Update: Thursday On The Vow2 (Episode 663 - 664)

Amar is sleeping and he wakes up, he tried to feels Divya next to him, but Divya is not there. Amar looks around for her and he doesn't see her. Amar looks at the window and he sees that Divya is behind the curtain, he walks towards the curtain and Divya is a bit shocked to see Amar. Amar asks what happened to her and why is she looking so shocked. Amar touches Divya but Divya tells him not to touch her." Amar is surprise and asks, what happend and why is she acting like this." Amar starts to touch Divya again, but Divya backs up and asks, who is he? Amar says, "Amar, and that he is her husband. Divya refuses to believe him and tells him to get out of her room and never come close to her again." Amar again tells her to come over here." Divya moves away from Amar. Amar asks, "If she is afraid then he will leave and she can stay here," Amar has tears in his eyes as he realises that the extent of Divya’s condition is worse than he had thought and he startedt leave the room. Divya stares at Amar.

Amar is in the hallway and he recalls what Divya said to him when he was in the room, he is having a hard time keeping balance. Amar sits down on a chair, and he starts to cry harder. Uma comes there and asks, what happened to him and urges him to tell her what happend." Amar says, she has forgotten, everything, and doesn't even remember that he is her husband." Aniket says, he can understand how he feel but right now e have to stay strong." Aditi and Bharat come into the hallway. Amar asks his uncle what about what Divya is going through." Sindoora is watching all of this.
Divya is holding a picture of herself, and Sindoora looks at Divya, she comes inside the room and asks Divya, if she recognize her and that she is her friend. Aditi comes to the room and is shocked to see Sindoora. Sindoora leaves. Aditi continues again, and asks what was her mother-in-law askig her. She tells her not to worry that everything will get better, and they are all with her" Aditi gives Divya some tea. Sindoora is standing outside Divya's room and she is thinking, that some how she have to find out, if Divya remembers anything about her or not."

Bharat is coming down the stairs and he is on his cell phone. Bharat starts to drink some juice. Amar says, he is happy seeing him work this hard. He is kind of sad that he can't help him with his work. All this tension about Divya, he can't pay attention to work." Bharat tells him, to give all his attention to Divya and not worry about work." Uma calls Chandra and Chandra goes to give Uma breakfast. Aditi tells, "Bharat to please eat breakfast." Bharat says, he can't as he is getting late." Aditi says, he always think about work and plead with him to eat breakfast." Bharat says, she can eat breakfast but he have to leave." Sindoora tells, "Bharat that she know that he have accepted all the responsibilities of the company and that he still have to be responsible for his health." Bharat says, "someone has to do it and Amar isn't able to come to work because of Diya and Divya" Sindoora says, she really hope that he get the fruits of his labor. The tree that he is working so hard to plant, when it gets bigger, she hope he get to sit in the shade instead of having to sit in the sun." Bharat asks, "what is she saying." Sindoora says, "she is a mother so she is worry, she hand him his lunch eat it on the way." Sindoora gives Bharat some food to eat on the way, and Bharat leaves. Aditi says, "she understand what she is trying to do, and it's not good."

Divya is struggling tying the back of her suit, Amar is walking by and he sees her struggling so he offer to tie it for her." Divya moves away from Amar, and Amar leaves. Aniket and the rest of the family are eating dinner, and Aniket tells, that"Amar isn't here and he needed to tell him some good news. Uma says, "Amar is with Divya and asks what is the good news?" Aniket starts to say something and then he sees Amar. Aniket tells him not to take Divya's condition to heart as she doesn't even remember who they are. He adds that money time magazine called, and they wanted to interview him. They always choose young, business achievers for an award, and this time they have nominated the chairman of Singh Industries." Amar says, he really want to do this but he don't want to leave Divya. Bharat is the one that is keeping everything together, and Bharat should take the award for Singh Industries." Aniket says, "he is right but they want an interview from only him, or they will cancel it." Amar says, "okay if it is like that, he will be there for the interview, but Bharat will be the one that is getting interviewed." Sindoora gets a smile on her face as she finally have the lick to turns Bharat against Amar.

Amar goes into his and Divya's room, Divya has just went into the batroom. Amar tells Aditi to bring Diya. Amar tells, "Diya that she is the one that can make mummy remember the old things. She is the one that can get mummy better." Amar puts Diya on the bed, and then he asks Aditi, if Divya will remember Diya right?" Aditi reminds him that, "For Diya, Divya even went against him. Amar and Aditi leave the room. Divya comes out of the bathroom and Diya starts to cry, Divya looks at Diya, and she walks over to Diya. Divya asks, "What happend." Divya picks Diya up, Amar and Aditi are loking at Divya holding onto Diya. Amar thank Diya, that she is the reason that Divya is starting to remember."

Divya is holding Diya and Diya stops crying, Divya says, "Aww...she is not crying now and asks why was she crying before?" Amar and Aditi come in the room believing that Divya is alright. But both are shocked when Divya question why did they leave their baby alone, look how much she is crying. She asks what if something happend to her. She then tells Diya that she dont have to cry that her mom and dad are here." Amar and Aditi are more shocked, that Divya thinks, Aditi and Amar are Diya's parents. Aditi asks, "Divya what is she saying and that this child is hers and asks what has happend to her." Amar too, asks what is she saying, and tells her that this is her Diya..their Diya. She put her life on the line to save her, she put her life in danger, because she wanted this child. She use to fight with him because she wanted this child. He begs her to remember something, atleast for her and that this is her daughter Diya." Amar touches Divya on the face and Divya walks away from Amar and gives Diya to Aditi. Aditi asks, "what happend Divya?" Divya leaves the room. Amar starts to cry.

Sindoora is on the phone with someone and says, she wanted to confirm the time of the interview. And that of course Mr. Amar will be there and asks how can Mr. Bharat give him the interview? The interview can't be complete without Mr. Amar. Mr. Bharat doesn't have the authority to give the interview, because Amar Singh is the one that runs the company and not Bharat. Mr. Amar Singh will be there on time. She thank the caller." Sindoora hangs up the phone, and she whispers to herself, "Mr. Amar Singh, won't be there on time.

Amar is sitting on the couch and he is reading Divya's reports. Sindoora comes up to him and asks, "if those are Divya's reports?" Amar says, "Yes." Sindoora asks, "If she is getting better?" Amar says no. Sindoora says, "The way Divya's condition is getting wose even the doctor couldn't have thought of this. They shouldn't take a chance and they should take her to a specialst and adds that there is no harm in getting a second opinion. They should take her to another doctor." Amar says, "she is right and they shouldn't rely on one doctor." Amar leaves. Meanwhile, Bharat is preparing for his interview. Sindoora comes behind him with his jacket and then she fixes his suit. She says, he will do great when they see him and they will be impressed." Bharat says, "this interview is very big and important and asks his mother if she think it will go good." Sindoora says, "Of course the interview will go good. Only if this interview isn't someone's plot." Bharat asks, "what did she mean and who would make a plot like that." Sindoora says, "he never know and she have spent her whole life in this company. She convince him that brothers can go against each other, and both of them are brothers." Bharat again asks, what did she mean." Sindoora says, "Nothing." Bharat says, "what is it and asks if she is hiding something." Sindoora tells, "Bharat, that today is a big day for him and she is afraid that in his hapiness, Amar doesn't get jealous." Bharat asks, "why would Amar do that. Amar wants him to be the face of Singh Industrustries." Sindoora says, "It hurts her to say this, she is a mother that's why, she is always worried for him. Everything will go well and he have her blessings." Bharat tells his mother that she is mistaken, Amar couldn't do that and he have to leave as he is getting late." Bharat leaves, and Sindora wishes him, "all the best.

Bharat is at Singh group of Industries and when he enters photographers start to take pictures of him, but a guy says to one of the photographer, "He's not the one that they are interviewing." Bharat says, "Hi he is Bharat Singh and suggests him to let's them go into the cabin." Bharat takes them into the cabin. On the other hand, Amar is at a specialist and the Specialist says, he was given the right information, there is clotting in her brain, and because of that she can't remember, and she is prescribing the same medicine as the last doctor." Amar asks, "How long, will Divya take to get better and will she ever get better?" The doctor says, "No doctor can give him that gurantee. The medicine can make the infection in the brain go away, but they can't gurantee, when her memory will come back or if her memory will come back.

Bharat sits in his cabin for the interview, the interviewers, stare at eachother, Bharat asks, "If there is any problem?" One of the interviewers says, "they are waiting for Amar Singh." Bharat says, "they can start the interview now." The interview says, "they will take Amar's interview." Bharat says, "Amar Singh isn't in the condition to give an interview, and that they got the news that he was filling in for Amar Singh." The interviewer says, "they were told that Amar Singh would be here so that is why they are here to take his interview, not an interview of his junior. They will come later, when Amar is in the condition to give an interview."

Bharat comes home and he is angry that he throws his file up, and all the papers scatter around his room. Sindoora comes in and asks, "what happend and why is he looking so worried. She asks if his interview go well and was Amar there. Amar, wasn't there, but they took his interview right? They didn't take his interview and asks how can they do that, she is not going to stay quiet, she is going to file a case against them. How can they deny him an interview." Bharat says, "It's not their fault. He feel that Amar is this companies..." Sindoora interupts him and says, "Everything. Not him but everyone, thinks that Amar, is everything for the company and he is nothing. He do all the work and he gets the credit. Why? He is the one that is running this company and Amar is doing nothing. She won't let this happen to him and think, what will happen to his honor when the employees find out that he got denied this interview because Amar wasn't there. What is the point of all this work, who is he doing it for, he don't get a higher position, and he don't get any recognition. I can't stand this. This is his right so he should get it. Such a big betrayal with her son, Why? She can't stand this and she can see that he is doing so much work.

Divya is packing her stuff and Amar comes in and asks, why is she packing and where is she going. He is talking to her and again asks where is she going? Divya says, "she is leaving from this room." Amar asks, "where is she going. He tells her that he is her husband, she is his wife, and she is this house's Dulhann and asks where is she going. Remember something." Divya says, she can't remember anything and who is he. She don't even recognize him and asks if he have any manners. How can he think, that she can share this room and this bed with him without even knowing him." Sindoora comes in the room and she goes to Divya and says, she can understand that she don't remember anything but it's okay. It's also okay if she don't want to stay in this room, she can stay in which ever room she want and no one will say anyhting. She will help her and to tell her what she want." Divya decides to trust her worst enemy and asks if she can stay in her room?

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