Update: Monday On The Vow (Episode 667-671)

Jagjit Singh starts to sing. Amar sees Divya dressed up coming down the stairs. Someone comes over to Amar, and Amar looks back at the stairs and Divya isn't there. Amar sees Divya coming up to him and she bops him on the head and she blows his hair, he starts to rub her hand and he is about to kiss her hand but she starts to get farther away from him and she dissappears into the darkness. The song is over and Amar is lost into his thoughts, and tears start to come out of Amar's eyes.

Amar goes upto Aniket and asks, if he have heard from Bharat?" Aniket says, "No, Aditi is trying to call him." Sindoora comes and tells, "Amar  that she just talked to Bharat, he's busy in a meeting and he is coming home." Amar says, "Meeting? He asks what meeting could he be busy in today? He then says they will wait for him," Aniket says, he is so happy that they both accomplished so much in so little time." Amar thank his uncle. He tells him that he want  Bharat to make all the decisions for the company after today." Sindoora says he is thinking right." Aniket refuses that he don't think this is right. He don't have any doubt on what Bharat can do, but Amar should still be with him, and it's hard to handle a business this big." SIndoora says, "A person learns from challenges. Uma too says she think that Aniket is right. Sindoora says, "If they all think that then that's okay too." Amar says, "okay if the elders of the house want this then that is what will happen."

It is really late at night and Bharat comes inside the house and he is really drunk, he is about to fall but Amar catches him from falling. Amar calls, "Bharat's name but Bharat, take Amar's hand and pushes it aside and tells him to wait a minute that he don't need anyone's support." Bharat continues to walk and Amar grabs onto him and says, he is drunk." Bharat admit that he did drink." Amar says, everyone missed him a lot." Bharat asks, what difference does it make if he is there or not, and that Amar was there." Bharat walks up the stairs but he can't keep balance, he has to hold onto the railing, and he is about to fall, but Amar catches Bharat and he carries Bharat upstairs, and he lays him on the bed. Amar is about to take off Bharat's shoes but Aditi comes and she stops him, Amar still continues to take off Bharat's shoes, and he puts a blanket on Bharat, and pets his head. Amar turns off the light and leaves the room. Amar remembers how Bharat said, "Who cares if he wasn't here, atleast Amar was there.

It's morning and Bharat is sitting on his bed and he is remembering how the announcer said that Amar deserved the award. Aditi comes into Bharat's room and brings him juice. Aditi asks Bharat, to talk to her if something is wrong and that until he don't talk, how will she know what's wrong. Bharat is quite but Aditi insists him to tell her what the problem is. Bharat asks, why did she keep saying there is a problem, and that the problem is his destiny that is messed up. He is the one that works to bring the company to a new level, and the person that gets all the credit is Amar. This award wasn't even his but it was Amar's. He just got a small trophy and they wrote the young achievers award goes to Bharat singh. Everyone knew who the award should be given to. If they don't consider him anything then why did they even give him the award and the award should have went to Amar." Aditi asks him to calm down and what is he saying, she reminds him that Amar loves him a lot. But, Bharat says, he know who loves him and who doesn't"

Aditi says, he know what condition he was in yesterday and that he was so drunk that he couldn't even walk straight and Amar was the one that layed him down on the bed and took off his shoes. Bharat tells, Aditi that Amar is becoming very honorable in her eyes by doing all this all and that he is putting up an act." Aditi asks, what happend to him and why is he thinking this way. She tells Bharat that last night in the party, Amar was only saying one thing and that he wants him to run this company." Bharat says, he don't want to run this company at all. That is what Amar wants that he do all the work and he takes all the credit, that is what's happening, like the other day at the interview and yesterday at the function." Aditi says, she understand, sometimes the conditions are like that..." Bharat asks her to stop and what conditions and that it will be better if she keep quiet. Bharat goes to the closet and gets out a suitcase and Aditi goes after him and asking what is he doing?. She try to stop him but Bharat goes and gets some clothes and puts them in the suitcase. Aditi asks, "Bharat why is he doing all this." Bharat says, he is leaving this house and he don't want to live in this house as he is getting suffocated in this house." Aditi asks, what is he doing." Bharat screams at Aditi to please stop.

Aditi leaves the room and she goes to find Amar. Amar is playing with Diya and sitting with Uma. Uma calls Aditi to look how happy Diya is playing with Amar." Amar asks Aditi, what's wrong if she want to say something. Aditi says, "Nothing, and she just came to see where Diya is." Amar says, "Diya is with him and she doesn't want to go to sleep." Amar continues to play wtih Diya and Amar and Diya both look really happy. Aditi thinks, "How can she say something to Amar when he is like this, but she have to do something, but what. She then thinks Divya can help her out.

Divya is sitting on her bed and looking at a picture and Aditi comes in crying. Divya asks, what happened and why is she crying?. Aditi tells her that Bharat, is leaving the house and what should she do and Divya is the only one that can stop him. He has so much poison in his mind  for Amar that he is not ready to listen to anyone and that she know who did all this? She tells Divya that like always her mother-in-law is behind it and plead with her to help them. She don't want their family to be shattered. Divya is lost in thought. Aditi begs her to help or Bharat will leave. Divya says, she know Aditi is worried, and tell her to something, why would Bharat listen to her. And asks who is this Bharat? She don't understand" Aditi looks at the bed and she sees the picture that Divya was holding was a picture of Sindoora. She understand everything that Sindoora is up to something.

Bharat is packing his bags and Sindoora comes in with a bag of her own. Bharat call his mother seeing her with a bag. Sindoora says, "A mother can't leave her child alone and that if her son doesn't stay in this house, what will she do by staying in this house." Bharat hugs Sindoora and says, she is right. A mother can never leave her child's side." Sindoora says, if she tell him the truth that she don't like him leaving the house like this. What do he think will happen if he leave? She adds that no one will care and no one will be sad. She would be proud if her son stayed here and fought for his right. She is with him in whatever decision he make." Bharat asks his mother what should he do if he don't leave this house." Sindoora tells him to look that way." She points to a picture and says, "This is war, war isn't his own and it isn't a stranger. War isn't truth or lie. There is only one meaning to war, winning. He have to declare war, he have to fight for his right, then he will see that he will win. She is with him because he is her blood. He will have to fight for his honor and his right. His mom will be with him." Bharat says, he promise her, that he won't leave this house, and he will win this war."

Aditi is looking out the window and crying and Amar comes behind her and asks, "Aditi what's wrong and why is she standing here alone." Aditi says, "Nothing." Amar says, if there is nothing then why is she crying. He asks what's wrong, he reminds her that she can't hide anything from this family because they don't give her the right to hide her sadness from them. He insists her to tell him what's wrong, and why is she crying." Aditi is about to tells Amar about Bharat then Aditi sees Bharat and she is quiet. Amar asks, if she is worried about what happend last night?" Amar sees Bharat and he calls him while walking pass him but Bharat keeps walking and Amar says, "he is talking to him and address him as his lovely brother. He asks if he is worried about something then to tell him. Because he haven't hidden anything from him and he want him to never hide anything from him. He adds that they always need each other and they will continue to need each other. And another thing is to promise hi. that he won't come in this house after drinking." Bharat says, "he promise and hugs Amar." Aditi thinks, what's happend with Bharat and that he was just talking about leaving this house and now he is staying here and wonders what could have happen.

Divya goes inside her room and she sees some roses and there is a note on the roses that says, "For a Friend." Divya smells the roses and smiles, she puts them back down and she sits down on her bed, she sees a book on the stand next to the bed so she opens the book. She picks up a pillow next to her and under the pillow is a pink sari and under the sari is another note that says,"This is my friends favorite color." Divya looks at the note and smiles but she wonders who the note could be from. Divya stands up and she looks at the sari. At same time, Amar comes infront of her. Amar comes in the room and he reaches his hand out in friendship and says, "Friend" (The song Tu Hi to Meri Dost Hai from Yuvraaj starts to play in the background.) Divya puts her hand in Amar's hand and she smiles, and Amar shakes her hand, but Divya doesn't look directly into Amar's eyes. Amar says, "Whatever she want at anytime, then to tell him." Divya nods her head yes. Amar bid farewell to her and is about to leave the room when Divya says, "Amar." Amar looks at Divya and she asks, "Why did he do all this?" Amar says, "Because he want to take care of his friend. He want to give her all the hapiness in the world." Amar leaves Divya's room smiling. And Divya looks at the sari Amar gaves her and smiles, and she hugs the sari.

Sindoora comes into Divya's room and sees the flowers and the sari, and Divya is reading the note from Amar. Sindoora asks Divya where did all this stuff come from?" Divya says, "Amar." Sindoora says, "Amar?" and Sindoora starts to look worried. Divya says, "Amar gave it to her and asks what happend to Sindoora and why doshe look so worried." Sindoora then uses Divya’s condition to her advantage and turns her against Amar saying, "This time her life is safe but next time not fall in this trap. Maybe next time she won't be able to save you." Divya asks, "What do she mean." Sindoora says, "Nothing." Divya begs her to tell her and what is it?" Sindoora says, "What should she tell her. She don't remember anything, she have forgotten everything, like the way that she went into the coma and all that happend to her. Sindoora asks if she remember anything?" Divya says, "she was in a coma... And she don't remember anything..she begs him to tell her what happend to her" Sindoora deny Divya that there is no point because she know, that she won't believe her." Divya says, she will believe her." Sindoora closes the door to her room and she asks, if she want to know the truth, then to listen..."

Bharat is at Singh Group of Companies and he looks at Amar's chair, and he touches it and he remembers when Sindoora said that Bharat has to fight for his right. Bharat says, "This chair will be his, he promised his mom that he will sit on this chair one day, and he will keep that promise." Someone comes into the office and asks, "Bharat sir what is he doing here, he thought that Amar sir would be here. And how is he in this cabin when Amar sir isn't here. Bharat aaks, "if he need his permission to enter any room of this company, who handles this company. Now he have to keep this in his mind, everyone should know that he is the one that runs this company and asks him to, go away." Bharat goes back to Amar's chair and he spins it around, and he just watches it spin.

Sindoora continues to talk to Divya and she says, "The man that is trying to be her friend, is her husband, Amar. She was married to him, and that is the truth, but there is a bigger truth behind this. The truth is that Amar, tried to take her life. She know that it is hard to believe but that is the truth. Amar had an affair with another woman, and that is why he wanted to get her out of his path and tried to kill her. God wanted something else God saved her life, and there is sadness that she went into a coma, and Amar thoguht that she would never come out of her coma and that is why he married Gauri. They both have a child too." Divya asks, "if she mean that, that child, is..." Sindoora interupts Divya and says, "That child, Diya, that is Amar and Gauri's daughter. When she came out of the coma, Gauri said that Amar had to choose between Divya or her and she left the house. Amar never wanted Gauri to leave, and that is why he wants Divya to leave the house and not only him but the whole family wants Divya out of this house, they don't want her to know what their true task is. They all want to kill Divya, and made her believe that Amar wants to kill her, he wants to take her life. She understand right?" Sindoora leaves the room and Divya is left crying.

Sindoora has played her cards once again and reassured Divya that Amar is the on who wants to kill her. Divya starts to even hate the sight of Amar . Amar completely traumatized and shares his concern with Aniket and Aniket sensing that slowly the house is completely influenced by sindoora's act '.

There is a car that comes infront of Divya and the windows of the car roll down and Sindoora comes out of the car. Sindoora call, "Divya." Divya runs over to Sindoora and she hugs her. Divya says, "It's good that she is here and she was really scared." Sindoora asks, "Divya what is she doing here? and asks if she is alone? Was she here to meet someone?" Divya says, "Amar." Sindoora asks, "Where Amar is? She asks if she call him here? She tells Divya that she have explained to her many times that Amar doesn't care about her and there is no need for her in Amar's life. She urges Divya to come home and listen to her.

At the Singh Mansion Amar, Uma, and the doctor are in Divya's room. Amar asks, "If Diya alright?" The doctor tells him not to worry and there is nothing wrong with his child, and she is just sleeping." Uma tells, the Doctor that Diya never sleeps for this long." Amar asks, the doctor if he is sure?" The doctor says, "Yes that his daughter is completely fine and nothing is wrong with her. Now she have to go." The doctor and Uma leave the room and Amar stays with Diya. Amar kisses Diya on the forhead.

In Sindoora's car, Sindoora is having a flashback. She picks up the note that Divya wrote for Amar and then she puts sleeping pills in Diya's milk. Amar is holding Diya and he sings her a lullabye. Divya and Sindoora come in the Singh Mansion. Sindoora says to Divya, "that she told her that she don't have any importance in Amar's life." Divya walks past Amar and Amar doesn't see her. Then Amar sees Sindoora and tells his aunt to come here. He is trying to make Diya fall asleep but she isn't" Bharat comes in the living room and asks, "Amar if he can you sign these papers." Amar says, "Shh..that Diya is sleeping. He tells Bharat to j ust leave the papers here and he will sign them." Bharat looks angry at Amar and he says, these are very important papers so to please sign them fast." Sindoora tells, "Bharat there is no rush, Amar said that he would sign the papers later." Amar tells Bharat, he can leave and rest, and assures him that he will sign the papers later."

Divya is in her room and she reads the notes from Amar and she gets angry and throws them in the trash can. Amar comes to the door and he holds his ear and says, "Sorry Divya." Divya wipes the tears in her eyes and looks at Amar. Amar says, "he know that she is probably thinking, that he made a promise but he couldn't meet her at the restaurant and asks what could he do Divya? After he got there, he got a call from Uma Mom that Diya wasn't feeling well and they need to take her to the doctor and what could he have done?" Divya says, he came to the restarant?" Amar says, "Yes and asks if she didn't get the note that he left?" Divya says, "No". Amar says, then she must be really angry at him. She is probably thinking that Amar promised her but he doesn't keep his promises. He lied to her and asks if that's what she thought. He further asks if she is angry at him?" (Tu hi to meri dost hai song plays in the background) Amar holds his ears and says, "Sorry because of him she had to go through this. She is thinking that he is a lier, but the truth is Diya wasn't feeling well, that is why he had to come home, or he would have waited. Shambhunath ji ki kasam, never think that Amar won't keep his promises. He will always wait for her days, months or years, and that he promise her this." Amar and Divya have an eyelock. Diya starts to cry and they snap out of the eyelock, and Amar says, "It's probably Diya. He will be back." Amar leaves the room.

Sindoora goes into Bharat's room and she says, whatever Amar is doing is wrong. She is watching and he isn't giving up any opportunity to make him look bad. He could have signed those papers right at that time but Amar doesn't even trust him a bit." Aditi comes in the room and says, "It's not like that. Amar trusts him a lot. Today he didn't sign those papers because Diya didn't feel good." Sindoora tells, "Aditi not to talk when she don't know everything." Aditi says, "she do know everything." Bharat asks, what do she know?" Aditi asks, why would Amar want to make him look bad." Bharat reminds Aditi that she is his wife and it's her duty to be by his side." Aditi says, she is but Bharat interupts Aditi and tells, "Aditi to leave from here. Aditi leaves the room. Sindoora asks Bharat if she want her to tell him something. She think that he should hide some things from Aditi too. She don't want Aditi or anyone else to ruin this plan." Sindoora thinks, she is going to get Bharat so far away from everyone that he will even look at his shadow with suspicion and that what Bharat did with her was bad, and she will take revenge on Bharat for supporting Amar and Divya.

It is raining and Divya is about to close the curtains, but she sees Amar standing in the rain enjoying it, and she smiles. Divya comes in the rain and Amar sees her, and he points to her and then he points to himself and then he starts to dance. Divya signals, "There is no music". Amar starts to play the piano in the air and (Tum paas aye plays in the background) Divya sits on the swing and Amar comes over to her, and Divya is about to leave, but Amar grabs onto her hand, and pulls her closer, and Divya pulls her hand away so Amar leaves, but Divya goes behind him and hugs him and Amar turns around and hugs Divya. Despite Sindoora's attempts, Amar and Divya get closer.

Amar and Divya are outside in the rain and they go to the swing and they have an eye lock, but Divya stands up and Amar grabs on to her hand and pulls her closer to himself, and the Divya lets go of Amar's hand, so Amar is about to walk away, but Divya comes behind him and hugs him, and Amar turns around and touches Divya's face. Then Divya backs away from Amar, and she runs inside.
Divya runs to her room and looks at herself in the mirror and she remembers the scene she just had with Amar, she says, what is happening with her? What is she doing? Is she falling in love with him?" Sindoora thinks, "The situation is getting out of hand, if she don't do something quick then they will get closer."
Amar is looking in the mirror and he says, "There was love. There is love and there will always be love. One moment Divya is his and the next moment she is a stranger. One moment she trusts him and the next moment she doesn't.

Sindoora is with her her priest. She says, she saw it with her eyes Guruji even after saying what she said, she is still thinking about Amar. As if she has fallen in love with him again." The priest says, he know Sindoora, it's impossible to break those two apart and no one can break them apart." Sindoora says, he is probably talking about God, but she is talking about herself, she can do anything. Until these two are separated, her revenge isn't complete." The priest asks, how will she separate two lovers who can't even be separated by death? These are the type of lovers that have stories written about them." Sindoora says, they all forget one thing, that Sindoora killed these two lovers before. Everyone thought that their death wasn't possible. She was the one that made that impossible thing possible, Again everyone thinks that killing them is impossible, but she will make this possible again and if he don't have any way to do this then she will find a way on her own.

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