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Pratibha comes inside with a heavy heart. She remembers Mahen’s accusations and Peehu’s thinking. She notices Pushpa Chachi’s number had half deleted, but she have asked her to call her if she need some help. Pratibha calls Pushpa Chachi, Chachi asks when is she giving a party as she has found Peehu. Pushpa asks if she tell everyone how Peehu was blackmailing her, she asks if she scold her or everyone accused her and went out to enjoy. Pratibha asks how she knows all about it, Chachi asks how can’t she get love and respect both from her family if she struggles for it. She offers her help, if Pratibha wants it. Pratibha asks Chachi if she wants to meet her then she is free. Pushpa gives her a time of 10 o clock. Pratibha says she has to do a lot of things at 10. Chachi says she will leaves and it is up to her that she spends a normal day or take some time for herself, and if she isn’t in time she should not call her again.

The family come back home, having enjoyed the outing. Sanjeev comes to Pratibha, Anmol says he brought her favorite ice-cream for her. Sunidhi says it would have been good if she would have gone too. Pratibha says she will go the next time, Sunidhi doesn’t hear and leaves. She watches the ice-cream and Mahen comes from the front. He is angry at her and goes in the room. Pratibha comes inside, she asks Mahen for taking his dress but he stops her and do it himself. She thinks about all the anger and complain Mahen had done to her. She remembers that he has always apologized for his misbehavings, she smiles. She looks for Mahen in the doorway, this time also she is expecting him to apologize but he didn’t and go to bed. Prathiba also comes to bed with a heavy heart. She thinks she has to meet Chachi tomorrow, but she wonders how it will be possible at 10.

The next morning, Pratibha is worried that she has never go out without asking anyone, what if her mother in-law denies her from going out. She thinks about asking Mahen, Mahen wakes up and thinks what is Prathiba doing in the kitchen so early. She wonders if it right to trust her and why she wants to help her. She has help her to found Peehu and talked to her as if she knows everything about her life. She says what is wrong in meeting her, Sunidhi asks who is she going to meet. Pratibha asks how she wake up so early, Sunidhi says she is also about to ask the same and that it seems she is also going out because she has also prepared for the lunch. Pratibha says she wake up early today. Sunidhi wonders why is she lying to her. Mahen leaves early for shop, Pratibha calls him that she will get his lunch packed in 10 minutes. Mahen tells Raashi he will send someone. Pratibha waits for Shalu, Shalu comes home. Pratiba gives her all the instructions. Sunidhi says she will know what is happening here. Pratibha tells Shalu that she has done all the preparations, now it is her turn to look after everything. Shalu assures her that she will look after it all and she should go without worry.

Sunidhi come to Raashi who is getting ready. She asks Raashi if she going somewhere, Raashi says she is going to the temple. Sunidhi gives her counter and says she should ask Pratibha to drop her out. Raashi asks where is she going. Pratibha is just leaving, when Raashi calls her from behind. She stops at the door, Raashi asks where is she going. Pratibha couldn’t answer. Raashi asks when did she go out without telling her and why is she leaving today. Pratibha lies just to get out of the house, so that she meet with Pushpa and says she is going to get grocery. Sunidhi says she should also take Raashi along, Raashi goes out. Pratibha looks at her watch, Sunidhi closes the door behind. Pratibha watches the time in the restaurant, she thinks she is half an hour late and she might have left. A waiter asks Pratibha for how many guest should he set the table. Pratibha says someone is waiting for her inside. Sunidhi says she has a stomach ache, and wants to know where has Pratibha gone. She opens the door, and asks the boy to get tiffin. She says if she does something that Mahen has to question Pratibha and what will she do then. Pratibha comes to Pushpa and says she got a bit late. Pushpa tell her that she dislikes late comers, and is going now.

Pratibha requests Pushpa, and she asks what is the problem. Pratibha says there isn’t any problem. Pushpa asks if there have been a problem, she wouldn’t have come here with flour in hand and hair uncombed. Pratibha says she doesn’t know where to begin. Shalu is packing the tiffin, Sunidhi asks her to make chocolate chip for Bubu and in the meanwhile she removes the lunch from the tiffin and that she needs to tell Mahen about Pratibha went out. Pratibha is not taking the soup properly, Pushpa asks if is not good. She says there is increased salt in it, but she will manage. Pushpa asks why manage, when she is paying for it. She should order the waiter that it will be replaced. Sunidhi calls Raashi saying the pest control team came here, but Pratibha has still not returned.

Pushpa calls the waiter, he comes and asks Pratibha what happened. Pratibha tell him that the soup has more salt in it. The manager asks the waiter to come and bring a new soup for her. Pushpa says life is also like food dishes and what does she want from life. What is more and what is less. Pratibha says to be honest, she needs a change as she can never say no to anyone. She never tell her likes and dislikes to anyone, she adjusts herself according to the necessities of others; then it doesn’t matter that soup has more salt or less. Pratibha tastes the soup, and says it is good. Pushpa suggests to let them begin with the first lesson, today at home she has to say no to the things she doesn’t like. Pratibha asks how will she do it, she then says she will. Pushpa tells her that her chachi is a detector, and can no when she is lying. A lawyer brings file for Pushpa, she asks Pratibha to leave now as she has to make a call.

Mahen open the tiffin, and sees that there was no bread. The lawyer brings Pushpa’s notice for him, he is worried.
Pushpa watches their family album, and says she is back to meet them all. They will have fun. Sunidhi stll waits for Pratibha to come back home. Anmol is making his hair, when Raashi comes across him. He complains that she disturbed his spikes. Raashi asks him to get his hair set, and asks Sunidhi where are the pest control. Sunidhi says they have left, Raashi says she doesn’t know. Sunidhi says she must have told her, Raashi says she will see her when she comes back. Pratibha comes home, Raashi comes to her and asks where she was. Pratibha is quiet and she moves in to get the glass of water Shalu had brought. Raashi asks will she tell them something, Pratibha says she went to meet a friend of her where she goes to do grocery. She asks Shalu to go inside, Sunidhi whispers to Raashi that Pratibha doesn’t have a friend. Raashi asks where was this friend born, but Anmol asks her for food. Sunidhi wonders who this friend is and how will she know. She thinks now Mahen’s tiffin can do it.

Mahen is busy at work, and calls Pushpa. He asks what she wants. She says he know it well but he says she doesn’t have a right in what she is asking. She says there is and he tell her that she is simply greedy. She says sometimes the greed of money isn’t everything. Mahen says she will never get what she wants. Pushpa hangs on. Mahen’s peon asks for food, but he says no that he is not hungry. He asks him to arrange for food, as the Lawyer is coming. Pratibha asks Anmol to finish up his food but the kids make fun of her. She couldn't say no to them for making fun of her, but she doesn’t say it. Raashi gives him money to get what he wants to eat, Sunidhi asks her to receive her clothes from tailors. Everyone leaves the table, but Pratibha goes into the kitchen, lost and worried. She thinks when every person says no to her and that saying no is really difficult for her.

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