Man Abandons Home To Live In Woods For 10 Years Over Wife's Constant Nagging

A 62-year-old gardener, Malcolm Applegate, decided to live in the woods for ten years after he got fed up with his wife’s nagging and wanted to live away from home.

According to Mailonline, Applegate was married to his wife for three years before going elsewhere after the relationship reached a breaking point.

The gardener travelled from their house in Birmingham to London on foot after his bike got stolen.

He narrated , “I was married to her for three years, but unfortunately it got too much. First of all, I met her in Eastbourne and I married her in Birmingham.

For three years it was alright, we got on with one another and the gardening got too much for her. ‘She told me, Why don’t we have more time together?’ , I said, ‘How can I? I have been recommended to people. “

He continued , “I just upped and left, I got fed up with her because we used to get so many arguments.

It took me three weeks to get back to London. I didn’t lock my bike up in Oxford and someone helped themselves to it, so I had to walk back from Oxford.”Malcolm has moved into the Emmaus Greenwich centre, a shelter for the homeless in Greenwich, south London.

He explained, “Before becoming a companion at Emmaus Greenwich, I was a gardener in Farnborough for 25 happy years. I loved the job and I still love tending to gardens now. It wasn’t until I got married that my life became increasingly unsettled. ‘The more work I took on, the angrier my wife got – she didn’t like me being out of the house for long periods of time. ‘The controlling behaviour started to get out of hand and she demanded that I cut my hours. After a long time trying to stay in the marriage, I decided to leave for good. “Without a word to anyone, not even family, I packed up and left. I went missing from them for ten years.” Applegate now works at Emmaus doing a range of odd jobs and uses his spare time to raise cash for homeless charities in the area

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