Update: Wednesday On Love Happens (Episode 127-129)

Raghu meets Madan, who expresses his inability to help him. Madan tells him that his transport business is running in a loss because every night the bandits raid his fleet of trucks and loot all the goods. So Madan tells Raghu that he will give him Rs. 2 lacs if he delivers his goods to the neighbouring village at night for a month.

Raghu agrees as he needs the money desperately. On the other hand, Aanya manages to make the garland but again fails to impress Daadi. As day 3 continues, Daadi then tells Aanya that she will definitely lose the next task as she wants both of them to hold a 'Maun Vrath', a type of fast which prohibits the person from talking.

Though Aanya does not like the idea because the pressure is on her as she is forced not to do something she is so good at but, there is nothing she can do. Later Aanya is shattered when she comes to know that her father was supporting Kangana by placing his bet on her. Looking at Aanya depressed, Raghu, Bhola and Debbie plan to cheer her up.

Raghu, who makes a business deal that only allows him to spend only one more night with Aanya and so he plans something very special. He wakes Aanya in the middle of the night and takes her to the cowshed. Aanya is mesmerised to see the cowshed as it is very beautifully decorated. Raghu then offers her the cake prepared by Debbie and both spend the whole night chatting.

Dadi is shocked when she finds Chhotu sleeping in place of Aanya in the morning and gets furious when she learns that Raghu and Aanya had spent the night in the cowshed. She chides both of them, but Raghu intervenes and tells Dadi that it was his idea to spend some time together. Raghu manages to pacify Dadi, and also apologises to his mother. Later, Aanya gets nervous when Dadi tells her to get prepared for the new task - 'Maun Vrath'.

Aanya and Kangana get ready for the task and Dadi once again reminds Aanya that she will lose the contest if she utters a single word. Dadi then asks Kangana to bring the vegetables from the market while Aanya is assigned to bring the groceries. After a tough time with the grocer, Aanya finally manages to get all the things.

On the other hand, Rangeela gets into the shoes of greengrocer and tries his best to confuse Kangana. Meanwhile, Raghu is all set for his new endeavor and decides to keep a sickle to defend himself from the dacoits. Later, Dadi gets disappointed when Aanya completes her task flawlessly, while Kangana makes a mistake. With a heavy heart, Dadi announces Aanya as the winner of that task. However, Dadi soon hatches a plan to break Aanya's 'Maun Vrath'.

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