Update: Friday On Love Happens (Episode 58-60)

Before Aanya can react, Raghu makes it clear that he is joking. Raghu then tells Aanya that he is leaving for the village. Aanya tries her best to convince Raghu to stay for a few more days, but Raghu remains adamant and leaves. Aanya feels very bad and Rahul too senses that she is missing Raghu. Meanwhile, Lakhan is shocked when his mother informs him about Raghu and Gehna's alliance.

Irked with this decision, Lakhan decides to teach Raghu a lesson or two. Later, in order to express her anger, Aanya tells Bhola to inform Raghu that she has decided to break her friendship with him. Bhola gets confused as Raghu has still not returned to the village. On the other hand, Rahul changes the interiors of Aanya's room and gives it a rustic look. Aanya is very happy to see the change. Later, Lakhan enters his room with his hands covered in blood. He immediately washes his hands and sports a vicious smile.

Lakhan immediately packs his trunk and decides to leave before anybody comes to know of his crime. Meanwhile, Aanya is impressed with what Rahul has done to her room and says that she feels he has fallen in love with her. However, she is shocked when Rahul tells her that she is not his type.

Aanya then challenges Rahul that she will make him confess his love for her within three days. While leaving, Lakhan runs into GD, and tells her that he has to go as Gehna's wedding is approaching. However, GD gets suspicious when she sees bloodstains on his clothes. On the other hand, Bhola decides to go to Mumbai and look for Raghu, who is still missing. Isha gets excited and convinces Bhola to take her along with him. Meanwhile, Mittal helps Aanya by telling her how she can woo Rahul. Later, while learning to dance from Rahul, Aanya falls down and hurts herself.

A doctor is called and says that Aanya has fractured her hand. Rahul feels very bad and holds himself responsible for this, little knowing that it is just another plan of Aanya to woo him. Aanya then thanks Mittal and the doctor for helping her. Rahul starts pampering Aanya, while she starts bossing him. On the other hand, Bhola heaves a sigh of relief when his father gives him permission to go to Mumbai and look for Raghu. Finally, Debbie, Isha and Bhola reach Mumbai.

Debbie and Isha feel relieved reaching Mumbai, but are confused as they don't know where to find GD. Isha calls David, one of their faithful servants, who informs her that GD and Aanya are staying with Mittal. But before they can proceed to Mittal's house, they get shocked when they realise that Bhola is missing. Meanwhile, Aanya gets impressed when Rahul asks her for a date. However, she is taken aback when Rahul takes her to a hospital to meet an orthopedic surgeon.

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