Update: Monday On Love Oh Love (Episode 132 - 134)

Bhavna tells Pratab that Savri went to meet Pooja last night and that she also gave her gifts. Pratab says that he still cannot believe it. Bhavna is thankful that Savri did not meet Akshat and Arpita there. Meanwhile Suket comes down the stairs saying he has news about Akshat and Arpita. He says that the airline has confirmed that none of them have gone by that flight. Before Sucker can conclude anything else Bhavna says that now it’s none of their business and besides they have no relationship with them. Pratab stands up and also playing along with Bhavna saying that that chapter closed a long time ago. He asks Sucket if he is worried about them. But then immediately apologizes to him as he knows that it will have no effect on him.

Avni is making a frame of her and Raj but is also anxiously waiting for Raj’s phone call. She then looks at the frame and finally decides to call him but as she picks up her cell phone Raj’s call finally comes. She asks Raj if he has called the right person. Raj replies that he has called the correct person and wants to talk about yesterdays chat. Avni replies that she has not forgotten yesterdays talk therefore she wants both of them to meet so they can decide who loves more. Raj agrees and suggests to lets meet then. Avni is confident about her frame and says that it will definitely blow Raj’s mind.

Madhuri calls her husband and tell him that Pooja is not eating because there is no cartoon to watch. Sheru says that there is nothing to worry about and that they will watch live TV today. He starts acting and Pooja finally starts eating. After eating Pooja kisses her mother and asks her father if she can leave now and he says yes. Madhuri comes towards Sheru and says she did not know that he also had this talent. Avni and Raj meet each other to decide whose love is more.

As soon as Avni arrives Raj says that he has been waiting for her for a long time which proves that he loves her more. Avni replies that she gave him that watch so that he can come on time. Then she asks if he has brought any gift for her, Raj asks back if she have and then she shows the frame she had been making. She tells Raj that she had wake up all night to make this frame. Avni says that no one can love more than her in the entire world and not even him (Raj). Avni is full of excitement and asks Raj of what he has made or done to prove his love; however Raj sees the collage prepared by Avni and gets very emotional, he then replies that he has done nothing. Avni gets upset and hit the frame gently on Raj’s chest and he feels pain. Avni asks if Raj is okay and urges him to come to the doctor. Avni asks Raj to show him the wound but later when Raj removes his shirt it’s not a wound but a tattoo with Avni’s name. Avni is shocked to sees the tattoo that Raj had on his chest, the tattoo had her name on it and seeing this Avni feels that Raj loves her a lot.

Avni tells Devika who is shocked to hear what happens and tells Avni that Raj has proven that he loves her more and that there is always a person who love the other one more and in their case it's Raj. Avni out of jealousy says that she loves Raj more and is also going to make a tattoo. Devi says that she is even afraid of an injection and asks how is she going to make a tattoo. However Avni says that she is going to do this for Raj. Thanks to Avni's competitive nature, she also gets a tattoo done as she then goes to a tattoo artist, they decide to make a tattoo on Raj’s name and asks the artist to make a tattoo of Raj's name on her neck as no one will see it. The artist warns them that making it on the neck will make it hurt more and after making it, it will pain for two to three days and dizziness can come. Avni keeps remembering her moments with Raj and hence keeps her mind off the pain. Both Devika and the artist are shocked to see her as she did not cry. In the process Raj’s call comes but Avni refuse to take it. In the end the artist gives her a cream to avoid any infections from the tattoo.

Later, Raj's sister Madhuri tells Sheru that today she wants to do something for her daughter and decides to prepare her favorite butter chicken for their new daughter Pooja. Akshat stares with amazement as he and his wife are non veg. Arpita says that they will order from outside but when Sheru learns that Akshat and Arpita don't eat chicken, he says that since they are their guest they will not order from outside. They told him that it’s not about the food it’s that they are vegetarians. Sheru then decide to prepare something vegetarian. Arpita says that she also misses everyone a lot. She wants Akshat to cheer up as she does not like his sad face. Although Sheru and Madhuri are making food of their choice and he does not approves of it. Arpita brings a photo of the family and both of them stare at it.

Meanwhile, Akshat's mother is missing him. She is also looking at the same photo with Akshat’s favorite dish and Pratab comes behind her and asks what’s wrong and she says she just misses everyone. Pratab says that Akshat is coming home very quickly. Tears come out of her eyes but as she sees Suket coming down the staircase, she runs in the kitchen and wipes them off. Madhuri receives a call from Savri who invites them for Lunch to their house along with Pooja and Raj. Although her husband does not wants to go as they had plans for Pooja but Madhuri agrees and tells Savri that they will all come. Raj is also worried about Avni as she is not answered his calls at the instant. Avni calls Raj. Raj comes to know that she is hiding something and Avni asks Raj to guess and after a few guesses she says that she will tell Raj tomorrow.

Raj with his family members arrive at Avni's house and Raj is restless as he wants to know what surprise Avni has got for him. Avni tells Savri that Pooja likes vanilla so they will make vanilla icecream. Raj comes to kitchen, and says she look beautiful while cooking. He asks what she brought for him and guessed it. Avni pushes him to go out. Savri thanks Madhuri and sheru for coming to their house. She takes Pooja from Madhuri and plays with them. Bahavna comes and asks about Akshat and Arpita. She says she cooked his favourite Bharwa Karela. Raj says he will take them. He again heads to search for his gift in Avni’s room. Avni comes there and says he don’t have any manners. Raj says anything is fair in challenge. Avni calls Abhay, Raj keeps his hand on his mouth but Abhay comes coughing. Avni says that Raj, she stammers then says that Raj came with his family on lunch so she thought they should meet. Abhay coughs, Raj asks if he is not alright. He says he isn’t well still and he will meet the family. Abhay comes to Pooja and caresses her but Savri scolds him and shows concern that he is coughing and has flu, he should go to his room as she doesn’t want Pooja to fell ill. She adds that they even don’t know how to take care of the kids and should go to his room.

At the table, Madhuri wipes Pooja’s face, Savri stops her and uses a soft tissue. Avni says that sweet dish is still remaining. Madhuri tells Raj to go, Bhavna says that this isn’t needed, but Madhuri says that he works at home as well. Bhavna says that his wife will be very lucky. Raj comes to the kitchen, Avni says that her surprise will be loved by him. He takes her promise that she will always remain happy. She leaves the kitchen, suddenly she feels dizzy and faints while coming out of the kitchen.

Raj holds her to her bed, everyone is worried. Bhavna brings the doctor, Suket also comes running. Bhavna says she was fine but fainted as she came out of the kitchen. The doctor comes to Avni's room and says that she is ill because of exertion and asks her if she has had any injury. She says that she had a needle prick, Bhavna holds her neck in which she feels pain. She tells her mother that she has got a tattoo on her neck. Everyone scolds her, Bhavna removes her hair, but she resists. Bhavna insists on seeing the tattoo, she does not understand what's written as it is written in Chinese. Avni tells her mother that it is in Chinese language. Raj feels relieved, Avni says it means life. Doctor gives the medicines to her, after he leaves Suket gets furious as Avni has got a tattoo without their permission and asks why she did this. Bhavna also asks why she did this.

Raj wonders why she did this, he begins to text her to ask for it's meaning. Raj later finds out through the internet that the tattoo means 'Raj' in Chinese. He comes up and listens to Suket and Savri scolding her. Suket leaves annoying, Bhavna follows him. Savri also leaves. Raj points to Avni, she goes out while Raj puts hand on her mouth and turns her around to see the tattoo. He says he know what it means and such a big surprise even when she is afraid of needle. She says she wanted to do this. He says she is mad. She says she is crazy for him and this tattoo means Raj but Raj means Life to her. He hugs her. Raj and his family watch the football match and are cheering for their teams, seeing them Arpita and Akshat are amazed as they find the atmosphere totally different from the atmosphere in their house.

The next morning, Savri asks Maharaj that he cooked so much, he says that Avni cooked all this. Suket comes there too, he says he will eat in his way. Avni comes to him, holds his hand and apologizes to his father that she should have asked him but it was her mistake that she forgot. Suket agrees and comes to the dining table. He says that he listened to her, but now she should also oblige to what he says. She should eat the breakfast, then go with him; he has taken appointment with the specialist Dr. Goyal to get the tattoo removed. Avni feels upset when her father Suket decides to take her to the skin specialist, but Avni feels more upset when she learns that her father has decided to remove her tattoo permanently through the laser treatment. Raj and Sheru were doing house cleaning; Arpita comes there and appreciate their help to Madhuri. Raj gets Avni’s text about the appointment. He tells everyone, Arpita says Akshat has also gone to the same doctor.

Madhuri suggests that they should call Akshat, but Arpita says that he is not using his cell phone. Raj says that he won’t let Avni's father remove that tattoo. Suket, who hates the idea of the tattoo arrives along with Bhavna and Avni go to the hospital, Avni tells her mother that it was very painful to get the tattoo done, and plead with her to let it be there. Akshat is already sitting in the waiting lounge, while Suket arrives at the reception. Bhavna Bhavna sees her son Akshat, she stops Suket and somehow diverts Suket's attention so that she can personally meet her son without her husband finding out about it saying that they have to sign the consent letter as well, he and Avni should go and sign that.

Suket says they will sign it later, but Bhavna says that there is a lot of rush today, he should go now. They leave, Akshat hugs her. She asks what is he doing in the hospital, he says he had rashes. She says he must have eaten onion as he is allergic to it and he should take care of it. Bhavna prays that it all gets back to normal soon. Suket comes from behind, Bhavna tells Akshat to leave. Suket asks who was that man, Bhavna says that was Deepika son, she is ill. He asks Bhawna why is she so nervous. She says she doesn’t like the atmosphere of this hospital, and goes to drink water.

Later, Raj sees Suket sitting in the waiting lounge. He gets excited seeing him and asks what is he doing here. Suket says they have appointment with Dr. Goyal. Raj says he is the best doctor and tells him about the side affects of laser treatments here is pathetic. Suket gets worried and asks what is wrong with that. He says that his friend got his tattoo removes eight days before, it was lot more painful than getting it done; also he is still in fever and also fall in the bathroom yesterday. Hearing this, Suket decides to leave Avni's tattoo alone and not meddle with it. He stands up and tells Bhavna that they aren’t staying here. Avni asks the nurse, can her mother stay with her during surgery. They nurse allows this and she comes out to call Bhavna when she comes across Suket who says that she should let the tattoo remain there. He tells Avni to go change; Avni is elated and go to change the dress. Raj comes into the hospital room. He says he won’t leave her easily, Avni says that this tatto will also remain here always. They hold hand.

Savri asks why he didn’t get it removed. Suket, who he tries to get the tattoo removed says that it has a lot of side effects; and it is very painful as well. Bhavna comes saying that he could not see her daughter in pain. Avni says that it was a big mistake. Suket says that she must take care in future. Savri says that it is her punishment that it will always remain there. Avni smiles thinking she wants that it remains here forever. Bhavna gets lost thinking Suket loves his children so much, he should also think about Akshat and Arpita. Suket calls her name and asks where she is lost, since when she came back from hospital. Bhavna says she was thinking how much he love his children.

Raj and Avni talk on phone. Raj says that this secret meetings are so exciting, Avni says that she read it all in the books but it is also amazing. She says they had a lot of risks now and something simple must be done. Raj suggests about watching sunset, they both decide to witness the sunset together and suggest they must go by cycling. In the morning, Avni comes singing in the kitchen, Bhavna asks for the reason. She says that somedays the day is beautiful, the roses are even more red, and her mom looks more beautiful. Bhavna asks what does she want. She asks for the permission to go cycling with friends. Bhavna says that she has been in a lot of tension, so she can go. On the other hand, Raj takes permission from Suket to go home early, he says he has no issues but just that he should complete the file. Raj promises he will do it today.

A friend comes to Madhuri, she tells her to be quiet as Pooja is asleep and takes her to the kitchen. The friend says that she have changed a lot, Madhuri says that Pooja has really changed her making her a mother. She finds out that the juice has ended in the fridge and asks her friend to stay with Pooja as she brings the juice from a nearby shop. Madhuri leaves Pooja with one of her friends and goes out of the house. Bhavna tells Arpita that the meal is ready; Pratab will drop it to them. She looks behind to see Suket there. Meanwhile, suket asks if she is not happy that he came early. Suket sees Bhavna preparing neem paste for Akshat and asks about it to her that she is making the treatment for rashes. He asks her that she used to make these for Akshat, but Pratap arrives on time and saves the day for Bhavna asking Bhavna if the treatment is ready. He tells Suket he also got the rashes, Bhavna says that she is shocked and he still remembers they used this treatment for Akshat though it was a long time ago. Suket leaves to change, while Pratab says that Akshat and Arpita are coming to his office and he will give them here.

Madhuri friend gets a call and she too leaves the house due to an emergency that there was an accident in her family and leaves in hurry leaving Pooja behind.
Raj brings two bicycles on rent; Avni is worried to see them. He asks if she know how to ride them and she says no. He is worried how they will go now, Avni sits with him on the bicycle and says like this. He says that it couldn’t be better. Raj, who arranges a movie date with Avni, not knowing Savri would also be there.

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