ojomo the Most Notorious Illegal Arms and Ammunition Smuggler in Nigeria, Responsible for Smuggling Thousands Of Rifles and Ammunition from Libya and Burkina Faso to Nigeria. 

57• Arrest Of Sunday Abel aka School boy and his Deadly Gang Of Kidnappers Terrorizing the Southeast Responsible for Kidnapping and Killing a Serving American Soldier In IMO State and Many other Kidnappings and Killings in the Southeast. 

58• Arrest Of Cajetan Otti and Group Of Notorious kidnappers Terrorizing Abia State and Recovery Of Several Rifles. 

59• Arrest Of Divine Nmeni and his gang of Notorious Kidnappers who were Responsible for several Kidnappings and Rapes In Rivers State. 

60• Re-Arrest Of Notorious Taraba State Kidnap Kingpin Hamisu Bala Wadume and Recovery Of Several Rifles after he was Rescued and released from IRT 2 weeks earlier.

Meet Taiwo Agbona, The Young Lady ‘Chosen By Oracle’ To Become The ‘King’ Of Ondo Kingdom (Photos)

Meet Taiwo Agbona, The Young Lady ‘Chosen By Oracle’ To Become The ‘King’ Of Ondo Kingdom (Photos)
Taiwo Oyebola Agbona, a 23-year-old medical student, who was “chosen by oracle” to succeed her late father as king of Aaye kingdom in Ondo, says she can’t get married, pregnant while on the throne.
Prior to the passing away of J. B Agbona, the alaaye of Aaye, who died on May 4, 2017, Taiwo, the first daughter of the monarch, was chosen to ascend the throne for a period of time pending when a new king is appointed.
The young regent’s choice for the throne was also arrived at after the king makers consulted the oracle for guidance on who to replace the late king.
Meet Taiwo Agbona, The Young Lady ‘Chosen By Oracle’ To Become The ‘King’ Of Ondo Kingdom (Photos)
A regent is a person appointed to rule a kingdom because the monarch is minor, absent or incapacitated.
“After the demise of my father, the chiefs consulted the oracle and they were told that I am the one worthy to be on the throne. So, they came to consult me and ask for my consent,” she told BBC Focus on Africa.
Seemingly startled at the news, the 23-year-old asked the chiefs to give her more time to allow her brood over it.
Taiwo said she later agreed to take the offer upon discovery it was meant for a temporary time until a long-term successor is chosen by the oracle.
“I told them to give me three weeks to think about it. When they came back, I told them I am ready to succeed my father. Within those three weeks, I was thinking about a lot of things,” she said.

Good S*x Can Make A Bad Relationship Last Longer - Naira Marley

Good S*x Can Make A Bad Relationship Last Longer - Naira Marley
Popular Nigerian Singer, Azeez Fashola, has taken to his twitter page to share his thoughts about what makes a relationship last longer (even if it is a bad relationship).

According to the ‘Soapy’ crooner, good s*xual intercourse, can make a bad relationship last long.
See his tweet below;

Good S*x Can Make A Bad Relationship Last Longer - Naira Marley
The year 2019 has been an awesome year for the singer/rapper, as he became a viral sensation after his arrest by the EFCC and subsequent trial was wide publicized.
Although he is currently a free man still making hit songs, the case is still in court but Naira Marley’s career has not stopped being progressive.

I Prefer Dating Married Men Than Single Guys - Actress Mariam Odunola

I Prefer Dating Married Men Than Single Guys - Actress Mariam Odunola
Nollywood actress Mariam Odunola aka Omo VC, while showing support for polygamy, has stated that she prefers dating married men than single guys.

Speaking in a new interview with Nigerian Tribune, the actress mentioned that dating a married man or becoming a fourth wife is not an issue to her as long as there are provisions for such.

According to her:

“Personally, I like married men more than single guys because I have never been lucky with single guys. As it looks, I might end up being second, third or even fourth wife, I don’t mind as long as I am happy.

Marriage is a delicate topic that I am always cautious to discuss because it cuts across various faiths with personal interests and different kinds of persons involved. But as a Muslim, my religion gives room for a man to marry more than one wife with clear explanations that such a man must create balance on the home front.

If a man doesn’t have the financial, mental, physical and psychological capacity to marry more than one wife, he is not expected to go into polygamy.

I however don’t have any issue with polygamy as long as there is adequate care and respect among the parties involved.”

Viral Video Of Kano University SUG President With Student Union Secret Service And Motorcade As Long As Lagos Traffic

Viral Video Of Kano University SUG President With Student Union Secret Service And Motorcade As Long As Lagos Traffic
An alleged video of Kano university of science and technology student representative council stepping out of a meeting with personal bodyguards from the men of the Student Union Secret Service (SUSS) is currently making rounds on Social Media.

A twitter user named Ogundeyi Oluwatoyin shared the video to compare the political consciousness between Northern Nigeria and Southern Nigeria. Ogundeyi wrote:

Sometimes I am fascinated by the north and its political consciousness. Here is a video of the Kano university of science and technology student representative council; please compare to any Student union of any university in the south. #WonderWhyTheyAreBornToRule

The video caught the attention of many online users who have condemned the act rather than appraise it. Watch the video below:

Video Player

Nigerian Man Allegedly Cancels Wedding After Finding Out His Fiancee Took His Photos To A Shrine

Nigerian Man Allegedly Cancels Wedding After Finding Out His Fiancee Took His Photos To A Shrine
A Twitter user has narrated how a Nigerian man called off his traditional wedding after finding out his fiancee took his photos to a shrine. 

According to @Nnamdianekwe, the man who stays abroad cancelled the wedding after stumbling on a Whatsapp chat in which the lady told her mother that she took her fiance's name and photos to a shrine and temple. 

He tweeted; 

A proposed traditional marriage to be held next week has collapsed this afternoon. IJGB stumbled on his fiance's WhatsApp conversations with her mother where she indicated to have submitted the boy's pictures and names to a couple of shrine and temple. Nsogbu adigo

This is not a surprising news. This is common practice nowadays but to know someone directly involved in the brouhaha is quite upsetting to be honest.

Soldier Assaults Boy For Wearing Camoflage Trouser To An Event In Lagos (Video)

Soldier Assaults Boy For Wearing Camoflage Trouser To An Event In Lagos (Video)
A Nigerian soldier was caught on camera yesterday Saturday December 21st assaulting a boy at Rowe park in Yaba, Lagos State.

According to eyewitnesses, the boy's offence was that he was wearing a camoflage trouser which many military officers frown at.

Watch a video showing the soldier assaulting the boy below;

Nigerian Doctor Warns Men Against Keeping Condoms In Their Pocket

Nigerian Doctor Warns Men Against Keeping Condoms In Their Pocket

A Nigerian doctor have warn men against keeping condoms in their wallet and pocket.

You Look Like A Confused Transgender - Uche Ogbodo Replies Trolls Who Said She Looks Like A Man In This Photo

You Look Like A Confused Transgender - Uche Ogbodo Replies Trolls Who Said She Looks Like A Man In This Photo
Actress, Uche Ogbodo, came hard on some trolls who told her she looked like a man wearing a wig in the photo above.

Uche shared the photo on her IG opage and wrote.
Check Out My Real Face this Morning. Effortlessly Beautiful No Filter

See her reply to the trolls below;

FCT Police Inspector Kills His Colleague, Shoots Superintendent Before Committing Suicide

FCT Police Inspector Kills His Colleague, Shoots Superintendent Before Committing Suicide
Tragedy struck at the Federal Capital Territory Police command Yesterday when an Inspector at the Dutse Alhaji Division, opened fire on another officer, a Corporal, killing him on the spot.

The suspect also inflicted gunshot wounds on a Deputy Superintendent before turning the gun on himself and opening fire leading to his death.

Confirming the unfortunate incident, the FCT Police command spokesperson, Maryam Yusuf, said the matter is being investigated.

“The FCT Police Command regrettably condemns the unfortunate incident that took place at Dutse Alhaji Division on Saturday 21st December 2019 at about 4.30pm involving the murder of a Police  Corporal by an  Inspector of Police.

Preliminary investigation reveals that the deceased Inspector fired a shot at the Corporal leading to his death and injuring a Deputy Superintendent before he committed suicide.

While commiserating with the family members of the deceased, the Commissioner of Police has ordered a discreet investigation into the incident and put measures in place to forestall the reoccurrence of such incident. The Command urges residents to remain calm while reiterating its commitment to provide adequate security during the Christmas/New year Celebration. ” the statement read

Angry Girlfriend Organizes Area Boys To Beat Up Her Boyfriend Who Slapped Her (Photos)

Angry Girlfriend Organizes Area Boys To Beat Up Her Boyfriend Who Slapped Her (Photos)
An upcoming singer, Ramske Wire, has shared photos of his swollen eye after his girlfriend ''organized'' her area boys to beat him up after he slapped her.

Posting the photos of his battered face on his Facebook page, Ramske wrote;
Angry Girlfriend Organizes Area Boys To Beat Up Her Boyfriend Who Slapped Her (Photos)
Breaking News I will Be Offline For A Week
I slap her Based On What She Did an I realize my mistakes saying am sorry slapping her so she report to the Area Boyz To Beat Me Up..
Eh never finish Oo she still even lied I rape her, me fine boy way my Girls Full everywhere But We Give Thanks To God All Is Fine 

For The First Time In 200 Years, There'll Be No Christmas Mass At Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral

For The First Time In 200 Years, There'll Be No Christmas Mass At Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral
French officials have confirmed that Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris will miss its first Christmas mass since 1803 as workers continue to repair and rebuild the landmark eight months after a devastating fire.  
The cathedral’s press office said midnight mass would still be celebrated on Christmas Eve by rector Patrick Chauvet but it would be held at the nearby church of Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois.  
Notre-Dame, part of a UNESCO world heritage site on the banks of the River Seine, was ravaged by the April 15 blaze losing its gothic spire, roof and many precious artefacts.
The building had remained open for Christmas through two centuries of often tumultuous history including the Nazi occupation in World War II being forced to close only during the anti-Catholic revolutionary period in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
President Emmanuel Macron has set a timetable of five years to completely repair the eight-centuries-old structure, which remains shrouded in scaffolding with a vast crane looming over it.
Paris prosecutors suspect criminal negligence and opened an investigation in June, suggesting a stray cigarette butt or an electrical fault could have caused the fire. The culture ministry said in October that nearly one billion euros ($1.1 billion) had been pledged or raised for the reconstruction.

Randy Couple Caught ‘Having S3x’ On Top Deck Of Bus During Road Trip (Photos)

Randy Couple Caught ‘Having S3x’ On Top Deck Of Bus During Road Trip (Photos)
A randy couple who couldn’t wait to get home were filmed ‘having s3x’ on the top deck of a bus.
The pair were seen at the back of the 135 bus having ‘sex’ as they travelled through Prestwich, Greater Manchester, on Tuesday afternoon December 17th.
Gas engineer, John Dolan who sat in his van waiting for his friend, noticed ‘movement’ in the bus which was heading in the direction of a local secondary school, before he quickly filmed the s3x act and sent it to his wife.

The post has gone viral online and has attracted more than 460,000 views with social media users blasting the pair.
John Paul Dolan, from Manchester, said: “It was mad – very strange. It’s just wrong.
“It looked quite vigorous. They slowed down a bit when the bus stopped but were still at it, then carried on again as it pulled off.
“I can’t imagine if an old lady got on the bus and saw them. She’d probably have a heart attack.

“I just hope they’re a couple and not doing it on the sly because now they’ve gone viral.”
As he sent the video to his wife, she also commented on how ‘disgusting’ the lovers were.
John said: “There’s a sandwich shop round the corner and I was waiting in the van for my mates to come out.
"The bus pulled in at the bus stop and I looked up from my phone because I saw movement and thought ‘what’s going on there?’
“There was another woman crossing the road at the time with a smirk on her face. She must have seen it because she looked about embarrassed.
“It’s funny the bus driver didn’t spot them in his mirror or on CCTV.
“There’s kids on that road. There’s a high school about a minute down the road and it was heading in that direction.
“I sent the video my wife and she said ‘that’s disgusting’. Obviously I’m a lad and I find it funny.”
A Go North West spokesperson told Mirror Online: “We’re aware of the incident and we have informed the relevant authorities.”