Update: Friday On Love Oh Love (Episode 131-133)

Bhawna calls Akshit and asks how he and Arpita is. She says she just want that he be happy always. Suket comes to the lawn and thinks her face is telling that she was talking to Akshit or Arpita. Bhawna comes and gives Suket his tea. She leaves to get biscuits. Suket calls back on the number. Pratab takes the call and asks if she wants something else from the market. Suket says he dialed the number by mistake. Pratab tells Akshit and Arpita that Suket has started spying; he must be eager to know how you people are but as Bhawna said it is his own way, and must be difficult for him to find the right way.

The owner of Rivolia restaurant comes to meet Suket in the office. He tells him that his tips helped him run his restaurant well. Suket asks is he keeping the records, he shows him his mobile. Suket sees the booking with A. Khandelwal. Suket thinks it can’t be Avni or Abhaas. Maybe it was Akshit as he is sure he and Arpita are in Jaipur somewhere.

Avni tells Devika to let her hair lose, as Raj likes them this way. Raj comes prepared, Jiji and Jija appreciate him. they ask if he is going empty handed, he shows them the gift he bought. Avni comes to the temple and asks for the blessings. Bauji looks at her, appreciates her and asks is she going somewhere. Before she can answer, Suket comes and says that they are going on dinner. His client opened a new restaurant and invited them. Bauji says he is going to sleep, they must go. Bhawna goes to tell Sanvri wondering how he decided to go out.

Suket thinks that they must all know that he know Akshit and Arpita are here. He sees Avni and asks she is already ready, was she going out anywhere? She says no, but she had just hadn’t just worn this dress; she also was thinking to go out somewhere with the family. Suket says that he know its her favorite color, and he is happy his and his daughter’s choice matches so well. He says he will take her out. She thinks that he loves her so much, still she had to lie to him; she will call Raj and tell him not to come to the restaurant.

Jiji and jija says to Akshit and Arpita why are they staying at the hotel when their home is available. Raj also convinces them to stay here with his family and gets them to the room. Akshit tells him to go now, he asks what? Akshit says that you must have to go as you are dressed up. Akshit goes to get a suit case left downstairs. Arpita teases Raj that he is wearing the favorite color of Avni, and her gifted watch. He gets a text message, she sees Avni’s screen saver and asks he told her that he will set this screen saver only when Avni will say I love you to her. She asks did she say. He tells her that she said this at the airport; and today is our first date. Arpita is excited, and asks about further details. Raj gets Avni’s text and says that the date has been cancelled because Suket is also going to the same restaurant with the family. Raj says that he wont let their first date ruined and they will go there anyway.

Suket, Bhawna and Sanvri comes to the restaurant. He asks the owner is there any reservations as A Khandelwal. He shows him the table. Avni asks the waiter the same question and imagines Raj holding her hand there. Sanvri asks what she is doing there; she comes and sits there but still imagine herself and Raj there on the table. She sees Raj coming, and thinks that she must stop thinking about Raj or she will see him everywhere. Raj comes and greets them. Avni asks what are you doing here, he says they thought of having an outing. Jiji and jija comes there.

Raj and Avni sit separately with the families. Raj texts her to smile, she says that their first date got cancelled. She goes to washroom, Raj also leaves. He meets him in the corridor; she pinches him to make sure he is really there. He says he promised her that they will have a date together, and asks her to go along him. He takes her to a table decorated with roses, and offers her a chair. The waiter brings food and serves it. Avni thinks he has ordered all her favorite dishes. Raj says that you lose hair looks great. She says that you look smart in this shirt. He asks how your eyes have a new spark. She asks how his face has a different glow ? they say this is love. Raj gives her a red rose.

Avni says that our dress color also matches. She says I didn’t know about it, but you must have; as you always know. They eat together. Avni recalls that everyone must be waiting for her, she must go. He holds her by hand and pulls her closer. He says that this could be our perfect date; she says that you are perfect.

Bhawna looks for Avni, she was about to go to see her while Avni comes. She says she isn’t hungry and doesn’t want to eat. Suket scolds her that has she started any dieting, there is no need; just don’t waste food. Avni looks at Raj who eats it. Jiji asks Raj that hasn’t he eaten anything with Avni, Jija says that he must be looking at Avni there only. Sanvri comes and asks jiji did she adopt a child yet, she says she didn’t get a call. Sanvri says that she got a call, as she is a VIP. She leaves.

Avni excuses herself to go to washroom, Raj follows. She tells him she ate so full that she couldn’t eat a single bite there. The waiter brings a dessert, Raj says that for those you love, you can share at least this much. He tells her this is the special dessert of the restaurant. She takes a bite and says it is really yummy. She says that this all seems good, but will we always keeping meeting like this. He tells her that till Suket accept Akshit and Arpita’s love they will have to meet this way.

Avni thinks though the time was less, but each moment was precious. She begins to hug him, but stops thinking he might not like it. Raj pays the bill and thinks there should be one hug. He comes forward, then thinks Avni is avoiding. They both speak together, Raj ask her to say first but she leaves.

As she comes back, Sanvri asks her where she got a chocolate stain on her dress, they didn’t anything about chocolate. Raj and Jiji listens, jiji comes and tells them they had ordered dessert and as Avni was passing by their table, the forced her to eat it. She tells Sanvri that they just get the call from orphanage, and were elated to hear the news. Suket sees the table still empty, he tells the family to go and pays the bill. He asks the owner, did the people who reserved the table come. He says they might have changed their minds. Suket says he might be thinking too much and leaves. The owner tells the waiter that the reserved label must be removed from the table, they waiter tells them that they came and booked a special table inside. The owner says he must tell Suket sir about it.

Avni and Raj thinks that there was something missing. They both run inside, and come to each other. Hug and go back. Raj calls Avni and says sorry. She says it was a perfect date. He says he wanted it to be tension free. She marks the date on calendar; he asks did she mark it. She asks how he knew what she was doing. He says that tomorrow is a more important date for him as the adoption results of jiji and jija will be announced tomorrow. A cute baby will come to their home and their family will be completed. She says that jiji and jija deserve this happiness, and they will be great parents. She tells him to give Prasad for Govind gi and make her sweet yougurt. She asks is he listening, he says he just want her to talk always. Akshit comes there. Raj says that this is how the hero says in that movie, and ask Akshit if he wants water. Avni says was Akshit bhai there, he says he will be my saala now.

Jiji was tensed, Sanvri comes and says that she isn’t nervous and knows she will get a child. She goes to take a child for herself. The manager tells them that they cant take a child by their own choice, jiji says they will be happy with any child they get. Sanvri brings Pooja and gives her to jiji and jija. Sanvri is shocked, as Raj and family take the child.

Sanvri calls the manager, Pratab stops her but she doesn’t listen. Sanvri says she booked Pooja, they cant give her to someone else. Manager says that child is not a car or house to be booked, and she was failed by the comitee for adoption test, she is not eligible to adopt a child.

Arpita decorates the house for Pooja. Akshit asks who Pooja. She tells him that jiji and jija got a princess in the orphanage, she is named Pooja. They arrive, Arpita greets them and is excited to see her. Pooja calls jiji mama as Akshit tells him. Arpita tells her to call jija Papa.

Sanvri cries at home. Bhawna and Avni takes tells her not to cry. She says she never understand why she cant get the happiness of a mother. She shows them what she had bought for her. She says they gave their Pooja to Madhuri? Avni says why you are blaming them both; it is a good thing that she is near you in Jaipur. Avni says you are just like my mother. Sanvri says that she can’t be happy with anything now. Avni hopes this doesn’t effect her and Raj’s relation.

Bhawna says that these toys came for Pooja, so she must get it. She tells Avni to go and give them to her. Avni cheers, Pratab says that you will even get to meet Akshit and Arpita. Avni comes there, Arpita asks how you managed. Avni says that maa sent me here herself. Akshit asks avni does anyone remember us. Avni tells him that everyone misses him and dad asks the most about you; but we doesn’t tell him. Akshit says that you people must not trouble him. Arpita says that one recognizes each other’s love only when they are set apart.

Jiji comes to greet Avni, Avni asks about Pooja. They tell her she is playing upstairs with Raj. Jiji asks her that before she goes to Raj, can she get her recipe book from Raj’s room. Avni goes upstairs wondering how his room would be.
She pictures that his room would be managed. She comes inside to see all the things lying on the floor. Avni thinks is it a store-room or his room. She thinks where she will find the recipe book here. She thinks she will have to do something. She gets hooked to clean the room.

Raj comes downstairs with Pooja, jiji tells him that Avni is here. He cheers and leaving Pooja there and comes up. He doesn’t recognize his own room in the first place. Avni says that it shouldn’t be like this. He says that boys are careless; he goes to show her that some places in his room are well managed. He opens the cupboard and fells down with the load of clothes. He asks what she did. She goes away saying that she doesn’t know to fold the clothes. Raj says that Avni is very different and so is his love.

Avni asks can she help them. Jiji says that she has trained the men of the house well. Jija says that female are very powerful here, first Pooja, jiji and now Avni. Raj says that Arpita comes before Avni. He tells Arpita to sit beside Akshit and himself get seated besides Avni. He holds Avni’s hand; she has to eat with left hand. Akshit asks when she got lefty. She makes up that she and Devika bet that Avni can eat with left hand, so she is practicing. Akshit says what kind of bets youngsters do these days. Arpita bends to watch them holding hands.

Avni steps at Raj foot, he shouts. Avni asks what happened. Raj says that may be it was an ant. Avni holds Raj’s hand and apologizes. Raj says she is very happy today, because someone special is here today. Jiji looks at Pooja, Raj looks at Avni.
Sanvri comes to the room, she calls everyone and says that she had bought so many gifts, where have they been. Bhawna and Pratab tells her that those gifts have reached Pooja. Sanvri heads towards jiji’a place.

Pooja says that she has to eat vanilla ice-cream. Akshit says he will get the ice cream. Sanvri comes to their house. As Akshit is about to open the door, jiji comes with the ice cream. He says that he must then go upstairs to change. Arpita says she will give him the dress. Jiji and jija goes to kitchen. Avni and Raj sits on the sofa, as Avni helps Pooja with the ice cream. They begin play, as Sanvri comes inside. She asks Avni where all the gifts she brought for Pooja are. She picks those bags, and comes to Pooja giving her those gifts. Jiji and jija comes and greets Sanvri. Sanvri sits with Pooja, she sees two more bowls and asks who are these for. Avni says that some guest came here, but returned without eating it. Arpita and Akshit heads to downstairs, Raj comes to cover them from Sanvri presenting her the ice cream. They see Sanvri downstairs and run back inside.

Jiji sees Sanvri and says that love is so powerful which brought Sanvri here.
In the kitchen, Raj says to Avni that thanks Sanvri couldn’t know about Akshit and Arpita. Avni says Sanvri has a big heart that she brought gifts for them. Raj says that he thought she won’t be able to come here, and was missing her. They both argue that their love is stronger that the others. Raj gets Tanya’s call, he says he missed her and asked when he should come to take the wedding order. Avni throws the utensils hardly. Raj asks what happened to her, she says does she talk to any other guy in front of him. This proves that her love is stronger. Avni leaves. Raj says that I will prove I love you more.

Avni marks that date of first argument. Avni says that she will prove tomorrow that he love is stronger. Raj tells jiju that he will win this fight.

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