Update: Friday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 84-85)

While all are excited for the party, urmi is sad. He says that they have come to invite them all and to take urmi back. he asks gaurav to let go of everything and start afresh. He complies. granny is pleased with his behaviour too. devi too agrees. Shashi and her husband say that they have come to take urmi. Urmi signals to saroj, that she wont go with them. She is tensed. But granny says that this doesnt need any complainec and definitely she would go. all are tensed sensing urmis’ disapproval. She again signals saroj that she wont go. saroj makes up a story that urmi could stay here another night, and sends devi and granny in tension, and says that she would cvo9me to leave urmi tomorrow. They agree. Devi is upset but doesnt say

Samrat and others are bantering, while he is in a good mood, as his parents have gone to get urmi. samrat says that this was to happen and she would have to go, as she is pregnant and now she would be rid of her ego. kanchan asks him to think about the newborn and not the ego now. samrat says that a man wins over a woman only when he becomes a father. Samrat gloats in front of everyone that now the child would drag urmi here, and then she would forever be chained in this house, for life. Diwaker and kanchan are tensed to hear this. samrat says that with the child, the woman is rendered uselss and unacceptable by the society as she steps alone outside. Diwaker disagrees with it, kanchan too. He says that a woman is a human, not a thing.

Samrat starts taunting him yet again on his slavery of his wife. He tells kanchan too that urmi is now chained for life to him. His parenst hear his stance as they come inside. Samrat begins with the party prep. All join in. The phone rings, and rashmi asks shashi about the party preps. rashmi says that urmi isnt ready to go at all, shocking shashi, that urmi has said a flat no t5o going back, even after explaining so much. shashi is angry6. rashmi asks what would she say to the gueste who come. Shashi says that urmi is also like samrat, a drama queen. She cancels the phone and sends the servant to go outside and work. she tells about urmi’s descision to the family.

Shashi begins to instigate samrat, by commenting that urmi or her mother, both are in no hurry for urmi to come back, and are much comfortable there only. Samrat confidently says that she would definitely come and her own father would get her, as she has no place else to go. He tells them that he has bought urmi’s father much cheap, reminding them of the gift. He tells how he would advise urmi about going to samrat’s place. His father is tensed, but he asks him to relax.

As trisha comes out of the academy, she starts searching around for the same man, but doesnt find him anywhere. she asks about him from the guard. Thne guard too ejoys her tension, and says that he didnt come here. she turns back inside the academy, when she hears his voice that he had said that he would miss her. He asks her to confess if she loves him. She says that they mistake attention for love, and that she is habituated to his irritating behaviour. He says that the first step has been taken and soon it shall be love. She is tensed and shy while he turns and giving her one last glance, leaves.

Urmi sits distraught, when she gets trisha’s phone, who asks about her descision. She asks urmi not to take a descision in her pregnancy and should only go if she and her child gets happiness there, as compromise would only make her life hell, and should think over it, before taking a descision, as much has happened with her in a short span of time. she says that an abortion can save many wrong doings, but if she goes ahead under pressure, she would just get more entangled. Shev says that everyone wants her to be happy, but only she knows what would make her happy, and hence she shouldnt let injustice be meted out to her.

Trisha says that always women have dealt with sadness and suffering, but she being educated, should take a thought over descision, as she desrves self respect and happiness. she asks urmi to take care of herself, and extends her support always. Urmi cancels the phone, breaking into tears. anu is apalled to find her like this. urmi is sad and tensed too. Anu too tells her that if she isnt happy, then she shouldnt go back. urmi breaks into tears.

At the party, all are congratulating samrat and shashi about the good news. They start to ask about urmi. samrat overhears, shashi’s concern that urmi and her family havent come yet, and maybe she might just disrespect them all in front of the guests, by not making a presence. he asks shashi to go and ask samrat about it. But samrat is confident that they would come. He finds urmi’s family at the entrance and is happy, but doesnt find urmi. the screen freezes on his face.

Samrat and shashi are finally happy that they wont over urmi and her family. Devi and others start searching for urmi when they dont find him around. samrat and his family are tensed too. samrat eyes an evil look, as he finds urmi finally having succumbed to his victory. urmi stares at him coldly, as they remember their exchange of words. samrat eyes victoriously. saroj goes to urmi and gets her inside the house. His father greets them all. urmi bends to take hisblessings. Samrat excuses himself to go to them. He welcomes urmi’s parents and everyone else, especially Gaurav.

Shashi too smiles evilly and goes to meet them. She asks for rashmi, and is told that she is outside getting stuff out from the car. urmi eyes samrat sternly, while he smiles and congratulates her, and compliments that she is glowing with the baby. He tries to joke with her and tease him, and she is hurt with his carefree attitude. Shashi notixces the tension between them, and thanks her for having come. urmi smiles fake. Devi asks shashi to let the bygone be so, and move afresh. He tells them that urmi made a mistake, and they are all shocked, as he asks for an apology. he goes to samrat also to apologise on urmi’s behalf. samrat asks him to forget everything as he has, as urmi had gone to her home only. urmi remembers how samrat actually feels about her relation with her parents.

He pretends to be very happy with urmi, while buaji and gaurav eye him tensedly. They all come inside. samrat asks urmi wehy she didnt congratulate him. She just stares on coldly. Kanchan comes to break the silence between them. but samrat goes to take urmi to meet his friends, gloating about his parenthood and his luck that she got a beautiful wife and a child too, who gets her beauty and his brains. Urmi doesnt respond at all. He takes her and makes her sit down, and relax. He tells her that she is going to be the mother of his child, and hence he would have to take care of her. she is stunned at this change, but doesnt say anything. Kanchan leaves the baby in the crib with urmi.

Samrat addresses them all saying that he wants to share his happy news with them and particularly that things turned out exactly as they had wanted. He dedicates the first song of the night to urmi. As the song, TUM HI HO plys, he descends down, and extends his hand to urmi to ask her to dance, and she doesnt refuse seeing the guests. She stands still while he continues to try to get her to dance with him. Saroj and buaji notice urmi’s discomfort while all others are in oblivion and revel at samrat’s gesture. finally he kisses her on the forhead. All clap for the romantic performance. samrat gets everyone to dance in this happiness, after helping urmi to sit down. While all this is happening, the servant accidentally sprays some water on the floor.

Meanwhile kanchan’s daughter starts screaming and urmi thinks that she’s hungry. All are dancing together, while urmi excuses herself to get milk for the baby, and much to everyone’s shock slips on the water sprayed on the floor, screaming out loud. but they are relieved as they find her in samrat’s arms, who says that he had told her that she would have to take double care of herself. They all rush to her, asking if she’s okay. They seat her calmly. He asks someone to get her water. saroj is tensed for urmi, while rashmi asks her to take care of herself.

Meanwhile, samrat finds the water sprayes on the floor. Samrat gets angry asking who is responsible for the water on the floor. He eyes as the servant looks at him guiltily and gets in a rage. He calls him. All are tensed seeing his anger. He asks the servant again. The servant apologises for the mistake, while he begins to curse the servant, and is hell bent on punishing him, when samrat’s father and urmi’s father step in and asks him to calm down. samrat asks him not to interfere, saying that he cant let go of this, as small things go ignored and lead to bigger disasters but not in this house. Urmi is tensed. 

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