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Mahen gets angry when he finds his mother supporting Sunidhi. He declares that Sunidhi no longer has the right to stay in this house and whoever objects his decision may leave the house as well. Unfortunately this causes problems between Kaashi and him and she points finger at Mahen, Mahen apologize to his mother, he didn’t mean that and it is only that he disagrees at her decision of keeping Sunidhi at home. Kaashi jerks his hand off and says he has said enough, when her son doesn’t respect her and threaten she will leave the house by herself. Mahen stops her and apologize to her again.

Kaashi asks if he say this in anger, and if he wants her to forgive him then he has to keep Sunidhi in this house. Mahen says in anger that he might have said something wrong but her respect will never be less. For the respect of this house he can’t abide by her, Sunidhi wont live in this house. He leaves. Kaashi curses Pratibha for controlling her Mahen. She tells Pratibha that she will have to suffer as much as she is giving pain to her ( Kaashi ). Kaashi leaves.

In the room, Pratibha tells Mahen he is still a child for his mother Kaashi and Kaashi will forgive him soon because Mahen is really ashamed at his behaviour. The next morning, Kaashi leaves the breakfast table seeing Mahen. Mahen takes the plate to her, he apologize for whatever he said, he didn’t mean that. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him and he must go. Mahen says alright, she is angry with him but not to pour it on her eatings. An upset Kaashi says she will die hungry but won’t lose her self respect, and he should leave. Pratibha is worried and sends the kid to make their Daadi eat.

Bubu requests Kaashi to eat something, Anmol plays in front of everyone and is about to put a bolus in her mouth but Kaashi notices Mahen and Pratibha’s smile at each other. Kaashi shouts that’s it. She says now he doesn’t tolerate this all, and that he is still abiding by his wife, and asks what magic this lady has created on him. Mahen asks what is she saying in front of the kids. Kaashi says she is telling him the right thing that he runs behind her and her family and if her parents is his after marriage. Mahen says if she doesn’t have to listen to anything, they will speak when she gets calm. Mahen leaves. Sanjeev asks Kaashi to keep calm but she doesn’t listen. Sunidhi is sitting with her mom when Kaashi calls her. Sunidhi tells her mom that the old lady is planning a Pooja to get her back into the house.

The next morning, Pratibha’s mother and father are sitting, her mother is tense and her husband says he will not die and she should not worry but she tells him that he is not worried about him and she is worried about Pratibha who is worried and that she is feeling bad that Pratibha is worried. Just then, Pratibha comes and says that it is her house and they are her parent and she will come. She further says that she brought her father's favourite vegetable dish. Hearing this, her father suggests they eat together but Pratibha replied that she has to buy food for a puja in their house and her mother in-law has told her that Sanjeev will bring the things but she knows that he will bring something wrong and then she wil have to go again and buy the food so she decide that she will buy the food the first time.

Meanwhile Sanjeev is in the shopping there when he feels someone placing a hand on his shoulder and he turns back to find that it is Sunidhi. Sanjeev tells her to go away and that he does not wish to talk to her and tells her to go away or he will but Sunidhi starts brainwashing Sanjeev that whatever she did was right because it was for their son and that she knows that most of the property and shop are under Pratibha and Mahen and they have nothing so she opened a botique to support her family as Sanjeev has a headaching job and his salary was not enough to meet the requirements of the family so she was forced to do this for the better future of their child and then Sunidhi pretends to feel dizzy to get Sanjeev’s attention by telling that she did not have anything to eat and that she is getting weak. Finding his wife to be weak and dizzy, Sanjeev decides to take her back to the house but then she says that he has already left her and that she will find her own way.

Later, a puja is held at Mahen's home to sustain peace in the family and when the pundit asks the daughter in-law and son of the family to sit then Pratibha's mother in-law stops them and asks Sanjeev and Sunidhi to sit for the prayer. Seeing this, Mahen gets angry but Partibha stops. Amidst the puja, Pratibha's mother calls her up and informs that her father is in a very critical state and is not even speaking anything. Hearing this, Mahen talks to her and when they are about to leave then her mother in-law says that when the Puja will finish then they will go even when Mahen tries to go Partibha stops him.

Pratibha then prays and as quickly as she can and immediately leaves for her father's aid along with Mahen. Mahen is told by the doctor that the patient was brought at the right time because if they had been late then anything could have happened and then Pratibha consoles her mother and suddenly a nurse comes and tells Mahen that the doctor wants to meet him and also tells Pratibha to get the medicine. Back at home, Sunidhi is smoking the house with her mother in-law and tries to make her hate Pratibha but she does not and tries Sunidh to stop making such useless efforts.

Sunidhi mother in-law tells her that she is not doing everything because of Sunidhi but to get Pratibha in control of her and to make sure that everything goes back to the way it was. Kaashi leaves and Sunidhi slams the pot on the table when suddenly bubu comes, Sunidhi scolds him for rejecting her over his father but seeing Sanjeev. Sunidhi, on the other hand, pretends to get emotional with her son when Sanjeev shows up. She hugs him and says that she knows what he wanted to say to her and pretends to cry that he wants her to stay with him but she has to go to his grandmother’s house and that she wishes that he could also come with her but what he has his father who also loves him. Sanjeev comes and tells bubu that they both will drop Sunidhi at their grandma house. On the other hand, Pratibha comes to the medicine shop and finds a long line of people.

While Pratibha is standing in the queue to buy the medicines for her father, Kaashi calls her. She starts scolding Pratibha and asks her to come home and give her the medicines as she cannot find her medicine and if something happens to her then it will be Pratibha’s fault but Pratibha tells her that she will not let anything happen to her and will come before eleven but she will first get the medicine and gives it to her mother. Meanwhile, the doctor tells Mahen that her father in-law suffered attack and this should not happen again and that they should bring him to the hospital regularly for checkup otherwise he is ready to go back home where he will recover quickly. As asked by Kaashi, Pratibha returns home where her mother in-law is waiting for her and tells her that she has finally returned. Then she gives the medicines to Kaashi and when she is about to leave, her mother in-law tells her to prepare food for her as what she made in the morning was not good.

Partibha says that she will make food for her but after that she will also take food back to the hospital and then goes on to start preparing food. While she is preparing the food, her mother calls and Pratibha asks about her father’s health in which she replied that he is okay but she feels scared. Pratibha tells her to be patience and not to worry as she has prepared the food and is soon coming to the hospital. Mahen then calls Pratibha up and inquires about her. Pratibha claims that she is at home preparing food. Mahen is shocked to hear this and tells her that she does not have to pick up their children but Partibha tells her that she will pick them up and he has nothing to worry about and must work. 

Meanwhile, Sanjeev and Sunidhi go to her mother’s house and she asks Sanjeev to stay but at frst he declines then on the persuasion of Sunidhi he accepts. Sunidhi's mother tells them that she will bring tea, but then Sunidhi asks Sanjeev to remove her necklace then suddenly her mother comes saying that she has prepared the tea but Sanjeev begins to fall for Sunidhi's charms once again and declines saying that they will go then Sunidhi mother says that she did not wanted to say anything but it is not right to take a child from her mother. Sunidhi says that if Sanjeev does not want her in the house then she will not go. Later in the night, Pratibha and Mahen are in their room and Mahen tells Pratibha that she looks stressed and when he decided to help then Pratibha declined that she is stressed.

Mahen, who decides to let his in laws live in his house tells Pratibha that he wishes that her mother and father can come to their house and stay with them. Hearing this, Pratibha says that she does not want anything wrong should happen in the house after what happened. Mahen then says that she should not think about Sunidhi but will agree to bring her mother and father with them in their house. They both make sure that Pratibha‘s mother agrees to this and after that, Mahen also makes up with his mother about this plan.

Mahen’s mother leaves and when Mahen says that he wants to bring Pratibha’s parents, Kaashi refuses then Mahen angrily says that if she does not allow him to bring his mother in-law and father in-law to their house then he will leave the house on this. Kaashi panics hearing this and drops the tray and asks if he will leave his mother in which Mahen replied that he will because Pratibha's mother and father need him more at the moment and he will serve them at the moment. Mahen looks at the door to find Pratibha standing there and crying.

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