Update: Friday On Love Oh Love (Episode 215-217)

Avni eyes Raj helplessly, and takes her family back home. Raj is tensed. His family too begins to go. Anjali asks Virat to get a water bottle, for Pooja. They leave. Virat overhears the manager wondering amongst themselves, as to why sir asked them to switch on the alarm, if the families have such enemities and differences. Virat questions them and after much hesitance, the manager gets scared, when Virat tries to intimidate him into telling the truth. He still says that they don't divulge costomer information. Virat leaves. Outside, Virat thinks that since the time Avni and Raj have come back from Umatgaon, something is amiss, and wonders what's it. He finds Avni getting in the car, and sees Avni wearing a bangle that belonged to Anjali and begins wondering how it had reached her. He is determined to find out.

At Raj’s and Avni’s residence, later in the night, Raj and Avni feel upset as their plan to get the families close had failed. Avni gets Raj’s call, and they start arguing about the family differences amongst themselves. Raj tells her that if they too fight, then how will they unite their families. Avni says that this is the problem, and if they continue like this, their marriage doesn't make sense too. Raj asks her to be patient, as a new day will bring a new hope. She disconnect the phone, and he is tensed.

The next morning, Anjali discusses business with Vikram. Virat comes with an excuse of his lost ring, and after her permission, to confirm the matter he checks his sister, Anjali's box of jewellery and gets shocked when he finds it missing and thinks that he was right. He asks her about the heirloom bangles, and points out that the bangles aren't there. She gets tensed and asks them where are they. But just then Raj comes forward with a duplicate of the bangle and saves the day saying that he took them for polising. She is relieved, while Virat is boggled. Raj heaves a sigh of relief, thinking that he got duplicate made, for times like this, and decides to beware next time.

Savri too starts venting out her anger again at the Purohit family, saying that he will never forgive them. Avni is tensed, as she overhears this. She gets Raj’s call, and after he finds out about her tension and dilemma, he adds that they have to meet today, and insists when she tries to point out how difficult it is for her, to come out, given the recent scenario. Raj asks her to come over to his house, while she is shocked, wondering how can she do this. But he insists. She wonders what has he plannned.

Meanwhile, later in the evening, Raj’s family is ready, and ask Raj why is he not dressed. He says that he will join them later as he has an urgent work. Raj gives them the excuse, and then asking him to be on time, they all leave. Raj hopes that Avni  will make it. Avni enters but does not find anyone, and by chance she topples the Kalash kept in her way, and is surprised. Raj says that this was her griha Pravesh welcome, but instead of being emotional, Avni is frustrated. Avni asks why did he do this today. Raj tries to assure her that all will be fine and that their marriage is based on their promises, and that she got scared last night of their marriage and their false identities. She tries to present her helplessness. Raj asks how come she thinks that their love was so weak. She vents out her aggression and that she is scared that if someone saw them here, there would be a big drama, and asks him to hasten up fast, so that she can leave from here. He is tensed.

At the Office, Virat arrives with Raj’s parents, and then pretends to be sick and having a severe headache, and heads home, having gotten their permission. He thinks that he would now find out what Raj’s plan is. Meanwhile while on the road, Raj and Avni discuss how important it is for them to talk about something very important, and since she didn't want to be there, hence he got her out while she is very scared as someone might see them, and is not really Interested.

Outside Raj’s residence, while on his way back, Virat sees the same priest from Umatgaon, and he begins to question why he is in Jaipur. He then overhears the priest talking to an Auto driver that he had gotten a couple married in Umatgaon, and for the marriage certificate of this couple, he had been called here, but last minute they changed their destination, and asked him to come to Ashiana resort. The auto driver complies to take him. They leave. Virat wonders whether the priest is talking about Raj and Avni’s marriage and is determined to go to Ashiana Resort to find out.

At Ashiana resort, Raj shows her their marriage certificate, and he says that he has signed them, and the priest who commuted their marriage has too, and that if her faith in their marriage is waivering, then this certificate will keep her determined to have belief in their marriage and the sanctity of their relationship. Raj asks why does her faith keep changing like this, and when he doesn't waive, why does she, even though they are in the same boat, and that their marriage can never break their faith. He leaves. She is tensed, as she eyes the certificate.

She goes up to him, and calls him, and hugs him from behind, apologising for her behaviour, and asks if she doesn't even have that right. He smiles overwhelmingly. He says that she is his wife, and loves her more than life, and her doubts make him feel that he is insufficient in his capacity as a husband. She tells him that she loves him very much. He cups her face, as she hugs him, and they both kiss each other on the forehead. But then Raj takes it a notch forward and kisses her on the cheeks, and she too reciprocates. He then leans in closer to seal his love with a kiss on the lips, but she is embarassed and hesitant. As Avni is shy and nervous, Raj tries to get romantically intimate with her, hile she basks in the glory of their new found intimacy, having signed the certificate that authenticates their marriage. She finally gives in and then he adds that there was a promise that he wouldn't cross his line, till they get blessings from their parents. She hugs him. Virat sees this from a distance and is shocked.

While Raj and Avni finally happily sign the marriage certificvate together, Virat gets furious seeing Avni and Raj together and he is thinking that not only did they escape his grip in Umatgaon, but they are also deceiving their families now. Anjali gets Virat’s call, telling her that she won't believe what has happened. Anjali asks if he got more sick and isn't well at all. Virat remembers the excuse that he had given and hesitatingly brings up Raj’s topic, while Anjali is tensed. He then diverts the topic, saying that his car got towed, and Anjali asks him to go home and leave the car which Vikram will take care of. He disconnects the call.

Virat thinks that if he discloses Raj and Avni’s marriage, then Umatgaon would be deragged too, and his role would come to light too and he can't let that happen. He then eyes the two lovebirds, and makes up his mind to have his revenge, he thinks that he won't let Raj and Avni’s planning be successful, and not let things to go back to normal just like Vikram and Sangeeta’s love changed to hatred similarly, he would change Raj and Avni’s love into hatred.

Next day at Raj’s and Avni’s residence, As Arpita takes care of Bhawna, Avni comes happily, and says that she signed a very important paper of her life. Arpita congratulates her. Suket comes down saying that they should congratulate Arpita as she has received the young entrepreneur award. All are very happy. Arpita too is extremely happy when she gets a great news that her jewellery designs have been selected for a famous jewellery exhibition and also that she will be getting an award for her designs. Bhavna is very happy that both the girls are so happy today.

Later, Avni gives the idea to Raj, that they tried to get the family together, that didn't happen, and that they can then try to get the families united one by one. Raj asks whats she trying to say. comes up with an idea of getting Arpita and Anjali close by making Anjali give the award to Arpita and she shares her idea with Raj and Raj is super excited about the idea, as Anjali always promotes career oriented women. Raj thinks that she would definitely present the award, and then one by one, all the people will come together. Avni is happy. Virat overhears their entire conversation and decides to ruin their plans and that he won't let Raj’s happiness bloom.

The next morning, Anjali comes inside Raj’s room saying that, she won't go to the award ceremony, even if she is the chief guest, as Arpita is going to get the award and given the recent scuffles, she doesn't want any more tension. Raj tries to counter convince her that she always promotes career oriented women, then why should Arpita be an exception. She is convinced and Raj is happy and excited. After she leaves, Raj messages Avni that first stage is completed and now the second one awaits. He then calls all the local news channels, asking them to cover this important event. Virat comes down the stairs, finding what he is doing. He thinks that the news channels will definitely get the spice they need in the news.

Arpita is blessed by everyone. Avni is asked if she isn't going. Arpita says that she wants Avni to stay with Bhawna and see the event with her, on TV. Suket too agrees to watch it with them. Arpita leaves in glee. Avni thinks that everything is going fine, and hopes all’s well ahead too. She calls Raj, and then they are hopeful of the plan. After Raj disconnects the call, he overhears, Virat screaming on the phone. Virat fakes a call, agitated and aggressive, and manages to convince Raj to come with him straightaway, as there’s been a huge trouble at the office. Raj complies while Virat smiles evilly.

At the Jewellery Exhibition, Avni’s residence and Raj’s office, Arpita is congratulated by the customers, as she has a successful exhibition, with one hundred percent sales. She deals in with the customers, asking them to demand online, if they wish to place more orders. The MC of the night, announces the award finally going to Arpita, and she is happy, but she gets tensed, when she hears that Anjali would give her the award. Just then, Anjali walks in. Anjali and Arpita eye each other tensedly. Suket and Bhawna who are at home, are tensed too.

Avni is super hopeful. Anjali gives a very inspirinmg and motivating speech, about Arpita’s dedication and leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. Arpita happily gets on the stage and accepts the award. Anjali congratulates her. Arpita goes on the dias, and thanks her family for their love and support. She says that she also wants to say one more thing, as Anjali inspired her, and gave her the confidence to start her business. Avni is very happy. Suket and Bhawna are happy too. Avni thanks the lord that everything is going okay.

Meanwhile in the office, Virat finds Raj watching the award ceremony. Virat switches off the TV, and asks Raj to focus on the work. Raj complies. Virat goes aside. Virat calls someone at the exhibition, and asks him to do whatever he has been instructed to do. He comes back to find Raj having solved the problem. Virat says that he is meant to do bigger things, and switches on the TV. Arpita and Anjali are giving statements to the press. Just then, Raj and Avni's plans goes completely wrong when a man loses all his jewellery at the exhibition and starts hollering that he has lost his costly jewellery worth lakhs. it is presumes that there has been a theft in such a high profile event, where all respectful people are present.

Anjali and Arpita are confused. On Anjali’s insistence, the man starts searching all bags, and when finally, he opens Arpiatr’s suitcase, all the jewellery is found in Arpita's suitcas. Arpita is shell shocked and stunned. All the other people start gossiping, as to how Arpita is ther thief. The man accuses Arpita of stealing the jewellery and reprimands her for lying. The people begin to reprimand Arpita for being a thief, in the garb of a well bred, highly maintained, daughter in-law, of a respectful family. Suket get angry at home, as he hears all reporters report about Arpita’s crime. Avni and Suket ask Bhawna to stay back at home, and rush to Arpita’s assistance. Bhavna is tensed.

Meanwhile, at Raj’s residence, Madhuri and her husband are invited by Aryan’s cousins, for Aryan’s 18th birthday, and promote the new serial.

At Jewellery Exhibition, Arpita protests that she is not a thief, and that she has no reason to. Anjali points out calmly, that after all the jewellery was found only in her bag. Arpita says that this is a trap against her. Anjali asks who would do that to her. Arpita retaliates in her anger and goes on to blame Raj's mother Anjali for stealing the jewellery and putting it in her suitcase. Anjali is shocked. Raj, hearing this, in the office is shocked too. A series of allegations and counter allegations follow, which Raj gets very disturbed to see. Virat instigates him all the more, that Anjali is being insulted. Anjali decides to call the police for further investigations and that the police will decide who’s innocent and the culprit. Raj gets Avni’s call, and he is tensed to find her very upset and tensed, when she gets to know that he is not there to handle the situation, as he had promised. She gets angry with Raj as he was not present at the exhibition even after he promised her and disconnect the call. Raj leaves rushedly too. Virat is amused.

When the police comes, Arpita vehemently tries to prove her innocence, but he says that she would have to be taken in custody. They are about to arrest Arpita when Suket, Akshat and Avni come in, asking her not to be scared. Suket tells the inspector that they can't arrest her, as she is their wife. Raj too comes by his mother’s side. Akshat says that they know who did this. Suket tells the reproters that there’s someone in the hall, who doesn't like their family rising to fame, and can't see their popularity. Anjali asks him to stop talking such things. Suket and Anjali enter into a verbal arguement when Suket go on to insult Anjali and accuse her of framing Arpita, while Raj and Avni are tensed. As the arguments rise further, Raj and Avni begin to fight with each other as Raj asks Suket to not talk to his mother like that. Anjali asks Raj to let it be, as these people don't understand nice things.

Avni tells her that her father is a nice man, and doesn't lie unnecessary. Anjali asks her to shut up and stop her arrogance. Avni is about to speak to Anjali when Raj shuts her up, asking her not to interfere. Avni says that his mother is casting blames unnecessarily on Arpita. Raj asks her to stay quiet, as he won't listen to a word against his mother. Avni asks why should she stay quiet, as he can stand for his mother, then why not she for her family. Finally Raj asks her to shut up, raising a finger on her, and she is stunned into silence. All get tensed.

Finally Virat comes in saying that there’s no use to arrest Arpita, as the jewellery has been found. The planted man asks what of the theft then. Virat says that the person shall be punished. He says that these people can be asked to stop business for one year. the federation agrees to it and finally Arpita is banned for a year from designing any jewellery while Arpita is shocked. She vehemently protests innocence. Suket says that Anjali has played a dirty game and he wishes to god, that their family doesn't even be in their shadow. They all leave, while Avni eyes Raj angrily.

Outside, Avni asks them to ahead while she talks to the manager. Raj tries to calm Avni down, but she is enraged as she does not take her family's insult well. Virat is evilly very happy to find Raj and Avni fighting, where Avni vents out her frustration at him, that she and her family have been suffering due to her motives, and that she can't take it anymore. Raj asks why is she waivering on their resolve again. He says that they should find a solution. Avni says that now for her benefit, she won't let it happen again. Raj tries to talk to her. Avni says that she just knows that she has to leave, as her family needs her. She begins to go, but Raj holds her hand, and asks her to atleast listen to him. But she asks him to let go, as she has to go. He complies, and she leaves. Virat is amused that he not only manages to create an even bigger rift, but he also creates a misunderstanding between Avni and Raj.

At Avni's residence, all are enraged at what Anjali and her family did, and how they are targetting them, one by one. Avni wonders who did this. Akshat says that it is Raj’s family, and vows to have his revenge and ruin them. Arpita laments that her work and her existence is ruined now, and that she doesn't know what to do. Avni’s elder brother Ashay brings in newspaper clippings, and is extremely angry. Avni tries to compose him, but he doesn't calm down and says that they are targetting the women, first Avni, then Bhawna, and now Arpita, and is determined to have his revenge. He walks out angrily. All stand tensed as the relations between the two families further heat up.

Meanwhile, Vikram also blames Anjali for even accepting the invitation, when she knew Arpita was being awarded as every interaction ends up in an arguement. Just then, Abhay calls up at Raj’s place, and threatens that he will treat them a lesson, and he too retaliates back saying that no one can teach them any lesson and that they are not scared by any threats. Virat puts it on speaker, and abhay badmouths him, and they are all the more tensed. Heated arguements are exchanged, and then he finally disconnects the call. Abhay is enraged. Virat tells them all that there’s just one solution, and that's to handle man to man. But Madhuri’s husband is enraged and says that since he had a talk with him, he only willend it. Jashan calls up Abhay and asks him to meet at a location. He leaves. All are tensed as Jashan and Abhay decide to meet each other

At Local News office and Avni’s residence, Raj goes to the local news office, asking them not to do this cheap publicity stunt, and focus on the other issues that happen in the town. Raj gets Avni’s call, who calls him sarcastically asking if he got time from his busy schedule, and Raj gets fed up of her taunts. Raj says that he doesn't understand what she wants. Avni says that earlier he used to. Raj says that she should keep up hope and faith and not break down like this, as he is trying to find a solution. Avni says that the biggest problem awaits them, and informs him of abhay and his brother in-law's scuffle. She asks him to be there if he has time, as she is going there already. she disconnects the call. He is tensed.

At JaiChand’s Catering venue and at the given location, Madhuri’s husband enters into a verbal arguement with Abhay, and soon it turns heated, and the two of them end up getting into a fight. Raj and Avni try to stop him. Abhay hits Madhuri’s husband and throws him on the ground. Raj gets into fight and pulls Abhay away and is about to raise his hand, when Avni shouts at him, and stops him. Virat sees this from a distance. Raj asks him not to threaten him or his family again and asks him to get lost, and asks Avni to take her brother away, if she wants his safety. To further add the animosity, Virat adds rat poison, to Raj’s brother’s catered food. Avni takes Abhay away while Raj’s tensed.

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