Update: Tuesday On Love Happens (Episode 181-183)

Aanya thanks her friends and her fellow-passengers in the train for their invaluable help and bids adieu to them. Raghu and Aanya feel that Dadi will get angry, and Janki's sentiments will get hurt when they will come to know about their marriage. Therefore they decide that they will not reveal anything and will formally wed each other in the village.

Raghu heaves a sigh of relief on reaching his village. He gets excited when he comes to know that the whole village is busy in the celebration of 'Holi', a festival of colours. Raghu surprises Dadi and Janki, while Debbie and Kishan are surprised to see Isha and Aanya. While celebrating the festival, Isha consumes 'Bhaang' (an intoxicating drink). Later, in an inebriated state, Isha shocks Dadi by telling her that Raghu and Aanya have married each other!

Aanya tells Dadi that Isha is making up a story, but Dadi does not believe her. Dadi gets furious and starts scolding Aanya. This makes Raghu lose his cool and he admits that he has married Aanya. Debbie and Janki are shocked. Debbie requests Dadi to let bygones be bygones and accept Aanya wholeheartedly. Janki asserts that she will accept Aanya only when she formally marries Raghu. Dadi also agrees and hugs Aanya. Later, Raghu and Aanya get elated when the priest informs them that the next day will be very auspicious for the wedding.

Bhola also gets excited as he was finally getting married. Later, Kishan suggests to Rangeela that they should throw a bachelors' party for Raghu and Bhola. He explains to Rangeela what a bachelors' party is. Rangeela gets excited and organises the party. He invites Raghu and Bhola, without informing them the details of the party. However, Chhotu gets irked when he is not permitted to attend the party. A furious Chhotu tells Isha about the party and takes her to the venue. Meanwhile, Raghu and Bhola are shocked when they find a dancer trying to seduce them, while Rangeela, Bhima and all others are enjoying. However, everyone gets shocked when Isha barges in.

Isha gets furious with Bhola and starts scolding him. She even thrashes him with a broom, but Raghu and Rangeela intervene. Raghu manages to pacify Isha and tells her that Bhola was completely ignorant about the nature of the party. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief when Isha finally leaves.

The next day, the whole village gears in the hustle and bustle of the weddings. Aanya and Isha are relieved and bid farewell to their parents. Both the brides receive a grand welcome in their respective homes. However, Aanya gets irked when Dadi asks her to massage her legs on her wedding night.

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