Update: Monday On Love Oh Love (Episode 148-150)

Suket is worried about the shirt she had to give to someone. He is confused as to who is this special person in Avni's life and thinks that she has a boyfriend. He calls Raj and tells him that he will stay home, and he should bring the files here. Raj calls Avni to tell him that he wore the shirt today and informs her that he is coming to her house wearing the shirt gifted by her. She thinks this means her dad is working at home today, Avni goes to Suket’s room and hears him worried if some guy is there in Avni’s life. She understands that her father has started to doubt about her.

Raj is coming upstairs. Avni takes him along into the kitchen and begins taking off his shirt. He gets worried and before listening to her goes out. Savri meets him out and asks what is he doing here. She says he kept Arpita at his home, and she doesn’t want to see his face. Avni comes and says he should leave. Raj says Suket sir called him. Savri goes angry. Pratab tells him Suket is in his room. Avni calls them and says they should take the juice along. She purposely throws the juice on Raj’s shirt. Avni asks how can he go to dad in this shirt, Pratab gives him his jacket which he wears. Pratab leaves, Avni push the jacket’s zip on. Raj goes annoyed that she is behaving a bit awkward today.

Raj comes to Suket’s room and gives him the file. Avni also comes there with the juice.  Suket asks him about the jacket, he says Avni poured juice on his shirt. Suket asks for the pen, she gives it to him before he opens the jacket’s zip. Raj asks if he can discuss a project with him. Avni says there must be a reason he didn’t go office, and she wants to spend some quality time with her dad. She says bye to him, After Raj is gone, Avni asks her father what he would like to eat.

Avni calls Raj, he says firstly she doesn’t the mistake then doesn’t wait to call. Avni scolds him for not picking the phone. He says she behaved so awkward, he was angry with her and wasn’t picking the phone. She tells him about her dad knowing about the shirt. He says they must really have gotten then. She says they must be very alert. Raj says they should meet. Avni says it is difficult and it is not possible, she tells him she has to go to market for grocery tomorrow. He says he will help her. They plan for the grocery shopping together.

In the morning, Savri comes and says they are making Pooja do a good work singing nursery rhymes along with the breakfast. She says they will be given a certificate. Jashan asks if she got their adoption prohibited. Savri says she is evident that they are teaching her to lie. She calls Akshat and Arpita downstairs. She says this is Jashan lie, Savri adds that he made fool of her that day. They even made this Pooja a part of it. She asks Akshat if he is living with such people, but his wife is a wrong lady. Jashan asks if she didn’t get Pooja she has no right to take Pooja, as she is happy here. Savri tells them to go to orphanage and meet the management. She keeps Pooja along with her.

Kaka takes the dishes from Avni. Avni tells him that she is leaving for market, Kaka asks what to prepare for lunch as Suket sir will have lunch today. He gives Avni some bills, Avni sees that it is the last date to pay them and tells him to go for the payment. Raj calls Avni, she tells him she will be late for market.

Savri is telling Pooja a story about lie. Akshat and Arpita stand behind, Savri takes Pooja upstairs. Arpita says that she is pouring all her anger on Madhuri and Jashan. Akshat says he will talk to her, Arpita says she should leave before he talks. Savri comes downstairs, Akshat talks to her. Savri says that she is just performing her duty as a trustee at the orphanage and she thinks Madhuri and Jashan don’t deserve to be her parents. She then asks Akshat to keep a watch on Jashn and Madhuri and see if they are being good parents for Pooja or not. Akshat thinks about all he noticed in the house, but he tells Savri that they love Pooja. Savri tells him to look after Pooja and help her in the decision. After Akshat has left, she thinks now her spy is also in the house.

Avni is done with cooking; she gets Raj’s call and tells him she is just coming out. She gets Gopal’s call who says there is a long queue for bills here; it will take him a long time here. She calls Raj and informs Raj that she cannot meet him as she is busy with some other work as she will have to make the roti’s before coming. She goes to take the flour, but she gets surprised when she sees Raj in the house cutting the vegetables. Suket comes home. Avni gets worried and asks him to go out, but he does not get scared when he sees Suket coming. Suket comes to the kitchen; Avni tells him that he was just helping. Suket says good and goes away. But Avni is surprised to see her father not scolding Raj and instead encouraging him to continue his work and wonders what it was. Later, Raj tells her that her dad called him in his room and asked him if he knows there is some boy in Avni’s life. He further tells her that her father himself has asked him to find out if there is somebody in Avni's life by staying with her and hence he can now freely meet her. Avni says that she didn’t know her dad trusts him so much, but they are doing wrong. Raj says he will tell Suket sir himself one day once Akshat’s matter is settled. Suket offers Raj lunch, and asks if he get to know something. Raj says the job is not easy. Suket, who suspect that Avni is seeing someone asks if there is any guy who likes Avni? Raj appreciates Avni. Suket asks Raj does he feel awkward doing what he has been given. Raj says it is a bit awkward, but he can do it. Suket says he can give this duty to Abhay, Raj says he will do it as girls share these things to their friends. Suket says that he is worried about Avni. Raj says he is sure she won’t let her family down anyway. Suket says that first he wants to know who that guy is in her life.

Savri is thinking that she will need Akshat’s evidence to make Madhuri and Jashan let go of Pooja. She thinks of another idea and blatantly abuses her power and tries to create problems for Jashan and Madhuri. She calls someone. As she is talking on phone, the guard comes and asks her to sign some papers which came from orphanage.

Akshat gets disturbed by the voice of television and complains to Arpita that it is time for Pooja to sleep and they don’t care. He goes to complain to them. Arpita follows. In the room, Jashan is even getting disturbed by the voice of TV. Madhuri comes and says to him that she know he is getting disturbed by the voice but Pooja doesn’t sleep without this loud cartoon music. Jashan says he has no problem until Pooja hasn’t sleep completely. Arpita closes their room’s door and tells Akshat how much they care about Pooja; how wrong Savri is about them.

In the morning, Jashna is getting the arrangements of order done. The manager says that the whole house will be ruined; Jashan says that until their kitchen is renovated. Madhuri tells Pooja that they will stay here in the room as her father is doing some work out. Savri later sends a lady to Madhuri's house in order to prove that Madhuri and Jashn are not good parents. The lady comes with the cheque and gives it to Jashan thanking him to prepare their order is time. Jashan tells her to sit, the lady talks to herself that Savri told her the girl will just be here but where to look for it. Jashan comes to Madhuri, and Pooja comes downstairs. The lady asks Pooja to play catch catch with her ball with her, and she will give her chocolate. The lady sees Akshat and throws Pooja's ball in a vessel of hot food. Akshat sees Puja trying to take out the ball from the vessel and runs to her and saves her. The lady says how can one leave a small kid with hot sauce pans. The lady hired by Savri thanks god that Akshat came to save the girl. The lady calls Savri and tells her they did it. Akshat calls Savri Bua to inform her that she was right about Jashn and Madhuri.


Abhay offers Avni to drop her to college, she asks why him? Abhay says when she can serve him such a good breakfast why can't he drop her to college. Raj comes there. Suket says that Raj is going there and asks Raj to leave Avni to the college. Abhaas asks his dad if he hear it right? Suket says that he has more things to do. Suket leaves. Abhaas asks what is going on. Raj tells him to see how much his dad trusts him. Abhay leaves, Avni asks him to give him some time, and they both leave hand to hand.

While on the way Avni gets a call from her brother Abhaas. He tells her that he received a letter from Jaipur University that the article she wrote on women empowerment has been selected for publication. Avni cheers up.  Abhaas shows the letter to his father, Suket boasts that Avni is his daughter and she made him proud today. Raj says he is taking her to a sweet restaurant for dinner. She and Raj together celebrate this achievement by having dinner outside. Avni says that she should reach home till 8.30. Kaka asks Suket, if he will eat the dinner. He says he ordered from Avni’s favorite restaurant, and will eat when she comes back. Avni and Raj says a good bye, Avni says her dad must not know she came so late. While Suket waits for her at the dinner table. Avni comes inside and sees her dad on the table. She puts hand on his shoulder and looks at the decorated table, she wakes him up. He asks why is she coming so late, and asks where she was. She says that in article’s celebration, she went out with friends and apologize for not informing. He asks which friends, and if Raj was also there? She says yes. He says then it is okay. She asks why he have not eaten his dinner. He says he ordered all her favorite dishes, and thought they will eat together. She realises that her father waiting for her to have dinner with her and celebrate her success and gets anxious that he hadn’t eaten anything. He says it is okay, that he is not hungry now and goes to sleep. She feels disappointed for having upset her father. She sits on the table and cries.

She says to Raj on call that it is not right, they are betraying her father. He apologize to her. She asks why can’t she celebrate with her father and him together. She have been divided between him and her family and she can’t betray her father anymore. Raj says it is done; they will now work to get Suket and Akshat together. They both decide to concentrate on uniting Akshat and Suket. Akshat comes to Raj but he is lost in thought. Raj says he just thought that when will Suket accept them, else there will be problems for them, he clarifies that between him and Arpita. Just then, Akshat gets Mr. Gupta’s call who asks him what he thought about his offer, as his father isn’t talking to him, he offers him crore’s. He further offers him partnership in his company. Akshat says that he is not interested. Raj asks if he is one of the investor. Raj says that he should join him instantly. Akshat says he feel like destroying all the plans. Raj says that is the point, he tells him to fix a meeting with Mr. Gupta, he will bring Suket there; he will hear how he spoils the plans and will hug him.

Avni brings lunch for her alather. She says she recognize his mood, and knows he is upset with her. He says he will eat later, but she insists. They talk in the conference room talking. Avni asks if he remember he eat Akshat’s lunch when her mother brought lunch for him for the first time. Suket says she should call Akshat soon else the lunch will end today as well. He gets speechless. Avni says that he is still a call away. He picks the phone. A manager comes to inform him there are problems in the union and they aren’t letting the godowns open for loading; Akshat dealt with it. Raj comes and says that there is one bigger problem, Mr Gupta offered Akshat something big and he is going to meet them. Suket says that Akshat will not do any such thing. Raj says that Mr. Gupta convinced him that this company doesn’t value him. He says that they should go and see it there. Suket says they should all go. Avni says it is all going wrong. Raj says it is all a plan. Raj takes Suket with him to see Akshat giving an interview to their rival company. 

Akshat is going to meet Mr. Gupta. Savri comes home with some men, she says she want to take a decision about what he said to her. He says that he has a meeting, she tells him to read the file if he wants and sign it. He asks what is she going to do? She says whatever it is, it's according to the orphanage’s rules. He signs it without reading. She tells him to go now.

Raj says that they might be meeting so that and no one can know about them. Suket says this Gupta has such a courage. Mr. Gupta is urging him about his success. Akshat says that he came here only to know what he has think about him, because he is his dad’s competitor. Mr. Gupta hands Akshat his offer and a 25 lac advance cheque. He then asks Akshat to sign the deal as well. Akshat refuses the deal by tearing the cheque and praises his own father in front of the rival company's manager. He says he should be ashamed of his small thinking, he is Suket’s son. Their business is their temple and he won't ever destroy him. He says he wanted to know what plans he had against his dad. Raj is elated but he looks behind to find out there is no Suket.P

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