Woman Has 4 Balloons Implanted In Her Face To Save Her Life (Photos)

A woman has had four balloons implanted under her skin to save her life because doctors fear the birthmark that covers half her face could become cancerous. 
Xiao Yan needs the bizarre treatment to allow her to grow new tissue that doctors can use to graft onto her face when the birthmark is removed.

The 23-year-old, from Longjing Village in Guizhou Province in south-western China duffers from congenital melanocytic nevus which affects just one in 500,000 people..Daily Mail reports.

She now has to endure several months of coping with the balloons stretching her skin in four areas before she can have her ‘new face’. Ms Yan said she had been prepared to live with the massive mole on her face for the rest of her life. ‘Despite the big black mole on my face, I enjoyed my childhood playing with my friends,’ Ms Yan said, adding: ‘I was carefree.’ ‘But as I grew older, the fact that I was “different” became increasingly magnified,’ she added.

Her mother Yang Xiu’e said she had to ‘beg’ the villagers to stop making fun of her daughter, who became the talk of the town.

Following recommendations from doctors last year, Ms Yan’s poor family managed the challenging task of raising 100,000 yuan (£11,177) for the first stage of her treatment, which she began in October last year.

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