Update: Wednesday On Love Oh Love (Episode 66-68)

Avni and Arpita were in the kitchen talking. Sanvri bua came and asks what they were doing. She says she was drinking coffee. Bua sa tells Avni that she must not drink coffee as it will darken her complexion. She boasts that at the time of her proposal she left any type of tea and coffee. The beauty she gained then is still maintained. She also scolds Arpita for not giving her any beauty tips. She then hands Avni a facial masks and tells her to apply it as tomorrow was her photoshoot. Arpita also excuses herself and leaves. After they left, sanvri tastes the coffee, likes it and takes the two mugs with her to drink with Mahesh.

Avni call Raj. He says yes. She asks why didn’t he call her since morning. He said he thought she must be busy taking the proposal talk. Avni tells him that she is not busy but a bit nervous. What do you think who she will get. Raj does not speak. She asks why was he lost. Was he alright? He says yes, was a bit busy. She apologizes saying she knew he had worries about his future as well. He thinks after disconnecting that nothing is more important for him than Avni.

Sanvri was getting her photo-shoot done. Avni comes and asks why she was getting those pictures. Sanvri says “for the proposal” Avni asks if it was needed too. Sanvri says that it was a joke. Bhawna tells her to go and sit for the photo. Sanvri gets her adjusted; when the photo was taken Sanvri tells her that it was the rehearsal take, and loads her with heavy dress and jewellery to go and change. Avni goes with a heavy-heart to wear such jewellery and dress Arpita keeps her photo in Akshit’s bag telling her dad always kept her mother’s photo in his bag. He asks hasn’t it grown more filmy. She says that love is love, only expression is different. They play for a while, as Arpita opens the door to leave. Suket was standing there. She goes inside while suket tells Akshit he wanted the tender’s papers. As Akshit takes them from his bag, Suket sees Arpita’s photo in his bag. He sees the paper, instructs Akshit to prepare the papers returning the file, then asks for the file again and says he will do it himself. Akshit looks in confusion.

Downstairs Bhawna and Sanvri were discussion about the brilliant selection of jewellery. Arpita arrives and asks where Avni was. They turns around to see Avni coming downstairs. Arpita was not happy to see the way Bhawna and Sanvri were. Devika says she looked beautiful. Sanvri asks doesn’t Arpita likes her. She says no I like her but isn’t her dress so heavy. Sanvri says that people should know she was Khandelwal family. Arpita reasons that Avni is already a daughter of big family. It need not to be showed off. The photo must contain capture her innocence. Sanvri gets irritated and says should she now get a photo like she did for her proposal. They had only liked it because she was Avni’s friend. Bhawna suggests they can take pictures in both dresses. Sanvri says people will appreciate her idea, while Arpita gets happy.

Sheru ji brings in the frames of Arpita’s wedding Raj had ordered. Jija suggests he must go but Raj says he promised Arpita that he will bring them himself. Jija says that he will get more upset seeing everyone celebrating there, but he says Avni will also get upset if he din’t go and Avni’s happiness meant the most to him.

Sanvri was thinking aloud that she must do something to buy the new house. The photographer listens and tells her that his brother was a property dealer. She turns around to see Avni has opened her hair. She makes her sit in the photoshoot chair. Sanvri and Devika argues about flower arrangement. Avni was uncomfortable that the makeup was heavy and the light was bright. Arpita suggests that they should take a photo in her standing pose. Avni was fed up of these directions. Raj was watching this from the door. Avni gets up and runs away saying she didn’t want to do it.

Sanvri accepts her mistake in front of Bhawna by not asking her if she was comfortable or not. She scolds Devika and goes to apologize her. Arpita asks Raj how he came here. He tells her he brought the photographs and didn’t know photo-shoot was going on here. Bhawna, Sanvri and Devika were knocking the door. She told them to go away. Bhawna suggested they must leave her for some time. Sanvri wanted to take the photo-shoot any way. Bhawna sees Raj was here too. Arpita thinks she should take the opportunity and asks if they should send Raj to make her up. Bhawna asks him to try.

Raj comes at Avni’s door and calls her. she says neither will she come down, nor open the door. He tells her he came to talk to her, not take her downstairs. He suggests that she does not open the door they will talk from the two sides of the door. She asks why he came here. He tells her he brought chocolates for her and passes it from the other side. She picks it up and opens up. He was telling her he brought photo-frames for Arpita then thought he must meet her too. He then realizes she was busy eating chocolates and says she must take advantage of the closed door and share it. She says she will. He says she will have to else she will get fat. She tells him she doesn’t care about her weight of the photo shoot. He asks why she left it; she says she denied taking photos. He tells her he can understand she is nervous. She says everyone is treating her as a puppet. He says he will talk to everyone. She asks will he really? He assures that Bhawna will understand her; she won’t have to do it. She opens the door. He was about to fall, gets up and sees chocolate all over Avni’s face. He clears it up and tells her to come along. As he was about to leave, she holds his hands and asks him that she will only go downstairs igfhe also come along her, as he was her best-friend. He obliges.

As they come downstairs, Sanvri and Devika say sorry to her. She follows Raj’s directions and they get the photo shoot. Arpita notices him. Bhawna thanks him and prays she gets a husband who will take care of her like he does. Arpita and Raj looks at each other.

They were watching photos. Sanvri looks for hers in all the pictures, but couldn’t find one. Devika says only the one’s marrying were in the photos. She leaves by saying that they must watch it themselves then. Bhawna and Devika also leave. Arpita thanks Raj and tells him that she won’t be able to keep his promise much. He says she will abide by his promise at any cost. Akshit calls Arpita reminding her they have to go for a dinner. He was just leaving. She says she will be ready soon. Raj says he will leave now.

There Sucket comes to Akshit handing him a file for the meeting next day to study.

Sanvri was sitting with the property dealer. Pratab arrives, she introduces them. He asks was he there for the Maheshwary Banglows. She says no he is here because they were selling their house. He gets shocked at the news. She asks how they will buy the Maheshwary banglows if they won’t sell their house. She tells him to hand him the papers of house so they can be shown to a few clients he has. Mahesh remembers he had kept those papers as debt to someone. He tells the dealer to leave. Sanvri asks why he asked him to leave. He tells her he did not want to give the papers to him. He scolds her for not considering his opinions in any matter. He sees Arpita behind and leaves. Sanvri scolds Arpita for listening to everything as she was in a bad mood.

Arpita was sad. Akshit tells her they will leave a bit late for party as he was busy, but she was not listening; he leaves the file labeled ‘urgent’ right there, seeing her crying he tells her they will leave right away.

Sucket was having headache. Bhawna does his head-massage while he tells him he is just stressed due to meeting with foreign delegation. Sanvri brings oil for him and says Akshit also works hard like Suket. Suket asks has he come back. Bhawna says he came back and left for a party with Arpita. Suket asks how he would complete the file then in time. Bhawna tells him to relax, as he is responsible and will complete the file in time. Sanvri takes the file in Suket’s hands to keep it in closet. She sees that Kavita was also coming in the meeting. She thinks if Kavita was going, she must also go to the meeting and make the deal with Kavita about Banglow there.

Avni was sitting in the lawn when Raj goes there. She comes to him. Raj asks was she ok? She thanks him for making her mood better, and convincing her for the photo shoot. He says it is strange she does not like the photo shoot. She says she like crazy pictures. He says he also like taking photos with funny faces. Avni insists they should make such pictures right now, Raj takes her pictures in those poses and she takes his, then they also make such pictures together. Avni exclaims that if she sends these pictures, no one will accept her. Bhawna calls Avni. She takes promise from him to come again and wave him bye going inside. Raj thinks if you leave smiling I....

It is morning; Akshit wakes up and thinks why he is asleep till so late. He has to check the file too. He hears Suket screaming his name angrily. He goes downstairs hurriedly. Bhawna and Arpita also comes in. Suket scolds Akshit that why he didn’t get the hotel renovation work completed when he knew his guests arriving today have to stay there. Akshit says the manager told him it will be done soon; he then forgot to ask him again. Suket asks if he checked the file. He says ‘No’ Suket gets more angry at him saying had he seen the file, it was labeled urgent, he would also have got the reminder about the hotel renovation. But he was too busy in his wedding celebration. He tells him he never let his personal life come in way of his career, but Akshit was very non-serious. He points Bhawna and Sanvri for telling him Akshit will handle everything because he is responsible.

Avni and Abhaas also come there. Avni moves forward and asks Suket if the delegates could stay at their home? Sanvri objects by saying that they are foreigners, how can they stay at their home? Avni tells her that she has heard foreigners are very much fond of the Indian culture and traditions. They can keep them at their home, and look after them in a much better way. And if they like their hospitality, they will be much happy. Suket agrees.

Sheru offers Shastri ji sweet. He tells him he only eats sweets when a proposal is fixed at someone’s place. Sheru tells him he has called him for the proposal. Shastri ji says once he finds a good proposal for Avni… jija claims that he has got the guy in front. Shastri ji asks is it Raj? He says ‘oh! You have got it right, his wife wants him to take Raj’s proposal to Avni’s dad but he asked him.’ Shastri ji eats the sweets now.

Avni and Arpita were decorating the house in traditional Indian way. Arpita has chosen a list of traditional Indian foods from the internet. Bhawna and Sanvri were cooking. Sanvri adds a lot of chilli in the vegetable, Arpita and Avni gets worried. Avni suggests that Sanvri should cook the sweet dish now while she and Arpita will look after the vegetables. Bhawna gets a call that the guests have left the airport.

Akshit apologizes Suket in the car. Suket was worried if the arrangements for the guests could be made appropriately or not. The guests arrive; Avni, Arpita, Bhawna and Sanvri receive them in the traditional way doing ‘Arti’. The guests ask what does “namastay” means, Suket says it is a way to welcome guests. One of the guests calls Arpita from behind, Arpita turns and calls ‘Kavita!’ hugging her. Sanvri thinks so this is Kavita Maheshvary whose Banglow she has to buy. Suket thanks to Bhawna. She tells him it was not hers but his daughter’s idea. They were in the lounge serving the guests. Kavita tells Arpita that she misses this all in America while she was serving the cold-drinks. Sanvri encourages her to drink as she had prepared it herself. Avni serves the drink to the foreign male who gets a cough after tasting it. She asks if he was okay? He asks what was this for. She tells him it is an appetizer, which is very good for summers. Suket sees someone arrives at the door, he goes to welcome Mr. Chohan. He tells him he had gone to some relatives. He tells him he reached hotel and came to know the arrangements were here at his home. Avni comes right there telling him it is because her father thought the guests will find themselves more at home this way. She serves him with the drink. He says her father thought all right. Suket introduces his daughter as Avni. He says it was nice meeting you and they come in.

The foreigner guy asks the manager ‘This is a nice house and the food here would also be nice. I v heard the ‘Laal Mash’ is a famous dish here, can I get it’. The manager says he has sent a man to get the ‘Laal Mash’ for him from the best caterer here Jashan Arora. He must be here anytime. The foreigner gets delighted that it’s coming. Avni tells Mr. Chohan that they have arranged all the Rajasthani dishes but only vegetarian for the guests. Arpita serves the foreign guests with ‘Katchori’, he asks if he could get one more. Kavita asks hows her married life was going. Sanvri comes to them, Arpita introduces her bua ji. She says ‘Oh! This is Kavita Maheshwary. The one you talked about for the banglow. ’ She says ‘Yes, I am the one. Whenever you want to buy the Banglow, let us know’. Sanvri says ‘I am confirming you that we will buy the Banglow soon’ Kavita leaves as she gets a missed call. Arpita tells bua ji that she must talk to Kavita after discussing it with Phupa-ji as he was angry at her for calling the dealer the other day. Sanvri scolds her that she must not discuss it with anyone; she will do it in her own way. She cannot understand how important it was for her to buy this Banglow. Sanvri leaves while Arpita got upset.

Akshit gives the presentation to the foreigners. Mr. Chohan appreciates him while Suket tells him to bring the file he gave him yesterday. Arpita was in room, she shows him a saree that she had bought for Kavita. Akshit does not pay any attention to him asking where the file was. She points at it, there were 3 files, he picks one and leaves. Arpita sees he got the wrong file and runs after him. There Akshit hands the file over to Mr. Chohan. Arpita points at Akshit about the file but he doesn’t understand. She tries to call him but the phone was powered off. Mr. Chohan studies the file for a while, then laughs saying that seeing this file hotel apart, they can turn to be good cooks. Suket sees the file, and leaves saying he himself will get the file. Arpita was worried in the room; Suket takes the file from her and turns to leave when Akshit enters explaining. Suket scolds him where he remained lost; he had to feel embarrassed in front of such important guests. He tells him he thought Akshit will get more responsible after marriage but instead he does not bother about any of his responsibility. What shall he tell the delegates that since his son has got married recently, their working efficiency will be low? He says he will now stay out of the delegation meeting and leaves.

Arpita apologizes Akshit for keeping her file with his. He shouts at her, while she apologizes and they have an argument. He blames her that it was for the first time he was unable to do her work, but because of her… she asked if he was blaming her or their marriage. He says he does not want to say anything. But she says she just want to tell him that if by giving some time to her, his work got so affected, she will never ask him any time again and leaves.

Raj tells the caterer that all the arrangements shall be perfect. He tells him that manager also informed him that all the ‘veg’ and ‘non-veg’ dishes should be separately served. And the ‘laal-mash’ that was ordered, was also kept separate. Raj asks ‘laal-mash? Which Khandelwal was he talking about?’ he says ‘Mr. Suket Khandelwal. He has got some special guests so he ordered non-veg’. Raj says ‘but non-veg is not allowed at their house’ he thinks that this ‘lal-mash’ must not get to his home. He hurries.

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