Update: Thursday On Love Happens (Episode 40-42)

Aanya decides to surprise everyone, especially Raghu, by performing a dance in the party. Gehna and Chamki help her get familiar with the dance steps, but Aanya finds it hard to dance after donning the village attire. Later, she urges Gehna to express her feelings to Raghu, but Gehna feels shy and walks away. She then writes a love letter on behalf of Gehna and decides to give it to Raghu. Meanwhile, Debbie mixes a whole bottle of rum in the cake’s batter, which makes Chamki’s father, Rangeela a village drunkard and her drinking partner, very happy. Finally, the party begins and Aanya, who has hidden her face under her stole, is introduced as a village dancer by Gehna. She performs a dance, while Raghu desperately waits for Aanya. While the dance is still going on, Gehna finds the letter written by Aanya and quickly tears her name from the page. Everyone is surprised when Aanya reveals her face. Raghu finds the letter and feels that Aanya has written for him. Later, Aanya thanks Raghu for making her birthday so memorable and plants a kiss on his cheeks, leaving Gehna in a state of shock.

Aanya appreciates the dedicated efforts of everyone for making her birthday a memorable one. She then cuts the cake and the celebration begins. Soon the rum begins to take its toll and all those who have eaten the cake get intoxicated. Raghu and Bhola are no exception. Raghu asks Bhola to convey his message to Aanya, but Bhola goes to Gehna and tells her that Raghu is madly in love with her. Gehna gets elated to hear this. Lakhan meets GD and tells her that he is well aware that she is a fugitive. However, he assures her that he can help her if she agrees to hand over the entire village to Raichand Mittal, a high profile builder from Mumbai. He says that Mittal is politically well-connected and can easily clear off their name from the scandal. GD, who feels it a golden opportunity, accepts Lakhan’s proposal.

Though GD has happily accepted Lakhan’s proposal, she gets worried when Lakhan tells her that she will have to go to Mumbai to meet the builder and sign the deal. He then gives GD the blueprint of the proposed development of the village and leaves. GD feels that she should sign the deal before Lakhan comes to know that she is not the actual owner of the village. Meanwhile, back in the party, Bhola has completely lost his senses and goes on telling every girl that Raghu is in love with her. Raghu also tries to express his feeling to Aanya, but whenever he musters the courage, someone interrupts him. However, he gets shocked when he sees the blueprint in GD’s hand. Later, Bhola surprises everyone by expressing his desire to marry Isha. Isha gets impressed but before she can say anything, Aanya intervenes. Raghu gets heartbroken when he hears Aanya telling Isha that they will soon forget the villagers once they go back to Mumbai.

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