Update: Thursday On Hello Pratibha (Episode 111-112)

At night, the kids were happy that all the problems have ended now. Peehu suggests her father to take her mother for shopping. Mahen says they will all go together and the kids were excited. Mahen notices Pratibha was lost, and asks what happened. Pratibha says nothing. Mahen says she doesn’t know how to lie. Pratibha says she is worried about Bubu and asks how will he live without a mother. Sanjeev and Bubu stand there, Sanjeev says Bubu is not a mother-less child. Pratibha has brought Bubu up and he chose her today. He says that from today, she has three children. Pratibha says Sunidhi is his real mother and how she can take him away. Sanjeev says Bubu’s future is only secure if he stays with her. He tells Mahen that he has decided to divorce Sunidhi.

Sanjeev takes Bubu to Pratibha and requests her to take care of him and take the responsibility of him. He tells Pratibha that she has three kids now. Pratibha explains to Sanjeev that it is not right for a person to take responsibility of a child whose mother is still alive and that she can’t separate a kid from his mother when she is there. Sanjeev shocks Pratibha and Mahen when he tells that he has decided to give divorce to Sunidhi. Pratibha requests Sanjeev to think with a calm mind and not take decisions in a haste. Sanjeev says there is no space about rethinking it again. He says he will talk to the lawyer and end this chapter soon. While on the other hand, Sunidhi's mother brainwashes her to divorce Sanjeev and live a happy a life. Sunidhi tells her mom she can’t take divorce from Sanjeev. Her mother says she married her to Sanjeev against her wish. She has got another chance and divorce isn’t a big matter these days, and she can get much better guys than Sanjeev. She offers Sunidhi a drink. Sunidhi gulps it in one go, and says it is a matter of her self respect. She wants to get back to her in-laws, and has only a single purpose in life, the destruction of Pratibha.

The next morning, Pratibha comes out of the bath to find Mahen set the fan for her hair to blow. He smiles, and holds her hands. She is shys and asks what he is doing and also what if someone watches. Bubu comes there and asks Mahen to leave his big mom, he goes to call Peehu and Anmol. Pratibha immediately runs behind while Bubu is announcing that his big mom needs help. Pratibha asks Bubu not to tell anyone and that it was a game. Bubu says he also has to play it. Kaashi tells Pratibha that she break her son’s house. Pratibha says she didn’t break any family, she just bring out the truth to them. Sanjeev says she wasn’t worth living with. Kaashi goes inside cursing Pratibha. The kids butter their mother, Pratibha asks what they want. The kids say they want a leave from school and wants to go to their grandmother’s house. Pratibha says they will go on weekend but not miss school. Sanjeev then offer to drop the kids to school. Pratibha asks Mahen to drop her to hospital that her father will be discharge today. Mahen denies dropping her, then says he will go with her. Pratibha asks Bubu to eat a single bite more. Bubu says no more, Bubu says Pratibha bores him a lot, and even his mother didn’t so. Pratibha makes stories for him to feed him.

Sushma asks Pratibha’s dad to go home, her dad says getting discharge means going up straight away. He lay down again saying he wont go and asks what if something happens to him mid in the night. Mahen tells him that the doctors says that he is fine. Pratibha tells his father that if something happens to him, she will come there. He heads to go, saying she would be responsible for if anything happens to him. Meanwhile, Sanjeev is thinking about Sunidhi, Bubu played with him. He is shocked to see Sunidhi coming inside and stands in rage asking what is she doing here. He comes to her and asks what she is doing here and tells her to leave immediately. Sunidhi says she didn’t come here to stay, but she is still Bubu's mother and has come to take Bubu with her and have also brings a court order for the custody of her son. Pratibha says from the door that she is not taking Bubu anywhere. Bubu runs to Pratibha and hugs him, Kaashi comes there. Sunidhi cries and joins her hands to her asking her not to snatch her child from her and adds that their law also gives them the right to keep a juvenile with mother. Sanjeev asks what is this planning. Sunidhi asks what can be the planning behind taking ones own child. Sanjeev says that Peehu also considered her a mother and asks what did she do to her. He says he won’t let her get into the house again through any means. Sunidhi says she has brought the court order along with her, and calls the lawyer. She recalls her mother saying one has to go the wrong way if the right way doesn’t work. Sunidhi insists that Bubu will go with her. But unfortunately for her,  Bubu turns to Pratibha instead telling Pratibha he won’t leave her, Sunidhi cries and caresses her son. She says his mom was wrong, but his mom loves him a lot and asks to hug Bubu. Bubu turns to Pratibha. Mahen tells the lawyer that their lawyer will reply this notice in court and they can’t send Bubu with him. Pratibha says she is not like Sunidhi who makes a child away from mother, but she can’t let Bubu be brought up by her. She will understand it with time, and Sunidhi can meet Bubu for a few hours. Sanjeev tells Pratibha that Sunidihi just wants to enter the house, but Mahen says it is fine for a few hours or a week. Sunidhi goes thanking Pratibha, she thinks she will make Pratibha’s life hell. In the room, Pratibha tell Mahen that Sunidhi won’t ever get better. Mahen says she shouldn’t have said yes to her. Pratibha says she as a mother has gone through such a pain and she can’t see Sunidhi suffer such a pain. Mahen asks Pratibha not to worry, and also assures her that Peehu, Anmol and Bubu will not go away from her again. Pratibha asks why, won’t they sent them to college. Mahen says they will have to send them to college, else they will keep on disturbing them the way they did in the morning. Pratibha’s phone rings, she is shocked to hear it.

Pratibha's mother calls her up and informs about her father's condition. Pratibha fell on the bed hearing the phone, she tells Mahen her father again had an heart attack and that he is really serious. Pratibha's father being a heart patient, triggers fear in Pratibha's mind. Mahen says Gupta ji told him about a cardiologist and they may talk to him. He calls Dr. Avasti, and asks him to visit them soon. Dr. Avasti says he is leaving for Kolkatta and he will admit him to the hospital and will consult him there. Mahen requests him, he agrees and asks him to call ambulance. At home, Pratibha’s father is in a bad condition. Pratibha and Mahen, who rush to her father's aid and only find him to be struggling with chest pain. Pratibha asks him to look at her and not to close his eyes.

Sanjeev is working at home while on the other hand, Bubu wakes up and begins to cry asking for Pratibha. Sanjeev holds him and says Pratibha will soon come here. Kaashi comes there and asks where has Pratibha gone. Sanjeev says Mahen and Pratibha have gone to Pratibha's parents house. Peehu and Anmol come there,  Peehu holds Bubu and tries to console him. Sanjeev asks them to take care of him that he has some office work to do and seeing him, Kaashi gets upset. She calls Pratibha. She asks Pratibha to return home soon and attend to Bubu

Pratibha asks Kaashi to tell Peehu to give bottle milk to Bubu, Kaashi doesn’t listen to her. Pratibha looks at her father’s condition worsening as the doctor inspects on him and gives him medicine. He heads to leave, her father asks if it was a heart attack. The doctor says he has gas trouble due to which there was pain in his chest. He tells him he will live longer life. Pratibha’s father asks him if he has inspected well, and curses that he has knowhow. The doctor dislikes this and leaves with Mahen.

Sunidhi’s mother tells her to go to Bubu tomorrow but not to let anyone know her intentions. Sunidhi tells her not to worry at all. Her mother asks if she wants to go to that house again, then she must retain her place in Sanjeev’s life. She makes a call at Sanjeev’s number but he doesn’t attend it. Sunidhi offers to call at the landline. Peehu and Anmol had lay Bubu on the sofa when he wakes up again and cries. Kaashi wakes up too and just then the phone rings, Sunidhi asks Kaashi about Bubu. She hears Bubu’s cry, Kaashi says Pratibha take the responsibility and left now. Sunidhi is worried and tells Kaashi to caress him. Kaashi asks if she is so concerned, then why doesn’t she come back home else she will lose everything. Peehu and Anmol take Bubu to play, Kaashi tells Sunidhi to come back home soon. Sunidhi says she will be there soon. Her mom appreciates Sunidhi, Sunidhi says firmly, that Pratibha should be ready now and no one can stop Agarwal family from splitting up. Pratibha tells her father that he had no heart attack. She tells her father  it was Dr. Avasti of Raachi and he came specially on Mahen’s request. She further tells her father that the disease is only in his mind. Sushma also tells him he made Mahen so ashamed. Pratibha is angry with her papa, she tells him if he has ever thinks what her mother suffers due to this. Mahen tells Pratibha to calm down, and takes a leave from her father. Pratibha says bye to her father and leaves with Mahen. She and her father share looks, she kisses his forehead and says he should not make her mother worried again and if he do then she won’t talk to him anymore. She tells him to take care of himself, and not to worry her mother. Sushma apologizes to Mahen for the pain, she says he makes issues out of petty matters. Mahen says she is overthinking and he also has equal responsibility towards them as Pratibha has. He asks them not to rethink about calling them if any problem occur. Kaashi is walking restlessly as it has been really late. Pratibha and Mahen come home, Kaashi poses pain in her arm saying she had left Bubu upon her responsibility. She asks Pratibha about her father, Mahen says it was something like heart attack. Pratibha says it wasn’t heart attack but acidity which caused chest pain. At the same time, the door bell rings, Sunidhi stand outside as Mahen opens the door.

Sunidhi returns home with her bag and leaves everybody flabbergasted. Mahen asks Sunidhi as to why and how did she come here, even after Sanjeev threw her out. Sunidhi claims that it is Kaashi who called her back. Kaashi announces she called her here. Sunidhi steps inside. Kaashi blesses Sunidhi and asks Mahen why is he staring. Kaashi says she has two daughter in-laws and why should she take the responsibility of the house. Mahen says whatever might have happen, Sunidhi won’t live in this house. Sunidhi says that she is sorry but he is really selfish taking Pratibha and his kids and that he only cares about what Pratibha thinks. She adds that Peehu was also the culprit, she lied, stole at home and ran away and asks why doesn’t he punish her, because she is his daughter. Mahen tells her to shut up, Peehu is a juvenile, and she did everything because she had told her to. She had in mind the revenge and jealousy, he says he doesn’t dislike her because she was never a part of this family. Kashi overrules Mahen and the entire family, she raises her voice and asks Sunidhi to come inside the house. Sunidhi cries and asks Sanjeev if he won’t say a word even now when his brother is saying so much to her, she says she is his wife and mother of his child and asks if he won’t side her. Kaashi says she has decided, Sunidhi has done wrong because she is her younger son’s daughter in-law. Mahen gets angry when he finds his mother supporting Sunidhi. He declares that Sunidhi no longer has the right to stay in this house and whoever objects his decision may leave the house as well. Kaashi points finger at Mahen, Mahen apologize to his mother, he didn’t mean that and it is only that he disagrees at her decision of keeping Sunidhi at home. Kaashi jerks his hand off and says he has said enough, when her son doesn’t respect her and threaten she will leave the house by herself. Mahen stops her and apologize to her again. Kaashi asks if he say this in anger, and if he wants her to forgive him then he has to keep Sunidhi in this house. Mahen says in anger that he might have said something wrong but her respect will never be less. For the respect of this house he can’t abide by her, Sunidhi wont live in this house. He leaves. Kaashi curses Pratibha for controlling her Mahen. She tells Pratibha that she will have to suffer as much as she is giving pain to her ( Kaashi ). Kaashi leaves.

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