Update: Final Episode Of The Vow2

Sindoora is sitting in the train and she looks up and sees a person with a newspaper and the person infront of her is Divya. SIndoora stands up and Divya also stands up Divya says, “You look shocked. You never thought that anyone could find out your plan about planting a fake plane ticket to throw us off track. You never thought that anyone could think like you.”

Divya has a flashback *Her and Bharat are looking at information for the plane ticket. Bharat says, “Ma is very smart she wouldn’t be dumb enough to leave any evidence. To get to her we have think like her.”* Divya says, “Sindoora Pratap Singh the game is over for you. Now you have to go to your real house.” Divya grabs onto Sindoora’s hand and Sindoora pushes her against the seat of the train.

Sindoora runs away and Divya gets up and tries to follow Sindoora. Divya gets stuck in the crowd and Sindoora keeps on running. Divya looks around for Sindoora, but she doesn’t see her. Divya finally gets out of the crowd and Bharat is infront of her. Bharat says, “Bhabhi where is Ma?” Divya crys, “Bharat she ran away Sindoora Singh ran away.” Bharat says, “Don’t worry she is surrounded everywhere. Bhabhi come with me. She couldn’t have gotten far” Divya says, “How do you know we will ifnd her? What will happen if she runs away.”

Amar is in his jail cell and he has a picture of Divya in his hand and a jailer slides food for him into the cell.

Sindoora arrives at the Singh Mansion, but it’s now called Sindoora Niwas. Sindoora says, “Sindoora Niwas that means this is my house. No one is at home, they will all try to find me in town. No one will suspect that I’m hidden in my own house.” Sagar’s Mom and Aditi are in the mandir praying and Sagar’s Mom is starting to look sick. Aditi thinks, “Ma Ji doesn’t look welll… What can I do?” Tears come out of Aditi’s eyes. Aditi thinks, “I should call the doctor.” Aditi goes out of the Mandir.

Aniket is asleep on the couch and Zee News is on, but the TV is mute. He hears the sound of glass shattering and yells, “Who is it?” Aniket goes to investigate, he turns on a light and sees that a flower vase is on the ground. Sindoora goes into a room and she hides behind a curtain. Aniket goes into another room and he looks around and he walks towards the curtain.

Divya and Bharat are still searching for Sindoora. Bharat says, “We’ve looked everywhere Bhabhi, and the police have looked in every corner yet we still haven’t found Ma. Where could she be?” Divya says, “We can tell the Jail’s superintendant what happend and request for a little more time. We don’t have a lot of time.” Bharat says, “We might be able to earn more time. Come one.” Bharat and Divya are ready to go to the superintendent’s office but Bharat stops walking because he has a flashback, *Bharat’s lawyer says, that the only way that they can win is to prove the person that got murdered is alive. Then this hanging can be stopped.”* Divya says, “What are you thinking?” Bharat says, “There is no use Bhabhi until we take Ma with us no one will believe that she is alive. We have to find Ma.”

Aniket is still looking around the house, Aniket sees mud tracks on the ground and he turns on the light of the room. Sindoora is in another room and that’s the room where Diya is. Sindoora comes from behind the curtain and she takes Diya. Aniket follows the mud tracks and they lead to Diya’s room, but when Aniket comes he sees that Diya is gone and Sindoora has escaped through the window. Aniket yells, “DIYA” Aniket goes to the window and looks out and sees Sindoora runnig with Diya in her hands.

Amar is in jail and the police officer gives him some clothes. The police officer says, “Here you go these are for tommorow you have to be ready because you are being hanged tommorow.” Amar takes the clothes, and he remembers when he got sentenced to hanging and a tear comes out of Amar’s eyes.
Sindoora is running with Diya in her hands and Aniket runs after her, but Sindoora doesn’t notice that Aniket is behind her. Aniket almost loses Sindoora, but then he sees her again and continues to run after her. Sindoora gets tired so she stops running and Aniket is right behind her he puts his hand on her shoulder and she turns around. Aniket says, “Sindoora I won’t let you go. You put a child’s life on the line just to save yourself I didn’t know that you could go that low. Give Diya to me.” Aniket holds onto Sindoora to try to get Diya back, but Sindoora pushes him and he falls. Sindoora runs away and Aniket is left laying on the groud.

Bharat is in his car and his phone rings he picks it up and it’s Aniket. Bharat says, “Hello Papa.” Bharat stops the car and says, “Where are you at this time papa?” Divya asks, “What’s wrong?” Bharat says, “Ma ran away with Diya. She hurt papa too. Can you please call Aditi.” Divya calls Aditi and Aditi is in a taxi. Divya says, “Aditi where are you?” Aditi says, “I just went to the doctor because Ma Ji didn’t feel well.” Divya tells Aditi to go to a road. Aditi says, “I will….” Before Aditi can say anything Divya disconnects the phone.

Amar is getting ready to be hanged, he is getting bathed for the hanging. Sindoora is in an isolated place and she says, “This place is good.” Aditi Bharat and Divya are at where Aniket is laying hurt. Aniket says, “Go beta she went that way.” Divya and Bharat leave, Divya says, “Aditi if anything goes wrong then just call.” Amar takes out a holy book and he starts to read it and he prays. Sindoora says, “How long will I run? I won’t run anymore…” Sindoora looks at Diya and thinks, “Now you will become the reason for your Dad’s death… until you are with me no one can harm me and by then Amar will be hanged and my plan to get Amar and Divya separated will be successful.”

It’s morning Bharat is driving and Divya says, “We’ve spent all night searching. Bharat she has Diya.” Bharat sees something on the side of the road and he stops the car and he backs up. Him and Divya get out of the car. Bharat sees Diya’s yellow blanket. Bharat says, “This is Diya’s right? Bhabhi come on let’s get back in the car.” They get in the car and drive away. Amar is sitting in jail and he is reading a holy book, a police officers come and the police officer says, “Come on it’s time.” Amar closes the book.

Bharat stops the car and they get out of the car. Sindoora is standing behind a tree and she says, “Stop Bharat. Don’t forget that Diya is still with me.” Sindoora has a rope in her hand and there is a basket hanging from the tree. Sindoora says, “There is still an hour until Amar’s hanging the decision is in you hand. Either you can save Amar or Diya.” Divya says, “What kind of condition is this? Please bring her down. What are you doing? Bring her down.” Bharat says, “What do you think Ma you will be successful in your plan by scaring us? I broke up my family because of you and my brother is about to get hanged because of you.” Sindoora says, “This is what I wanted because of these two you wanted to kill your mother and now I want you to kill these two because of me. My revenge isn’t only with these two it’s with you too Bharat. Do you remember you killed your mother, you shot me.” Sindoora has a flashback to when Bharat shot her. Sindoora says, “I want revenge for that.” Bharat says, “I will take your life again Ma and I will make sure that you don’t come back this time.” Bharat runs towards Sindoora and the basket that is hanging on the falls and Bharat runs to try to catch the basket, but it falls. Divya screams. Sindoora runs away.

Amar is getting ready for hanging he is in chains. Bharat looks at the basket and inside the basket isn’t Diya, but there is a baby doll in the basket. Bharat says, “Bhabhi where is Ma? Ma where are you? Come out Ma?” Bharat turns around and he sees Sindoora…. Sindoora is near another tree and she’s holding another rope. She says, “This time it’s the real child. That is my promise to you. Look.” Sindoora pulls on the rope a little and Diya is crying. Divya crys when she hears Diya’s cry. Divya says, “Save my baby’s life. I’m here so take my life.” Sindoora yells, “NO it’s not that easy. First I will kill your husband and then take away all the hapiness from your life and kill your daughter. Then I will take your life. How long is there till Amar’s hanging Bharat?” Bharat doesn’t respond. Sindoora says, “Didn’t you hear me? HOW MUCH TIME IS THERE? Say it loud.” Bharat looks at his watch and says, “Half an hour.” Sindoora says, “That means that in half-an-hour Amar will be dead?

And now…” Sindoora looks at Diya. Bharat says, “No Ma. Don’t let go of the rope. Ma don’t take the life of an innocent person.” Sindoora says, “You can’t do anything…”

There are police sirens. The chains are being taken off of Amar and he is brought to the place where he’s going to be hung the rope is right infront of his and tears are coming out of his eyes. The police cars come and the police officers step out of their car. The cloth is put on Amar’s head and his neck is put in the rope. Aniket comes out of the car with the police and he looks up and sees Diya. Bharat says, “Sindoora Singh is alive inspector. She’s the one that Amar Bhaiya got blamed for murdering and he’s about to be hanged.” They are about to hang Amar and one of the guys is looking at his watch.
Bharat says, “Stop the hanging inspector.” The police uses his walkie talkie and says, “Sindoora Singh is alive stop Amar Singh’s hanging.”

They are about to hang Amar and a police officer comes and says, “STOP” Sagar’s Mom is in the temple and she is praying and she opens her eyes and smiles. The police officer says, “Amar’s hanging has been stopped.” Sindoora looks shocked and Divya gets a little smile on her face. The rest of the family looks relieved. Sindoora is shocked so she lets go of the rope, but the rope has a knot in it at the top and that stops Diya from falling to the ground. The police put handcuffs on Sindoora’s hands. Sindoora has a flashback to when her Baba ji told her that it was impossible to make Amar and Divya lose. Sindoora smiles and says in a crazy voice, “No one can make me lose not even God. Amar will die in a bit. Amar will get hanged and I will kill Diya.” The police officers seat Sindoora in the back of the police car. Divya hugs Diya and the rest of the family smiles. Bharat says, “I would like to ask for forgiveness from all of you. Papa Aditi Bhabhi because of me you had to go through so much pain. Because of me Amar Bhaiya’s life was on the line. I’m so sorry.” Divya says, “Bharat Amar’s life was safed because of you.” Aniket says, “Forget what happend. Come on let’s go and get Amar.” They start to leave.

It is night and the house is getting ready for marriage preparations. Sagar’s Mom is telling the workers what to do. Aniket says, “Ma why are you getting worried everything will be done on time. Relax. What are you all doing there isn’t a lot of time and you guys are…..” Aniket leaves. Sagar’s Mom says, “He tells me to calm down and he is getting worried himself.”

Amar is in his room and he is getting ready. Bharat looks at Amar and smiles. Amar says, “Why are you looking at me like that?” Bharat says, “I was just looking at how handsome you look. Get ready quickly because your Dulhann doesn’t like to wait. Amar says, “I don’t like her to wait either.”
Divya is getting ready for her wedding and Aditi says, “You are looking very pretty Divya didi.” Divya smiles

Bharat and Amar come down the stairs and Amar takes Aniket’s blessings. Aniket says, “Where’s the Dulhann?” The pundit Ji says, “Yes call the Dulhann.” Divya comes down the stairs with Aditi and Amar looks at her and gets a smile on his face. Amar extends his hand and Divya smiles. Divya puts her hand in Amar’s hand. Divya and Amar exchange wedding garlands and they take 7 pheres.
Sindoora is in a mental asylum and she has two dolls in her hand.

Amar and Divya continue to take their 7 pheres, and the family is very happy. In the mental asylum Sindoora has chains around her and she tries to get the chains off her hand. Sagar’s Mom puts Divya’s hand in Amar’s hand and says, “Take care of her. She is your Dulhann” Amar and Divya smile Divya says, “I am your Dulhann Janamo Janamo.” Divya puts her head on Amar’s chest.

The last scene is a family photo and it says, “LOVE CAN NEVER DIE…”
The End…

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