Update: Thursday On Love Oh Love (Episode 213 - 215)

Avni rushes out, and finds Raj waiting for her in his car, asking why did she call him urgently. Avni gives the tiffin to Raj, having packed it, saying that she has prepared it for her in-laws, as it's a very important ritual. Raj is overwhelmed. He tries to get close, but she asks him to stay put, lest he will be seen, and says that their relation is her strength now, and soon they will be overcome all the obstacles and be together. They wish each other happy Diwali, and then Raj drives off.

Raj comes to his house, with the tiffin, excitedly showing the tiffin, unaware that Kandelwal is engraved on it. He serves them all, while they love it, making an excuse that this is the first joint. They are too excited, and Vikram infact even wants to keep the cook in their house. Raj says that he too wants this. Virat too comes, and then after everyone disperses, Raj and Virat sit down for breakfast. Virat asks about his travel, and Raj gives excuses but doesn't mention Umatgaon even once. He leaves, having finished. Virat is boggled thinking that Raj met him as if nothing happened and he didnt even mention Umatgaon. Then his eyes fall on the tiffin and he is shocked. But he doesn't find the engraving, and wonders what to do next.

At Avni’s and Raj’s residence, Avni helps Arpita out when she messes up the rangoli, and then as they make a beautiful pattern, Suket and Bhawna who are watching compliment them on being the ideal daughter and daughter in-law. Bhavna expresses her desire that they both do the puja today. Arpita asks Avni to comply and she agrees. Meanwhile, at Raj’s place too, the morning arti begins, where Raj imagines that Avni is doing it with him. Raj tells Avni that she is looking very beautiful and she too compliments him. As Puja is going on at both Avni and Raj's house and the two of them seem to be lost in each other's thoughts. Avni is drawn back to reality when her father asks her to give Prasad.

Avni starts thinking that she was dreaming of Raj. Meanwhile, Raj too is drawn out of hallucinating about Avni, by his mother. Avni is surprised to find her Mother doing her father’s puja. Just ten, Arpita tells Avni that every wife does the arti for her husband. Avni is determined to do it too as she finds out that every wife has to do 'aarthi' for her husband on such an occasion. Avni calls Raj and asks him to meet her today as she wants to do the 'aarthi' ritual, while he says that he does not need all that. But Avni is insistent. Raj asks if she would be able to leave amidst the Diwali furore. She says that she would manage anyhow.

Later, Avni is about to leave, when Suket asks her where is she going. She lies that she is going to Devika’s place. He asks her to give the project file before going. She complies. After handing the file, she rushes to go out. As Avni picks her purse and is about to leave, when it falls and things fall on the floor, seeing which Suket is shocked. Avni is scared that seeing all this, her father would know everything. She tries to keep everything back, but Suket notices and asks why. Before she can explain, he himself saya. that this is all for Devika, who is about to get married. She complies and leaves.

On the road, Avni picks up Raj, on the road, and tells him that she has a special place to do the puja. He is impressed. They drive off. Avni later takes Raj to a special place for this purpose at Martwadi samaj’s Communal celebration. they finally find a lonely spot, where no one can see them. She performs the puja, while Raj emotionally watches her. They are oblivious that Raj's and Avni’s family has reached in just then, and they both confront each other, sternly. As raj and Avni hug, they overhear their parents’ name, and the two of them are surprised and scared to find their families their too. Raj takes Avni aside and luckily, Raj and Avni manage to hide from their families, and hope that they ducked just in time. Avni thinks that they got in love in hiding, and that now they have to keep their marriage in hiding, and laments at their situation, due to differences between the families. Raj says that he would keep her happy, and never let her be sad, and like Diwali, they will win the good over evil, and that tonight they will begin their operation to mend differneces between their families and bring their families decide to bring their families. He cheers her up, and they hug each other.

Meanwhile, Virat asks about Raj from Anjali, and just then Raj comes in making an excuse of hanging out with friends. But Virat is tensed and starts to get suspicious of Avni and Raj when he finds Avni coming in from the same direction too, and is boggled wondering what's happening, and whether this is just a co-incidence. Vikram asks Virat to come over and socialise. Avni takes Raj’s signal and mixes in with her family, who is ready to go. Raj express desire and asks his parents to wish Avni's family on Diwali and at the same time Avni too asks her parents to do the same for a Happy Diwali, expressing how they should forget the past and move on. But both the family stands still, and are adamant that they won't. Raj says that if they can forgive him, then why not they. Avni too asks them to move on, if she has. Finally they are about to turn over, but think that it's better to avoid any kind of evil. Raj and Avni stand distraught, facing each other with the failure of their first attempt.

At Avni’s residence, Suket lashes out at what happened in the community, and how angry and in a rage he is over Raj. Bhawna gets tensed, and Avni asks him to calm down, and not increase his tension due to him. Suket leaves angrily. Avni calms her mother down, and she feels guilty. Avni thinks that she knows about her mother and that she does not need to feel guilty.

In the night, Raj and Avni talk on the phone, about how their families are not even wanting to see each other in the eye. Avni calls Raj and says that she is sure that nothing can separate them now ever and that they will be united for sure and forever, along with their families. A determined Raj too agrees, and says that they will get the families together but wonders how. Avni narrates her plan, saying that this time they won't give their families a chance to back out and Raj loves it.

The next morning, Raj presents a teddy bear to Pooja, Madhuri’s daughter on her birthday and they decide to go out for a birthday bash, and Raj leaves for making preparations. Madhuri gives a chain to Anjali, to keep it safe, that she has bought for Pooja. Raj comes in finding his mother talking about the heritage bangles, that she finds as she takes out her jewellery box, that she wants to give these bangles to Raj’s wife. He rushes in and distracts them. They all leave, and he eyes the bangles.

At the Birthday Party Venue, Raj takes over the preparations, Avni comes and surprises him, and compliments his arrangements too. She says that according to their plan, she would get her families here only for a Diwali lunch. She asks him why he called her early, as that wasn't a part of the plan. He says that he wanted to spend some time alone with her, and asks her to close her eyes. She complies, and he takes out the bangles, seeing which she is excited. He talks about the history behind the bangles, and then confesses her love as to how much he loves her, kissing her on the hand, and that he would get her a place in the family. She hopes that the families don't fight this time. Raj says that he has made a setting with the manager, who would set the fire alarm if any family tries to leave. While Avni and Raj are romancing, Raj finds his father and points out to Avni’s attention to him. They both are shocked as they see him.

At the restaurant, Raj’s family come and they all applaud Raj’s efforts for the decoration and the arrangements. Just then, Avni enters with her family, excited at their outing, while Suket and Akshat get tensed as they find Raj’s family sitting too. Akshat and Suket immediately decide to leave the place, but Avni interrupts. Avni tries to tell them that in the same city, they will keep meeting, but that doesn't mean they leave the city too. Akshat says that they shouldn't identify their existence. They all sit down. Raj gives Avni a thumbs up, from under the table. Avni tells them that there’s a special person to join them for the lunch. Just then Savri comes and greets everyone, and then they all sit down for lunch. But when Savri eyes the Purohit family, she is enraged, but Suket asks her to calm down, as they should enjoy their food rather than bother for them. Savri Bua sits down. As per the plan both Raj and Avni's family have their lunch at the same restaurant.

Raj’s family starts celebrating Pooja’s birthday. While, Raj's entire family is celebrating Pooja's birthday, Savri Bua is overwhelmed and gets tempted to go to meet Pooja and wish her on her birthday but Suket stops her and asks her to sit down, and not be emotional, and develop relations through a child, as they might just create a drama out of it. Raj is upset to hear this, and he calls the waiter, asking him to distribute it amongst everyone else. Avni’s family refuses to accept the cake. Just then, Pooja eyes Avni and she herself rush down, despite her mother trying to stop her. She goes to Avni, and asks why isn't anyone talking to her. Pooja tells Avni and her family that it's her birthday. She asks her to wish her on her birthday and asks won't anyone wish her, and why aren't they enjoying with her on her special day. All are tensed, while Avni is overwhelmed with tears. This also brings tears in Savri Bua's eyes. Pooja turns away when they don't respond. Raj is highly tensed too.

Finally Suket permits them to wish Pooja on her birthday and asks Avni to go and and not break her heart. Just then, Avni comes from behind and happily wishes her a Happy birthday. Savri is happy too. She raise her hand to feed her cake. Avni is conscious that her bangles might be visible from the side of the Kurti arms, when Raj points it out to her. Anjali watches her and is tensed. Raj too is scared that the bangles might be visible. Buaji is tensed when Avni brings her hand down. She stealthily hides her sleeves and turns away. Pooja’s family comes and asks why she didn't feed her cake, as pooja is just a little child. Akshat comes to her defense, and they both get into a heated verbal arguement. Buaji too asks Akshat to step away, as it's in vain, and they all begin to move out, while Avni and Raj shockingly look at each other. The manager gets his cue from Raj and moves on.

Avni says that she would come after she pays the bill, and lingers there, so that the alarm goes off. Raj goes to find what's up, and finds that the alarm is having a technical difficulty. Meanwhile, Akshat comes and pays the bill, and takes Avni along. Just then, when Suket and his family is about to leave the restaurant, they are stopped by the security and are informed that a bomb has been found outside, and that till the time the bomb squad doesn't come to diffuse the bomb, they have to stay here with the DC’s orders, and that their cooperation is needed. Raj and Avni's entire family have no other option but to spend some time together in the restaurant. Akshat and Madhuri’s husband keep asking the manager if there’s any other place, while Suket and Raj calm both of them down respectively. The families have no option but to sit next to each other. Just then, Raj takles the manager aside, and tells him something.

Raj asks Avni what should they do now, while their families don't see them, and Avni is determined to take his parents’ blessings, come what may, while Raj asks her to be cautious and not do anything stupid. Later, Raj and Avni manage to complete some rituals without letting anyone find out about it where by Avni moves ahead, and intentionally drops the purse in front of Vikram and Anjali, who look away while she bends to take the purse and takes their blessings too. Raj smiles. Raj too takes the cue, and then takes out some money from his wallet and intentionally makes it feel as if Avni dropped it, and asks his mother to return it, so as no drama is created. Anjali complies, and Avni is overwhelmed that she did receive the neg from her mother in-law. They are both amused.

As Madhuri and her husband get busy in themselves, Pooja distances herself from them, while playing. Savri sees her and wishes her all the good wishes, and then gives her a chocolate, while Virat sees it from the corner of the wall, and decides to do something about it, as if the families stay locked for any more time, the two families will definitely come closer, which is not good for him and that he cant let it happen.

As Suket goes out, attending to a phone call, just then, Suket finds Pooja who had been playing all this while lying unconscious on the floor and immediately gets tensed. He rusheds to attend to her and carries her in his arms and brings it to where the families are waiting. Her parents get tensed. Savri too is tensed. Suket tells her how he found her. Both the families get to attending to Pooja, as she runs high temperature. Avni rushes to get some medicine and first aid if possible. Madhuri and Savri Bua together take care of her, and Avni too gets medicine, as Pooja finally regains consciousness.

Raj wants to go out, but the guard does not allow him. Suket intervenes and says that their doctor can come, and that he will get permission for that from the collectorn and calls him up. Avni finds Raj tensed and comes to him. Raj asks Avni if Pooja is going to be okay. She assures him that she would be just fine and further tells him that the child, due to whom, the differnces between their families can be sorted out, and that child will always be safe. Raj is tensed. Virat again wonders if Raj and Avni being here together with their families, is a coincidence or something else is cooking.

The doctor comes, and after checking up on Pooja, the doctor tells them that it's a case of food poisoning, and she is fine now, but just to be sure, they will conduct some tests, once they are out to avoid any other issues. He tells Suket that he called him just in time or else the condition could have worsened. Vikram thanks the doctor, while he asks them to thank Suket, for whom he came here. Savri starts reprimanding Madhuri and her husband, for being so careless as top not knowing where Pooja is, and had Suket not found her, what will they be saying. All are tensed. Vikram is convinced and tells Anjali, that despite the differences, Suket helped them profusely. Anjali agrees. Raj and Avni are happy, and say that this is the time to get the families closer. Raj tells them that they should thank Suket and his family, as they helped them a lot, and Madhuri says that she will be indebted to them all their life, for saving Pooja. Anjali too voices the same thing.

Avni is super happy when Raj is successful. They are about to go, and everything goes well until, Virat makes his presence known as he asks them to stop, and asks them to think, why she got food poisoning in the first place. Virat tells the family that Pooja didn't get poisoning from the hotel food, but from something else, as if anything happened in the food from the hotel, then they all should have fallen sick too. They are all baffled and tensed. Virat asks Madhuri if she gave Pooja the chocolate, and she vehemently denies. Virat brings out the chocolate wrapper, and asks Pooja who gave her this chocolate, and she points out to Savri. Madhuri and others are shocked. Raj’s shocked face.

Virat accuses Savri and points out their facade. They all believe it. Anjali and Madhuri accuse and reprimand Savri Bua of purposely feeding Pooja with a chocolate that has led to food poisoning. Savri vehemently denies it. But Madhuri’s husband tells that they know to what lengths Savri can go through to get her way. Suket asks them to shut up and think about how thankless they are being. Akshat too reprimands them that this is expected from such selfish people. As they again enter into an arguement, Avni, seeing no way to stop the fight, intervenes and asks them to stop it, and says that they should leave from here.

Avni eyes Raj helplessly, and takes her family back home. Raj is tensed. His family too begins to go. Anjali asks Virat to get a water bottle, for Pooja. They leave. Virat overhears the manager wondering amongst themselves, as to why sir asked them to switch on the alarm, if the families have such enemities and differences. Virat questions them and after much hesitance, the manager gets scared, when Virat tries to intimidate him into telling the truth. He still says that they don't divulge costomer information. Virat leaves.

Outside, Virat thinks that since the time Avni and Raj have come back from Umatgaon, something is amiss, and wonders what's it. He finds Avni getting in the car, and sees Avni wearing a bangle that belonged to Anjali and begins wondering how it had reached her. He is determined to find out.

At Raj’s and Avni’s residence, later in the night, Raj and Avni feel upset as their plan to get the families close had failed. Avni gets Raj’s call, and they start arguing about the family differences amongst themselves. Raj tells her that if they too fight, then how will they unite their families. Avni says that this is the problem, and if they continue like this, their marriage doesn't make sense too. Raj asks her to be patient, as a new day will bring a new hope. She disconnect the phone, and he is tensed.

The next morning, Anjali discusses business with Vikram. Virat comes with an excuse of his lost ring, and after her permission, to confirm the matter he checks his sister, Anjali's box of jewellery and gets shocked when he finds it missing and thinks that he was right. He asks her about the heirloom bangles, and points out that the bangles aren't there. She gets tensed and asks them where are they. But just then Raj comes forward with a duplicate of the bangle and saves the day saying that he took them for polising. She is relieved, while Virat is boggled. Raj heaves a sigh of relief, thinking that he got duplicate made, for times like this, and decides to beware next time.

Savri too starts venting out her anger again at the Purohit family, saying that he will never forgive them. Avni is tensed, as she overhears this. She gets Raj’s call, and after he finds out about her tension and dilemma, he adds that they have to meet today, and insists when she tries to point out how difficult it is for her, to come out, given the recent scenario. Raj asks her to come over to his house, while she is shocked, wondering how can she do this. But he insists. She wonders what has he plannned.

Meanwhile, later in the evening, Raj’s family is ready, and ask Raj why is he not dressed. He says that he will join them later as he has an urgent work. Raj gives them the excuse, and then asking him to be on time, they all leave. Raj hopes that Avni  will make it. Avni enters but does not find anyone, and by chance she topples the Kalash kept in her way, and is surprised. Raj says that this was her griha Pravesh welcome, but instead of being emotional, Avni is frustrated. Avni asks why did he do this today. Raj tries to assure her that all will be fine and that their marriage is based on their promises, and that she got scared last night of their marriage and their false identities. She tries to present her helplessness. Raj asks how come she thinks that their love was so weak. She vents out her aggression and that she is scared that if someone saw them here, there would be a big drama, and asks him to hasten up fast, so that she can leave from here. He is tensed.

At the Office, Virat arrives with Raj’s parents, and then pretends to be sick and having a severe headache, and heads home, having gotten their permission. He thinks that he would now find out what Raj’s plan is. 

Meanwhile while on the road, Raj and Avni discuss how important it is for them to talk about something very important, and since she didn't want to be there, hence he got her out while she is very scared as someone might see them, and is not really Interested.

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