Update: Wednesday On Love Happens (Episode 157-159)

Kishan gets disappointed with Aanya and Raghu's patch-up. He feels that his plan to return to Mumbai from exile has failed miserably. However, GD assures him that they still have a chance. All they have to do is to highlight the drawbacks of leading a village life, to Aanya. Meanwhile, Aanya gets upset when Raghu refuses to go with her as he is occupied with his farming. When Kishan comes to know of this, he instigates Aanya against Raghu. She begins to think that Raghu will never be as romantic as he used to be. She starts imagining her life after marriage and negative thoughts begin to haunt her. She also imagines Janki ill-treating her, of Raghu complaining about her cooking skills and not heeding her requests. She snaps out of her imagination and goes to Raghu. Raghu is pleasantly surprised to see Aanya at the fields, but before he can say anything, Aanya starts grumbling. Aanya tells Raghu that she will never be his slave and walks away, leaving Raghu in total bewilderment.

Aanya meets Janki and expresses her desire to wear a western style gown for her wedding, but gets disappointed when Dadi tells her that she will have to wear only a sari. Janki tries to convince Aanya that she will gradually adjust in the village life. However, Aanya feels that even Janki is telling her to change herself after marriage. Meanwhile, Raghu also feels that things are not going right. However, Bhola tells him that if Aanya expects him to change for her, then he should at least think about it. Finally, the day of the engagement arrives, but Aanya and Debbie get upset when Kishan and GD voice their discontent. Meanwhile, Raghu tells Janki that he is feeling uncomfortable the way things are turning out. However, Janki comforts him and assures him that everything will be soon be all right. GD and her family receive a grand welcome at Raghu's place, but Kishan and GD pass comments degrading Raghu and his family. Aanya and Debbie feel bad and try their best to keep the situation under control. Finally, Bhola and Isha exchange the rings and everyone congratulates them. After Bhola and Isha's engagement, Aanya and Raghu are called for the formalities. However, everyone get shocked when Aanya's ring is found missing.

While everyone is busy searching for the ring, Raghu takes Aanya inside the room on pretext of talking something important. He gets furious when he finds out that Aanya was wearing the ring in her toe. He chides Aanya and accuses her that she does not love him. Aanya too is shocked and tells Raghu that she accidentally put the ring on her toe as she was getting ready for the engagement and forgot to remove it. But Raghu is not convinced.

Finally, Aanya and Raghu also get engaged, but they are not happy. Later, Janki tells Raghu that marriage is a sacred institution which comprises of trust and love. She tells Raghu that life will not always be pleasant, and that he should be prepared to face the sorrows as well. Raghu realises his mistake. He later meets Aanya and apologises to her. He comforts her and assures her that they will lead a happy married life. However, they get shocked when Dadi interrupts them and prohibits them from meeting till they get married.

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