Update: Tuesday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 78-79)

The entire family along with urmi is shocked when samrat doesnt find it wrong, and blames urmi for having made a mountain out of a molehill. urmi explains the same thing that she had told yesterday, but samrat says that this isnt wrong. urmi and others are shocked. samrat goes onto explain how it isnt wrong, as the wifely duties are to hold the house together and respect her husband and not to shame him in the society.

urmi continues to argue that the societal values dont imply only on women, and why should they make all the compromises. She asks him if he would have given the same logic had a woman done it and returned home. samrat lashes at her and warns her to silence, as he doesnt like replies. she says that she isnt talking nonsense, and points out the disparities between rules for men and women, and whats right for a man isnt right for a woman and instead she is punishable for the same thing, that man is considered to be right. she says that this is wrong.

Urmi tells samrat that if a husband expects his wife to be truthful then he himself should also be and is accountable for that to his wife. She furthersays and with great agitation, that if a woman is liable for punishment for infidelity then so is the infidel man, who’s equally liable for punishment. Samrat gets into a rage and losing his temper, tells her that its enough, and slaps her tight across the face. The entire family is shocked and angered, as the wind gets knocked out of her, and urmi stands shocked beyond belief. He asks her tos ilence now, as she is too stunned to speak herself. He leaves, while she stands there stunned, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Samrat comes out and finds those people who had praised urmi in front of him. They tease him about urmi, and how he would have to keep his guard on her. He says that he doesnt need to, as he already has the noose tightened on her.

In her room, urmi remembers their fight and the violence, as she is packing her suitcase, and her hand falls on the diary that ishaan had given to her to keep her memories together, and she gets emotional. Urmi remembers all the instances when samrat had hurt her, verbally, mentally, emotionally and finally physically, and how she had given into everything for sustaining the relation, whereas he had never reciprocated the same. She begins to cry incoherently. When shashi enters the room and happily finds the she is packing, shashi instigates her saying that she doesnt like it, but knows that she is doing the right thing, as this has become very improtant now.

Urmi is still incolsolable as tears stream down her cheeks. shashi consoles her and asking her not to cry, she says that what samrat did today cant be forgiven, as physical violence is intolerable and that this is the limit now, and asks her to go. She says that urmi wont be here, samrat would come to his senses, and realise that she is his wife, and not some domestic animal or servant with which he can do whatever he pleases to. She helps urmi pack her stuff. She tells urmi that this is the only way to mend him, as when she stays in her home, then he would realise her importance, and how he misbehaved with her, and then he would come running after her, to apologise for what he did.

Downstairs, all are discussing the same, while his father is furious at samrat and his doings. Kanchan says that somewhere its his relaxation that led to samrat’s uncontrollable behaviour today. Diwaker asks her to stop, but his father agrees that she is right, and always avoided confrontation so that things are fine at home, as a resul of which today so much happened, and he couldnt do anything. they are all shocked to find urmi coming down with her suitcase along with shashi. They ask her where is she going, and shashi tells them that she is going to her home.

Samrat’s father asks why’s she going, as this is her hosue too, and she doesnt have to leave. Shashi says that urmi has taken the right descision, and that samrat would be further instigated to do such things, if not rectified today. Kanchan says that samrat wont get in the this habit, as trisha who’s in the police wouldnt let him go scot free after this. Shashi tensedly asks her to shut up. Samrat’s father says that he doesnt understnd whats going on and he doesnt like it, while shashi says that urmi is going for just some days, so that samrat can realise what he did wrong.

Anu’s family is playing antakshari, when gaurav gets stuck and rashmi is inebriated with Bhaang. There is much merriment and fun going on. just then, a toli of people passes by singing loudly, with the same person in the middle, who was after Trisha. He calls out to devi for water, and he asks anu to give it to that person. But he asks for the jug, and saroj asks trisha instead to give ther jug. She gives him water, while he wipes the face, with the water and they both are shocked to see each other, he is amused and she tensed. In the antakshari, anu too sings a romantic number, which suits them perfectly. trisha asks how is he here. he says that he hasnt come for inviting her to coffee, but to put colour on her, as its their first holi. wishing her a happy holi, he again migles with the toli, while they both keep glancing at each other. Trisha stands tensed.

Urmi distraughtedly breaks down into tears, and with folded hands, begs to his father, who also gets emotional seeing her cry, to allow her to go to her parents home, as she wants to go there right now. all are apalled to see her like that.

Annu and her family are having a hearty laugh and bantering, about how the colour is not coming off from some, due to rashmi’s prank. Amidst this, Trisha and urmi’s family are shocked to see urmi standing in the doorway. They rush upto her, and ask how did she come her so suddenly and asks if everything’s alright. Urmi stand silent. They are scared that she came alone and is such a state. Devi and granny too asks whats the matter. Finally saroj jerks her completely and asks her whats the matter. urmi screams out and hugs her tight. All are horrified to see her in such a state, as she incoherently continues crying.

Urtmi cries with the ladies, that she wont go there, as that isnt worth staying. the gents are tensed too. Granny advises her not to think like that, as fights are common but this shouldnt be said. Urmi says that now thibngs are going beyond her limits and that they shouldnt send her back there. saroj says that she wont but asks what had happened. trisha too tries to get her to talk as to why did she take such a big step. urmi cryingly tells that samrat slapped her, and that too without her fault. they are shocked to hear this, while gaurav is furious. She tells the entire incident, and portestingly asks them what wrong did she do to be meted with such behaviour. She is crying inconsolably. gaurav is furious and in a rage.

The entire family is shocked at samrat’s behaviour and is discussing when samrat comes in his own tune, and asks for tea, and heads straight to his room. Shashi says that he would just get it for him. He is looking around for his clothes, and starts hollering for urmi. They aree all tensed downstairs. samrat comes in the balcony and asks them to send urmi. Shashi says that she would just come. He asks her to send urmi. they start looking at each other. He asks around to find where is urmi. his father retorts that she isnt seen as she went to her home. he is shocked and furious and comes down, asking she went again. his father stands upto him, saying that she got tired of his behaviour and hence went. He asks them why didnt they stop her, and why wasnt he informed. He says that she went with her belongings leaving this house. samrat is shocked.

Shashi too butts in, saying that his slap was the reason. He asks how dare she take such a big step. his father says that he too did a big wrong, and they are embarassed for what he did. Diwaker also tries to speak, but he says that they should have stopped her instead of lecturing him now. His father says that it was his fault. Samrat defiantly says that she didnt do right, and that she wronged him. samrat is super furious at the step that urmi has taken in retaliation, and decides that now he would show her how much she means and what she is worth of. All are tensed, while shashi is happy that things are going where she wanted them to. He asks them to tell her that she doesnt need to come back and stay there only. They are all tensed.

Later, they are disxcussing that urmi’s family too must be knowing about it now, and that they wont be able to face her family now. samrat comes in saying that they dont need to overthink, as they arent guilty and they can go to hell, for all he cares. His father says that the family gets affected,a nd asks him to apologise to urmi and get her back. samrat is amused and says that he talks as if he is inebriated, as samrat never apologises to anyone, and says that urmi would come back and beg on her knees in front of him, for forgiveness.

Gaurav comes in saying that he is highly mistaken if he thinks so, as its all in his mind. They are tensed. gaurav asks samrat how dare he slap his sister and what does he think of himself, as she has never been touched even. Samrat says that it was her fault, hence she got it. Gaurav asks him to stay in his limits, as they have sent urmi as his wife, to be treated with respect, not with slavery and ill mannered behaviour. Shashi tries to calm him down. Samrat tells gaurav that instaed of lecturing him, he should advise urmi, and should instead teach her some things, so that she doesnt do such foolishness.

Gaurav asks samrat not to forget that he too has a sister, and if he had taught her manners, then today they wouldnt have had to take the harsh descision of cutting ties with her. samrat gets furious and grabs him by the collar and gaurav too reciprocates similarly. the others try to keep their hands off each other. Samrat is furious that he has to listen these things in his house. gaurav says that the truth is bitter. Samrat asks them to ask gaurav to leave this house or else he would lose his mind. Gaurav asks him not to even think of doing this again, as her brother is still alive. samrat says that wont be needed, as he has made a descision. He tells gaurav to keep urmi there only from now, as she isnt needed here. All are shocked. gaurav says that he can keep her all his life. samrat asks him to do so then. shashi asks gaurav to go home right now. samrat too motions him to go. Gaurav leaves in haste.

Saroj and others are tensed, when saroj starts venting out frustration that she always knew that this was coming now. Devi says that they arent enemies of urmi. saroj says that whenever she tried to raise a doubt on samrat’s peculiar behaviour, she was advised not to think about it, instaed of paying heed to her concerns. gaurav comes in asking her not to bother, as he too gave samrat a lesson. they are all shocked. He is asked where he went. He says that he went to samrat’s house. gaurav says that he gave samrat a lesson for life, that urmi’s family is with her, and they havent forgotten her, after marriage. All are tensed. 

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