Update: Thursday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 138-139)

Shashi is cooking some badam halwa while her daughter insists to have some because of its awesome smell but shahsi denies and surprises her by declaring that Urmi likes this so only urmi can have this and later on everyone can eat the same.

All are super amused at shahsi’s declaration of open love for urmi. Urmi comes downstairs and feel overwhelmed when shashi herself feeds the halwa to her and say thanks to tauji and papji by her gesture. Meanwhile some tension is there at Gauav’s home as he find that his wife is not educated and is frustated but later on came to know that dadi is behind all the planning and dadi starts crying unable to find any suitable answer for her misdeeds.

Urmi’s mother convey this to urmi during night and right then samrat enter into the room all tired you guess because of the hectic day he have with the lady that comes to him in his hotel room disgusting cheap fellow hypocrite samrat.

Urmi is happy and feel blessed while next day her sister comes to her home and told her to join contemporary dance classes.

Shashi is angry that on samrat’s encourgment, anu has come home too and god knows what the two sisters are talking about. anu remarks back saying that shashi can look herself too. Anu says that she doesnt want to get married, after seeing the condition of married people. She tells that neither gaurav nor urmi are happy. shashi gets tensed. urmi asks whats she doing. She turns it saying that she was just joking. Kanchan comes asking what happened that anu came all of a sudden. urmi tells about the dance workshop that anu informed her about.

urmi expresses her desire to learn dancing, to the rest of the family, while they are surprised. she explains to everyone that it was hre dream since childhood and much cherished before marriage. Samrat comes in and hollers at urmi that premarital dreams should be kept in the past home and not carried forward to be pursued. urmi is tensed to hear this. He asks her if she would dance now, being the mother of a child. shashi expresses curiosity at him being here at this time, but samrat retorts back saying that this is his house and he can come anytime. Samrat tells urmi to go and get the new cheque book, while asking for a glass of water.

Later, urmi remembers samrat’s stance at dancing, and tauji’s advise to stand for herself. shashi comes and finds her lost like that. she sits beside her and instigates her to go and pursue her dreams, and not sit and dream about it, so that her ulterior motive of samrat getting angry on her, is fulfilled. She gives urmi a pep talk. urmi asks if she actually is saying this and if she doesnt resent. Shashi says that she doesnt resent and that t=she should do this, if given the oppurtunity.

Urmi reminds her how samrat reacted. shashi says that samrat would react only when he knows, and he doesnt need to. urmi is shocked. shashi says that she shouldnt ask everything, and sometimes things should be done just as they are by instinct, and that even samrat doesnt tell her everything, and hence she too can reciprocate the same. Shashi says that its only a matter of 15 days, and asks her to do it, so that her hobby is fulfilled, and samreat doesnt know even. urmi talks how anu has offered to take care of shaurya’s swimming lessons. Shashi gets her to be convinced to join the classes, and when she is convinced and leaves, shashi smiles evilly.

Granny advises asha to try and impress gaurav. asha asks what does she have to do. She asks asha to press his clothes so that he would be happy, but she has a hard time understanding the english press. granny shows it to her, and she understands it then. granny7 is frustrated. asha shows granny that she already did it. granny compliments her and then asks her to prepare his tiffin too. Granny leaves. Gaurav comes out of the bathroom, and gives a tense look at asha while she shows him the shirt. He tensedly wears it. He gets a call, and she rushes to give the mobile to him. He starts talking business while asha remembers to get his box ready and she is happy. She tries to shove the tiffin box in his laptop bag and when gaurav sees it he tells her to take it out, as its for files. she resignedly complies. She stuffs it with files too, and tries to close it and it doesnt.

Gaurav asks her to press the button first. She understands the ironing process as greanbny showed her and though being confused, she irons the beg, putting hot iron on it. The leather instantly starts buring, and sends a bad smeel. when gaurav sees it, he is shocked. she innocently tells him that she did just as she was told to do by him. He is frustrated. gaurav shows it to the rest of the family, and asks asha not to do anything for him. They are all tensed and upset, while asha stands upset. After he leaves, granny asks why she did this.

Asha explained everything. Saroj explains her what gaurav tried to explain to her. Granny says that now she feels that she made a mistake, and that she asked her to keep gaurav happy, but she sent him without even food. granny tells her that he wont accept her. asha leaves. Saroj asks why did granny get angry as she doesnt know english. granny compares asha to herself saying that she doesnt know it but has the brains atleast. Granny starts talking that she gets scared thinking what would happen now. Saroj is tensed.

Urmi starts second guessing herself, that she has promised anu that she would do, but what if she isnt able to, as she left dance a long time back, and what if she freezes in front of so many people. urmi talks to herself, eyeing her look as a married woman, finds that she has completely changed, and from tryingt to change to Urmi singh Rathore, she completely became Mrs. Rathore, and hence she is second guessing herself. she remembers dancing as her passion, before marriage and then convinces herself that she cant let the soul dance and that the talent that she is born with, how can her feet stumble when she has to do it, and thinks that she would have to do it. She starts dancing, slowly at first and then losing herself in the hobby, oblivious that samrat has come and is approaching their room. The screen freezes on urmi’s surprised and tensed face, as she finds herself face to face with samrat, who’s super angry.

Samrat is furious to see urmi dancing. He comes to her while she composes hersefl, scared and tensed for his reaction. he asks whats all this nonsense, barely able to conceal his anger saying that only this was remaining to be seen by him. samrat is in a rage seeing urmi dancing, and taunts her if she wants to convert it into a brothel, and that if such dancing continues, then the day isnt far when there would be customers waiting outside, to see her dance thats ticketed. She is shocked and highly humiliated to hear this. She tries to make him realise the importance of culture and art but he shuts her up, saying that she doesnt need a lecture from her. Urmi is shocked to hear this. shaurya comes and says that they are indeed fighting again.

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