Nigerian Lady Calls Out Slay Queen For Attempting To Snatch Her Boyfriend (See)

A Facebook lady, Jessy Bakare has called out a slay queen, Tolani for attempting to snatch her boyfriend from her, through her constant texting, calling, literal sex pestering and nude bombarding.

The bitter Jessy shared screenshots of the calls, chats and nude photo, while adding that she should stay out of her lane, stay away from her boyfriend or get crushed.

Khloe Becomes The 3rd Kardarshian Expecting A Child

It''s baby season for the Kardashian clan as Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with Tristan Thompson's baby. The reality star, 33, is said to be 'four months pregnant'. Khloe's reported pregnancy makes her the third member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to be expecting a child.

Younger sister Kylie Jenner, 20, is said to be expecting rapper Travis Scott's baby. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian, 36, and rapper husband Kanye West, 40, are said to be expecting a baby girl via surrogate in January.

Farmer Kills Step-Daughter Under Drug Influence In Katsina, Seeks Forgiveness

A 30-year-old farmer and father of 6, Akilu  Saidu, said on Tuesday that he  was under the influence of drugs when he attacked his 4-year-old step-daughter, Saratu Yahuza, who later died.

Saidu said this in a brief chat with punch correspondent shortly before he was arraigned for culpable homicide before a Katsina State Senior Magistrates’ Court.

He added that he was confused and remorseful when he later learnt that the step-daughter died at the hospital.

Saidu said, “How could I have intentionally killed her? Saratu was like a daughter to me. I have six children from another wife while Saratu’s mother is even pregnant for me; I married her mother about 6 months ago. “On the day of the incident, I recalled that I bought a drug from a chemist in our village and shortly thereafter the incident happened. “It was my uncle who rushed Saratu to the hospital where she later died. I am indeed sorry about the incident.” The presiding magistrate, Hajiya Falile Dikko, however, adjourned the case till October 31, 2017 for mention.  She directed that Saidu should be remanded in the prison custody till then.

The police prosecutor, Inspector Sani Ado, had earlier told the court that investigation into the incident was ongoing.

The police picked up Saidu shortly after he had allegedly murdered his step-daughter.

The incident occurred on September 17 at Yankara Village in the Faskari Local Government Area of Katsina State.

Kylie Jenner Stepped Out Rocking Her Baby Bump (Photo)

Reality star, Kylie Jenner stepped out today rocking her baby bump…

Update: Wednesday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 111-112)

Tauji says when she does not realise her mistake then the punishment is no point. Urmi, who still does not agree to her mistake finally gives in and does as asked. Seeing Urmi crying washing his feet, Tauji ( Garjan ) feels bad and remove his feet. He stand up but Samrat insists Urmi to drink the water. Tauji stop him and tells Samrat not to do this. Samrat leave the sitting room in annoyance. Tauji is not happy seeing how helpless Urmi is as he knows her to be bond, clever and hate injustice. The entire family are upset with Samrat behaviour towards Urmi except Shashi.

Mandira asks her grandmother why she made complain to Samrat and tells her that she is very bad. Urmi is even more upset to see that most of the family is supporting her but her own son Shaurya does not even speak a word in her support. Urmi finds solace in front of  Goddess Durga's idol. Tauji sees Urmi crying in front of God and thinks that if Urmi is actually right. He finds that something wrong is going on in the house and decides to correct everything by looking into the depth of it and change her days.

At Samrat’s residence, Samrat gets drunk and in his inebriated state, he talks about how much he missed Tauji ( uncle ) and that if there’s any person who can completely understand him, it's his Tauji. Tauji tells him that he and Urmi don't match and look a mismatch couple, and that he should have been there to take a descision for him for his marriage. Samrat speaks to his 'Tauji' about Urmi that Urmi is alright but he always keeps her under his dominance and that they are a perfect match, and when in the beginning she used to talk much, he used to silence her and now she is completely docile. Tauji plays along with Samrat, for him to vent out his anger in order to know the fact about Urmi plight. His 'Tauji' then realizes that Urmi is having a tough time in the house. Tauji asks him bluntly that he doesn't look happy. Amrit comes in asking how can he be unhappy when he is around saying that he takes complete care of Akash. Tauji reprimands him for being here always. Amrit is uncomfortable. Samrat goes to recive a phone call. Amrit tells Tauji that he is here with Aditi, and serves Samrat. Tauji taunts Amrit for staying in his wife's house. He adds that he is a Ghar Jamai, and half woman as this isn't masculine. Amrit takes it jokingly, and says that he is new here, and lives like a son, and that that he would never give Tauji a reason to complain. Amrit is tensed with Tauji’s behaviour, and thinks that Tauji wont let him stay here and that he would have to do something.

In the room, Urmi tries to put shaurya to sleep, while crying inconsolably herself. He doses off. Urmi remembers the insult Samrat did in front of Tauji and Shaurya, and is emotional.

The next morning, all are bantering, when Amrit tells Aditi that Tauji doesn't like him staying here. While they are talking, Mandira comes in asking them to find what Shaurya has done in her room. As they reach there, they are shocked to find that Shaurya has torn all of Mandira’s books apart, just because she refused to play with him. Shaurya starts to behave like Samrat and has no respect for Mandira and his mother. Kanchan tries to pet Mandira. Seeing this Urmi scolds Shaurya and asks him to apologize to Mandira but Shaurya doesn't as he stands defiant, shocking urmi all the more, when he ill talks back. Shashi however favours Shaurya and is disturbed to find Urmi mistreating him. Urmi asks him to apologise, but he stands defiant. Finally, he goes to Mandira, and eyes her stoically and then rushes out. Kanchan starts reprimanding him. Shashi asks Urmi to let be, and stop this matter. But Urmi says that this kind of behaviour isn't right. Shashi instead starts reprimanding Mandira, for not playing when her brother wanted her to. Kanchan reprimands Shashi that she always favours her grandson over her granddaughter, but Shashi silences them and asks them to work in the kitchen. Urmi is tensed.

In his room, while Samrat and Tauji are discussing business, Shaurya pretends to be very hurt, he complains to his father and also lies to him saying that his mother beat him up badly. Samrat instanstly gets furious and rushes out. Tauji watches this tensely. Urmi silence Mandira up, while Samrat comes in asking how dare she hit his son. Urmi says that she didn't hit him. Samrat scolds her and asks her to stop her dramatising. She tells him what actually happened, but Samrat refuses to see his child’s mistake, and asks how dare she hit him. Urmi says that scolding him was right and that he needs punishment too but Samrat jerks off her advise. Tauji' watches the entire episode.

At Anu’s residence, Gayatri Granny talks on the phone, about another propective bride but when Gaurav and Saroj hear this, they are disturbed. Gaurav tells them that he doesn't want to get married as he is fed up of all this. Granny tries to advise him but he doesn't listen. Saroj too tries to talk but Gaurav says that he didn't find any worthygirl. Granny assures him that he would find the right girl, and it would take time. Gaurav asks if they still have some insults to bear and that he doesn't want to get married and that's final. Gayatri Granny says that she needs an heir and starts crying. Gaurav asks her to stop being emotional and leaves. Anu consoles Granny and asks her to let it be, as Gaurav is already upset but she doesn't comply. Saroj too is frustrated. Granny says that she won't live in peace till she gets Gaurav married to a nice girl. Saroj and Anu are tensed.

At Samrat’s residence, Samrat tells Urmi that she has become too involved in raising the child, hence forgotten whose child she is rasing, and that she can't raise her hand on him, and says that she would have to be reminded whose child she is hitting. Shashi too sides with Samrat, and instigates her against Urmi. Urmi is shocked to hear this. Kanchan says that Urmi isn't at fault but Samrat silences her. He asks Shaurya if Urmi hit him. He pretnds to be very hurt and says that she did. Samrat tells him that now he too would slap his mother. Everybody gets a shock when Samrat asks Shaurya to beat his mother as a punishment to her. Aditi asks Samrat to stop, but he shuts her up. Samrat’s father says that this is highly wrong and asks him to stop. Samrat silences him too. Samrat says that this is his court and he would do and give justice the way he wants to. He asks Shaurya to slap Urmi while all are shocked. Finally he slaps Urmi, filling her with indignation, while all are apalled at Urmi’s condition except for Shashi. To add insult to torture, Samrat taunts her that if it's paining very bad, due to his small hands, they can apply lotion on her face and attend to her. Tauji is also shocked to see this and is very upset that Urmi is not happy and respected by her husband. Kanchan leaves in disgust. Samrat tells her to remember this from now on, that she is raising Samrat’s child. After this, everyone leaves, while leaving Urmi, face Tauji and the children. Mandira too leaves reprimanding Shaurya that he would face much torture later, for lying so much. Tauji hears all of this with shock from Mandira and that Shaurya lies confidently to his father about his mother Garjan ( Tauji ) eyes this all with much introspective. Tauji real name is Garjan while Tauji means uncle.

Tauji comes to Urmi, while she is heartbroken, and seeing Urmi's plight, 'Tauji' indirectly advises her to stop tolerating the wrong being done to her saying that every man as dushasan is always insulting women, and didn't leave even draupadi, and they would undermine every woman who’s under them, and bound by some relation. He tells her that the person who bears the insult is equally as the person who insults. But krishan was there as the carrier of the justice and that indirectly hinting that he can just show her the way, but she would have to fight this war and that's only hers. Tauji further gives her advise but in an inirect way, that her bearing this torture, is only increasing her adaptability to torture and nothing else. Garjan ( Tauji ) asks her to fight for herself saying that the society that respects women also disrespects them on numerous occasions. Urmi says that in the world, either all the women are sad, or bear silently. Garjan ( Tauji ) further encourages Urmi to fight for herself respect, saying that every woman has a Krishna, and asks her to convert her own challenge into a fire, and stop bearing the insults meted out to her. Urmi is forced to think on what Tauji said.

The next morning, Tauji observes Shaurya while he is playing and asks Tauji to step aside so that he can play. Even 'Tauji' realizes that Samrat has injected all of his arrogance into his son Shaurya and thinks that Shaurya is a true copy of the arrogant Samrat. Tauji is playing video games on his tablet, only to distract Shaurya and finally winning in it. Shaurya demands him to give it to him. But Tauji says that liar children can't play this, and hence he can't play it, and that this is for Mandira, who would play and also take it to school. Shaurya says that he doesn't lie and hence he is eligible to play. But Tauji says that he is lying and he can find out since he is a magician, and finds when children are lying and gets him in his trap. Shaurya is left speechless, as he finds himself guilty in front of Tauji.

At Samrat’s office, in the office while Samrat is working, Amrit cunningly makes Samrat's brother vacate the office as Amrit comes in complaining a lot, and Diwaker comes in too. Samrat asks what's the matter. Amrit says that he has been accused of stealing, and he won't tolerate it. Diwaker says that he clearly remembers that he had taken the money. Samrat asks him to clarify, and Diwakar says that he had loaned him one lakh. Amrit deny that he didn't take any money like that. Diwaker says that his mistake was to trust him as a family, and that he didn't get any voucher signed by him. Instead of reprimanding Amrit, Samrat turns his fury on Diwaker, asking why didn't he get the voucher signed by Amrit, and asks for the proof that Amrit took the money. Diwaker tells Samrat that Amrit continued to avoid signing the voucher. Amrit takes it on a diffrent tangent, saying that he knows he came in between Samrat and him in handlng business, but asks not to be blamed for something that he didn't do wrong. Amrit plays the victim saying that he is leaving, and Diaker says that he is just dramatising but Samrat stops him saying that he won't go anywhere and the person who has done wrong would go, and that's Diwaker. Diwaker is shocked while Amrit smiles evilly.

26th September: Today In History

Today is Tuesday, Sept. 26th, the 269th day of 2017. There are 96 days left in the year.
Today’s Highlight in History:
1892:  John Philip Sousa and his newly formed band performed publicly for the first time at the Stillman Music Hall in Plainfield, New Jersey.
1777: British troops occupied Philadelphia during the American Revolution.
1789:  Thomas Jefferson was confirmed by the Senate to be the first United States secretary of state; John Jay, the first chief justice; Edmund Randolph, the first attorney general.
1835:  The opera “Lucia di Lammermoor” by Gaetano Donizetti was first performed at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, Italy.
1907:  New Zealand went from being a colony to a dominion within the British Empire.
1914:  The Federal Trade Commission was established.
1937:  The radio drama “The Shadow,” starring Orson Welles, premiered on the Mutual Broadcasting System.
1957:  The musical play “West Side Story” opened on Broadway.
1960:  The first-ever debate between presidential nominees took place as Democrat John F. Kennedy and Republican Richard M. Nixon faced off before a national TV audience from Chicago.
1977:  Sir Freddie Laker began his cut-rate “Skytrain” service from London to New York. (However, the carrier went out of business in 1982.)
1986:  William H. Rehnquist was sworn in as the 16th chief justice of the United States, while Antonin Scalia joined the Supreme Court as its 103rd member.
1991:  Four men and four women began a two-year stay inside a sealed-off structure in Oracle, Arizona, called Biosphere 2. (They emerged from Biosphere on this date in 1993.)
1997:  A Garuda Indonesia Airbus A-300 crashed while approaching Medan Airport in north Sumatra, killing all 234 people aboard.
Retired baseball All-Star Bobby Shantz is 92.
Actor Philip Bosco is 87. Actor Richard Herd is 85.
South African nationalist Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is 81.
Country singer David Frizzell is 76.
Actor Kent McCord is 75.
Television host Anne Robinson is 73.
Singer Bryan Ferry is 72.
Quotes Of The Day: 
 “Whatever you think, be sure it is what you think; whatever you want, be sure that is what you want; whatever you feel, be sure that is what you feel.” 

EFCC Arrests Four Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Edo State (Photo)

Four suspected internet fraudsters will soon be arraigned in court by the Benin Zonal office of the EFCC. The suspects, Shiko Romeo, Bobby Edigiu, Henry Nisike and Emmanuel Ayo were arrested recently by men of the Nigeria police force on suspicion of being involved in internet fruad.

Upon handing the suspects over to the EFCC Benin Zonal Office, operatives of the Commission embarked on painstaking investigations including forsenic analysis of their laptops where incriminating documents were retrieved and printed.

The suspects later confessed to their involvement in internet fruad using fake identification on Facebook in their attempt to hoodwinked unsuspecting persons especially European and American women.

For instance, Shiko Romeo, who claims to be a student of National Open University, NOUN, confessed that he scammed the duo of Kitty Zamaripas and Susan various sums of money with a promise of love relationship using the name John Culfer who lives in New Jersey, USA.

Four Days After Moving In, Tenant Disappears With Landlord's Two Children (Photo)

A self-styled couple, who rented a room on Odo Oba Street at Academy, Ibadan, Oyo State, have disappeared with the two daughters of their landlord, Benjamin Bamidele, 36, and his wife, Bose, 32, after four days.

According to Tribune, the incident reportedly occurred on Monday, September 18, while the stolen children’s names were given as Victoria, 5, and Mary, 2.

A man, who gave his name as Monday Williams and claimed to be an indigene of Benin, Edo State, came to rent a room in the Boys’ Quarters adjoining a 20-room storey building where the children lived with their parents.

According to the 72-year-old grandmother of the victims, Madam Bamidele, “the tenant came to the house to seek accommodation and I directed him to our caretaker. The next thing I saw was that he came back to wash the floor of the room.

He moved in on Thursday, September 14 with a woman he called his wife. When I noticed that he did not come with any belongings, I called the caretaker’s attention to it, but the caretaker said that the tenant claimed he still had his things in his brother’s place.

The tenant went out on Monday morning. I was downstairs where his ‘wife’ came to meet me and started chatting with me. The two children were with me. After a while, the tenant’s ‘wife’ told me that she wanted to buy biscuit for my grandchildren.

Since there was a provision seller in front us, I gave the move no thought, and before I knew what was happening, I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up and it suddenly dawned on me that my grandchildren were not with me.

I called their mother who was upstairs to know if they were with her, but she said no. We went to the caretaker, asking him to call the tenant’s number, but to our shock, the number could not be reached.

All the line was saying was ‘Sorry, the customer you dialled is barred from receiving calls." When contacted, the police image-maker in the state, Adekunle Ajisebutu said that the case was under investigation.

Controversial Nigerian Pastor Resurrects A Dead Boy In South Africa (Photo)

South Africa, Anointed Prophet CFM/Seer1, yesterday bewildered his congregation after he resurrected a boy that was brought to the church dead by his parents.

According to TheDailyInsider, the parents, Mr and Mrs Clive,nsaid their son died at 6am but they decided not to take him to the mortuary because they had heard about the new Prophet in South Africa.

They brought him to be resurrected because they had heard great things about the Prophet's work.

This is not the first time the young prophet has set tongues wagging, last week at his church, he 'commanded' dollars to enter into people's pockets and real dollars were seen in people's pockets on live TV.

A number of people have expressed disbelief and labelled the Prophet Seer1 as a magician with strong powers while many deem him as Messiah. A quick check by reporters on his church last Sunday showed hundreds of people worshiping him, some going so far as calling him Jesus.

"I have the power, I can perform anything that I want including changing a man to a woman, making you rich and taking away bad luck from you, " the Prophet was heard saying.

One Killed, Car Burnt As Nigerians Fight Over Biafra In India (Photo)

The secessionist struggle in Nigeria is spilling blood on Bengaluru's roads, with students taking sides over the issue and clashing repeatedly. Times of India reports that the police are now looking at getting the students concerned deported.

In the latest in this series of attacks and counter-attacks over the Biafra secession issue in Nigeria, a dozen students created a ruckus in Hennur in the early hours of Sunday, allegedly attacking the residence of one Elvis Ohachosim, 39, and setting his car ablaze.

The pre-dawn attack was in retaliation to Elvis attacking two Nigerian friends the previous evening.

Police said Sunday's arson is the latest skirmish between two groups of Nigerians since September 3, when one N. Chigozie allegedly died in suspicious circumstances, after clashes between the gangs at an African restaurant.

"We have filed four cases against these two groups in just 20 days," a police officer said.

Chigozie's brother Nonso, meanwhile, filed a complaint accusing a group of Nigerians, led by Aiwa, of attacking him and his brother at African Kitchen in Kothanur, on the night of September 2, while discussing Biafran issue. Police held six Africans and recently, all of them were released on bail.

Elvis is believed to have led a gang of Nonso's supporters and attacked Christoper Okwi Onuigbo and his friend Ani Charles, who was arrested for the September 2 attack on Nonso.

Kothanur police filed a case against six people, including Elvis. Nonso's supporters have been identified as Elvis Ohachosim, Emmanuel, Grant, Pastor Jeremiah, among others.

His rivals are Aiwa Chuks, Obinna Charles, Okwuchukwu Christopher, Chinedu, Zola Henry, Blessing Ikoko, Morris, Black C, Vin, Sunny Ejinkeonye, Gana Nwagbo, Bona Nwaizu and others.

Unidentified Woman Dies During Hajj Pilgrimage In Saudi Arabia (Photo)

This woman in the picture below is said to have died in Saudi Arabia during the just concluded pilgrimage. According to an online user who shared the deceased’s photo, the woman is yet to be fully identified by the Hajj authorities in a bid to locate her family or relatives.
Below is what was shared on Facebook
Salamun Alaikum: pls, Muslims brothers and sisters, this woman your seeing, on this picture, she passed away in Saudi Arabia, she’s amongst the Pilgrims of the just concluded hajj of this year, 1438 H, and 2017 M. and, they are yet to know her family or relatives. May her soul rest in peace. Please, share on till the information reached the family or the relatives.

African Migrant Arrested After Hiding In The Boot Of A Car From France To UK (Photos)

A man has been left dumbfounded after he found a migrant hiding inside his car after driving from France to the UK. Paul Edmunds, a 59-year-old holidaymaker recently got home from France only to be shocked when he found an Ethiopian illegal immigrant hiding in the boot of his Nissan.

According to The Sun UK, Paul was unpacking when he saw the man’s trainers poking out from among his bags.

Paul said:
“He asked if he was in England. I said ‘Yes — well Wales, actually.’ He made a prayer gesture and smiled.” The man, who crept into the van at Calais, was arrested in Caersws, Wales.
Paul and wife Janet stopped in the French port for a toilet break before taking the Eurotunnel shuttle back to Britain. But as Paul unpacked their Nissan Navara at home following a 4½ hour drive from Folkestone he spotted a strange pair of trainers.
When the Ethiopian found out he was in Wales he made a prayer gesture and smiled. Then he saw the legs of the 22-year-old migrant, who had trekked 4,500 miles to reach Paul’s home in Caersws, Wales.
Businessman Paul said: “When I saw a face I asked ‘Where do you come from, Calais?’
“He didn’t speak English but was able to ask if he was in England. I said ‘Yes — well Wales actually’ and he made a prayer sign and smiled. “I asked him again where he was from and he said ‘Africa’. “He had a phone and was trying to contact someone here.
“I’ve never seen my wife’s mouth open so wide as when she saw him step out of the boot.”
Paul called the police and gave the stowaway some water and chocolate while they waited for them. The man was arrested and handed to immigration officials.
Paul, Janet and two friends had been on a four-day trip and stopped at Calais for an hour before boarding the shuttle.
He said: “The three others went for a coffee while I had a nap in the vehicle. He could have jumped in while I was asleep.”
During the drive from Folkestone Paul stopped twice, to get petrol and for a toilet break.
The Home Office said the man will be dealt according to immigration rules. Lorry drivers face fines if stowaway migrants are found but holidaymakers do not.

Sad! Young Soldier Dies In Enugu State After His Passing Out Parade In Kaduna (Photos)

A young soldier identified as Baffa Magaji from Bauchi state – has left his family in sorrow following his untimely demise in Enugu state. According to reports, the soldier passed away due to a sickness after his passing out parade POP at the Nigerian Defence Academy NDA in Kaduna state.

The gallant soldier died just 34 days after meeting with his family members. May his soul rest in peace.

Security Escorts, Woman Shot Dead As Sea Pirates Attack Oil Vessel In Bayelsa (Photo)

Suspected sea pirates attacked a tugboat and killed three crew members at Ekebiri Waterways in Southern Ijaw local government area of Bayelsa. An oil services vessel with a combined team of security escort on board and civilians was said to have been attacked on Friday.
NAN reports that two of the victims of the incident were security escorts and a civilian crew member (a woman) of the tugboat towing a vessel.
Asinim Butswat, spokesman for Bayelsa police command, who confirmed the incident said one police operative was still missing as his remains were yet to be recovered.
He said a response team dispatched to the crime scene rescued eight occupants of the ill-fated boat while efforts are underway to arrest the suspected armed men.
“On Sept. 22, at about 18.45hrs, a Tugboat, towing a Barge with a combined team of policemen from the Nigerian Inland Waterways, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and civilians on board was attacked by suspected sea pirates,” he said.
“The incident took place at Ekebiri Waterways in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area, Bayelsa. “A reinforced team arrived shortly and rescued one policeman, three NSCDC personnel and four civilians.
“However, a policeman, one NSCDC personnel and a civilian were shot dead by the sea pirates; one policeman is still missing.”
He further said the remains of the victims had been recovered and deposited at the Federal Medical Centre Mortuary, Yenagoa, for autopsy.
According to him, a search party has been deployed to find the missing policeman while all security operatives in Southern Ijaw have been alerted.
He also said efforts are ongoing to arrest the culprits.

Happy Birthday Adebola Obafemi

TodayNaijaBlog is wishing you a happy birthday, we wish that your birthday would be filled with wonderful moments to remember and happy hours to cherish. HAVE FUN

Check Out Adorable Photos Of Yvonne Jegede And Husband Goofing Around

Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede and her beau Olakunle Fawole ‘Abounce ‘ are giving us couple goals with these beautiful photos of them goofing around.

Check Out Viral Photo Of Man Chilling Alone In The Middle Of The Road On Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge

This photo of a man relaxing on Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge with his car and a bottle of wine is currently going viral, and people are wondering what is actually happen.

What do you think is happening here? See another photo of him chilling in another location. See another photo after the cut...

Former World's Heaviest Woman Dies In Hospital (Photo)

The woman once dubbed 'the heaviest in the world', has died in a hospital in the United Arab Emirates aged 37.

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, from Alexandria, Egypt, once weighed 1,100lbs, and before her surgery earlier this year had not left her house since she was 17.

Doctors at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi said Miss Ahmed Abd El Aty had died due to complications from her weight, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

Doctors blamed her weight on a thyroid condition, while her family claimed she suffered from elephantitis.

In March Miss Ahmed Abd El Aty was flown to Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, India, on a modified plane .She successfully underwent a gastric sleeve surgery and was reported in April to have lost 660 lbs - more than half of her bodyweight.

Miss Ahmed Abd El Aty arrived in the UAE in May, and was receiving care from a team of 20 doctors at Burjeel Hospital.

Two Men Drug And Rape 8-Year-Old Girl To Coma In Rivers State (Photo)

The two men pictured allegedly drugged and raped an 8-year-old girl to coma in Omoku, Rivers State. Read according to Facebook user, Progress Silk, who shared the photo. 

“What kinda sinful generation are we living in? The devil is trying to make sure this generation will be the last, youths are Mad Men and Women, and why? Because of sin, crime, evil… Imagine these two guys 

They both drugged and raped an 8-year-old baby to coma…what else do we need to hear to understand that repentance is not by force? Amnesty or no amnesty, we are living amongst demons, who can never truly repent, but use repentance as camouflage to do more evil.. But one thing is sure, “the soul that sinneth shall die”. May God have mercy on us…”

The Igbo Rebuilt Their Region After The War But North Still Has Mud Houses - Atiku Abubakar

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar says despite fighting a civil war the Igbo have been able to rebuild their region, but that the north still has mud houses. He spoke on the background of the need for Nigeria to be restructured.

Addressing a coalition of youth groups under the aegis of Play Forum in Abuja, Abubakar said those afraid of restructuring were lazy. He said every region in the country should be allowed to control its resources.

He said: “Left for me, I will ask every part of this country to take charge of its resources while the federal government should handle defence, foreign affairs and immigration among others in the exclusive list.

It should not be complicated to start with all the recurrent items in the constitution. The president can dialogue with the governors or the national assembly for states to take charge of the roads, hospitals, schools and such other items in the concurrent List while the federal government will continue with items on the exclusive list.

I would not have gone to school if I were born today. My parents were so poor they couldn’t afford to send me to school. I was born during the era education was free, food was free for me, I was sponsored from primary school to the university.

There was even a job waiting for me before I graduated. Yet, there was no oil boom then. I am certainly not a product of oil boom Nigeria. “So, I don’t know what those who are against restructuring are afraid of. Those afraid must be lazy.

We fought the civil war with the Igbo. Today, the Igbo have been completely rebuilt, but we still find mud houses in the north. Is it the fault of the easterners that the north is like that?

I think that what is most important is the devolution of powers and resources with the various governments whether states or regions. How do the people hold those in power accountable for the resources handed over to them?” Via: TheCable

Man Beats 3-Year-Old Step-Daughter To Death In Katsina

A middle-aged man, Akilu Alhaji Saidu, has confessed and explained how he beat to death his three-year-old step-daughter, Saratu Yahuza in Katsina state.

Saidu has since been arrested and detained by the Katsina State Police Command.

The incident occurred on the 17th of September when Saidu was said to have dragged her into an uncompleted building in Yankara village of Faskari Local Government.
He allegedly beat, twisted and broke the little three year old girl’s neck.

The Command’s spokesperson, DSP Gambo Isah, who confirmed the development, said one Yahuza Yakubu, purported to be the biological father of the girl, reported the case at the Police Station in Faskari.

Isah said the suspect had since confessed to the crime and during investigation, told the Police investigators that he acted under the influence of psychotropic substances.

Cannabis-Smoking Sergeant Slaps DPO For Arresting Him In Lagos

A police sergeant’s career may be hanging in the balance after he allegedly smoked Indian hemp and slapped a Divisional Police Officer at a function on Lagos Island.

PUNCH newspaper reports that the sergeant, identified simply as Agu, also allegedly slapped the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Lion Building Police Division, Lagos State, who attempted to arrest him at the scene.
The sergeant was also said to be armed and drunk.

It was gathered that a resident had alerted the Area Commander, Area A Command, ACP Sola Akinyede, aka Solebo, to the conduct of the policeman at the event.
It was said that the commander directed the DPO to go to the area and pick up the erring cop.

Punch reports that their correspondent was told that Agu went haywire as the DPO, in company with some other policemen, wanted to arrest him.
He reportedly engaged the DPO in an altercation and slapped his face.

A resident, who spoke to PUNCH Metro on condition of anonymity, said after Agu was overpowered, a team of policemen went to his house and recovered some quantities of cannabis.

6-Year-Old Boko Haram Vctim Walks Again After Surgery In Dubai (Photo)

A 6-year old Boko Haram victim, Ali Ahmadu can now walk, after a corrective surgery in his spinal cord.

While being ferried to Dubai on September 10, all he could mutter repeatedly in Hausa was: “Ina so insake tafiya da kafana…Don Allah ataimakamu…Don Allah. Ina so in je makaranta”. (“I want to begin to walk with my legs again. For God’s sake, assist me. I want to go to school”). Now Ali can walk as he “miraculously” stood up from his hospital bed to the amazement of his shocked doctors. They had projected that it would take him four weeks to walk.

The surgery at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was coordinated by Dr. Nishit Bhargava, The Nation reports

It was  bankrolled by the Dickens Sanomi Foundation with $48,000 (N17.5million).The Foundation  was established by Mr. Igho Sanomi who owns the Taleveras Group.

Sanomi said: “Miracles do happen. For those of you who don’t believe in God, better believe in God now.

“This is Ali Ahmadu who was run over by Boko Haram terrorists in 2014. The boy and his pregnant mother were left under a tree for three days. The boy was bleeding from mouth and nose throughout the agonising days.

“Ali’s spinal cord was damaged and he couldn’t walk. For three years, help was needed. God made it possible after five to six hours of surgery and 48 hours in intensive care. Little Ali could walk again. This happened today to everyone’s surprise.

“This determined six-year old boy got off his bed and decided to walk despite doctors’ expectations that he would need physiotherapy to learn to walk again at least three weeks after surgery. Today, Ali walked after just seven days. “This made my day and I am so proud of the Dickens Sanomi Foundation for making this surgery possible financially.”

Couple Discovers They Are Siblings After 24 Years (Photo)

A Pakistani couple united in an arranged marriage over 24 years ago recently learnt that they were in fact of the same parents, SMACK reports.

The siblings, who were separated as children after the tragic death of their parents, were later adopted by different families until they later married each other.
It took about 24 years for them to realise the truth.

“We thought our marriage was normal, we thought we were cousins” explained Abdul Rahim, 47.

“Everybody in town knew we were brother and sister but no one had the courage to tell us until now,” said the sister turned wife, Aisha, in tears.
Anthropologist Juliane Edwards, who has studied the case of incestuous arranged marriages in Pakistan for decades is not surprised the least by the situation.

“It’s a cultural thing. When endogamous consanguineous marriages, or marriages between cousins, is socially acceptable, then marriage between siblings doesn’t seem as far-fetched,” she explained.

“I’ve repeatedly studied cases in Pakistan where widowed fathers would marry one or more of their daughters,” she admitted.

“I’ve heard of one case where one man’s daughter was allegedly very ugly and could not find a husband, so he forced his son to marry his own sister as a punishment for being lazy,” she recalls.

Last year, a Pakistani Federal Shariat Court judge made international headlines after refusing to allow a woman to divorce her brother from an arranged marriage stating that being siblings “was not enough of a justification” to obtain court approval for divorce under Sharia law.

Nursing Mother Sets Husband’s 10-Year-Old Brother Ablaze For Misplacing His Trousers In Lagos

A 10-year-old boy, identified as Chimobi, has been taken into protective custody by the Lagos State Government after his brother’s wife, Gift Igwe, allegedly set him ablaze at their home on Adenugba Street, Agunfoye, Ikorodu.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the offence of the Ishielu, Ebonyi State indigene, was that he misplaced his trousers and could not produce them when Gift demanded them from him.

Residents of the community, who heard the cry of the victim, put out the fire, during which he reportedly passed out.

Chimobi was subsequently rushed to the Ikorodu General Hospital, Ikorodu.

Policemen from the Igbogbo division were said to have arrested the suspect.
Officials of the Office of the Public Defender, who had been monitoring the treatment of Chimobi, took him into custody.

A source told PUNCH Metro that the child was brought to Lagos in 2016 by the brother to start living with his family.

He said since then, Gift had been abusing Chimobi, adding that matter came to a head when she set him ablaze that Wednesday.