FIrst Ever A.I S3x Doll That Speaks All Languages, Gives Oral S3x, Has A Memory And More Created (Video/Photos)

Jeez! They
Now that the demand for sex dolls is increasing, sex toy companies are going the extra mile to outdo the competition and create a sex doll that is as close to human as possible.A sex toy company has created a sex doll that stands out. Her name is Harmony and the doll uses Artificial Intelligence to mimic human behavior and make her appear life-like. Harmony can speak in all languages. She can also engage in conversations like a normal human being. In the sex department, Harmony can moan during sex, talk dirty, call your name, get wet and can even have orgasms during sex. 
Now that the demand for s3x dolls is increasing, s3x toy companies are going the extra mile to outdo the competition and create a s3x doll that is as close to human as possible.

A s3x toy company has created a s3x doll that stands out. Her name is Harmony and the doll uses Artificial Intelligence to mimic human behavior and make her appear life-like.

Harmony can speak in all languages. She can also engage in conversations like a normal human being. In the s3x department, Harmony can moan during s3x, talk dirty, call your name, get wet and can even have orgasms during s3x. 

The doll costs around $2,500 on average and can be customized to any shape, size and skin color you prefer. The company sells about 600 of them every year in the US alone and demands are skyrocketing.

Jeez! They

Below is a video of Harmony as well as a list of all she can do.
1. She runs on batteries that are rechargeable just like your smartphones and laptops.
2. She’s designed to meet your s3xual fantasy just like a real human does but in a way only a machine can do.
3. She can self-lubricate during intercourse, moan, talk dirty, remember your name, call your name during s3x, maintain any position you like and is highly flexible so you can divide her legs like the red sea anytime. She can even climax during s3x.
4. She is a good partner and can engage you in discussions just like a human does.
5. She can self-warm her body.
6. Her mouth is also human like and moist, so you can thrust down her throat if that’s your fantasy.
7. Skin like textures made of silicone and very soft, it feels just like a real human skin and ROBOTIX plans to up their game by making them moist just like a real human during s3x.
8. You can install new language accents on her and get her to speak in any accent you like, so if you love Spanish women accent you can get Harmony to speak to you in such accent.

'It Shall Never Be Well With Yahoo Boys Who Have Ravished Blood' - Friend Of The Girl Who Was Allegedly Used For Ritual By Yahoo Boys Curses

Few days ago, the story of a young pretty Nigerian girl who recently died went viral on social media because of the story surrounding her death
According a friend of the deceased, she was used for money rituals by a yahoo guy.
Another friend  of hers who is deeply hurt by the said story took to Facebook to rain heavy curses on 'yahoo boys' who use women for ritual purposes.
Chai! Yahoo boys have destroy a lot of souls, guys why, can't that devil u guys called native doctors give u Ppl another option of doing your shit than sending innocent souls to their earlier grave,,, imagine this pretty girl killed by Yahoo boys,,,for ritual
It's shall never be well to any yahoo boy who have ravish blood,, who have destroy souls,, they will never live to see middle of this month is either they die by accident or go to bed but did not wake up,,, must u guys kill ,,,gush,, plz if u are in my facebook list and you are one of those that consume souls just get lost within 5seconds before thunder strike u death,,,bloody bastard
Classic white my dear,,,may your soul rest in peace

Woman Has 4 Balloons Implanted In Her Face To Save Her Life (Photos)

A woman has had four balloons implanted under her skin to save her life because doctors fear the birthmark that covers half her face could become cancerous. 
Xiao Yan needs the bizarre treatment to allow her to grow new tissue that doctors can use to graft onto her face when the birthmark is removed.

The 23-year-old, from Longjing Village in Guizhou Province in south-western China duffers from congenital melanocytic nevus which affects just one in 500,000 people..Daily Mail reports.

She now has to endure several months of coping with the balloons stretching her skin in four areas before she can have her ‘new face’. Ms Yan said she had been prepared to live with the massive mole on her face for the rest of her life. ‘Despite the big black mole on my face, I enjoyed my childhood playing with my friends,’ Ms Yan said, adding: ‘I was carefree.’ ‘But as I grew older, the fact that I was “different” became increasingly magnified,’ she added.

Her mother Yang Xiu’e said she had to ‘beg’ the villagers to stop making fun of her daughter, who became the talk of the town.

Following recommendations from doctors last year, Ms Yan’s poor family managed the challenging task of raising 100,000 yuan (£11,177) for the first stage of her treatment, which she began in October last year.

I Love Trump For Being Frank With Africans - Ugandan President

Uganda's president says he loves President Donald Trump and that he should be praised for not mincing words.

"I love Trump because he tells Africans frankly," President Yoweri Museveni said Tuesday, shortly after the US ambassador reportedly apologized for Trump's recent reference to African nations as "shithole countries."

"I don't know whether he was misquoted or whatever. But he talks to Africans frankly," Museveni said. "In the world, you cannot survive if you are weak."

The Ugandan leader was addressing members of the regional East African Legislative Assembly.

Suspected Sea Pirates Kill 2 Marine Policemen In Bayelsa (Photos)

Two policemen attached to the marine deoartment of the Nigerian Police were shot dead Monday night by gunmen suspected to be sea pirates at the riverside town of Ogbia in Ogbia LGA of Bayelsa State.

The gunmen also went away with two AK 47 rifles and two 200 horse Power engines on the gunboats belonging to the police in the operation that lasted from 10pm till about 1:30 this morning.

George Weah Makes Appointment In Less Than 24 Hours After Inauguration

In less than 24 hours after the inauguration of George Weah as President of Liberia, the former international footballer has made his first batch of appointments, showing his eagerness to start work ASAP! Seven names were released in this first batch and former Senate pro-tempore Gbezohngar Findley, was named Minister of foreign affairs. The appointment has come under criticism, as people said Findley got the appointment because he was a close ally of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and staunchly supported Vice-President Joseph Boakai at the initial stage of the campaign period.

It's been however said that George Weah, in making these appointments in less than 24 hours shows he means business, unlike a West African president who took 6 solid months to make appointments. 

Other appointments include; Daniel Ziankahn was immediately retired as the chief of staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and appointed the minister of national defence, subject to Senate confirmation.

Ziankahn replaces Brownie Samukai at the defence ministry, which is in the middle of an alleged wasteful spending of “welfare and supplementary pension benefits” of members of the armed forces.

Johnson takes over from Ziankahn as the new chief of staff of the AFL.

Weah named Chairman of the now ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Nathaniel McGill as the minister of state for presidential affairs.

Samuel Tweh, a long-time member of the CDC, is to serve as minister of finance and development planning.

The president appointed Charles Gibson as Minister of Justice, and Sam Mannah as press secretary with immediate effect.

Weah has directed that the heads of other government ministries and agencies remain in place until further notice.

Ebonyi State Lawmaker Suspended For Taking Too Many Pictures

Ebonyi State House of Assembly on Tuesday suspended the member representing Afikpo North East constituency in the Assembly, Mrs Maria Ude Nwachi aka Afikpo Chic, for alleged gross misconduct.

Mrs. Nwachi was accused of allegedly posing as public photographer. The motion for he suspension was moved by the Leader of the House, Hon. Joseph Nwobasi.

The House said Nwachi have refused to heed earlier warnings by the Assembly to desist from being a photographer in the state. Nwachi, a former Minority Leader, according to the house by her actions has brought disrespect and dishonesty to herself and the Assembly by by posing as public photographer.

She was therefore suspended for 14 days pending the outcome of investigations on the allegations leveled against her by a special committee constituted by the House to investigate the allegations.

This will be the second time she will be suspended by the House. In 2016 she was suspended for sponsoring a protest by Afikpo youths against the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, EEDC, for epileptic a services to the town.

The peaceful protest later turned violent as some of the youths set ablaze some vehicles of the Disco and this prompted the house to suspended her for over two months.

Teletubbies’ Tinky Winky Actor Simon Barnes Dies Four Days After Celebrating His Birthday

The actor Simon Barnes, best known for playing Tinky Winky in the BBC children’s series Teletubbies, has died aged 52.

The father of three, who once described being in the Teletubbies as being “a bit like the Beatles or Take That of television”, died four days after celebrating his birthday.

All Trending Videos Of Ladies Proposing Were Staged

Over the past few weeks, videos have emerged online where ladies were supposedly proposing to guys at Ikeja City Mall (ICM). These videos sparked a lot of controversial conversations online, but the truth of the matter is that these videos were staged or what you call comedy skits. The lady who proposed, the guy and the other lady who claimed the guy rejected the proposal because he was married were all interviewed at Wazobia by A Wazobia TV presenter by the name Sarah Etinosa Ehigiamuso, were they made this known.

A Wazobia TV presenter by name Sarah Etinosa Ehigiamusoe who interviewed them, shared photos after an interview where they revealed what really happened and wrote;

“Did you watch the video of the girl who proposed to her boyfriend who in turn rejected her proposal?
How many of you thought it was a joke?

Well, it was actually a skit…Not Real at all.

We had them on the Gudu Morning Naija show today to explain the reason behind such act. According to realmc boki, he did it to raise awareness that there is absolutely nothing wrong if a woman proposes to a man and also nothing wrong generally as it surrounds “Proposal” to reject even if it’s in Public. “

I Divorced My Husband Because He's A G*y. We Had S3x Just 11 Times In 10 Years - Daddy Freeze's Ex-Wife

Benedicta Elechi, the partner of DaddyFreeze, has finally opened up on why she walked away from her marriage of 10 years to Paul Odekina, the executive general manager of Human Resource at Total E&P Nigeria Limited.

In an interview with LIB, she said: "I filed for a divorce from him because of his sexual perversion and there's a point where you get to as a human being when you realise that something or what is your aim is never going to work.

Because when I signed a contract to marry him, I believed I was marrying a man that shared the same type of sexuality with me.

Don't get me wrong, I do not have any issues with people that have different sexual orientation but when you come and say you want to get into a marriage contract with someone, you both have to share the same sexual orientation.

So when you get into that marriage and find out it wasn't what you bargained for, it's like you were tricked into the marriage. The marriage is a sham. For example, we got married in 2002, I filed for a divorce 2012.

For the period of 10-years that we were married, we actually had sexual intercourse just 11 times in 10 years.  He never let me sleep in his room, I have to stay in my own room. He would only come to see me when he thinks we should make a baby.

Way into the marriage, I caught him red-handed in gay sex. I walked into him in our living room, at about 1:30, 1:40am with a guy I didn't really know. But he obviously walked in with that person at that time of the night, and I walked into them in our living room."

I Will Blame Myself If I Get R*ped – Ghanaian N*de Model

Ghanian nudist, Ama Richest, who recently broke the Internet with her nude photos, has revealed that if she ever falls victim to rape, she would put the blame one herself.

In an interview with Ady Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that, she said that believes that if ever her nude pictures cause any man to commit the crime of rape, “well I’m going to blame myself,” she admitted.

Former Chief Justice Of Nigeria Dies In London Hospital

A former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Dahiru Musdapher, has died in a London hospital. Musdapher was 75 years old.

He was appointed as the CJN by former president Goodluck Jonathan in 2011.

Olusegun Obasanjo Ask Buhari Not To Run For President In 2019

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Tuesday, in a blistering and excoriating 13-page statement has called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek re-election in 2019.

Mr. Obasanjo, in a special press statement entitled, “The Way Out: A Clarion Call for Coalition for Nigeria Movement” said Mr Buhari has performed far below expectation and should honourably “dismount from the horse” to join the league of the country’s former leaders.

Mr Obasanjo, a two-term president on the platform of People Democratic Party (PDP), said he feels disappointed by Mr Buhari, whom he supported during the 2015 election over then incumbent and candidate of his former party, Goodluck Jonathan.

Likening the state of the nation to lice-invested clothes, he said the country’s fingernails is stained with blood as it tries to kill the lice by pressing them in-between two fingernails. According to him, in other to make sure that our fingernails remains blood-free we must do what it takes rid our clothes of lice.

While thanking Mr Buhari for the effort of his administration in rolling back the Boko Haram insurgency and his fight against corruption, Mr Obasanjo said Mr Buhari has ultimately failed in other areas where he had thought he would be efficient.

The octogenarian, who bagged a PhD over the weekend, admitted he knew Mr Buhari was weak in handling the economy, he went ahead and voted for him because at the time “it was a matter of ‘any option but Jonathan’” and because he thought Mr Buhari would appoint qualified Nigerians to help out in that area.

He also berated Mr Buhari for allowing the clashes between herdsmen and farmers to go “sour” and messy saying the endorsement of the President by some governors to seek re-election barely 24 hours after 73 people who were killed by herdsmen in Benue State were given mass burial was “a sad symptom of insensitivity and callousness.”

Having ruled out PDP an APC as options, Mr Obasanjo therefore called for a movement he termed Coalition of Nigeria, which he offered to be a part of, to wrest power from the present ruling class and lead the country into the path of rebirth.

Son Buries Father In Grave Along With $7,630 In Cash (Photo)

A loving son has given his deceased father a final send-off in a coffin filled with $7,630.

According to, the funeral was held on January, 16, 2018, in the southern part of Selangor, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Update: Tuesday On Modern HomeMaker (Episode 94-96)

Kanhaiya leaves with his constables and Sona says to herself that she knows Kanhaiya is hiding his sadness with a smile but she will not let him be sad for long, she will need to get back Kanhaiya’s job and she will investigate about the thief so that Kanhaiya will cancel his resignation.

Sona decides that she firstly needs to go to all the houses that they have had their things stolen to get any clue. The first house Sona decides to go is Shanta’s house as the theft started in her house first.

As Sona is about to leave, Bindiya stops her asking where is she leaving and Sona says that she is going to meet Dadi. Bindiya asks why suddenly? Sona starts thinking and Bindiya says she must have fallen sick right? This happens at this age. Go and meet her and Sona smiles while she says to herself that she is sorry for taking Dadi’s name to lie. Sona leaves and Bindiya smiles. Renu comes to Bindiya asking what happened and was Sona going to her Dadi’s house? Bindiya says that they will need to find out about that but Sona’s face showed that she was going somewhere else and they decide to inform Suhnaina that Sona’s Dadi is not feeling well.

Sona goes to Shanta’s house and sees the house locked. Sona asks the neighbor on where have Shanta went and Sona is informed that they went to a nearby restaurant. Sona goes to the restaurant and finds Shanta eating with her family and Sona appoligizes for disturbing them and asks Santa if its anything special today since they are eating outside. Shanta says that the thief have stolen all her stainless stell and her vegetables that she can’t even buy anything and keep it at home. Sona says the thief have stolen in your house twice right? Was there anything different or weird in your house? Shanta’s husband calls Radha, the shop owner to give some water and Sona smiles to Radha. Sona decides to leave and thinks of asking other people and after Sona leaves, Radha looks at Sona. Julie is walking and a boy brings some flowers for Julie and Julie asks who have it where the boy points to guy on motorbike with his head covered and her friend asks if is he the same guy who were following them on that night? Julie stares and throws the flowers down and leaves while Avinash removes his helmet.

Avinash says that Julie has attitude and this is why he likes her compared to all the other girls and says let the game begins. Bindiya informs Suhnaina and Suhnaina is shocked and decides to call Dadi and ask how is she feeling. Suhnaina calls Dadi and asks how is Dadi since Sona came to meet her? Dadi says Sona had not came here and asks if is everything fine and Suhnaina says that don’t worry, all is fine here. Dadi asks is Sona good there and Suhnaina praises Sona which Dadi is happy and Suhnaina asks Dadi to take care while Dadi starts wondering.

Suhnaina says that Sona had lied about meeting her dadi. Why did she lied and Bindiya pretends to be shocked. Sona starts going to all the house where everyone informs about their utensils and vegetables being stolen.

Sona is not able to get any clue but finds out that the thief only steals new things which means the person is able to know whose house is going to have what function or buying new things? Sona thought of asking the sundry shop owner but remembers about him getting angry since they had not paid him on time and he would surely not help. Julie is returning home wondering who is that guy and how he knows her? Her friend says that he must have seen Julie on Facebook and that’s why he is after her.

Sona goes to meet the shop owner where he ignores Sona and asks why did she came here? He says that he will not sell any things to the Chaturvedi family and he will not forget what they all said to him. Sona tries explaining and the guy asks Sona to leave and Sona says that today she will use one of Dadi’s teaching. The guy asks Sona to leave and Sona says that she wants to check if is all the things in the shop in good quality and the guy says that all the things in his shop is good and shows the log book on what everyone bought at his shop. Sona goes through the book and says that many buys things from here except Sona’s family. Sona thanks him for telling everything and Sona thinks to herself that there is a special occasion coming soon which is Mrs Verma’s son’s birthday.

This means the next theft will be happening there. Suhnaina is waiting and Sona enters inside the house and Suhnaina asks where did Sona went and Sona says that she went to meet Dadi. Suhnaina says that she had already called Dadi and asks Sona to tell the truth on where she went? Sona tries to say something and Dadi greets them with some gifts and everyone is shocked to see Dadi. Suhnaina greets Dadi inside and Dadi says you forgot all these things that i bought for your family? Come, grab these and Dadi says that she had to came this far.

Suhnaina says but you informed me Sona didn’t came to meet you? Dadi says it was Sona’s fault as she asked her not to and Sona smiles. Dadi says that she had brought some clothes for everyone in the family and Dadi says that she want to rest in Sona’s room and Suhnaina asks Sona to bring Dadi to the room and leaves. Dadi says to Sona that when Suhnaina called Dadi, she suspected something was wrong and she even called Sona but Sona didn’t pick up the call.

Sona says that she left the phone at home and Sona thanks Dadi for arriving right at the time. Dadi says the moment she suspected, she faster bought the clothes and came over. Dadi says that so many things had happened and Sona didn’t informed her and Sona says that she don’t want Dadi to be worried. Sona says that she will catch the thief and Dadi asks but how will you do it? Sona says that the next theft will happen in Mrs Verma’s house and she will find the thief there!

Sona says to Dadi that she is sure that the next theft will happen in Mrs Verma’s house and Sona is confident that she would meet the thief there. Dadi blesses Sona and Sona says that it was all because of Dadi’s teaching and she is able to handle any situations. Dadi asks how is everything here and Sona says that she is very lucky to get such a family especially such loving husband. Dadi says but this your sasural and not your house? And how is Suhnaina? Sona says that she accidentally said sasural but Suhnaina is good and Sona is always ready to face any problems. Dadi says that she was in a rush and she bought all the clothes and she will buy better clothes next time. Suhnaina, Bindiya and Renu are looking at the clothes Dadi bought and Renu says that Dadi bought such cheap sarees. Bindiya supports that this is the first time she is buying clothes after the wedding and look at what kind of clothes she bought? She could have at least bought good clothes for you right Mummy ji? Suhnaina says keep quiet both of you. What did both of you brought after your wedding? Don’t make me open my mouth and both Renu and Bindiya look at each another. Dadi and Sona walks down where Dadi says that she is leaving and Suhnaina asks Dadi to eat something before leaving. Sona says she won’t take long to cook and Suhnaina asks Neelam to bring the food and Sona looks at Dadi. Dadi and the rest are eating the food where Dadi says that the food is tasty and Suhnaina says it was cooked by Neelam. Suhnaina keeps praising Neelam’s cooking that she is the best.

Suhnaina also adds that she didn’t teach Neelam anything as she learned everything from her parents and she is really lucky to get a daughter in law like Neelam. Dadi looks at Sona and says that Neelam is a very good person. She had a mother to teach her everything but Sona don’t have a mother since small. No matter how much i teach, i can never take the place of her mother right? Sona and Neelam is in tears and Dadi says that only a saas can take the place of a mother. I am sure that with your teachings, Sona will learn everything soon. Dadi says that she wish she could meet Kanhaiya before leaving and Sona says that she called Kanhaiya a few times but he did not answer her call.

Suhnaina says that she will fulfill Dadi’s wish as if she calls, Kanhaiya will always answer the phone. Suhnaina asks Neelam to bring the phone and dials Kanhaiya’s number saying he will surely answer. The phone keeps ringing and Kanhaiya doesn’t answers and Suhnaina says that his phone must have been on silent, otherwise he would never ignore my call. Kanhaiya calls back to Sona’s handphone and everyone looks where Kanhaiya says don’t worry about me and keep calling. Kanhaiya is at Radha’s restaurant and Suhnaina asks Sona if the call was from Kanhaiya? Sona says yes it is and he said he was busy. Suhnaina seems unhappy and Sona is tempted to vomit and everyone looks at her in shock.

Sona runs away and Dadi follows her. Renu says that Sona is vomiting, this means its a good news right? Bindiya says if Sona is pregnant, Kanhaiya would love her more right Mummy ji? Suhnaina is left wondering and walks away. Sona is in her room bathroom where Dadi asks her what happened? Sona says this happens since small and Dadi says how can this happen since small? Don’t joke and Sona says what do you mean by joking? Dadi smiles and Sona understands it. Sona says you think that i? And Dadi nods her head. Sona says its nothing like what she is thinking. Sona says have you forgotten that i’m allergic to nut since small? And i’m careful till now where we both have decided together not to have the SR till we understand each another better. Suhnaina who is standing near the door is shocked to hear this.

Dadi says i need to leave now and do take care and Sona sends Dadi down. Renu says to Bindiya that all their plans will start being ruined as Sona is pregnant and Bindiya thinks what can they do now? Bindiya is checking her photos on Facebook and she gets a message from a person with no picture which she ignores. Julie then gets a call from Avinash and Avinash asks Julie how many guys will she decline over the internet and Julie asks who is it and how he knows what she is doing? Avinash says that when a person is in love, they know what another person is doing and Julie asks him not to disturb her saying that her Chacha ji is a police officer and Julie cuts the call.

Suhnaina is in her room recalling Sona’s words to Dadi and her mind voice says to Suhnaina on what is she thinking? What she is thinking is right. This is the right chance to create a separation between Kanhaiya and Sona as they have not had any relationship till now. So its easy to keep them apart. Suhnaina says she can’t do that as this is wrong. Her mind voice says that what Sona is doing is right? She is taking Kanhaiya away from her. Suhnaina says if i do that, Kanhaiya would get hurt. Her mind voice say that Kanhaiya will get hurt but the name Sona will leave his life forever. If she makes Kanhaiya happy, you will have to forget Kanhaiya forever. You need to keep them apart. Suhnaina says yes, i will do that where she will not come in between of me and my son anymore.

In the night, Chicku wants to go for Mrs Verma’s son’s birthday which Renu asks Chicku not to go as he will not go alone. Chicku calls Renu to follow him them and Renu says that she is stiching now. Sona enters saying that she will follow Chicku instead and Renu asks why is Sona following? Sona says that Renu has a lot of work and Chicku will get late. Renu says its alright, she will go. Sona recalls back of what the shop owner said and thinks of an idea. Sona says to Renu that her favorite show is having a high point today and Renu says that she totally forgot about that.

Renu says that she wants to watch the episode and asks Sona to follow Chicku for the party and both Sona and Chicku are happy. Someone is shown watching the house and leaves when Sona and Chicku arrives. As Sona enters the how, the person is shown watching the house. Chicku goes to meet Mrs Verma’s son and Mrs Verma greets Sona. Sona keeps looking around and Mrs Verma asks if is Sona looking for anyone? Sona says that she was just looking at the decorations. Sona asks what is the menu of the day and Mrs Verma asks Sona to come to the kitchen and she will show her.

Mrs Verma made special aloo dum briyani and says that this briyani is very special. Mrs Verma asks Sona to taste and see if its good and Sona says that she is sure its tasty. As Sona is talking, she sees the shadow of someone at the window and Sona walks to the window and someone runs and hide. Mrs Verma asks what happened and Sona says i felt someone was here and as soon as i came here, someone went away. Mrs Verma says but there is no one here and Sona says perhaps its my imagination. Sona also asks Mrs Verma to keep the window closed since there are many theft happening as the thief could be targeting her house today and Mrs Sharma says that she is right and locks the window. Sona keeps looking worried and Mrs Verma asks when are we cutting the cake? Mrs Verma says that they are waiting for a magician whom they had called for the party. Sona sees all the kids playing and Sona notices a shadow at the doorstep. The person starts walking in and Sona keeps looking suspiciosly. Sona walks towards the person and sasks the person to wait and everyone looks at Sona. Mrs Verma asks what happened? Sona says that she felt that he was a thief who was entering the house quietly. The magician keeps looking at Sona and leaves. The magician keep making tricks which Sona watches.

The magician makes a trick and throws a ball to Sona which Sona catches. The magician takes out another magic item and again looks at Sona which she feels uneasy. The magician says that for the next item, he is going to off the electricity for 5 minutes and Sona recalls how the elecrticity was shut during the Ram Navmi.

The magician goes to switch off and Sona holds his hand from doing it. The magician keeps adjusting his mask and Sona says sorry to Mrs Verma as they know how many thefts have been happening in the colony and if they still wish to off the light, they can do so. Mrs Verma says there is so many people here and what would happen? Sona says there were many people too during Ram Navmi at their house but in the two minutes of the lights being off, the things got stolen. Sona says do you want that to repeat here? Mrs Verma says that is right and asks the magician to try another trick and the magician stares at Sona. The magician keeps doing some tricks with Chicku and everyone claps. Sona starts thinking if he is really a magician and not a theft? The magician asks to give in 5 minutes for the next trick and Sona starts looking for the magician.

Sona enters inside one of the room and starts looking for the magician and decides to look in the kitchen. Sona thinks to herself that the Magician went off for a while and yet to return. Mrs Verma brings the cake to cut while Sona checks the briyani if its stil at the same place and decides to keep an eye on the magician as he could be the thief. Everyone cuts the cake for Tinku and Sona sees the magician at one corner. Sona looks away and turns again noticing that the magician is missing. The magician enters the kitchen while Sona comes behind and finds the magician in the kitchen and is shocked.

Update: Tuesday On Love Happens (Episode 181-183)

Aanya thanks her friends and her fellow-passengers in the train for their invaluable help and bids adieu to them. Raghu and Aanya feel that Dadi will get angry, and Janki's sentiments will get hurt when they will come to know about their marriage. Therefore they decide that they will not reveal anything and will formally wed each other in the village.

Raghu heaves a sigh of relief on reaching his village. He gets excited when he comes to know that the whole village is busy in the celebration of 'Holi', a festival of colours. Raghu surprises Dadi and Janki, while Debbie and Kishan are surprised to see Isha and Aanya. While celebrating the festival, Isha consumes 'Bhaang' (an intoxicating drink). Later, in an inebriated state, Isha shocks Dadi by telling her that Raghu and Aanya have married each other!

Aanya tells Dadi that Isha is making up a story, but Dadi does not believe her. Dadi gets furious and starts scolding Aanya. This makes Raghu lose his cool and he admits that he has married Aanya. Debbie and Janki are shocked. Debbie requests Dadi to let bygones be bygones and accept Aanya wholeheartedly. Janki asserts that she will accept Aanya only when she formally marries Raghu. Dadi also agrees and hugs Aanya. Later, Raghu and Aanya get elated when the priest informs them that the next day will be very auspicious for the wedding.

Bhola also gets excited as he was finally getting married. Later, Kishan suggests to Rangeela that they should throw a bachelors' party for Raghu and Bhola. He explains to Rangeela what a bachelors' party is. Rangeela gets excited and organises the party. He invites Raghu and Bhola, without informing them the details of the party. However, Chhotu gets irked when he is not permitted to attend the party. A furious Chhotu tells Isha about the party and takes her to the venue. Meanwhile, Raghu and Bhola are shocked when they find a dancer trying to seduce them, while Rangeela, Bhima and all others are enjoying. However, everyone gets shocked when Isha barges in.

Isha gets furious with Bhola and starts scolding him. She even thrashes him with a broom, but Raghu and Rangeela intervene. Raghu manages to pacify Isha and tells her that Bhola was completely ignorant about the nature of the party. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief when Isha finally leaves.

The next day, the whole village gears in the hustle and bustle of the weddings. Aanya and Isha are relieved and bid farewell to their parents. Both the brides receive a grand welcome in their respective homes. However, Aanya gets irked when Dadi asks her to massage her legs on her wedding night.

Update: Tuesday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 299-301)

Samrat is impatiently waiting for sanaya, as she is late, wondering whether he got her back or not, and how his life is at stake, if he isnt able to repay back the money. He is super frustrated, when she doesnt show up. But he gets excited as he finds her coming. he is tensed to see that her mood doesnt seem quite okay. He pretends to be overexcited, asking what took her so long, as he was waiting for long. She asks him who told him to wait, and if he thought his cheap tricks would work for her. He thinks that this is a wrong answer and he got betrayed. She belittles him, saying that there are lines of lovers around her always, and that the madness that he is doing for her, she never found it anywhere else.

Samrat feels like he wont the game at the lost move. he is shocked and asks what does she mean. she reaffirms that she has fallen for him, and he is relieved and in his overwhelming nature he hugs her saying that he saved her. When she asks what does he mean, he says that he would have committed suicide, had she said no. He thinks that he should now hasten the marriage too. She asks whats he thinking. He asks if she likes children, and she says that she does. He is excited and he shouts from the rooftop, to all the guests, that he loves her, and wants to marry her. He presents her a beautiful ring, anmd kneels down on one knee, proposing to her. She says that she too wants to marry him very soon. he makes her wear the ring, saying that they are destined for each other. Theyu all slap, while she is in the wave of a whirlwind romance with him. She says that she is so happy, and thanks him for coming in her life. He thinks that he should thank her for coming in his life, as now he too would be rich.

Ishaan plans his proposal arrangements, for urmi, and sandhya overhears all this. As he says all this, he says that urmi should know from the arrangements that its for her, that he has planned all this. He expresses his excitement while she thinks that she shall give Damini this shock. She thinks that she came at the right time, and she would have to do something about this.

Late in the night, damini and anirudh are asleep, when the phone rings. He wakes up tensedly, wondering who called. He receives the call and is shocked.

Anirudh is mortified and embarassed, as the inspector gives him a huge lecture as to how he maybe a big tycoon industrially, but he is a highly irrsponsible father, and explains to him the severity of the situation, as tani wascaught in a drug and booze party, completely illegal. But tani is completely unfazed by what she did, and completely guiltless. she gets bored with this lecture. she tells her father that she didnt take drugs. the police warns him that he is leaving her just because she is his daughter, and the next time, she shall be charged on unbailable warrant. Anirudh apologises and thanks him, saying that there wont be a next time. he is super enraged, and drags her, out, asking her to be quiet.

Sanaya tells everything about her love life with sam, to urmi, who is super amused. Urmi says that Sam doesnt let her think, and sanaya says that she likes this only. she says that his emotions are highly intense. urmi is amused. Sanaya continues gloating about what a wonderful man he is, and praises him galore. She is sure that urmi too shall love him, if she meets him. urmi asks her where’s sam, when she gets a message, and tells to urmi that he is on his way. urmi teases her that maybe she doesnt want her to meet. sanaya says that she has told sam that she wont marry till her best friend’s approval. Urmi continues to tease her. Urmi tells sanaya that she is very happy for her, as she has never seen her so happy. Shanaya glows in the glory of her new found love, and says that she hopes that urmi too would get someone, who makes her believe in love and marriage once again. urmi says that there’s no place for that, as shaurya is her whole life, and that there’s nothing beyond that. urmi asks her to call sam, to find out whats taking him so long. Sanaya asks her to wait for a while.

Meanwhile, samrat steps inside the restaurant, oblivious of urmi sitting with his latest flirt, hoping that he would pass this last exam, before he succeeds in his mission to marry her. He wonders who is this fast friend, who sanaya is talking about, as he would cut her every support system soon. He is sure that he would impress whoever this friend, of hers is. But he is shell shocked, to find that the friend, that sanaya wants him to meet, is urmi. he is dumbfounded at finding her here, and ironically yet again standing in the way of his success. He hides, thinking that sanaya is friends with urmi, and is disgusted with her fate.

Sanaya meanwhile makes excuses that he must be stuck in traffic. While sanaya calls, urmi too gets a call, that some staff’s father has had an accident, and she would have to go. Sanaya is tensed, but urmi takes her leave, citing that her work is urgent. she agrees to meet some other day. they wish each other goodbye. sanaya sits down. urmi goes past. He hides behind the pillar, as urmi walks past busy on her phone, while he eyes her with hatred and mixed emotions.

Samrat hides, while urmi walks out, past him. samrat wonders what to do with urmi, as he has ruined everything and still has no respite, and that she is still on her rant to ruin him. As she leaves, he composes himself, and then leaves to meet sanaya. She is tensed and upset that her friend couldnt meet him. He gives the excuse of battery being out, and him being stuck in traffic jam, and she asks him not to bother, as she would make him meet her friend tomorrow. Samrat says that he would never let that tomorrow come, as before that, he would marry her, or else, this friend of hers, shall never pass him, but instead terribly fail him, and ruin his chance at becoming big.

Anirudh is super angry at tani for being so rash and careless, without any botheration for her father’s social status and image. tani however is unfazed. All are tensed. He blames it all on Damini, who got her introduced to such parties, and night club activities, which have destroyed his social image badly. He mentions about the drugs going on. Sandhya is shocked. Damini asks her, and tani refuses that she didnt take drugs. sandhya makes a mountain out of a molehill. Tani vehemently says that she didnt know there were drugs going on. ravi says that soon her company shall drag her into this awful addiction too. tani shuts her up, saying that she isnt immature. He says that her maturity was nicely reflected last night at the police station itself. Tani asks if she would even choose her friends with his permission. He orders yes. He taunts damini that she may not be affected, but he cant allow her or her daughter, to tarnish his image anymore. He says that this is his hosue, and till she stays here, she would have to abide by his rules. he angrily leaves. Damini tries to speak with her, but she walks out with attitude. damini is super frustrated, wondering where ishaan is.

Later, in her room. damini tries to clarify to Sandhya that tani hasnt taken drugs, and that if she is doing all this, then it isnt really her fault. Sandhya says that she made her understand before, that tani and ishaan are both going out of their control. She again brings up urmi’s topic, and damini is frustrated. She asks damini if urmi got to know about his girlfriend. damini says that she would find out and tell. sandhya says that urmi wont, but she shall find out and show her today too, and that she shall expose his girlfriend today. damini is tensed.

As asha and gaurav wishes him the best of luck, ishaan stands super nervous, asking if urmi is ready. Asha says that since this is a special occassion, she would take time to get dressed. SAhe leaves to check on her. Gaurav teases ishaan if he feels nervous. He asks gaurav if he has ever proposed anyone. urmi comes out dressed normally. ishaan asks if she would go out like this. She says that his girlfriend is the one who should be conscious and dresses wonderfully, and not her, as he knows her and her dressing up wont change anything. He says that after he meets his girlfriend today, everything shall change. He says that she shall trust him more, as today is going to be the most important day of both their lives, and hence everything should be perfect. Urmi smiles. Asha asks if his girlfriend is that beautiful. ishaan says that she is immensely beautiful, and urmi doesnt stand anywhere, but teases her to go and atleast look presentable. She smiles and then leaves.

Ishaan gets urmi to where he has made all arrangements, while she is flabbergasted at the breathtaking arrangement that he has made. she compliments him that this is wonderful and beautiful, and asks if he loves her so much, as she had no idea, and that she is so lucky. He asks if she liked it. she says that she loved it. He smiles. Then she teases him that he never even let her know about his secret love. He keeps overwhelmingly eyeing her, while she rants amused and smilingly. she says that she forgives him, as she would be meeting his girlfriend today. She eyes the sea wave, and longingly eyes them, and is delighted to be there. ishaan is restless.

The music starts playing, and he asks her for a dance, insisting her, while she asks what if she comes. She complies nevertheless. they both dance on that beautiful romantic number. urmi asks him, where is his girlfriend. He shows her a room, saying thats where she is. she excitedly goes there, along with ishaan. Ishaan takes urmi to a place, which is full of mirrors around them. she is boggled, and asks about his girlfriend, and where is she, as she cant see her. He says that she is here only, while she says that she cant see her anywhere. he asks her to look closely, as from where they stand, he finds her everywhere. She is boggled and turns around to find her own reflections everywhere, in every mirror. Urmi is shocked, while ishaan says that it is indeed her and only her. She is dumbfounded. He says that she is the girl, who he loves more than life itself. she is too shocked to even speak, while he says that there never was, never is, and never shall be anyone else, except for her, as his life is an open book in front of her, and she is the page, that she never got around to reading.

He says that she is mad, to even think, that he would hide such a big part of his life from her. He says that she resides in every heartbeat of his, and that he cant think of anyone else except for her, as he cant even do that, since whenever he sees anywhere, he finds her only. He says that she completes him, and without her, she is incomplete. She is shocked. He asks that she must be thinking why didnt he say so before, and clarifies that he was scared of losing her and their friendship, and now that she was hell bent on knowing, he asks for a small favour, and thats to give him the right, to own her and become hers. He takes her hand and confesses, that he loves her, and from the bottom of his heart. She eyes him awestruck and numb. He says that he loved her, loves her and shall always continue loving her, and promises to love her till eternity. meanwhile, sandhya and damini reach there, and finds urmi and ishaan, with held hands. To damini’s shock, Ishaan bends down on one knee, and with a ring in his hand, he proposes her and asks her to marry him. She is shocked. Damini and Sandhya see this, and are shocked. damini is apalled, while sandhya is amused. He pleads urmi to say yes. urmi eyes him hurtfully, emotionally disturbed and distraught. damini clenches her fist in anger.

Urmi is shocked, while damini angrily tries to get in, but sandhya stops her. Damini is enraged, and rushes out from there, as sandhya smiles. urmi eyes ishaan in shock and in a boggled state. Damini and sandhya leave. Soon after, urmi too rushes out from there. Ishaan stands distraught, and then rushes out after her. She runs out all the way to the outside. When ishaan comes out, he is apalled as he doesnt find her.

Damini is enraged at ishaan, while sandhya tries to get her against urmi. damini is not able to believe, saying that she never knew urmi could do this, as she trusted her so blindly. Sandhya takes this oppurtunity, to tell her that she had told her so. damini says that urmi is an outsider, and how could her own son do this. Sandhya continues to taunt her that he isnt thinking straight, being dazzled in urmi’s love. Damini says that she wont let urmi succeed in her motive, as noone can separate her from her son. Sandhya says that time shall tell, but right now, urmi captures ishaan’s heart, who is blindly in love with him. She says that now her obedient son is out of her control, as urmi has captivated her.

Rati comes out saying that tani isnt in the house, and has gone. She gives damini the letter that tani has written, saying that she has left the house, asking them not to search for her. damini throws the paper away in disgust. Sandhya takes this oppurtunity, saying that her children are going out of her hand, and that this is too bad, and asks her what shall she do now. Seeing damini tensed, sandhya is amused. damini shows anirudh the letter, saying that this is what he wanteds, as due to his stern behaviour, tani had to take this step. He says that he was right. She asks what was right, and reminds that this isnt his, but their home, and tani is their daughter. He asks how can she blame him, for her fault of getting tani out of control. Sandhya’s husband tells them that tani isnt picking the phone. damini is tensed as to how she could be.

Sandhya tries to put fuel into fire, saying that she is a young woman, and anyhing can happen to her, given the company she is in. Her husband asks her to be quiet. They talk about informing the police. He asks how long would friends let her be, and that within a couple of days she would be back. She asks how would they know about tani, if they dont involve the police. But anirudh is adamant. Ishaan returns just then, dejectedly. damini gets angry at him too, while sandhya waits wondering whats the drama that is to follow. Rati asks about tani, from ishaan, and he says that he doesnt have a clue. sandhya taunts him if he even has the time out of his busy life.

Anirudh tells ishaan that tani left the house, and he is shocked, asking where she went. Rati tells about the letter. ishaan begins to call, but damini says that it isnt needed, as they shall handle it all, as he is so busy in his life, hence they dont have time. She says that she is to be blamed, as she has pampered them so much, that they are doing what they wish. He asks why is she saying so, and what has he done. She says that she is right. Anirudh asks why is she taking out her frustration at him. She says that she is saying the truth. He asks her what does she mean. She says that tani was always like this, but ishaan is a child that always did them proud, and never do anything, that can hurt his mother, and then asks why did he do this, and asks how and why can he love a divorcee and a mother of one child, and asks if he didnt think of her even once. 

Sandhya thoroughly enjoys it. She tells to everyone, that he loves urmi and even proposed her today. All are shocked. damini says that urmi shall never come in this house. Anirudh is shocked, while sandhya enjoys the drama. Ishaan stands shocked too.

Urmi remembers ishaan’s double meaning sentences, as she connects the dots together, right from before her marriage, and then remembers ishaan’s proposal. She is boggled and tensed. she gets sanaya’s call, and composes herself, and then picks up. Sanaya apologises saying that she must be wondering where did she disappear. she tells urmi that Samrat took her to Goa, and proposed her for marriage, and that too a secret marriage, and wants to spend some time alone. urmi is tensed, and tries to voice her reservations, saying that marriage is noble, and needs elders’ blessings, then how can she do this alone. Sanaya says that she is too excited. Urmi again asks her to take care of herself, and know what she is doing. sanaya says that she is, and samrat is taking care of her, and says that she shall send her some pics of him. urmi complies.

The next morning, children throng urmi about ishaan’s girlfriend, while she is irritated. She gets ishaan’s call and gets tensed. He is tensed when she doesnt pick up. Chiku assumes that she never liked ishaan’s girlfriend. Asha too comes to get her frustrated. shaurya decides to call ishaan, and urmi angrily asks him to put the phone down. he silently complies. all are tensed. Urmi tells them that they are children, and shouldnt involve themselves in such things. Shaurya apologises. chiku says that they should leave, as its for their good. They leave. Asha continues to pester urmi about his girlfriend. urmi gives an excuse that she had an urgent work, and hence left, before she could meet his girlfriend. To distract her, urmi asks asha for a cup of coffee, and she rushes to the kitchen. She gets a message from sanaya that she is sending her Samrat’s pictures. she gets interested.

Sanaya and samrat enjoy their romance at the beachside, while he continues trying to flirt with her. He finds her busy on her cell phone, and pretends to be fake angry, that she is paying more attention on her cellphone, raher than him. Sanaya says that she was just sending a message to urmi. samrat gets tensed. He frustratedly asks her why and what messsge did she send. She casually says that she just sent some of his pics to her. He is shit terrified to hear this. He asks if she has gone mad. she asks why is she reacting if he has sent, as if he has to hide something. She is boggled, and asks why is she so upset.

He composes his mood, thinking that this idito girl did something so stupid, that could ruin all chances. He says that he got her here to be alone, and send some quality time with her, but she is busy pleasing her best friend, and hence he doesnt want her to have anybody interrupt their quality time from now on. She agrees and hugs him. Samrat thinks that if urmi has seen the picture, then she would try her level best to stop their marriage, and he cant allow that.

Meanwhile, Urmi waits for the pictures to be downloaded, as the net works slow. when it finally does, she sees that its samrat, and is shocked.

Outrage Sparked As Senator Commissions Electric Pole In His Constituency In Niger State (Photos)

Senator Mustapha Sani commissions electric pole in Niger state
A Senator representing Niger South senatorial district of Niger State, Senator Mustapha Sani Mohammed, has shocked Nigerians especially citizens of Niger state after commissioning an electric pole recently in his senatorial district. The electric pole commissioning saw notable dignitaries in the community and other villagers in attendance.
This shocking development has incurred the wrath of online users who have reacted to this on Facebook.