Sad! Corpse Of Student Shot Dead During NANS Election Recovered Ahead Of Burial (Photos)

The corpse of late Comrade Elvis Magam of the University of Uyo who was killed during elections for coordinators of the National Union of Nigerian Students (NANS) – has been recovered and is set to be sent home in Ogoja local government area in Cross River state ahead of his funeral.
The deceased was shot dead during the NANS election held at the Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa state over the weekend.
Meanwhile, the Bayelsa State Police Command has arrested three suspects in connection with the death of Magam Elvis of the faculty of Law, UNIUYO.
The police also confirmed that they have in their custody eight students including Bayelsa NANS President, Perewari Benjamin arrested for involvement in armed robbery and cultism.

Meet The Patriotic Nigerian Whose House, Cloths And Watch Are All Green, White, Green (Photos)

A Nigerian man, Abdullahi Yusuf, has recounted his experience with a patriotic citizen, Arhyel Dibal, who loves the country so much that even his clothes, wristwatch and his house all bare the Nigerian flag colors; green, white, green. Read what Abdullahi Yusuf shared online.
His name is Arhyel Dibal, a native of Wandali Village in Kwaya Kusar local government area of Borno state, though he is a resident of Biu town. He is a Lab Technologist by profession, and married with four children two of which are graduates.
Last week I went to meet this patriotic Nigerian and from his cloths, shoes and his wristwatch, cap they are all green white green in colour. Not only that his office is a symbol of the kind of love he has for this great nation as he rightly described our country. He told me that even though, he knows that President Muhammadu Buhari loves Nigeria, but he think he loves Nigeria more than the president himself.
I asked him, how he started this His green white green revolution, and he said for the past thirty years he has never buy any cloths that is not green white green in color. He said the only time he wears clothes that has different colors, is when The Emir of Biu gave him some royal clothing as a gift. I thought its only his clothing that is green white green, until he showed me the pictures of his house which to my amazement is also painted green white green. I seek his permission to visit his house because I visited him in his office, and he gladly directed me to the house.
The house was beautifully designed and painted in green white green with Nigeria map designed at strategic points. Even the tiles on the floor is green white green in color. I met the wife, who told me that it’s because she was working in the farm that day if not she too always wears the green white green. She told me I was a bit late if not I would have met her daughter who was also dressed in green white green. She told me that even though their house is not on the main road, but hardly will a day passes without them having visitors who always came to see the house. His car and that of the wife are also painted green white green.
I returned and met him in his office, and I ask him why he is so passionate about Nigeria, and he said, he is where he is today because of Nigeria. He told me that he was opportune to be trained abroad, and he also visited many countries across the world courtesy of Nigeria. He said while he was in school abroad. some nationals of other countries use to ask him some silly questions about Nigeria. He said its only in Nigeria that people don’t show much love to their country and he want to make a difference.

Meet The Presenters Who Will Host The World Cup 2018 Draw (Photos)

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker will be joined by Russian journalist Maria Komandnaya for the World Cup draw this Friday. The 32 qualified nations are set to find out who they will be facing in the group stages of next summer’s tournament.
Lineker has flown out to Moscow for the event, which will be shown live from Kremlin Palace, the capital venue that is regularly used as a concert hall.
He will be joined in stage by popular TV personality Maria, who has been working in football broadcasting in her homeland for over 10 years.
She made her mainstream footballing debut at the Confederations Cup this past summer, where she was the face of FOX Sports coverage.
She will be returning to the sidelines for coverage of the World Cup next summer – starting with this week’s draw.

Troops Neutralize Boko Haram Terrorists As They Rescue Over 200 Hostages (Photos)

Troops of 3 Battalion, 22 Brigade Nigerian Army, Sector 1, Operation LAFIYA DOLE, in furtherance of the ongoing clearance operations in conjunction with 22 Mobile Strike Team and some Civilian JTF, has on Tuesday, 28th November 2017 achieved a remarkable feat. During the operation, they were able to clear Boko Haram terrorists from their hideouts located at Kala, Jawara, Mada, Mika, Gakulba and Kutilax (Sanga), northern fringes of Sambisa forest and fringes of Kala Balge Local Government Area of Borno State.
At Sanga, the terrorists on sighting the approaching troops from their observation post, they dashed into the adjoining Amchada forest.
The relentless troops pursued them further and neutralized 4 Boko Haram terrorists terrorists after a serious exchange of gun fire, captured one of the terrorists commanders, the “Ameer” of of Chawa, Amman Judee alive and rescued 212 persons held hostage by the terrorists.
The captured terrorists leader is undergoing further interrogation while the rescued persons are being documented and the underaged children were administered oral polio vaccines.
Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman
Director Army Public Relations

Wow! See 5-Year-Old Boy Who Repairs Motorcycles In Order To Raise His School Fees (Photos)

A 5-year-old and a Primary 1 Student of Von Felly Primary School, Makurdi, Benue state capital is said to be an expert in repairing motorcycles. According to an witness, Ichenwo Goodluck, the little boy regularly takes off some days from school to assist his father who is a mechanic so as to help him raise the N10,000 for his school fee.
Below is what Ichenwo Goodluck shared on Facebook;
*We won’t stop Talking*
This 5 Year old Highly intelligent and skillful boy, A Primary 1 Student of Von Felly Primary School, Makurdi, and is already an expert in repairing Motorcycles. I heard he regularly takes off some days from school to assist his Poor father who is a mechanic…so as to help him raise the N10,000 for his school fee.
He’ll sure make it big in the neatest future. 

Talented University Dropout Designs Bicycle Which Rides On Water (Photos)

Kudos to a young man in Ghana has got himself trending online after designing a bicycle which rides on water. The young man identified as Frank Darko revealed that he was a final year student at the Takoradi Technical University, Ghana pursuing a course in Graphic Design before he deferred the course due to some personal reasons.
The young inventor revealed that the special bicycle is his first invention and it was built in four months as he started working on it since August this year.

Nigerian Lady Curses Movie Directors For ‘Not Fulfilling Their Promises After Seeing Her Undies’

A model and aspiring actress has got herself trending online after blasting movie directors and pageantry organizers that saw her undies without “fulfilling their promises”.
The young lady and university of Benin graduate revealed her pain publicly as she bared her mind on Facebook. See below how people reacted to this.

Chaos As Soldiers Drag Policeman To Their Barracks For Assaulting Colleague In Enugu (Photo)

It was a chaotic moment earlier today at Otigba Junction, Enugu, Enugu State, as a result of a clash between the Nigerian army and some policemen.
According to reports, trouble started when a policeman used his riffle to hit a soldier on the head for allegedly ignoring the traffic light. 
The colleagues of the brutalized military man promptly mobilized to the scene to rescue him and they have been trying to drag the policeman to their barracks at the 82 Division Headquarters.

Nigerian Woman Declared Wanted For Trafficking Young Girls To Dubai And UAE (Photos)

A woman identified as Perebi Nicole Otubo has been declared Nigeria’s most wanted human trafficker. According to the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) for Human Trafficking, the lady has been linked to an International Human Trafficking ring that specializes in trafficking young girls from Nigeria to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) for sexual exploitation (prostitution).
The woman was recently jailed in Dubai, UAE, for Human Trafficking. She was released in July 2017 and is currently at large, hiding somewhere in Nigeria, according to reports. Her accomplices and recruiters in Nigeria have been arrested by NAPTIP and are currently facing prosecution in court.

239 Stranded Nigerians Return From Libya Due To Unfavorable Condition (Photos)

About 239 stranded Nigerians were on Tuesday, November 28, returned to Nigeria after being evacuated from Libya. The returnees comprising men, women, pregnant girls and children – arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos at about 9:15pm as they were received by officials of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCFRMI).
A total of 3,480 young Nigerians, mostly girls, were returned from Libya in the last 10 months, the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCRMI) has confirmed.

Young Man Found Dead After Leaving Lagos For A Party In Ogun State (Photo)

The death of a young man is yet to unraveled after passing away in a suspicious manner. The man and his friends reportedly left Lagos to Abeokuta, Ogun state for a party but his mutilated body was returned to his family with the claim that their car involved in accident and the man was the only victim.
According to Maiyegun’s Diary, even though the story of his death is suspicious, the accident scene and the car involved can’t be verified or spotted. One of his eyes was reportedly removed with no explanation.

Check Out Photos Of A Pretty Nigerian Soldier

Ene is an incredibly beautiful Nigerian female Army. The classy young lady sure knows how to melt the hearts of Nigerians with her pose and standard. See more photos after the cut.... Beauty plus Brain.... 

12-Year-Old Boy With Legs Facing Backward All Smiles After Undergoing Surgery (Photos)

A 12-year-old boy can’t seem to contain his joy after undergoing a successful surgery to correct his backward facing legs. According to reports, the young boy received free surgery on the #AfricaMercy to correct his legs and make hem straight again.
“Before, people would just stare at me in the street and label me a handicap. Now, they will look again,” the excited boy said after the surgery.

Man Carries His Twin Babies Begging For Help After His Wife Died After Giving Birth In Akwa Ibom (Photos)

A man has been left in sorrow and lament following the unfortunate situation he found himself in. The man identified as Mr Ini Emmason John from Ikot Ebok in Essien Udim, Akwa Ibom State, was recently blessed with a set of twins (a boy and a girl). Unfortunately, his wife died a week after giving birth.
The man who now carries his babies around is now soliciting for help from spirited individuals to help him afford proper medical care for the newly born babies because they have not received any health treatment since birth.

Doctors Shocked After Finding 263 Coins And 100 Nails In Man’s Stomach (Photos)

A man with suspected food poisoning shocked doctors after they discovered 263 coins and 100 nails in his stomach. The man identified as Maksud Khan, was admitted to hospital with abdominal pains and doctors performed an endoscopy to investigate the cause.
But they were amazed to find hundreds of coins, 1.5kg of nails, dozens of shaving blades, shards of glass, stones, and a 6-inch piece of rusted iron shackle.
Surgeons at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India, immediately operated and removed 7kg of foreign objects.
Mr Khan is believed to suffer mental health problems and did not inform his family or friends of bizarre eating habits.
According to the doctors, Mr Khan worked as a three-wheeler driver and would often swallow coins given to him by customers.
He had been complaining of stomach pains for three months.
Relatives say he had slipped into a depression and might have got hooked on eating metal objects.
Amazingly, the coins and nails never caused any pain or problem initially.
Khan is now out of danger after undergoing the operation and has vowed not to ingest any of the objects again.

Young Man Killed In Fatal Accident After Going To Buy Drinks In Ekiti State (Graphic Photos)

 A young man identified as Adeola Emmanuel was killed following a fatal accident which occurred yesterday afternoon in Ayetoro Ekiti along Ayetoro Otun Ekiti road in Ekiti state.. According to reports, two people were killed in the tragic accident with others injured.
The two people that were killed came to buy soft drink in the area where the car accident happened, according to reports.
May their souls rest in peace.

"If You Wink At Me, As An Actress, I Will Slap You - Antar Laniyan

Veteran actor Antar Laniyan has revealed how disciplined he is whenever he is on a movie set.

Speaking in an interview with Punchng, he said: “If you are disciplined and you don’t put romance with women first as an actor, you would go far. If you believe that as an actor, you don’t need women all around you, then you would remain relevant because you would concentrate on your craft.

I directed ‘SuperStory’ for about 10 years but no woman entered my room in the camp. You can ask Wale Adenuga himself. There were amorous advances from women but I shunned them. I am feared while on set.

As a lady, you cannot see me and have the courage to approach me with your amorous advances. People would even tell you not to try it with me; they would advise the ladies not to wink at me because I would just slap them.

It is not that I am wicked but I want my cast and crew members to do what is expected of them. You don’t have to give me anything to gain what you do not deserve. Use your talent and let me acknowledge that you are good at your work.

You don’t have to bribe me with your body. When I am working, I let discipline guide me. I don’t care if you are befriending the producer; but as a director, I want a disciplined actor in front of me.

I do not go to the location to wine and dine; instead I go to work. When it comes to working, I am like a man that goes to the war front with the mindset of winning the war. If I don’t face my work squarely, it is the same people that are commending me that would condemn me and I don’t want that.

I want to be an evergreen actor. Look at the likes of Oga Bello and Prince Jide Kosoko, they started in 1964 and they are still relevant today. At the time they started, I was just a year old.”

22-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Stabs Family Pit Bull To Death

A pregnant 22-year-old stabbed the family Pit Bull to death after it became vicious and “turned” on its owners Friday.

Sierra Wilson stabbed the dog, named Buster, when it began attacking two other dogs and then its owners when they tried to intervene, the Pinella County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

Wilson neutralized the animal to protect her mother, Heidi Cooper, 45, and sister, Meaghan Tokay, 14.

Both Cooper and Tokay suffered multiple puncture wounds and lacerations to their extremities, according to the news release. Cooper was described as being seriously injured.

Wilson suffered minor scratches.

Police found the male pit bull lying dead in the front yard of the family’s home in Safety Harbor, Fla.

A family member told deputies that Buster was usually kept separate from the other pets because of his aggressive demeanor,NY Daily News reports.

The dog’s remains were handled by Pinellas County Animal Services.

Glee Actress, Naya Rivera Arrested For Hitting Her Husband In The Head

Former Glee star Naya Rivera has been arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery in Kanawha County, West Virginia, E! News confirms.

On Saturday night, the Kanawha County Sheriff confirmed to E! News that the 30-year-old actress was arrested that night and was waiting to be arraigned.

Local outlet WSAZ first reported the news and stated, “Investigators say she’s charged with domestic battery. They tell us it involves her husband at their home.”

Soon after the news was confirmed, reporter Kalea Gunderson shared a video of the arraignment on Twitter, which showed the teary actress in front of a judge.

“You have been charged with a misdemeanor domestic battery,” said the judge. “Do you know what you have been charged with?”

“Yes, your honor,” the star said quietly. According to Kalea’s following tweets, “Criminal complaint states Rivera’s husband Ryan Dorsey told police she struck him in the head and bottom lip when they were on a walk with their child.”

The reporter then tweeted that Naya was released on bond and picked up by her father-in-law.

Borno To Turn Home Of Boko Haram Founder To Museum, Sambisa Forest To Tourist Centre

The Borno State Government says it will convert the house of the former leader of Boko Haram sect, Mohammed Yusuf, to a museum.

The state Commissioner for Home Affairs, Information and Culture, Mohammed Bulama, disclosed this at the sidelines of the 9th National Council for Culture, Tourism and National Orientation held in Dutse, Jigawa. The council, with the theme “Tourism and Culture as Panacea for Nigeria’s Economic Recovery,’’ was organised by the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture.

Bulama, in an interview, said that the museum would help to archive all things related to Boko Haram insurgency to attract tourists and for the benefit of future generation.

“We are going to convert the house of the leader of the Boko Haram sect Mohammed Yusuf where the insurgency all started from, to a museum. “The place is called Maarcas; we want to build a museum there where all the things that had happened relating to the insurgency will be archived."

“We want to document and archive all that had happened so that our future generation will be able to have first hand information,” he said.

Yusuf, sect leader and founder of the militant Islamist group, Boko Haram was killed in 2009 and his group has continued to constitute serious security threat to Borno and other states in the North-east.

The Commissioner said the State was also planning to turn the Sambisa forest, which used to be the insurgents’ haven, to a tourist centre by reviving the already existing games reserve in the forest.

“Last year, Governor Kashim Shettima made a pronouncement to the effect that every December 22, will be declared a public holiday in Borno because that is the day the military declared that they had captured Ground Zero in Sambisa forest.

“What we intend to do when stability is fully achieved is to convert the forest into a tourist attraction in order to show the world what has happened. “Before insurgency, we used to have a game reserve in the Sambisa forest, we are going to revive that,” he said.


'Alcohol And Hard Drug Hawkers At Motor Parks Are Agents Of Devil' - FRSC

Edward Zamber, the Enugu Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), has said the commission is out at tackling the menace of hawking alcohol and hard drugs at motor parks describing the hawkers as agents of darkness who are encouraging drivers to have accidents.

Zamber stated this in Nsukka on Friday during the 2017 flag-off of Ember Months campaign rally titled “Right to life on highways, Not Negotiable”. Zamber who was represented by the state sector operation commander, Mr. Jude Eke advised motorists to resist the temptation of drinking alcohol and other things that can cause accidents when they want to drive. “We will continue to do our best to ensure safety on our roads but drivers and other road users should complement the commission’s efforts by doing their part,” he said He urged drivers and other road users to drive safely during the Ember months adding that FRSC would continue to do its best to ensure safety on the roads.

In a remark, the Unit Commander, Nsukka Command, Mr. Shuaibu Bello, said ninety per cent of road accidents in the country are as result of human factors. He said some of the human factors that resulted in road crashes were drivers over-speeding, lack of concentration, tiredness, driving under the influence of alcohol and dangerous over-taking.

Ikoyi Whistle-blower Rejects FG’s N325m

Yakubu Galadima, the lawyer for the whistle-blower, who informed the EFCC of the $43m, N23.2m and £27,800 (N13bn) recovered from an Ikoyi apartment, says his client will not accept anything below 5% commission, Punchng reports.

The Secretary of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye, at an event on Thursday, had explained that any whistle-blower, who helped the government to recover anything above N1bn would receive less than 5% commission.

Owasanoye, who was part of the team that drafted the whistle-blower policy had said, “If you blow the whistle and the government recovers cash, you are entitled to between 2.5 per cent and five per cent.

The maximum limit is five per cent. According to the policy, if you blow the whistle and it is below N500m, you get four to five per cent because the higher the amount that is recovered, the lower the percentage that is given.

This is the global best practice. If the recovery is between N500m and N1bn, you get three to four per cent (commission). If it is N1bn and above, it is 2.5 per cent.

Indeed, there is a clause that we included in the policy to say that the government may determine the amount to be awarded based on other criteria provided that the amount to be awarded doesn’t exceed five per cent.

In other words, the government may actually pay less than 2.5 per cent but nobody can be paid more than five per cent.”

However, the Ikoyi whistle-blower’s lawyer told Punchng on Saturday that his client would not accept anything less than five per cent. When asked if his client would accept anything less than five per cent, he said, “Not at all.”

Galadima had stated last week that the commission his client was expecting from the FG was N860m and not N325m. He had also stated that the commission should be paid based on the exchange rate at the time the money was recovered and not the current one.

Football Legend, Diego Maradona Wants His Daughter Jailed For Stealing £3.4m From Him

57-year-old Argentine football legend, Diego Maradona, has accused his two daughters of stealing £3.4million from him and has called for one of them to be jailed.

The World Cup winner also accused his wife of being involved in the alleged theft, alleging they stashed some of the money in Uruguay. He is suing ex-wife Claudia Villafane and daughters Dalma and Giannina.

The former Barcelona player says his family transferred stolen cash to a bank account in Uruguay and also used his money to buy up property in the USA,Daily Mail reports.

Now Maradona's lawyer claims 28-year-old Giannina was in Uruguay for a 'few hours' in August, according to Spanish sports news outlet Marca. The lawyer said: 'I say to you that she has an account in Uruguay, her child takes the money and puts it into another.

'If that is the case, if there is money there like we think, then there is no option other than to be put in custody.' Giannina responded to the allegation on Twitter, saying: 'They know where I live and they can come when they want.

Thanks for all the warm messages. I am fine with myself inside, I have forgiven worse from him and I will do the same now.'

Getty Images

12-Year-Old Girl Tortured With Hot Knife For Stealing N50

A 12-year-old girl identified as Muyiba, came within an inch of death, as her body parts were disfigured with burns from a hot knife by her cousin named Bose Ola, for allegedly stealing N50.

According to Sunonline, Muyiba's ordeal was cut short when she fainted and had to be rushed to Siloan Medical Centre at 14, Muhammadu Akije Street, Ejigbo, Lagos State.

Speaking through an interpreter, Muyiba, 12, told Saturday Sun the incident of Saturday, November 18, 2017. “I saw N50 in the sitting room and I took it, not knowing that it belonged to Aunty Bose.

Later in the day, when she asked about the N50, I denied seeing it, but when she said she was going to punish me, I told her the truth and apologised that it won’t happen again. I thought that the matter was over because she had accepted my apology.

But she asked me to pull off my dress including my panties. I obeyed. She ordered me to lie on the chair. She brought out a cane, belt and stick for turning garri.

She called Brother Rafiu (her husband’s younger brother) to assist her and they descended on me. After that, she lighted the stove and heated a kitchen knife and started to use it to sear my body”.

Some neighbours informed the Crime Victims Foundation of Nigeria (CRIVON), Gbagada, Lagos, which led to the arrest of Bose and her subsequent arraignment at the Ejigbo Magistrate Court on one count charge of child abuse.

Check Out Two Wedding Guest At Oritse Femi And Nabila's Wedding That Got People Talking

 Two wedding Guests show off their Manchester to the world at Oritse Femi And Nabila's wedding Today.. Buh to me, I see no reason one should bore out her Boobs for the whole world to see just in the name of fashion. Anyways I rest my case... See more photos after the cut...

Cultist/Armed Robber Shot Dead By Police Operatives After Being Nabbed In Imo (Photos)

A cultist and serial armed robber simply identified as Ifeanyi a.k.a Fada met his Waterloo after being apprehended by police operatives in Imo state. According to reports, the young man and a member of the Vikings confraternity who has been on police wanted list for various crimes ranging from armed robbery to cultism – shot in the heart region by the security operatives.
Those victims who the deceased robbed before he was killed – have reacted to the death of the young man.