Update: Thursday On Hello Pratibha (Episode 98-100)

Pratibha later regains her consciousness. Pihu then feels guilty for her mother's condition and recalls the harsh behaviour towards her mother. She kisses her locket and Pratibha is happy to see that Pihu also loves her. Pratibha asks Mahen to send Pihu home. Mahen tells Sanjeev to take Pihu back home as she also needs rest but Pihu refuses saying that as long as her mother is in the hospital she will also be there but Mahen tells her to go back and come back after taking rest but Pihu insists on staying with her mother saying that her mom is in the hospital because of her and she will not go back. Sanjeev also advices Mahen to let Pihu stay if that is what she wants.

Partibha smiles at Pihu. The next day, when Pratibha wakes up, she finds Mahen seated by her side and then realizes that it was a dream. Mahen tells Pratibha that she kept him waiting a long time for just opening her eyes. Pratibha tells Mahen that she lost and that she was not able to become a good mother because Pihu did not share her problem with her and that Sunidhi was right. Pratibha says that she was so involved in her singing that she was not able to take care of the problems of Pihu and how lonely Pihu must have felt because she was not able to understand her and she was not able to win her confidence and she is so selfish to leave her and go to Kolkata but Mahen confirms her that she is a good mother otherwise she would not have left her competation to come back to save Pihu. Mahen tells her that he is also a bad father because he also left Pihu and went to Kolkata and Pihu also did not share her problem with him but Pratibha says that daughters are more close to their mothers but she was not able to win the confidence of Pihu and now how will she face her. Mahen tells her that he know her too well and he will not be able to reduce her guilt but promises her that they will again win the heart of Pihu.

Pratibha requests him to not scold or question anything with Pihu because it may be because of that very reason that she decided to leave the house. Still in the morning, Sanjeev is packing the bag and then Sunidhi calls him and tells him to take some apples for Pratibha as she loves them. Sunidhi tells that they are lucky to find Pihu before anyone else came to know that Pihu left the house then how would they face the world. Sanjeev tells Sunidhi to once for all support the family. The nurse gives Pratibha medicines and she sees Pihu crying and calls her. Pratibha hugs her and then Pihu, who starts to get a change of heart towards her mother apologize to her mother and starts crying but Partibha tell her not to cry. Mahen brings the doctor who tells that Pratibha will remain in the hospital for some time until she recovers but Partibha wants to go home and is adamant. The doctor then tells her that he cannot stop her if she wants to go but the hospital will not be responsible for any mishap. When Partibha reaches home, Anmol greets her.

Pihu’s grandmother scolds her. Then Mahen tells Sanjeev to take back the case as police captured the thieves. Sunidhi thinks that she achieved everything and Pratibha can no longer be the star she was going to become and will never sing in front of audience again. Pratibha tells Pihu to sleep and plans to find the one blackmailing Pihu and capture them. Pihu sees a bad dream and wakes up. Pratibha asks what happened but Pihu cannot explain and starts crying.

Pratibha thinks in the bed that she will find who blackmailed Peehu, keeping her hand on Peehu’s head. Anmol hears this from outside the room. Sunidhi call her mother that she is so happy, and shares the news about the incident with her that she thought of all this and it all happened. Her mother is happy, she asks if anyone suspected her. Sunidhi says everyone is thinking about that blackmailer. Instead of showing their regret, Sunidhi and her mother talk on how to trap Pratibha. Her mother tells Sunidhi to be careful, what if Pratibha gets to know about it. Sunidhi tell her not worry, that Pratibha won’t even be able to go out of the house.

At the same moment, Sanjeev shows up and she is shocked to see Sanjeev standing there, she says she thought about telling her mother about the situation. Sanjeev asks curtly that Pratibha won’t be able to go out of home and asks Sunidhi as to what new plan she and her mother are planning against Sundhi. Sunidhi explains that she wants to help Pratibha, as she would be worried about Peehu and won’t be able to go out. Sanjeev asks if her mother suggest anything? Sunidhi says he interrupted in all this.

While Anmol and Mahen were in the room, Anmol asks why Peehu went away. Mahen says nothing and she is back. Anmol begins to cry and asks if his mom will sing? Mahen notices his worry, and consoles him that everything will be fine. Mahen says there comes ups and downs in life, they will make an opportunity to learn from it. Pratibha will get another chance, and Peehu would also get normal. He says if one’s family gets united and stands together, they can face anything. Anmol asks who could be Peehu’s enemy? Mahen says they need to find it out. Later, Peehu was asleep when she recalls another vision about the accident and the blackmailer and wakes up screaming her mother’s name, Pratibha asks if she had a night mare again, Mahen also runs from the other room. Peehu is trembling, Mahen comes and asks Peehu why she shouted. Mahen hugs Peehu, she cries. He tells her everything is fine. Pratibha tells Peehu that there is no one other than her father and mother, she does not need to worry. She gets relaxed, they make her lie down again. Pratibha and Mahen share worried looks.

The next morning, everyone sit silently when Sanjeev asks Pratibha about Peehu. Mahen says they will need to take help from a professional, as she is still having nightmares. Pratibha says Peehu is having troubled time, she is effected mentally and is having nightmares, she is young and they want it not to be a depression means. They have decided to visit a psychiatrist to discuss about Pihu's condition. Kaashi asks if she is crazy and that Peehu is not mad. She asks if Pratibha cares about society, saying who will marry her then; and does she want to keep Peehu remain unmarried? She asks Mahen if he understands what she is saying and asks why they didn’t take family’s consent before that. Sanjeev says these are all old thoughts, Mahen agrees with his mom that she is right and they can’t change the whole society’s thinking and what will she face when the whole society will ask her questions about it. Pratibha says he is right, but Peehu needs help directly or indirectly, she says she can help her by herself. She says she will go and meet the psychiatrist, they will tell her about her treatment and will help Peehu herself. She says she is determined not to let her daughter suffer from this problem and it would be possible only if she finds the blackmailers, Sunidhi heard this and is worried.

In the room, Sunidhi asks Sanjeev what Pratibha is going to do, and that it would be difficult. Sanjeev asks if she wants him to tell Pratibha to forget what happened, and not find the blackmailers. He asks what if not Pratibha but Sunidhi had suffered. Sundihi says she is concerned about Pratibha, and says what if Pratibha finds a clue and goes to spy alone and comes across the goons again. Kaashi tells Mahen that they will be in pain if they keep on remembering the night mare again. She asks Mahen to tell Pratibha not to start a new chapter, as she was about to lose her daughter for singing. Pratibha comes there and apologize to her mother in-law but finding the truth will save them from any future problem. Mahen says her mother wanted to say they should start from home and they should ask Peehu what made people blackmail her.

Pratibha says he is suggesting to let go of the blackmailers, and question Peehu. Sanjeev and Sunidhi come there, Sanjeev apologize but none of them know why was Peehu being blackmailed, neither Peehu tell anyone. Mahen says this is right. Sundihi says may be the truth is so painful. She says she doesn’t want to make her afraid but there was something that compelled Peehu leave home, she was so ashamed that she didn’t share anything from them. After knowing about the truth, Peehu will recall this all again. She says what if society knows about Peehu’s truth, Peehu will have to pay the heaviest for it. Pratibha says she knows her daughter well, she will never do any such thing that make them ashamed and that it is possible the blackmailers would have taken advantage of the event, or Peehu doesn’t know about the truth. She says she will find the blackmailer, no matter what the result comes out to be. Sunidhi clutches her fist.

In the night Pihu is sitting really scared thinking about the past events. Pratibha comes and thinks of showing the letter but seeing Pihu states changes her mind and decides to talk to her first. Pratibha tells Pihu to not fight with the fear but to let it go. She further tells Pihu that she will fully support her but Pihu remains silent then Pratibha shakes her and when she comes back to this world then Pihu refuses to say anything to her mother. Pratibha tells her that she knows that Pihu made a mistake on the vacation and she is facing that problem alone without talking to anyone and tells Pihu that she knows everything but how would she help her ( Pihu) if she does not tell her anything. Pratibha also tells Pihu that she will get justice for her from these blackmailers and requests Pihu to talk to her and share everything that is troubling her.

Pihu tells her mother to forgive her but Pratibha tells her that nothing will happen if they know the truth and that in fact it will be that the truth revealed itself to them and no one will get mad or ashamed of her. She promises that no matter how bitter the truth or how big her mistake was,  she will always remain by her ( Pihu) side and take her out of this problem. Pihu angrily asks her mother if she will support her if she knows that someone lost his life because of her and her friends but Pratibha confirms her that there is nothing to worry about now that the truth is before them and that she will always be by her side. Pratibha further tells Pihu to see her and says that even if her daughter had murdered anyone she would support her because she knows that her daughter will not harm anyone without a reason. Pratibha tells her daughter that she is a good person and so she tell her everything so that her mother can take her out of this mess.

Pihu tells her that it because of an accident and that even when they gave the money to the blackmailer the person still demanded more money but this time only from her and not her friends. Pratibha tells her to calm down now that the truth is before them. The connection between Pihu and her mother grows stronger after Pihu tells her mother everything. She now tightly hugs her mother. Pratibha tells Pihu to eat the food and afterwards they will decide how to catch the blackmailers. When Pratibha leaves the room then Sunidhi comes in and locks it and then says that she knows that it was her fault and that she knows that if she had listened to her and not started to talk to her mother it would not come to this and Pihu is suffering because of her and it is her fault. Sunidhi tells her to forgive and that she unintentionally give her the suggestion to run away but Pihu tells her that how could it be her fault when she did not even know of the problem she was facing. Sunidhi then tells Pihu that she knows that if she knew of the problem then she will surely helps her ( Pihu ). Sunidhi then tells Pihu to take rest and not take stress for anything.

Pratibha is determined to find who the blackmailer is and why he/she is after Pihu. She tells Mahen that she fears that someone is trying to trap Pihu and her friends and that they should solve it. Mahen asks Pratibha and then she says by informing the police and that she knows that Pihu’s mistake is not worth forgiving but they should think that why the second time the blackmailer only demanded money from Pihu as she was not even driving the car. Sunidhi comes there and asks Mahen if they were talking about Pihu. Pratibha then says that they must inform the police. Sunidhi then tells them that they will try to solve the matter themselves and not suddenly inform the police.

Mahen also agrees to this and Pratibha suggests they should talk to the parents of Pihu’s friends and they should not pressurize them and she will talk to Pihu’s friends and Mahen will talk to the parents. Pratibha then talks to Pihu’s friends and tells them to not worry about anything and that they will solve the problem. Mahen then tells the parents that they must as soon as possible take the case to the police. Pratibha then asks Pihu’s friends the date of the accident. Sunidhi meanwhile is very worried as to how to stop Pratibha and that if she finds the clues then she will be blamed and she will be out of the picture and Sunidhi then angrily slams her phone and says that now she will think of something.

Mahen tells Pratibha that all the parents have clearly refused to go to the police and that he does not know what to do. Pratibha says that she thinks that it was all per planned. Pratibha then calls her friend who goes to the police and asks them to give some papers but then she calls Pratibha and asks her to talk to Pihu first.

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