Update: Thursday On Love Oh Love (200-201)

The next morning, it is finally time for the marriage and festivities and celebrations are on in full swing, while the marriage preparations keep happening. Arpita and Avni’s friends meanwhile, are getting Avni ready in a beautiful bridal outfit. They all compliment Avni, who asks if Raj would like it and is assured. Akshat is under the impression that his mom Bhavna is helping Avni get ready. Avni starts ranting like a blushing bride, and Arpita wishes that both of them all the happiness in the world. The arrival of Raj and his family, excite her friends and they all leave, while Avni is tensed and nervous. All wait outside for the Baraat to come, while Bhavna is tensed. The youngsters are dancing and enjoying in full swing. When Buaji asks about Bhavna’s tension, she waves it off. Avni calls Devika to come up straightaway. She complies.

In her room, Avni is extremely nervous and shy, and thinks that Raj promised he would be there whenever she needs him, and she wants him now to calm her down. She wonders that he could have atleast placed a call. Devika comes and says that she was waiting for the baraat. Avni says that she needed her to calm her down. She dials Raj’s number and wonders why it didn't go through. The dhol sound stops, and Avni gets tensed. Devika says that rituals must be beginning and she shouldn't be tensed, and that she is getting married to Raj, the love of her life, and then she would forget all the tensions. Devika gets a call, and is asked to get Avni down. She complies. They bow their heads at the temple, and Avni asks the Lord to give her blessings for everything to be fine today. As Devika gets Avni down the stairs, near the mandap, but Avni is in for a shock when she climbs down to the area where the entire marriage is supposed to commence, while Avni keeps walking with lowered eyes.

When she finally looks up and casts a glance she is tensed and surprised too. She finds her family and Raj’s family in a confrontational mode. She gets worried. She finds Anjali and Vikram leaving, along with Madhuri and her husband. Avni tries to stop them, but they leave without saying a word. Akshat and Suket start apologising to the guests and the priest, and all leave. Avni goes to everyone but they don't respond. Avni asks where Raj is, and distraughtedly asks her father Suket what's wrong, as she saw everyone from his family but not Raj. Suket stands speechless, while Avni is terribly worried. Suket finally says that Raj didn't come. Avni asks what happened to Raj and when he doesn't answer, she goes to her mother Bhavna and asks what happened to rajy and that she wants to meet him rightaway. She starts shouting at them asking to be taken to Raj. When they don't comply, she starts running out herself. All stand shocked, when Suket says that Raj didn't come as he doesn't want this marriage to happen. Avni is shocked to hear this while Raj decision stuns everyone when he calls off the wedding.

Avni gets berserk as she refuses to believe that Raj has not arrived for the marriage and feels that everybody is trying to fool her. She says that she knows very well that Raj can't ditch her and he loves her very much, and that she has full faith on Raj and their love. She starts screaming for Raj, expecting him to spring up anytime. All are distraught seeing their behaviour. Avni starts telling everyone to come along, and get ryaj to come, as Raj loves her, and is unable to digest the reality that Raj has deserted her, and says that she doesn't want a surprise and asks him to come. Finally she collapses on the ground as she later begins to cry as she understands that Raj has infect abandoned her and saying that she doesn't want all this, and just wants a simple marriage. Bhavna meanwhile is distraught to see her daughter like this. Suket and everyone else in the family is shattered to see Avni in such pain. In between all this chaos, Bhavna suddenly falls unconscious and everybody gets shocked. They all tensely attend to her and that her hands have gone numb and immediately take her inside, while Avni remains dazed on her mandap vedi. Buaji pulls her out of her grief, and asks Avni to come inside as her mother needs her. Avni walks in a daze with Buaji.

Later, that evening, Avni asks the doctor as he administers the injection in Bhavna, asking if she would be alright and how she fell suddenly unconscious. Suket asks her to compose herself, assuring her that Bhavna will be alright and that she shouldn't worry. Avni is inconsolably crying. The family waits tensed for the doctor to come down. The doctor shocks them by saying that Bhavna had a minor heart attack, due to some stress, and that she doesn't need to be in the hospital but needs some rest. He leaves. Buaji is distraught, while Suket and others get furious with Raj and his family, reprimanding them for their hypocritical standards who made the institution of marriage a game, and that they are selfish people, who just want and fend for themselves, and how they spoiled everyone’s life. Yetendra ( Bauji) asks him to calm down, but Suket is angry that they went through all the rituals, and then cancelled the marriage at the last minute, and start pointing out how vain Raj’s love was, as he was the one who made the first move and decide to talk with Raj and his father. All are distraught and tensed. Avni starts walking out, amidst heavy rains, to her mandap, remembering her father’s words, and how Raj had professed his love for her. She thinks that Raj can't do this, and that she has full faith on him, and that she would have to talk and sort it out with him. She turns around and then makes a mad dash outside, and starts walking barefoot on the road, to confront Raj for what he did to her and her family.

At Raj’s residence, Finally, after blistered feet and much pain, she reaches Raj’s house, and is shocked to find him casually watching TV, and drinking cold drinks, and wonders how Raj is behaving as if he doesn't know anything. Raj casts an eye at her and then turns again to the TV. She is shell shocked, and tries hesitatingly to ask him why he didn't come for their marriage. She asks him to get ready for the marriage. Raj asks her why she came here, as far as he knows, his family came there and told them what needed to be told. She says that they did come and pull out a prank on them, and tells about her mother’s plight. Raj asks her to wake up, and realise that he is not loving her neither marrying her. She is shocked and asks what happened to him. He says that finally he found his senses and realised that he can't spend his life with her, as she doesn't suit him. She is distraught, and refuses to believe this, as he went through so much to get their love.

Avni is shocked when Raj tells her that he was a fool to think that he could spend his life with her, as she is nothing but a naive, stupid immature, irritating girl, who loves in her bubble of a dreamworld, and that she doesn't really know what the world has. He starts taunting her for the lovely romantic things that she shared with him, but which is impossible for him to bear with. He asks why should he bear it, and behaves callously that she is not beautiful too, and that he compromised with her. She starts hitting him asking how can he say that. He jerks her hand away. She immediately apologises saying that she would change for him, and that he can't do this to her. He doesn't listen to anything and leaves. Raj tells her that he doesn't love her, and adds that he decided therefore in the morning, that he won't get married to her.

As he begins to leave, he is stopped by Suket as he walks in with Akshat. Raj’s family too comes out, to stand by him. They both confront each other, while Avni is embarassed. Suket asks Raj to answer first, and then leave. Raj begins to argue with Suket when he arrives at his house saying that he told whatever he had to with Avni, and won't repeat them again. Vikram stands mute, while Suket says how can he stand silently, while Raj is doing this. Vikram says that he has given his children the freedom to decide for themselves. Raj starts insulting Suket and his family for being very low-level people. A heated arguement ensues. Vikram and Suket get into a verbal confrontation. Raj stands mute. Abnormal sees all this finally patience ends this and she asks them to stop all this. She comes to Raj, and politely asks him why he does not want to marry her. She asks him if he doesn't want to get married to her, and that whatever he promised till now don't mean anything to him. He eyes her steely. She says that he has always loved her.

Avni asks Raj to swear on her head that he doesn't love her at all, and that their love has ended, hence he wants to separate himself from her. Raj is unfazed as he looks at her. But finally says that he doesn't love her, keeping his hand on her head. Akshat and others are angered, as Raj refuses to get married to her, saying that he doesn't want to have any relations with her. Avni gets shocked with Raj's reaction and Raj asks Avni to leave his house along with her family too, and not bother them with endless questions, as his decision is final. Avni almost collapses due to shock, while Raj expresses disgust her as Raj refuses to give the real reason he called off the wedding. Avni’s family takes Avni out. As Avni is supported by Akshat and Suket, Raj comes to them and Avni gets hopeful. But she is distraught as he slams the door shut on them. Avni walks out in a daze, with her family, as she remembers Raj’s stinging words. They make her sit in the car, and drive off back to their house. At Avni’s residence, Avni and her family arrives. Avni gets out in a daze, and starts walking towards her mandap, collapsing and screaming for Raj’s name.

Avni comes back home disheartened with her family, while all reprimand Raj for his callous behaviour. Avni sits beside her mother’s bed, and when she wakes up, she finds Avni crying, and clucthes to her tightly to her heart. They both cry their heart out. Avni returns to his room, remembering Raj’s harsh words, and their intimate moments together, and frustratedly starts taking off every jewellerey and throwing it, also discarding all feelings attached to Raj with them. She collapses on the floor crying and is completely in the dark as to why Raj has suddenly cancelled the marriage at the last moment. 

The next morning, Avni finds all the people busy apologising to people and relatives for the mishap. They receive a phone call, that tells them that Raj has been booked for fraud by someone, and presume that Suket must have done it and that he rightfully deserves it.

Meanwhile at Raj’s residence, Raj is busy playing games and behaving as if nothing happened. Madhuri is furious with the behaviour of her brother and both Madhuri and her husband Jashan reprimands Raj for what he did to Avni and her family, but he is leats bothered and callously responds to their questions. Anjali then comes to him asking him that they will be with him, in every descision, but want to know the reason. Raj says that they may be shocked, but it was a wrong decision, and hence stopped from two lives to be ruined before it's too late. He carelessly leaves, asking himself to be excused. Madhuri and her husband leave too. Meanwhile, Raj's parents are confused as to why Raj is behaving this way as none of them have revealed Bhavna's Umadh GAO matter to him. Anjali then expresses her confusion to Vikram, asking whether he got to know about their differences with Bhavna, and Vikram and Virat vehemently deny that they didn't do anything. Virat wonders that Raj ruined all his plans to take revenge on Avni and Bhavna.

The next morning, Abhay files a case of fraud against Raj with the police but when the police come to arrest Raj, they told him that he has been booked for fraud and that he is to be arrested rightaway. They are about to arrest him, when Anjali asks who filed the complaint. When Suket comes there and the police say that they have only come here to arrest Raj. But Suket stops the police from doing so and he goes on to apologize to Raj and his family on Abhay' behalf, who filed the complaint. The police leaves. Raj begins to go, when Suket comes in to him, and then gets emotional, as he says that Avni’s life begins and ends with him, and pleads with him to take his decision back. Raj curtly replies that he is not his boss, hence he is not obligated to listen to him, and asks him to leave him alone. Raj leaves, while all are tensed and boggled at Raj’s reaction.

In his room, Raj talks to his friends asking for a break, and take a long vacation to go away from this unnecessary melodramatic environment in the house. Madhuri meanwhile is furious with the behaviour of her brother and is shocked to find him talking like that and slaps him tight, shocking him. She asks if he is ashamed of what he did, and his double standards. She asks him how could he do this to Avni and her family, and so easily ruin her life, and then go on to enjoy life. She adds that he was always a son to her, but not for this. She decides to break every kind of relations with her brother, saying that from this day forth if he feels he is right, then she doesn't have any relation with him anymore. She leaves, while he is shocked and tensed. Raj too packs his bags and tells his family that he is leaving this country and this home forever, shocking them, saying that some relations he broke, but some were broken off with him. Anjali tries to stop him, but he asks them not to, and leaves.

At Avni’s residence, Buaji and Arpita try to get Avni to eat something, but she runs tensedly from there. Buaji begins to reprimand Arpita for what her brother did, to Avni and all of them, and blames it all on her. On the other hand Arpita, who too considers Raj to be her brother feels ashamed with this step taken by Raj. Arpita breaks down thinking that she is right and she hates herself for making Raj her brother, and so wishes that she could change time, and that she won't be able to forgive herself. She leaves from there. Avni goes outside, to view the mandap where they were suppose to get married. She starts eyeing the things, vermilion and the mangalsutra, and throws it all in the hawan kund, while suket is apalled. Suket tells her that Abhay had given a complaint, but he take it back, as they should give some time to him and then he will reconsider his situation. Avni asks why. She says that Raj could have gone to jail due to this. He agrees that Raj could have gone to jail. She says indifferently that he should have gone to jail, as that's what he deserves. She says that he only deserves hatred, as he ruined not just her life but her family’s reputation, and that she hates him to the core and has no place for him in her life. He asks her to look at herself, and say how will she get him out of her life. She says that she knows very well what she has to do. She goes to her room and the collects all Raj;s stuff that she had been gifted by him. She comes out baffling everybody and out of anger, Avni burns all the cards and other gifts that Raj had ever given her in the hawan kund. Avni burns all of Raj’s belongings, saying that from this day forth, there will be nothing of Raj in her house, and he won't even be mentioned, and that she burned everything of Raj, along with his presence and memories. She adds that Raj has ceased to exist in her life. All stand tensed and apalled for Avni’s plight. Meanwhile, Raj leaves, and passes by Avni’s house who has resolved to get Raj out of her life and her house. The screen freezes on Raj’s and Avni’s tensed faces.

Suket and Akshat go for the auction of a property but get surprised seeing Anjali and her family there. The auction begins and the two parties put forward their biddings. Anjali's family is about to win the bid but just then Avni enters.

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