Update: Wednesday On Modern Homemaker (Episode 36-38)

Neelam meets Bindiya with Govardan and Julie but Bindiya and her husband get annoyed by Neelam's interference in Julie's life where Bindiya asks Neelam what she wanted to tell about Julie? If she is talking on the phone doesn’t means she is wrong. Julie is her daughter and she know well about her. Govardan also says, talking on the phone is not wrong and Neelam tried to tells them not to mistake her. They however insult Neelam by barring Neelam's interference in Julie's life.

Govardan says it's looks like she is getting bored since she have nothing to do these days and it's not good to do things like this. Bindiya adds that she know well about her daughter and if she really want to be mother, why can't she be one? Neelam is hurt by this and agrees with Bindiya that she is right, she will take care of herself first and leaves.

Neelam recalls Bindiya’s words. Sona is aboout to call Neelam and sees her being upset. Sona tries to figure out Neelam's sadness and wonders what happened to Neelam as she looks upset. Kanhaiya in the police station slaps the guy and asks if he have a mother and sister? The guy says yes and Kanhaiya tells him to go and try to bully them instead. The guys gets furious and asks how dare he talk about his family. Hearing this, Kanhaiya slaps the guy and warns the guy not to disturb any girls after this. The parents of the guy arrive and the parents says that they are ashamed of their son and asks Kanhaiya to release their son or his future would be ruined. Kanhaiya then tells the guys that he is saved today because of his parents and warns him not to repeat this again. The guy leaves with his parents. On the other hand, Neelam is crying while doing work recalling what happened.

Sona comes there and sees Neelam crying asking her what happened? Neelam says nothing. Sona asks Neelam not to try hiding it her face is clearly showing that something happened, she urge her to tell her what is it. Neelam says some problems is like that where you don’t even realize that you are crying. Sona consoles Neelam saying that she will do the work. Neelam says that she wants everything in the house to be fine and she wants to see Julie, Dimple and Chicku to study well and asks why do people find mistake in her?

Sona asks why should they be worried about what others said? And she should always smile. Julie enters her room and sees Chicku hiding in her room behind the curtain. Julie asks if he didn’t go to school today? Chicku says that he is not in the mood today, and that’s why he didn’t go. Julie says alright then, and asks Chicku to give her money that he have. Chicku asks why she need it? Julie says that she need to buy a form.

Chicku advice Julie to be nice to Govardan. Julie goes and tries talking to her father Govardan. Sona who comes to give cofee asks what happened Julie? Julie says nothing but she personally want to talk to her father. Julie says a poem which Govardan praises her and Julie says that she need to do something for everyone to know her and that she needs to buy a form for that which is for Mrs Allahemabad. Govardan remains silent and Julie convinces him and Govardan gives her the money which Sona watches. Sona thinks to herself that if parents don’t monitor what their childrens are doing, it could land them in problem.

Sona is in deep thoughs thinking how come Govardan didn’t question Julie. Neelam comes in and sees Sona asking what happened? Sona informs her what happened and Neelam says if they try to help, they get scolded instead. If they try to advice, they say that her parents itself don’t say anything, and asks why should Sona? Sona says this is not right. Neelam asks Sona not to get involved and to let them realize themself. Sona then hears the ball sound and wonders if Chicku is at home and didn’t go to school? Sona calls out Chicku and asks why didn’t he go to school? Chicku says that he is not in the mood.

Renu comes to the kitchen and Chicku immediately hides behind Sona. Renu asks Neelam to make her a cup of cofee. Sona then used that opportunity to inform Renu that Chicku had not gone to school today again. Renu remind Sona, that she is working and asks how is she supposed to know that he is going to school or not? She adds that it's Neelam’s responsibility. Neelam says that she got him ready and yet he didn’t go. Sona says he always says that he has no mood to go, and that she is his mother and she can try to make him understand right? Renu also gets furious on Neelam for her irresponsibility towards Chicku and scold her that she is a housewife and asks why can’t she take care of this? Sona and Neelam looks at Renu.

Renu pulls Chicku’s ears and Durgesh comes to rescue him saying he is Just a small kid and gives signal to Chicku, while Renu says he have been skipping his classes. Chicku says his grandma Sunaina had given him permission saying that his father had also missed many classes and yet he is an engineer now. Renu says she don’t want him to be a mechanic like his father and tries to bring him away while Durgesh asks to leave Chicku. Neelam’s husband says that Renu is right and that he needs some discipline. Renu asks Durgesh not to support him and she claims she is a working wife and she doesn’t have much time. And this house is going to get divided because of Sona and Neelam.

Neelam’s husband starts thinking and Durgesh tells Neelam’s husband that because of Neelam, they are not arguing among themselves. Renu brings Chicku inside the room and locks the door saying she is going to teach him. Seeing that Bindiya and Renu refuse to take responsibility for their children’s action, pushing the blame on her, Neelam feels guilty after receiving Renu's anger for her irresponsibility towards Chicku and tells Sona that Renu is now upset with them. She had got Chicku ready and yet he didn’t go. Sona asks Neelam why is she taking the blame when it's not her mistake? And that she didn’t even know that he skipped schoool. Neelam says she was not even able to explain to Renu and Sona says that if Renu is angry with Chicku, and it's good as she would send him back to school. Renu is in the room trying to teach Chicku a lesson saying that he is a son of a teacher while Chicku tries giving reasons to escape from studying.

Renu asks Chicku to stop giving reasons and do his homework. Chicku takes out his books. Renu starts going through the books and asks Chicku to complete the questions and he must not move anywhere till he completes it. Chicku says he will go back to school and Renu is not willing to listen and starts asking Chicku some historical questions. Chicku is giving reasons and Renu hits him for not listening to her. Sunaina hears Renu hitting and scolding Chicku. Sunaina Devi get annoyed after hearing Renu's yelling over Chicku and calls everyone to come out. Chicku complains to his grandma Sunaina that his mom was hitting him. Sunaina Devi supports Chicko and says how dare she do this? She calls Renu to come and asks if she have become a very big teacher? Renu explain her that Chicku doesn’t want to go to school and that’s why she hit him.

Sunaina asks if she is the only one worried about studies? Darshana says when she was younger, her mummy sent her to her grandma’s house and hearing this, Sunaina says she don’t need to bring up this issue all the time now that she is living here and yet doing nothing right and now the issue is how Renu dare to hit Chicku? Chacha asks Sunaina not to get so angry now and Sunaina says that Chicku is still a small boy. Chacha asks his sister-in-law to forgive Renu. Sunaina warns Renu to control her actions. Neelam’s husband praises his mother Sunaina and Sona says that Chicku have not gone to school.

Sunaina tells Sons that now she is speaking as she thought she was a superhuman? She tells everyone to listen, that Sona is their daughter-in-law who talked so big. She helped the maid’s but did not do anything for their Chicku. And their Neelam only knows how to speak sweetly and Sunaina imitates Neelam into saying ‘Yes, mummy’. Neelam tries speaking while Sona holds Neelam not to speak. Sunaina asks everyone to leave and asks Neelam to follow her to her room as she is having headache. Sunaina’s neighbour comes over asking for a glass of milk.

The neighbor asks Sunaina if the maid didn’t come or had left her job. Sunaina asks how did she know this? Sunaina thinks to herself that she must have come to make up some stories. Neelam brings the milk and the neighbor says that this maid was saying some stories around. Sunaina asks what did she say? The neighbor says that there is a lot of work in this house and there was no mistake in the maid as she had so much of pressure and was talking so many things about her family. Sunaina asks how dare they talk about her family? She threaten the woman to just wait and watch what happens if she dare speak about her family again. Sunaina asks the neighbor to leave and she leaves in anger.

Meanwhile, Julie is flirting with the guy opposite her house and the guy throws her a love note and it falls down. Julie is about to go down when her uncle Kanhainya comes home and sees the paper on the ground, he pushes it away and enters his house. Suanaina is thinking of everything Sona has done in the house. She later decides to allot enormous responsibility over Sona in order to refrain herself from being the housewife to the family. She looks at her locker and thinks to herself that Sona has been winning all this time but Sunaina will also get her turn and Sona will then understand about her. Kanhaiya walks in looking for Sona.

Neelam comes there while Kanhaiya asks where Sona is in which Neelam says he is so worried for Sona. Kanhaiya replied that he can't think of anything other than his Sona. Neelam inform him that she is in the room. Hearing this, Kanhaiya is extremely happy and says that he is a big fan of Neelam as she understands him. Kanhaiya enters his room, he looks for Sona only to sees that she is not around. Kanhaiya calls Sona on her mobile phone. Sona comes out from the washroom and scares Kanhaiya from the back. She asks why he came back early today?Kahnaiya says he came back to eat her cooking, Sona asks if that is a reason for him to come back? Kanhaiya says that is also true but today he hit a guy who is trying to disturb a girl.

Sona thinks to herself that if Kanhaiya finds out about Julie, it would be a big issue. Kanhaiya asks Sona what happened and tells her to patch up with his mother, he pulls Sona into his arms and both look into each another. Sona asks if he is hungry? She then reminds him that he came back to eat? Kanhaiya says yes while Sona tells him she will go and prepare the food. Kanhaiya, who intend to say something looks shocked. Suanaina carries her locker and drops it in the living hall and everyone is shocked. Sunaina calls a person asking if he wants to buy the locker from her? Sunaina Devi sells her money locker as a scrap to a person in order to signal Sona of being responsible for the monetary loss to the family. She begs this person to take this away from here and the guy carries the locker while Sona thinks.

Sunaina Devi indirectly insults Sona for bringing in monetary loss to the family due to her refusal to join her office. Everyone taunts Sona that she is the reason for Suhnaina doing all this and that she had really hurt Suhnaina badly. Sona feels ashamed by Sunaina Devi's complains and since she is feeling bad, she goes to speak to Sunaina. Sona apologizes for hurting Sunaina’s feelings and says just to make things better, she had hurt her. Sunaina asks what she have done? Sona says she feel guilty for what happened and asks her to please forgive her for all her mistakes. Sunaina says that there is no need to say sorry.

Suhnaina brings Sona to the living hall and announces Sona to retain her duties of being a housewife to the family since she have been wanting so badly to be a housewife will from now on be one. Neelam and Sona are happy as Sunaina finally accepts Sona as a housewife. Sunaina says that all the responsibilities in the house are to be managed by Neelam and Sona.

Chacha is left thinking what the reason is for this change in his sister-in-law Sunaina and knows she must be planning something big and wonders what she could be up to. Next morning, Govardan and Neelam’s husband calls her to make some drinks. Sona brings a cup of tea for Kanhaiya and asks him to buy the household things. Moment later in the kitchen, Kanhaiya enters with the household things and they both have kitchen romance. Sunaina comes there and see Sona doing work slowly and asks her to do things fast. Sona works hard to perform all her duties as a housewife in order to live up to Sunaina Devi's expectations.

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