Update: Wednesday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 245-247)

Urmi takes Shaurya and then eyeing Samrat stoically, she turns around and leaves. All are tensed. Samrat shouts at her that there’s no one in the world, who can get him ( Samrat ) to divorce her, and she will see who can divorce him from Urmi. Samrat is enraged as Urmi takes Shaurya from him while Urmi leaves.

Later at Sushma’s residence, Shaurya reaches Sushmaji's house and all are super happy with Shaurya’s arrival, and ensure Shaurya that they won't let him be bored. Shaureya feels happy when he gets a warm welcome there and asks his mommy to pack, and go far away. Urmi asks why. He expresses his scare that his daddy will take him forcibly and will beat him profusely. Urmi is shocked. She asks him if Samrat did so. Shaurya complains to Urmi that his dad had hit him while he was staying with his father, she is stunned, and loves and hugs him, apologising and promise him that she won't let it happen to him again. She hugs him, saying that she won't ever let him go back to his father again.

Sushma and her husband are tensed, but they too assure Shaurya and then continue to distract him. Urmi and Sushma are left, both tensed. Sushma says that Shaurya is not wrong in being scared, as after the divorce notice, Samrat would be ain a fury, and will bother them more, and now she has an added responsibility in the womb. Urmi says that she knows that she has a long way ahead. She says that Samrat has told her that he would ensure that she doesn't win. She says that for Shaurya and the unborn’s happy future, she would give it all to fight and won't accept defeat at any cost.

Later at Lawyer Mr. Niranjan Khanna’s office, Samrat goes to Neeranjan Khanna, a renowned lawyer who has never lost a case. The two of them discuss about the divorce case. As Samrat tells the lawyer, that he isn't more concerned for his win, but is more adamant on Urmi’s pathetic loss, that shocks her to the core. The lawyer compliments him on his focus, and that he should also know what they can't let the enemy have, and that a person should know what he doesn't have or want, along with what he has and have. Samrat starts venting out his frustration at his wife, while the lawyer assures him, that he has never once lost a case, and that's his passion. Samrat says that's why he came here and he can't even take one percent chance, and makes it clear that he does not want to divorce his wife although she has filed for one.

The lawyer is confused and asks if he still loves his wife. Samrat mocks the question and says that he just loves himself, and that Urmi wants a divorce so that she is rid of him and gets Shaurya, and he doesn't want her to have both the luxuries. The lawyer asks if they stay separate. Samrat complies. The lawyer says that there won't be a case, when both the parties don't mutually agree and after some years by default, it would be passed, and till the time the divorce doesn't happen, the child will be with the mother. Samrat is frustrated. The lawyer says that it's the law, and by default, till the divorce doesn't happen, he can't fight the custody of the child. Samrat refuses to budge. The lawyer says that then he would have to agree to the divorce, and that means both the parties mutually agree, then he would fight his divorce case and the custody case together, and as he has a winning streak, he won't let the custody of the child slip away. Samrat is left to think what to do as his lawyer encourages him to sign the divorce papers. He is tensed.

On the road, Urmi talks to the grocer for his cake ingredients, and then comes out, and is surprised to find Samrat’s car slamming open in front of her. He gets a paper out, and after having mocked her, he hands her some papers just as she is about to leave, saying that he has signed her divorce papers. She is stunned as to how it could be so easy, and knows that there’s definitely some angle for him, to do it. He asks her why is she so surprised, and if she thought that he was dying to be with her, and that he won't sign off the divorce papers. He mocks her for misunderstanding his revenge for his want for her. Samrat says that he everyday purchases women like her, at a very cheap rate, from the market. She is insulted and utterly shocked at his callous statements. Urmi then tells him that the girls he buys are not the women that she is, but women like her face him.

Samrat asks her to be in her limits, as he was not pining for her, but wanted to make her life hell, and even if she closed that door, she opened another one, and that her world will be ruined and torn apart, and that when he fights the case, he will see that she would be a beggar, and her son would go with him, and never with her, and that no lawyer will be able to get her to win over the custody of Shaurya and officially states the war is actually beginning now, and that he would end the war, and with it, he would end her, or else he won't be his father’s son. He later tells her that he has Neeranjan fighting the case for him and he will for sure get the divorce and will get the custody of Shaurya. He would see to it, that she turns a beggar, and set a role model for women empowerment females like her, so that no woman again tries to raise voice against her husband. He gets in the car and drives off. She stands shocked, distraught and begins to get worried.

As the evening sets in, she walks the roads preoccupied with thoughts about what Samrat had just said, unaffected and oblivious of the traffic, as Samrat’s voice keep ringing in her head, threatening her, and Shaurya’s scare bothering her. Just then a vehicle comes from behind and is about to hit her but luckily for her when a person jerks her towards him, to save her from an oncoming speedy car. She is shocked, as she is thrown in that person’s arms, rendered unconscious. Ishaan is shocked as he is unable to get Urmi out of consciousness. He carries her in his arms as he looks at Urmi, who is unconscious in his arms.

At the Hospital, Ishaan is tensed and enquires with the nurse about the condition of Urmi and relaxes after the nurse says that all is well. When the nurse comes in asking him to fulfill the formalities, for the discharge and he fills the form, and then pay the fees. He leaves, having signed. When the head nurse finds the form half filled, without mentionaing the relationship status, between them, the nurse assumes that Ishaan is Urmi's husband and jot it down and writes it down on the forms of the hospital.

Meanwhile in the ward, Urmi gains consciousness, asking if the child is okay. The doctor tells her that her BP was high due to stress and tension. Urmi remembers Samrat’s threats and gets tensed again. She remembers Shaurya’s sweet talks. The doctor asks her to do certain things that a pregnant lady should take care of. Urmi asks how she came here. The doctor informs her that a noble person got her here and also paid for her treatment. Urmi wonders who is it, and enquires about the person who had got her to the hospital, expresses her desire to meet him. The doctor says that she would just send him in, and asks her to take care of herself.

At Samrat’s residence, Samrat gathers everyone to talk to them about something. All are baffled and wait. Samrat tells his family that he has finally reached a turning point in his life, that would completely turn things around. Aditi asks what the matter is and what's he talking about. Samrat announces in front of his family that he will be divorcing Urmi and he is finally giving her divorce, just to trap her all the more. Shashi is amused while all others are shocked. Kanchan says that technically he is the person who received the divorce papers, and didn't give it to them. Samrat asks if that girl has the limits and the status to give him divorce and that now he would give her the divorce. Samrat asks her to shut up, while Shashi too instigates her, and asks her to stay quiet. She excitedly asks him if he would not go back on his word. He says that he wouldn't as he is not like her. He says that she doesn't realise that a woman is a use and throw thing.

Shashi is very happy that Samrat finally did what she wanted. Samrat says that he would ruin her. Rudra asks if they both have decided to separate, then why make ugly issue about it. Aditi and Kanchan too try to point it out, but Shashi and Samrat are adamant. Aditi says that it would ruin his own reputation too. Samrat says that he has already been maligned, and that she would have to be sacrificed with her respect and ego, to be able to give divorce papers, and that her whole life will be immersed in counting the ruins that he caused her. Kanchan starts saying that in divorce, woman always demands high maintenance for the child and maybe she ends up causing the trouble. Samrat says that he will get Shaurya’s custody and won't give Urmi anything, and that she would need tolerance and poison after some days. Shashi is very happy and blesses him, while Aditi and Kanchan are shocked.

At Sushma’s residence and Hospital, Sushmaji on the other hand is worried about Urmi as she has not returned home yet. Sushma and her husband are tensed as they try to comfort Shaurya, while he keeps cribbing for his mommy. Shaurya gets tensed too. Sushma tries to distract him, while both are tensed for Urmi. Sushma finds that the phone is still switched off. Her husband tries to distract him, with firecrackers, and it works. As Shaurya goes to get them, they are very tensed for Urmi. They wonder why hasn't she returned yet, and lament if Samrat has not done anything.

Later, in her ward, Urmi wakes up to find many calls and immediately receives Sushma’s call, hurriedly, and doesn't bother her by telling her that she is in the hospital, as sushma was sounding extremely tired as it is. She informs Sushma that she is fine and that she would be back home soon. Ishaan finds Urmi, talking from the windshades. The nurse asks him to get the medicine, and comforts him that she is completely fine. Urmi asks about Shaurya and is told that he is alright, and misses him badly. Urmi says that she would come soon, and asks her not to be bothered. From the nurse, Urmi gets to know that the person has gone to get medicine for her and has already paid the bills. Urmi is surprised and says that she would go there and meet him, as he is getting late. Meanwhile, Ishaan takes the medicine and moves towards Urmi’s ward.

Urmi too rushes out. As Ishaan gets busy trying to receive a call, Urmi walks by, without anyone noticing the other. Urmi goes and doesn't find the person there. She wonders how can she go without saying thanks, and that she didn't even ask the name, and wonders how to look for him. She decides to go back to the ward, but again gets Shaurya’s call, who’s crying saying that he is missing her badly, while Sushma tries to calm him down. He threatens that he would run and come to her again, and all attempts from their side going in vain. Urmi promises that she is just coming. She gets tensed. She thinks that she would find the name, number later on, and should prioritise going to Shaurya first and leaves the hospital. In her ward, Ishaan says that he has her medicine and everything, when the nurse relates where Urmi went and why. Ishaan runs behind her, barely missing her by the inch, and then following her outside.

As Urmi is storming out, Ishaan calls out to her from behind. She is shocked and turns around and is stunned to find herself confronted by Ishaan. She asks him how come he is here. He gives her the prescription and the medicine, while she takes them, still disbelieving that he is here. He casually starts saying that she was behaving very reckless on the road. Urmi remembers asking Ishaan, on her marriage day, if Samrat is a nice man to spend her life with, and Ishaan had told her that Samrat is a nice man. Ishaan says that it's good that he came at the right time, or anything could have happened. An upset Urmi says that anything could have happened, and asks why does he care, as he had left her stranded years, in a similar manner. Ishaan’s embarassed hearing this.

Urmi laments as she is upset with Ishaan and she blames him responsible for having a life that seems like hell for her. She reprimands him that Ishaan ruined her life, as he lied when she asked him the most important question of her life. Ishaan tells her to atleast give him a chance to explain, but Urmi refuses to listen and vents out her anger and frustration at him, asking how could he be so callously to ruin her life, when he very well knew what she was getting into, when she married Samrat. He tries to make her stop, but she doesn't listen to him.

Urmi tells him that she has left Samrat and every relation long back, and particularly she doesn't want to look at his face, as Samrat atleast did it in front of everyone, but what did he do, he did his enemity, by masking himself in innocence and simplicity. He again tries to speak, but she says that she hates people like him, and never wants to see him ever again. He is hurt as she blames him for the condition she is in today and shocked seeing her reaction towards him after such a long gap. Urmi storms out.

Meanwhile at Samrat’s residence, Shashi finds a girl coming in, and reprimands her to be a thief. Radha, who reaches Samrat's house to take care of Shaurya tries to explain, but Shashi starts wrenching her by the hand. Kanchan comes and clarifies that she is her sister. Shashi says that now Shaurya is not there, so they don't need her. Kanchan says that she couldn't do anything, as she didn't know that Shaurya would leave so soon. Since Shaurya has now left the house, Shashi starts thinking that she would serve best as a maid and decides to make use of Radha as the new servant of the house. She pretends that she would somehow manage to get Samrat, to let her stay here. As Kanchan goes inside with her, Samrat comes and asks his mother why is she shouting. She hesitatingly brings forward the topic of keeping the girl, and Samrat agrees. Shashi is amused.

Later, Shashi instructs Kanchan to get the girl to start working, as Samrat doesn't like work undone. As Shashi leaves, telling Kanchan that Radha will stay in the store, hearing Samrat holler at her, Kanchan instructs her to stay away from everyone, and just stick to her work, and especially not cross paths with Samrat, for his mood swings, and his temperament. Samrat comes home and gets everyone downstairs, excitedly. He excitedly says that they have found a second groom for Aditi, and all are pleased, while she is shocked as her brother shock everybody when he tells them that he has fixed her marriage with a well known family and she is tensed. Samrat is super excited at having her relation finalised in a political household and influential family. Aditi however is extremely scared about this.

Later at Saroj’s residence, Ishaan reaches Gaurav's house and all are excited to see him come with Anu. Urmi's entire family narrate tales about how Samrat and Urmi are giving them a tough time. Granny tells him about Devi’s paralysis. She starts thinking that maybe Ishaan can make Samrat understand. He says that no one can make Samrat understand, as he wouldn't have broken off his friendship with him. Granny asks him to make Urmi understand and think about what she is planing to do. Ishaan tells Granny and others, that he is with Urmi on what step she has taken. Granny asks if he knows, what a life left, for a divorced woman will have to live.

Anu tries to argue as to how unfair this is, and that she will interfere, when elders are wrong. Saroj is highly tensed, and asks her to calm down, and not boggle him with their problems. Granny asks him what brought him here. He gets tensed and then says that he came for some work, professionally. He thinks that he couldn't stop himself after knowing about Urmi. Ishaan thinks that he himelf is responsible somehow for Urmi’s condition. He is apalled. Meanwhile, Anu however is convinced in her own dream world, that he has come here for her.

On the road, while Ishaan is walking on the road, attending to a call, Samrat, passing by is shocked to see ex-friends after a long time on a road. Samrat is shocked to find Ishaan, and wonders what's he doing here in Jhansi. He comes to him, and stands behind him, while he is busy in his call. When Ishaan turns around, he is shocked to find his ex friend Samrat standing in front of him.

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