Female Student Reveals How She Outsmarted A Kidnapper Who R*ped Her (Photos)

A lady has narrated how she outsmarted a kidnapper who raped her at gunpoint. According to reports, the student identified as Jaila Gladden, from Georgia, was leaving a supermarket late at night when a man asked her for a lighter.
After telling him she didn’t have one, the 21-year-old carried on walking but, when she got to her car she felt a knife pressed against her stomach.
She told Buzzfeed the man ordered her into the car, took her smartphone, and drove her to an abandoned church where he told her to take of her clothes.
He then raped her telling her there was “no purpose in crying” as she begged him to let her go.
He told her he planned to drive to Atlanta and rob a petrol station then go on to Michigan and then asked her to direct him.
Jaila saw her chance to act – telling him she couldn’t direct him if she didn’t have her mobile phone so he gave it back to her.
She said: “When he initially picked me up I was watching where he drove. He never took eyes off the road.”
Turning down the screen brightness she activated the “share my location” feature and sent it to her boyfriend, Tamir Bryant.
“It was the most logical thing to do,” she said.
Tamir was asleep when his phone buzzed but when he saw she was in Atlanta he asked why.
Jaila managed to type “Kid napped.”
“Stop playing rn,” Bryant replied. “I’m headed to the police station.”
Tamir said: “I immediately realized it was serious.
“She would never play like that. She would never say that for no reason.”
Wilson then took her phone again and locked her in the boot of a car but after a failed attempt to rob a petrol station, he let her out.
Once again, he gave her back her phone to Google the closest stores and she was able to contact Tamir again.
Tamir had headed straight to the police station where he gave officers live updates of her movements and they found the car in the Atlanta store’s car park.
When the kidnapper saw police, he jumped in the car and sped away, causing a collision with four cars.
The alleged kidnapper – – later identified as Timothy Wilson – was arrested 10 hours later, according to police.
He faces multiple charges, including kidnapping, hijacking a motor vehicle and rape.

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