Kashi packs her bag, while Sunidhi evacuates her room and sad as she is forced to share a room with Pihu and Anmol. Kashi takes a bag from her trunk. Sunidhi collects her jewellery from her cupboard. Pushpa comes there, Sunidhi immediately hides her bag. Pushpa tells her that her time is over. Sunidhi looks at Pushpa’s diamond ring, smiles and says good night to her. Pushpa smiles in return.

Kashi thinks she has forgotten her chooran in her room. Sunidhi remembers her makeup kit was left in her room. Anmol makes fun of her. Sunidhi tells them to empty their cupboard tomorrow morning. Anmol decline her saying no way. Sunidhi says it has been like this because of his mom. Anmol blunt out that they should not blame his mom. Sunidhi asks if it is her fault. Anmol says yes, it was hers. Sunidhi accuses him of misbehaving with her. Bubu cries calling his father, Sanjeev. Sunidhi snatches Anmol’s phone saying he won’t get it anymore.

Sanjeev asks Sunidhi to give Anmol his phone back. Sunidhi asks him to empty his cupboard. Anmol stand on his words that he won’t. Meanwhile, Peehu calls Jia, Gia asks what is her plan after school. Peehu says she wants a day out. Jia asks her to come to school tomorrow and they will welcome her well. Pratibha comes to the decorated lounge, Mahen’s appreciation echoed in her thoughts. She cries hard thinking about all that has happened. Mahen is disturbed by his mother’s snores, Kashi sleep on the bed while he is lying on a side bed. He sits up and says he will call Mr. Badra tomorrow morning. Sunita sleep with her jewellery bag besides her pillow. She wakes up at night, and the bag fell in dustbin. Pushpa comes to see Pratibha sleeping in the lounge. She drapes a quilt over Pratibha.

The next morning, Pushpa prays with the tulsi plant. Mahen comes to the kitchen, and looks for Pratibha for tea. Pratibha is asleep on the sofa in lounge. He comes to her and calls her name. He says after yesterday’s drama she is sleeping so peacefully. Pratibha stands up at once. He asks if she will bring tea or should he get her bed tea. She smiles seeing the quilt, and wakes Anmol and Peehu up. Anmol says there is so much tension at home, can’t they bunk. Pratibha says no excuse, they even have to share a single bathroom. Sanjeev is also awake. Kashi calls Pratibha, complaining about her bed. Sunidhi gets up, comes to the mirror and screams. Everyone at home is shocked, Sunidhi asks where her make up kit is. Pratibha tells Kashi that she will just see it. Anmol comes to Pratibha that Sunidhi is afraid watching her own face. Kashi asks him to leave her and asks when will she get breakfast ready. Pushpa comes to the kitchen and asks Pratibha for coffee. Pratibha instantly refuses her with a no answer. Pushpa says wow, Pratibha has learned to say no; who taught her. She smiles.

Pushpa comes and asks Pratibha for coffee, Pratibha says no. Pushpa says her Pratibha has learned to say no to who taught her. Pushpa says this house’s environment is really nice in the morning, were they always like this. Shalu comes there but Pratibha did not let her talk to Pushpa, Pushpa goes inside. Sunidhi awaits Anmol to come out of the washroom. When Anmol comes out, Kashi gets in before Sunidhi. Sanjeev and Sunidhi also await them both. Kashi says it is a mistake of Pratibha. Shalu takes the waste bin from Anmol’s room, with jewellery bag in it. Sanjeev recalls Sunidhi about their anniversary and hugs her, the kids wish her anniversary as well.

Anmol asks if he has gift Sunidhi with some jewellery. Sunidhi comes to the room, and when she does not find the bag, she shouts that it has been stolen. Everyone come there, Sunidhi blames Anmol for hiding her jewellery. Mahen says his son can’t do so. Sunidhi then blames Pratibha. Anmol swears he hasn’t taken it. Mahen asks Pratibha to look for it. Pratibha comes to Pushpa and says she has come to take Sunidhi’s jewellery from her room. Pushpa tells Pratibha that she never takes what isn’t hers. Pratibha asks why she has come here. Pushpa says she has come to take what is hers. Pratibha asks why is she talking to her. Kashi comes and asks about tea. Sunidhi comes crying for her jewellery. Mahen says how will he work, if this remains the environment at home. Everyone leaves.

Pushpa tells Pratibha when she met her, she was lost in darkness. Shalu comes and tells them that she as thrown all the garbage out. Pratibha looks at Pushpa, then runs out and stops the garbage man. She asks him to open the bin and looks in the garbage bag. She finds the bag with jewellery and is relieved. She says atleast she has done something right, Pushpa smiled at her and recalls she had seen Shalu taking the bag with garbage. Pushpa has a confrontation with Pratibha and asks Pratibha if she has found the bag. Pratibha thank her. Pushpa smiles she is being miser. Pratibha asks why she didn’t tell her before. Pushpa tells her that she wouldn’t have believed her.

Pushpa adds that she didn’t use her for coming here and that she already had the reason and courage to come here. One thing added to her list was that she wanted to see her and Mahen’s children and her help is genuinely. Pratibha asks how would she trust her. Pushpa asks her to question herself. Pratibha says the truth is that she is the enemy of her family and it wouldn’t have changed if she didn’t know her. She might not be able to believe her now. Pushpa says she is happy that this is her own decision. Pushpa asks if she comes to know that she is right and is not the villain in the story, will she change her decision or it will remain her decision, because even then her husband and her mother in-law will be her enemy. Pushpa further asks if she has the guts to say what she thinks, or she will remain with her mother in-law knowingly that her thinking is wrong. She asks what she will do. Pratibha is thoughtful.

In school, a girl gets Jia’s attention to Peehu. Peehu comes there, they all say hi to her. Peehu cheers her, Jia says she deserves this much. Since the time she has enter their group, everyone has started envying them, Peehu whose father has a big showroom, and who never parties except for five star hotel and who only goes abroad for vacations. Peehu smiles boastingly. Jia asks about her next vacation, Peehu says London and that it was her third vacation there. Peehu says her mother loves England, else she had to go to Australia. Jia exposes Pihu in front of all her friends and asks if she has make a fool of herself, she can’t even afford to go to Ludhiana. They all laugh making fun of Peehu. They say she will never get rid with her lies, tomorrow she will be insulted in front of the whole school. Peehu is left open mouthed and shocked. Jia goes calling her a liar, they all call her cheater. Peehu is ashamed and loses control, she sits on the stairs as the girls go away, Peehu cries.
At home, Pratibha gives the jewellery bag to Sunidhi who is relieved looking into it. She blames Pratibha for bringing that Chachi into the house, but Pushpa appears from behind and Sunidhi tries to deny her own statement. Pratibha looks behind, Sunidhi leaves smiling at Pushpa.

Mahen talks to the lawyer, he tells his mother, Kashi that Mr. Badra is right, their relation to this lady ended a long time ago and asks why she has come now and that there must be some reason for this timings. Mahen asks if they knows the reason, they can use her. Pratibha comes there. Pratibha comes there. Sunidhi suggests that Pratibha can talk to Pushpa because they are in talking terms. If they know why she has come here, they can get rid of her and that Pratibha can help them in it. Mahen says Pratibha can’t do anything. Kashi says she has to, because that lady came here because of her, she should try to find out her motives. Pratibha tells them she doesn’t talk to Pushpa, Kashi asks her to find out her motive anyway. Pratibha says alright and leaves the room. While in the corridor, everything that Pushpa had said to Pratibha echoed in her mind.

Peehu comes home irritated, she asks Anmol why is their room messed up. Peehu breaks the glass when Anmol puts it all over Sunidhi. Bubu comes and steps over the broken glass. Pratibha comes there, Sunidhi comes to scold everyone but Bubu insists upon staying with Pratibha. Everyone leaves the room. Pratibha bandages Bubu's leg, he takes her photo that Sunidhi had of her, from a file. Pratibha overlooks it, he takes another papers. Pratibha finds her phone bill, she looks at the photo and she realises that Sunidhi tried to frame her and cries saying she never thought Sunidhi will go to such an extent, proving her to be in an affair on her anniversary. Badra tells Mahen that they have got a date of 15 days from court, they have to wait and pray Pushpa doesn’t make a case against them for fake papers.
Pratibha calls her mother, and cries.

Her mother is worried listen to the way she sound on phone. Pratibha tells her all about what Sunidhi had tried to prove against her. Her mother says that it isn’t the right time to make an issue out of it and that Sunidhi may ruin it even more. Sunidhi enters Pratibha’s room and says to her curtly that since she is responsible for all this, she now has to set their cupboards at least. Pratibha says she will, but to leaves the clothes there. Pratibha indulges herself in house chores, but everything goes into her mind. She is disturbed taking that photo. Pushpa notices this and asks her but she goes inside saying she is fine. She puts balm on her head due to headache. She looks at the photo and tries to get up, but can’t. Pushpa comes there and watches the photo there. Pratibha takes medicine in the kitchen when Sunidhi comes to her complaining that she has not yet set her cupboard. Pratibha says she will. Sunidhi leaves. Pushpa asks the lawyer how can he take her for granted and does he think she will forgive him again and again, he will keep on snipping her on her back and she will tolerate it. Pratibha hears this, as Pushpa speaks loud to make her listen deliberately. Pushpa warns Mr. Gupta that she won’t give him another chance to let him degrade her anymore. Pushpa thinks come on Pratibha, go and question Sunidhi.

Sunidhi comes to Pratibha again and asks why she didn’t set her room still. Pratibha turns to her, Sunidhi says it's alright, it seems she is busy so she will set it by herself. Pratibha stops Sunidhi, she asks what was that photo doing there that she showed on projector in front of everyone. Sunidhi asks innocently, which photo. Pratibha presents her with the photo and says this one. Sunidhi is quiet for a while, Pratibha demands for her answer why she took her pictures and why she got her numbers itemized bill and asks what she wanted to prove.

Sunidhi says if she had seen her with someone, couldn’t she tell it at home even. Kashi comes there and questions. Sunidhi that she told her about Pratibha’s affair. Pratibha asks if she even believe Sunidhi, Kaashi asks shouldn’t she. Sunidhi says she might have confusion. Pratibha tells her firmly, she must not dare do this again, and asks how could she stalk her and take picture of her. She wanted to spoil her party in front of everyone, and disrespect her. Pratibha adds that she has such a low thinking and that there is a limit to everything.

Kaashi asks how dare is she and why is she crying. Mahen comes home and asks what is all this happening here. Kaashi says she made a petty issue into a big drama and now she is talking to her like this. Mahen asks Pratibha what happened now. Pratibha says there is something he doesn’t know. Mahen asks her to be clear. Sunidhi begins to speak, but Mahen stops her that he is talking to Pratibha. Pratibha gives him the photo and says Sunidhi took this. Mahen asks what is in it, and that he saw it on the day of anniversary. Pratibha says Sunidhi took this and she wants to prove from the photo that she had an affair. Mahen is surprise with a what and looks at the photo again.

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