47-Year-Old Chinese Mom Commits Suicide Because Her Son's Fiancée Is 'Too Short'

A 47-year-old woman identified as Ms Lin, has killed herself because her son's fiancée was too short, according to a government statement.

Ms Lin's corpse was found on November 17 in a river in Ningling County, Henan Province. After seeing the woman's remains, her emotional husband jumped into the river and his son also plunged in to save him.

Both were immediately rescued by the police. Her husband has been identified as 46-year-old Mr Gao. The statement read: 'The dead person, Ms Lin, had disagreement with her son regarding her son's engagement.

Her son's partner came from the same town as the family. Ms Lin did not like her son's partner, claiming she was too short. She threatened to kill herself.

The woman was said to have taken her life 'on a sudden impulse' after passing a local river on her scooter.”

People’s Daily

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