Update: Tuesday On Life Of Ami (Episode 70-71)

Sanjay and khushboo making plan to make ami so that she forgets all what happened and eats food. Then sanjay does as shruti does everytime and orders all fancy food from hotels like pastas, pizza, cakes and pastries and ice creams. Then khushboo goes with an ice cream in the room and starts eating it then she tells ami that see dad has brought so tasty items to eat, ami tells that she does not want to see anything but ami’s mouth is watering and then khushboo smiles and then tells its ok and then goes and stands outside the door to see what ami does.

Then ami says to herself that she is angry on prabha and not on food so what’s the problem to eat it. Then khushboo listens and smiles and then goes out. Ami then comes out and sees at all the food there kept on the table and then khushboo tells her to sit on the table and then ami sits. Dad and sanjay tell her that she can eat whatever she wants. Ami sits and tells that she just came to sit and not eat. Then the door bell rings and sanjay tells that he is opening the door as it must be the pizza man.

Then he goes. Dad tells that he will call trisha so that they will become friends. Then dad also goes. Then khushboo tells that lets eat. Ami is watching at the food and then she takes a plate and then puts pasta in it. Then riddhi and prabha come there and tell that ami is so little. They tell that she was just acting and that she wanted sanjay to pull his attention towards her. they then tell that ami you are a very drama girl and that if someone comes and makes her once then she says yes and came to eat. Then ami gets angry and tells them to shut up and then throws the plate angrily and tells that she does not want to eat any food, the plate falls on sanjay’s foots and sanjay gets angry and tells that what is all this nonsense and tells why did she do this, ami tells that she does not want to listen to anyone and that she will not eat and ami goes. In the room khushboo tells ami don’t cry khushboo is also crying and then ami tells that she is missing shruti and that she does not feel comfortable in that house and that she wants to return. Then khushboo tells that prabha always makes them feel fallen down. Then ami says that they both are very hungry and then khushboo tells that she has something to eat. Khushboo takes her school bag and removes 2 melodies and then she gives her one and eats one. Then ami says that in this much their stomachs will not get filled, khushboo says that at least minds will be filled. Then they hug and are cry.

Sanjay is thinking looking outside the window. Dad comes and asks that did he give up so fast. Sanjay says no. then dad tells that when sanjay was small he used to help him walk by catching his hand from his finger. Then sanjay says that he should do the same with ami. Then in room prabha and riddhi are making their double celebration. Prabha tells that she is happy today and that they had so many happy moments today. Then riddhi tells yes and tells that they have insulted ami and now its shruti’s turn.

Then shruti comes from mom’s house. Then dad tells her that tomorrow there is something that is their anniversary and that he wants special but prabha is saying no. then shruti tells prabha that she will do all decorations and preparation and that they don’t need to take any tension. Prabha says ok. Then riddhi comes out, shruti then asks her that did she come for mom and dad’s anniversary? Then prabha tells that it is riddhi’s house and that she can come whenever she wants and that if outsiders can come and live then why not riddhi. Then shruti keeps quiet. In prabha’s room, riddhi asks prabha that why is shruti asking her that why she came as it is her own her house and that she can come whenever she wants. Then riddhi tells prabha to do something or there will be no rule of prabha in the house, prabha says that she will do something to stop shruti.

Shruti waking ami and khushboo who have fallen asleep. Then ami and khushboo get up and tell that they are very hungry, shruti asks that didn’t they have food, ami is going to tell when khushboo tells that they had only half food and then they slept. Then shruti tells them to come and that she will make something for them to eat. Sanjay is looking there at them and then he becomes sad. In the kitchen shruti goes and tells that she will make poodlas and that they will eat. Ami then tells that till she makes can they eat wafers or dry something. Then shruti tells that why is she so eager to eat did she not have food and if she eats wafers then she will not be able to eat food. Then khushboo tells that they will wait and stops ami from telling the truth. then dad and sanjay come and tell that they will also eat as they are also hungry. Shruti asks that did everyone not have food and why are they so hungry, dad tries to change the topic and tells that they cant sleep without eating her handmade food. Then shruti tells that she is also hungry and so she will make and bring it on the dining table, they all go on the dining and all have the poodlas which shruti has made and then shruti tells them that lets eat fats and then sleep as even ami and khushboo have to get up early and she is also having a lot of work. Prabha sees from behind hiding and then tells that today they will have a goo day and night but tomorrow shruti is unlucky and her day will not be good.

Next day morning, shruti gets up early and then goes to the sareewala and then takes prabha’s favorite saree there which has become very old and then she tells that man that today evening she wants that saree to be bordered with zari and that it should look royal. The man tells that he will at least take a day, shruti tells him to put more workers the man tells that he will put more workers but will take more money, shruti says ok and then goes. At home, prabha is telling to herself that today is her anniversary and shruti is preparing so much and doing hardwork but her day will not be good and that she will be suffering the whole day.

Then shruti comes home and then is preparing for the decoration and all the work for the anniversary preparations. Then sanjay sees her so much busy in that work and is looking at her and is smiling. Then shruti also orders the cake. Then while doing work its almost evening and she remembers of bringing the saree and she tells sanjay to supervise the decorations. Then sanjay and khushboo do the preparations. Prabha sees them and tells that she will break all their relations with each other.

Then shruti comes bringing the saree. Then riddhi comes out and sees the list of people invited and sees that yogesh is also there. She shouts shruti and tells that she does not have the right to interfere in those matters. Then dad and sanjay and prabha come and they see all this matter. Then prabha tells shruti that why did she put yogesh’s name as riddhi has left his house forever and will never go there, shruti says she did not know, dada and sanjay tell that shruti is not at fault then prabha tells that from today shruti should not tell anthing to riddhi as she is not her mom and then riddhi and prabha go in and dad also goes away. Shruti is sad and cries and then sanjay tells her that don’t say between mom and riddhi as they will always insult you. Then shruti says that she being older to riddhi will do everything to make riddhi understand, sanjay says ok. Then shruti goes with the saree in prabha’s room to gift it to her. prabha gets happy as it is her most favorite saree and that she is happy and she thanks shruti for it, shruti is happy and she goes and prabha gives a cunning smile.

The anniversary party and dad and sanjay welcoming all guests. Shruti is talking with everyone. Then she sees the number of guests entering the house and gets shocked and thinks that who are they and she has called only relatives and she has only called the guests. Riddhi is seeing and tells that shruti will now suffer and that she has made food for only 10-15 people but mom has called more. Then a guest there meets dad and tells that where is prabha dad tells she is doing make up and will come now, the guest goes. Then riddhi is smiling. A couple is talking about starters and then say that the servant said its over, then the other says that why did they call us then. Then dad and sanjay listen and call shani and ask what is this, shani says starters is over then dad and sanjay tells to order from outside. Then shani goes. Then shruti is waiting for prabha and is going to take her when she comes out and everyone see that the saree is torn and that all are very shocked including shruti who is more. Then prabha comes out and tells that this is her gift from her daughter in law shruti. Then a woman says that such a gift is given to a mother in law from a daughter in law and it is so shameful, shruti is very shocked. Then another tells that today daughter in laws have become so unrespectful. Sanjay comes and tells prabha what all is this happening, she tells that shruti has given with such a big mind so she wore. Then she cries and tells that she is very sad and tells him that how sad must be she feeling when shruti has given such a saree that too her mother has given and she gave her torn. Shruti is crying and tells sanjay that belive me and that she has not given such one. Then sanjay tells the crowd to go and tells that he is sorry for all this but the party is over all go. Parul tells shruti that she did not do good and she, trisha and big bro go. Then riddhi takes crying prabha in the room. Sanjay tells shruti that why did she give prabha a torn saree. Then dad tells shruti that he did a mistake giving her the saree and he is sorry but he believes prabha and she can never do such a thing as it was her saree which her mother gave her. he also goes.ami and khushboo hug shruti.

In the room riddhi and prabha are sitting. Prabha is actually crying because it was her favorite saree and that given to her by her mom. Then prabha then remembers the flashback of the saree. That time riddhi removed the saree and gave to prabha, prabha says that the saree has been done very excellently and the zari work is outstanding and shruti has done a lot of effort. Then prabha removes a scissor and cuts the saree from many sides, riddhi asks why are you doing this then prabha tells that she has to lose something to win something and while cutting prabha is crying then after the flashback prabha tells riddhi that there is more for shruti as she still has to suffer unless she goes from the house.

In the kitchen shruti is cutting vegetables and is thinking of the saree and is very sad and then she cuts her finger then she puts medicine then is making other vegetables and is thinking how did the saree tear and why did prabha do this? Prabha is in hall when the phone rings prabha picks the call and it is nisha and tells rudely to give to shruti, prabha says that shruti is in the kitchen then nisha tells to give her, prabha tells that she will give the message nisha tells that dadi wants to talk to shruti and tell her to call her back and then nisha tells sowly that dadi is such a big obstacle at home, prabha says in mind that shruti’s devrani is very short tempered and then she tells nisha that here also I am having a problem with shruti and then tells her that we can help each other. In the kitchen prabha goes and tells shruti that nisha dadi had called and on hearing her I was feeling as if she was crying and that from behind I could hear fights going on. Shruti is shocked. On the sofa prabha shows trisha the bracelet and tells her to h keep it safe and then looks at ami and tells that there are many people at home who are very greedy and tells that they can rob it. Then a rat comes there and prabha gets scared and shouts and the rat runs away. Ami and khushboo laugh. Ami says that she will now teach prabha a lesson.

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