Monster Husband Battered Wife Into A Coma And Filmed Her Horror Injuries To Show Off To Friends Before She Died (Photo)

A man accused of battering his wife to death and filming her horrific injuries to show off to his friends before she slipped into a coma is facing 15 years in jail if found guilty.
Maxim Gribanov, 34, assaulted Anastasia Ovsiannikova, 28, at their home in the city of Lebedyan, western Russia, after she told him she wanted to leave him, it is claimed.
After savagely kicking and punching her for several hours he allegedly filmed her horrific injuries to boast to his friends about how he had her “under control”.
Sickening images show the woman sitting on a sofa with horrendous injuries covering her head and body.
She managed to call the emergency services, and was taken to hospital with severe bruising, internal bleeding and broken bones.
She fell into a coma and tragically died six days later.
According to friends and family, the long-suffering woman had been trying to build up the courage to leave Gribanov after meeting someone new.
But she told them she was too scared because she was afraid of what he would do, it is alleged.
The thug now faces 15 years in jail.
For several years she had allegedly been a victim to his relentless brutality and abuse.
It is claimed he forced her to quit her town hall job and had threatened her father and brother if they reported his abuse and tried to stop him beating her.
 Gribanov now faces 15 years in jail.

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