Wednesday On Love Oh Love (Episode 109 - 111)

Avni is worried in the room; she asks herself why she always do this because of Raj? Why she care for him so much? How could she be so irresponsible not to tell anyone at home? Why she go to Raj again and again. She sees another Avni standing beside her and telling her that when she have something in heart brain stops working. She asks who she is. The other Avni says she is her feelings. Avni tells her to leave whoever she is. The other Avni comes to her front and says neither love happen nor does love go with anyone’s permission. Avni denies that she is in love with anyone. She asks really and reminds her that she herself say she always think about Raj first; her life begins with and ends with him. She see her love but can’t accept it.

Avni shouts at her to stop it and says she will do what her family will tell her to do and she will not think about him. The other Avni says she might be alive without him but won't be able to live. In her brain she have family but Raj is in her heart and in the battle of brain and heart, heart always win. She shouts at her to go away but just then, someone places hand on her shoulder. She turns around to shout again but it was her mother. She asks if she is alright and who is it that she was talking to. Avni sits down saying sorry that she disturbed them so much but the situation was so difficult that she forgot to tells them about the accident. Bhavna says any situation is not bigger than family’s concern.

Avni says she doesn’t know about it and that she could resist leaving when she hear about it. Bhavna says she agrees in this age one makes mistakes that can’t be undone that’s why her dad places a lot of restrictions upon her. Avni tells her that Raj was about to go in coma. Savri comes there and says Raj always wanders here and there. Avni says he is not a bad guy. Savri reminds her they once had an argument about him before and that she should keep away from this Raj. There is already a lot of tension at home and she should not increase it. Savri takes her mobile along saying she knows Avni will call Raj. Bhavna also leaves without saying anything. Avni stays upset as Savri Bua only adds coal to the fire by taking away her phone so that she doesn't call and speak to Raj. 

Arpita comes to meets Raj and enquires about his health. He says everyone will agree someday. She says she has faith on no one but he holds her hand and says love always wins. He tells her he confessed his love for her and now is Avni turn to confess in front of any one. Arpita tells him that Suket scolds her for not telling anyone while leaving and he banned her outing and especially talking to him. He laughs then dials her number. Later at breakfast, Avni's friend arrives their home, she tells Bhavna she couldn’t connect to her on her cell phone so she came here as they have to go at Shruti’s place for group study. Suket says she won't go anywhere, they should come here if they want to study together.

In the garden, Shruti tells Avni that whatever happened is not good. She says she can make her talk to Raj through her cell phone. Avni says she can't upset her father anymore. Devika says she won't talk to her but Devika will and Avni will only listen. She calls Raj through her phone. Raj asks how is Avni doing, Devika says she is fine but just a bit lost because she is unable to talk to him. He tell her to keep smiling as her smile is so bright. Devika asks him if he is taking his medicines, he says doctors are administering medicines into his body but the medicine he needs the most isn’t here. Devika takes Avni's picture and inbox it to him. He smiles saying this medicine has started to work at once. Avni laughs, Raj says she want this happiness for Avni and he can do anything for this.

Arpita brings water for Akshat and apologizes to him for getting late. He asks if she go to meet her mother. She says she went to meet Raj as Avni told her that he had a bad accident. He asks if she didn’t listen to what his father says that no one will meet Raj. She reminds him that his father said it for Avni. He says she knows all it like, she knew dad won't be upset because of their love marriage. He blames her for his condition and leaves. The next morning, Bhawna is placing plates on table. Savri reminds her Akshat and Arpita eat on the separate table. Later, Avni comes downstairs and expresses her desire to meet Raj in front of her mother and Savri Bua and asks her mother to go with her as she wants to meet Raj as he helped them a lot. Savri Bua agrees to meet Raj saying she and Bhavna will go to the hospital but asks Avni to stay at home as Suket forbid her to. Avni agrees to this as she will at least get a bit of information about Raj, and at least she will get to know when he is getting discharged.

Raj tells Madhuri to stop giving him any further soup. Bhavna and Sanvri come to meets Raj at the hospital. Bhavna gives Madhuri spinach khichdi to her. Raj says if doctors forbid him then he will still eat it. She asks how it happened. Raj says he was crossing the road when a truck hit him. Savri asks where was he lost and he should take care about himself. Madhuri asks why is she saying so, Raj explains it is her way of joking. Madhuri asks why didn’t Avni come. Bhavna says she is resting at home. Raj tells them to thanks her and apologizes to everyone at home for her. Bhavna goes out saying he should ask if anything is needed. Raj says he will ask what he want from her. She comes into the corridor. A nurse recognizes Bhavna and calls her Sangeeta. The nurse put hand on her shoulder and asks ‘if she is Sangeeta from Umedh.

Bhavna starts to get worried after she hears one of the nurse's call her Sangeeta and says her name is Bhavna and she never went to Umedh Village. The nurse calls someone and tells him she saw Sangeeta and that she is alive. The nurse tells Raj that Sangeeta who just came to meet him is so sweet. Raj says no one who came here was Sangeeta. She says the lady who came in yellow and pink saree, she think she know her. Raj says she is Bhavna aunty, and she must have seen her in newspaper or magazine as her husband is a big business-man. The nurse thinks so now Sangeeta is Bhavna Suket Khandelwal. She begins to ask further but Sheru comes to take him home. The nurse says no matter how much she tell a lie she know her truth.

Bhavna goes back home and starts to get nervous when they came home. She comes to Bauji and tells him she recognized her as Sangeeta. Bauji closes the door; she tells him that a nurse recognized her as Sangeeta. Bauji asks if she have her address or her phone number. Bauji reminds her that she is not Sangeeta, she is Bhavna. Bhavna suggests she should tell everyone. Bauji reminds her her promise she made years ago and says she will keep her identity a secret and forget Sangeeta.

Raj comes home, Madhuri tells him she fast for his health. Sheru says the credit also goes to someone else, Raj says he will call but Savri attends to the call. He gives the phone to Madhuri. Savri says Avni is studying so she can't talk to her. Raj thinks of a way and asks Devika to call and ask her a question. Savri gives the cell phone to Avni, Avni listens to her and says she has already answered this for her. Devika says Raj is asking this, she says it is not possible. Devika calls again and tells Savri she has the list of ten most important questions. Savri leaves the phone to Avni telling her not to talk to anyone. Just then, a courier comes for Akshat. Suket tells the postman to give it to Akshat who just arrives. Arpita reads the letter that Akshat is getting the best hotelier award this year and asks if he told anyone at home. Akshat goes away saying who is ready to listen to it. He says he still remember his parents were so proud when he completed this project.

Arpita also recalls this. He remembers his father appreciate this, and Avni predicted he achieved this award. Bhavna had also told him to give some gift to Arpita. Akshat says they both wanted this award for him and he wanted their blessings, he will get the award but.. Akshat and Arpita come for breakfast, Avni stands up, Suket tells her to go straight in her room. Arpita goes to kitchen and shows the letter to Avni. She gets excited as learns that her brother Akshat is getting an award and begins to speak but Arpita stop her. Akshat says he want to say something. Suket says they don’t want to listen to anything. He calls Bhavna but she goes to bring tea. Avni is upset as nobody is happy with this news. Bhavna comes across Avni in her way as she crosses Akshat. Avni’s cell phone fells down; Akshat, in a quest to pick it up, touches Bhavna’s feet. Bhavna feels it but doesn’t put her hand on his head. Avni thinks he has touched the feet and will get the blessings too.

The nurse looks for Khandelwal Residency’s number in the directory. Avni gets her finger pricked. The other Avni appears and urges her to talk to Raj so that he becomes happy. She is worried how to call him. Her phone rings, Raj asks how is she doing. Avni says she is alright. Avni tells him Akshat is going to get hotelier of the year award but no one at home is talking to him. Raj says like in bad times everyone will be together in his good times too. Bhavna is with Bauji, when the nurse from the hospital calls up Bhavna's place and asks for Sangeeta.

Bhavna's father-in-law ( Bauji ) picks up the phone and scolds the nurse and says that there is no Sangeeta here. But the nurse insists on Sangeeta being there in the house and she just want to confirm if she live in the house. Bauji puts the phone down, and prays to keep them away from this problem. Bhavna is worried and gets scared in the garden, Bauji comes there. He tells her that he know a trustee of that hospital and requested him to transfer that nurse but was told that she resigned. He assures her she won't come to them now. Bhavna is surprised to hear this as she learns that the nurse has resigned from the hospital but then feels relieved as the nurse will not contact her anymore and wonders where she went.

Avni wakes up from sleep and calls Raj, he is also asleep. She asks if he take his night medicine. He says he forgot but asks how she know. She tells him to leave it and just be well soon, so that he could meet her family and live with her forever. He asks what did she say, realizing what she just said she changes it to like always but Raj catches her. In the morning, Bhavna prays to save her from her past and save her family from getting dispersed. The diya she lights goes off. She lights it again. Suket comes to tell her he is leaving for a meeting and will have the breakfast there, he asks why she looks so tired? She says it is nothing like that. Suket turns to God and asks her if she didn't light the diya? She is worried. Suket tells a client that the guy working on a report had an accident. He asks the driver to go to Raj’s home in order to get an update on his report.

Akshat tells the manager to inform him when his dad is here. The manager says he will go direct to meeting from here. Akshat is speechless. The phone bell rings, it is Bhavna. Akshat answers the call, Bhavna does not speak anything. Akshat says Mother! He informs her that his dad is at the site and he requests her to speak to him. She cries and put the phone down. Raj comes downstairs, Madhuri helps him and says he won't leave home for a week. Raj says he has to give Suket sir and that it's important report. Madhuri sees Suket and asks him to come in. Raj also stands, while Madhuri goes to take tea. Suket says he came to take update.

Raj says he will just bring the file; Suket says came here to take his love update and asks about his earlier girlfriend Payal. Raj stammers, and says actually… Suket asks if he have breakup. He asks what was the name of that girl and that she should have been here. He recalls it was Payal. Raj tells him she went to Mumbai. Suket says he must have breakup and this is what love does. Raj begins to explain but Suket stops him. Raj gets the file, as Suket gets up to leave, Madhuri brings Prasad from a pooja and asks Suket to give them to Avni. It has her favourite Ladoo. Raj thinks she did a brilliant idea, this will break the rule that she can't talk to him.

Avni talks to Raj on call, he says he wants to meet her. She says no way that she can't step out of her house. He tells her that her father is bringing the solution to this problem himself. Suket knocks her door, she asks if everything alright. He tells her he went to his house. She gets worried. Suket says he is a hardworking employee and had a big accident; they should have gone there at least. He adds that his sister gave him this Prasad for her. Avni opens the box, there was a flowers exhibition pass in it. Suket comes to the room and asks Bhavna if she alright. She says it is okay. He stops her as he finds something wrong with Bhavna's behavior and is sure that she is preoccupied by some other thoughts and says it is the first time that she didn’t ask him for tea.

He always get to know about what is going on in her life. She gets worried if the nurse called him. Suket apologizes to Bhavna for burdening her not to talk to Akshat and keep an eye on Avni. Bhavna says she has full faith on his decisions. Avni comes there and tells her mother that her dad went to Raj’s house and brought this Prasad. Later, Avni asks her parents for their permission to go for a literature fest and that it is an international flower festival and her teacher says she must attend it. Suket give her the permission but only if her friend accompanies her. Avni cheers saying Devika will pick and drop her as well. Bhavna goes out saying she see happiness on Avni’s face after so many days.

Avni and Devika go out and come to the festival but she intend to leaves her with Raj and goes to the fest herself. Devika tells her she will go and attend the lecture and Avni will go and meet Raj who is waiting for her. Avni comes, Raj begins to fall but she holds him. Raj makes a plan to solve Akshat and Arpita's family problems as he feels that it will help their love story to move further as well. He tells her they should bring Akshat and Arpita’s problem, as they helped them get married. He adds that if they get the licence to their marriage, then he will come to her home to ask for her official proposal. Raj and Avni then take it upon themselves to reunite the family. They goes to sit, Raj brings ice-cream for both.

Avni cleans the ice-cream from his mouth with her dupatta. Devika comes and tells them that it is too late. Raj stops her but she says if she goes today on time, she will also be able to come tomorrow. She begins to leave; then stops to ask if their plan will work. Raj says the way to them being together goes through this route. Raj sees Avni going, he says if she love him, she will turn to look at him. He waits, before sitting in the car she turns around and waves at him. He call himself stupid that he know very well she loves him.

Savri calls Pratab to tie a necklace. He recognizes it as the one she gave Arpita on her wedding. She says she brought it from bank. He is still furious with her for her behavior towards Arpita and tells her that he won’t go to the pooja of her friend with her wearing this necklace. He tells her to listen to her heart and think if they are doing all right with Arpita. Avni comes to the kitchen, and asks happily if they are making ‘Karwa- karela’ which is Akshat’s favourite. Bhavna tells the cook not to make them but Avni insists. Avni then points at Arpita to learn making them from her mother. Arpita begins following Bhavna’s steps. Avni tells Gopal kaka that her mother knows only Akshat likes lemon on karela and not her, still she poured it. Bauji says one should try doing a work till she get completely hopeless. Arpita thinks she should make Bhavna read the letter of Askhat’s Award and that she won't be able to stop herself.

Raj hides behind the car seeing Pratab coming. His car is not working. Raj comes out and asks how he is here? He says he will see to it, he fixes something and the car starts working. Pratap comes out and says he did magical. But Raj says she also says the same. He says there were some connection problems with the wires, as they started communicating the car started working fine. It is the same everywhere, when the communication between the loved ones stops life ceases like the car. Pratab asks what he is trying to say. Raj says he knows Arpita is his sister, and no one at home is talking to her. Pratap says it's their family matter and asks Raj to mind his own business and not interfere in their family matter. Raj encourages Pratap to talk to Akshat and Arpita and not isolate them from rest of the family and adds that the family is his Pratap and that he can try to make the car working. Pratab says there are a few matters that are very sensitive. Raj leaves thinking he is sure that Pratap won't be able to stop himself from talking now.

Akshat complains to Arpita about the karela that they aren’t tasty. But during the dinner time, Pratab gets up and goes to Akshat, sits there with him and offers his dish to him. Suket comes there and says he will like it if he also abides by his order not to talk to them. Pratab apologizes to him but he reminds him that he is not Khandelwal and he will appreciate it if he keep him away from his decision. Savri comes and ask Pratab what is the need to talk to them and eat with them. Even when Suket and Savri ask him to not talk to Akshat and Arpita, he decides to not listen to them and stand with his decision. He says he only remember one promise that they will keep the family united and Akshat is also a part of the family. He needs guidance, and he will support him. He asks who doesn’t do wrong, Akshat is a good guy and Arpita is from a good family. What they did was wrong but they should be given a chance, else the future of the family will be destroyed. Pratab says he forgives them and promises them that he will stand by them like a family anytime they need him. Suket leaves, Pratab apologizes to Bauji if he disliked anything.

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