Update: Monday On Hello Pratibha (Episode 55-57)

Pratibha asks everyone whom are they waiting for, and asks them all to move towards the stage. Nina whispers to Pratibha to see what she does now. Pratibha smiles and moves on.

Nina asks Sunidhi to come to her, Kaashi asks Sunidhi to go and find out what she is upto, they have no much time. Sunidhi comes to Nina and asks what she is thinking about and doing. Nina asks her to shut up as she knows her work, and that she should go and see the drama. Sundihi goes away. Nina's focus changes from Namrata to Rishi as Rishi asks for a minute before the wedding, he says he wants to say something to everyone before the garland ceremony. He turns to Namarata and promises her that he will never leave her in his life. They all smile. He promises that he will be with her in all times of her life and he will share all happiness of their lives with her. He will respect and protect her, love her and even bear her anger. Namarata laughs, so does everyone. He says she will always remain in his heart, Pushpa and Sumitra smile wide while everyone claps as his vows. Namrita says that he is determined to spoil her makeup by making her cry.

Pratibha smiles, then looks around thinking Nina has returned. Rishi and Namrita put garlands around each other’s necks. They all clap. It is Namarata’s turn, she turned to pick the garland and just when it seems like everything is going back to normal, Nina makes her appearance again and stares into Rishi’s eyes. Rishi stares back at her, and jerks Namarata’s hand with the garland. Namrita says it is hurting her. Everyone is shocked; Pratibha looks around while Sumitra asks Rishi to wear it. Nina whispers Rishi to say he doesn’t want to marry. Rishi shouts No, he won’t marry her. Nina whispers ‘break this marriage, mom’, Rishi repeats the dialogue too. Namarata removes her veil, as all the guests remain open mouthed. Rishi shouts that his mom is right; this girl is really weird. He can’t spend his lifetime with such a girl.

Nina moves around uttering all this, she whispers him to say ‘hasn’t she seen what dramas she create before wedding?, think what she will do after it’. Namarata is shocked, everyone else is speechless too. Nina whispers to say ‘she is not as beautiful as she is mean’. Sumitra asks him why he has started behaving this way so suddenly and asks if he is joking. Rishi asks joking, Namrita has made a joke of his life. Namrita cries, as Rishi keeps on repeating Nina’s words and asks to break this wedding. Sunidhi and Kaashi can’t believe on what has happened, Namarata cries hard on the stage. Pratibha looks around to find Nina.

Everyone is shocked to hear Rishi shouts to his mother to break this marriage. Mahen asks angrily what this drama is. Sunidhi whispers into Kaashi’s ear that Nina is showing her magic on Rishi. Rishi heads to leave, Rishi jerks Pratibha away. Mahen is angry, but Rishi deters him too. He picks a fire rod and asks them all to give him way. Rishi’s parents, Pushpa and everyone asks him to calm down, Rishi deters on everyone to burn the stage and himself too. Pratibha is worried and looks around for Nina, she goes away looking for Nina. Rishia called himself as mad. Pratibha looks for Nina who hides behind the curtain. Nina smiles and looks on her side to see Pratibha standing on her side, Pratibha throws chillies into her eyes. Rishi comes to a realization about what happened, he feels ashamed and shocked about what he is doing. Nina’s eyes hurt, Pratibha says soon she will be unveiled in front of everyone. Rishi apologize to Namrita, Pushpa asks if everything will get well after saying sorry. Sumitra says there is something wrong with them both. Pushpa makes a shocking decision which leaves Kashi and Sunidhi very happy as announce that she can’t marry her daughter to someone who can disrespect her daughter this way, she is not ready to marry them. Pratibha calls for a minute, she held Nina from her arm and brings her to Pushpa. Pratibha says before any decision, she wants to tell them that Nina is responsible for all this drama. Nina’s eyes were still shut with chillis. Pratibha says this Nina knows to hypnotize everyone and make anyone do whatever she wants to do. She knew her reality and keep Namarata away from her but she didn’t know she will come here in a changed dress.

Mahen questions Nina who is she, Nina says this will ruin her family. Pushpa asks her not to care about their respect, she has already cared for it. Nina confesses that she came to spoil Namarata’s wedding here. Hearing this, Pushpa slaps her and asks who sent her. Kaashi and Sunidhi were worried, Nina points her hand towards someone saying she. Everyone is shocked to see her pointing at Kaashi. Mahen asks what is this drama and if she will now blame his family. Kaashi says she already thinks Nina as someone crazy, she calls her names and asks her to go away. Nina comes to Kaashi, Sunidhi whispers on her to go away that she will pay her more. Nina comes to Sumitra and says she also called her to be here. Nina asks if she is shocked because her reality came to everyone, she then blames Pratibha for calling her here to spoil the wedding. She says no one should marry and it only ruins everything. She shouts that she will never let any wedding take place, Sunidhi is happy at her acting. People called Nina crazy, Kaashi asks Nina to leave the home right now. Kaashi whispers on Nina not to do all the drama, and takes her out. Nina winks at Pratibha outside, Pratibha thinks this Nina is going to do anything. Finally after all the drama, the wedding ceremony takes place and Namrata and Rishi get married. The couple take blessings of their elders. Pratibha hugs Namarata and tells her not to worry anymore, she now pray for happiness in her life. Kaashi and Sunidhi were curt. Namrita says had she not been here today but Pratibha stop her and asks her to forget everything, and be happy in her new life. She says she will miss her. She sends Namarata to Sumitra, Sumatra blesses Namrita to be with her son in all the goods and bads of his life. Pushpa tells Namrita to take care of everyone and respect everyone. Rishi’s family is hers now, but she should always keep her selfrespect intact and never change from what she is. She tells Namrita to fulfil her responsibility towards herself before anyone and this way she will be successful. Rishi asks if there is any advice for him. Pushpa says her daughter has always remain as princess and to keep her as princess. Sumitra says sorry, they won’t keep Namarata as a princess. Pratibha’s mind goes to Nina’s wink, wondering why is Sumitra behaving this way.

Sumitra says they won’t keep their Namrita as princess, because she is now promoted to be a queen. Everyone takes a breath of relaxation, they all clap. At the time of rukhsati, Namarata cries hugging everyone. Sanjeev and Mahen are even touch for her. Mahen says he didn’t know for years he has such a cute sister, and when he came to know she had to leave and he will really miss her. Namarata hugs him. Namrita looks around for Pratibha, Pratibha comes to her with an idol of God Ginesh, she says they always start a new thing in life with his blessings. She will miss her a lot, Namarata hugs her crying. After all the huggings Namrita finally leaves. Mahen is on the roof looking at the moon, Pratibha watches him there and calls him. She asks why is he standing here alone. Mahen says finally everything went on, after all the problems and dramas but Namarata was married the way he had promised Chachi. He is peaceful now, and only she is responsible for his peace of mind. He holds her hand and says a big thanks because it was all possible because of her. He says the wedding was almost ruined, but she didn’t ask anyone about any help, nor did she tell anyone. Pratibha is silent, then says she knew about Nina’s truth, but before she could tell anyone she had left. She thought about keeping quiet, but when she came to wedding she knew Naina was upto something big. Pratibha thinks about Kaashi and Sunidhi then asks Mahen to come downstairs, everyone must be waiting.

Sunidhi curses Nina and complains to her mother. Her mother tells Sunidhi that she will soon get her place back, as Chachi will go back in a day or two. Her mother enjoys that her mother in-law got an open handed defeat. She tells Sunidhi to go and question her mother in-law about it, and enjoy her curt. Pushpa and Chachi were sitting upset, that all the enjoyments of wedding events have gone down. Pratibha and Mahen come down, Pratibha asks them to go and have some rest; she know they must be missing Namarata. Chacha says daughters are such a blessings in life, they always keep the house indulged with their naughtiness. Pushpa asks him not to be sentimental, there is video chat and everything, they can talk to her anytime and cries. She tells Pratibha that Rishi is her brother, this means Namarata has gone to her family; her daughter will remain there just the way Namarata lived here else she will be her mother in-law. Pratibha asks her not to worry, Mahen asks his Chachi ( aunt ) to have some rest. Kaashi take medicine in the room, Sundihi comes to say she selected a daughter in-law just like herself, she is not an inch less than her. Kaashi tells Sunidhi that even she was defeated. Sunidhi says the truth is so sour, but it is that she wasn’t affected whether Namarata married or not. She says after Namarata has gone, she has got her room back but what did she get. Pratibha played so well, and she didn’t leave Kaashi of any respect. Kaashi scolds Sunidhi to stop talking now and leave. Sunidhi tells Kaashi to cry a bit in this room, and that she can’t do anything else. Sunidhi leaves, Kaashi says she won’t stay hands on hand now. This fire will now reach to Pratibha for sure.

Kaashi goes into kitchen, she opens the cylinder and stove gas. She says Kaashi can’t be beaten so easily, Pratibha will see what punishment she get. She will burn in the fire of her hatred now. She comes to Pratibha and cried about her back pain. She calls for warm water to get a bit of relaxation. Pratibha asks her to lay down now, she will bring warm water. Kaashi stops her saying she will hate her. Pratibha asks her to stop saying so, lay down and she will get warm water for her. Pratibha heads towards the kitchen, not knowing that Kaashi has turn on the gas. Kaashi says todays she won’t spare her. Pratibha comes towards to the kitchen, Kaashi follows her. She tries to burn the stove with lighter, the lighter doesn’t burn. She brings match-stick to light the stove and there is a huge blast.

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