Update: Thursday On Love Oh Love (Episode 24-26)

Raj is ill with fewer off 102 degree and his sister Asha and Jiju Sheru are scolding him when he says he did in this state caz of Avni and then tells them its the same gal and they all are happy n Sheru asks him to be more happy as they got akshat’s wedding contract.

Avni is annoyed that her pictures on mobile are not downloading and sawari asks her to chill and then calls up men only to know they all went to shopping and bhavna, sawari and arpita’s mother decide to go to shopping and avni decides to make kachori’s for arpita and arpita calls up akshat and akshat says he is heading to her place and when she asks him about being with others akshat says he made excuse and is coming home.

Avni brings kachoris for arpita and then when arpita asks avni to wait and then while eating avni wonders how can anyone leave their vehicle to make some one reach their destination properly , how can anyone be in cold weather and wonders and then when arpita says no one does it now a days and then avni decides to tell her but then notices arpita struggling with her cough and avni is worried and helpless as to wat to do , when akshat enters house and seeing arpita in such a state he is worried and when avni tells him its caz of kachori akshat checks it and says its caz of garlic and then says she is allergic to garlic and then gets her bag and gives her medication and then asks avni to bring water while saying how can arpita be so careless and reminds her about same condition happening couple of days ago which makes avni wonder and avni asks him about it and akshat makes up story that arpita had told him about it on their bus ride and avni buys it, avni gets a call and when she was going to take call, akshat tells her not to tell anyone in family as they will be worried, avni agrees and akshat and arpita are glad nothing went wrong.

Bhavna calls up avni and asks her about everything in house being ok, and avni tells them all fine and when asked about arpita she says she is resting and bhavna says they will be reaching soon, avni cuts call and then notices akshat and arpita pic in concert and then she remembers akshat screaming at arpita just couple of mins ago, akshat and arpita in their room and avni goes there with worried look and wont answer akshat and then shows him their pic together which stuns both akshat and arpita as they look at each other with worried look and avni asks him why they lied to them about being in concert and then arpita tells her that they had to lie or else every one will know that they knew each other from before and arpita tells her that they love each other and wanted to marry and could not as they loved and all, and then akshat tells her how he placed her pic in short listed ones and says he didnot want to hurt anyone, and then avni is all excited as she keeps puzzles into place and then akshat tells her not to tell avni to tell anyone about it even now and arpita gives nonsense about families being traditional and literally blackmails avni not to say as they will break wedding now at this point, avni says atleast mom should know about it , and avni is excited when they hear car sound and before avni could go and fetch them akshat tells her not to tell anything to family and then gives her kasam,

Bhavna reads avni and asks her to tell something , and before she could answer akshat cuts in and says about garlic allergy and arpita asks them not to post pone engagement and every one goes to pack their stuff while avni is very sad.

Akshat is uttering nonsense and justifying himself about his lies and hiding thing about love marriage and all, arpita then tells him that she is upset she cannot hold it in her anymore, and akshat is worried about avni as this truth will kill avni as he knows her and both are worried about avni and this makes arpita more worried as she knows avni trusts her more than anyone and akshat hope she wont suffer caz of lying, akshat is honestly worried about avni, arpita tells him how long will it go and then akshat says dont worry once married we dont have to worry about it and hope things will end soon and they get married soon and she will fit in their family nicely n will get loved and respected and she is like a gal his family always wanted.

Arpita is all emotional over her bonding with avni and then reminds him all about how avni stood with them and both are hopefully that avni stands bu them even now and when they hold hands avni sees them and akshat hope avni supports them in this and avni is wondering does loving some one need to be lied.

Arpitas mom telling bhavna that there is no time for the engagement but in marriage they will do all preparations and she will call all the guests and also the best food in jaipur and catering that is arora caterers. Bhavna tells that they have already booked them and they don’t need to as the caterers are the same, mom smiles and savri tells but why because did you see that boy he made such a big fight and bhavna tells that actually it was not that boys mistake but it was that woman’s mistake and she was only saying bad things about his family, savri says nothing.

Out at the swimming area avni is eating something continuously and she is lost in the thoughts of arpita and akshat and is feeling about the lie they are telling, all come out of the bungalow as they are going now back to home, and they bring luggage and bhavna asks avni why is she sitting here and not coming and does she want to stay here, she understands and then bhavna tells that there is something she wants to say and she knows that when you are eating continuously something then there is something to tell, savri tells she knows what she wants to say, avni and arpita and akshat get scared and savri then tells that avni wants to tell that hero and heroine love each other before the marriage and have not told family, avni and arpita and akshat get scared and then savri tells that this is the suspense form the novel which bhavna is reading, bhavna then laughs and tells her that why did she tell the suspense before only always she does this, avni then removes tension. Savri and then everyone go home.

At home, everyone have come and bhavna is making arrangements and avni goes to make rangoli, suketh comes there with shastriji, suketh tells them that he has done the catering work. More at www.zeeloaded.com. At arpitas home arpita gets ready and asks mom how she is looking, mom tells she has never seen such a beautiful bride ever and they both hug, mom tells that she will bring sweet to eat, that time raj enters in and tells sweets are here, mom says you came and tells she will come, raj then tells that so she is finally getting married and is looking beautiful and the bridegroom will be mad looking at her, arpita tells if only he would have come it would be good, raj tell he is coming as his jiju got the catering and he is going to come and raj tells he will go as he has to go there.

All guests have come and even arpitas family. there avni who is thinking about arpita and akshat saying lie is tensed and there suketh tells that his son has left everything on the family and elders to decide about the marriage and they respect so much, avni listens and says that dad and mom believe akshat bro so much and should she tell mom? Suddenly white rangoli falls on it and rangoli is spoiled, avni gets tensed and she goes in and then starts giving water to everyone, bhavna is telling savri and some guests that her avni is very intelligent and has grown up, avni after distributing water goes to bhavna and tell she wants to say something, akshat that time comes and avni looks at him and is confused and akshat goes from there, bhavna and avni go up as avni wants to say something.

Akshat and arpita are sitting where the bride and bridegroom have to….. bhavna comes down saying that they lied to me and she says loudly, everyone down listens and bhavna says sorry and tells that she said because the store people whom she told to bring 50kg told they will give 50kg but instead sent 20kg and are saying they said they will give only 20kg, abhaas comes there and tells bhavna not to take tension and he will handle that matter. Then akshat gets up and goes to bhavna and asks that did avni tells something to her as she said she wanted to say something, bhavna tells she knows everything and then tells that avni was upset because white rangoli fell on the rangoli and it got spoilt. Akshat then is satisfied and says ok and goes.

In the evening outside near the lawn the food stalls have been put jiju is making everyone understand and making sure that everything has been made good and there should be no complaints, raj comes. Jiju gets happy and hugs him and tells him that he has come to his in laws and it is exciting, raj laughs and jiju tells him that lets go in raj tells he is nervous and jiju tells no need to be as if he loves someone he should be daring and anyways sukethji has called, raj and jiju go in. suketh welcomes and everyone smile, suketh then tells arpitas dad that he must be knowing them dad tells of course as he had asked them for that day catering and they had done it, then jiju tells that he has made the whole menu according to them and they will get no complaints, suketh tells he totally believes them, that time abhaas comes and sees raj and then he tells suketh that there is no need for them as they have their personal hotels, suketh gets angry and tells him that he believes them and he does not want to listen what he says, raj looks at him and ignores, then they all start their own work and raj is finding for avni when he sees her coming out form kitchen and she is going form there and he goes towards her when abhaas comes in between, he catches his collar and raj removes abhaas’s hands from there and tells him that he has not come here for fights and does not want to make any bad situation, abhaas tells him that he will see him and he takes raj out. Arpita sees all this between them and says to herself that what is happening between them?

Abhas and Raj was about to Fight. Abhas was holding Raj from collar. Arpita came there and told Abhas to leave Raj as he is a very Nice guy and her Brother . Abhas warned Raj again and went. Arpita told Raj Avni’s confusion and Raj assure her to take care of It. 

Raj went to Avni but she wanted to stay alone. Then Raj went behind Avni and hOld her Hand when she was about to go outside. Raj told her that he knows everything About her Dilemma and he can Suggest her.

Just then Saawri came there and took Avni from there. Raj tooleft but he so wanna help Avni. Then in hall bhawana told Avni to Put kalash in mandir as She is younger n Pure at heart. Avni was not ready to Do it becoz she lied . Raj then got idea and Hit the person who is Bringing ghee for Diya…

Bhawna stopped Avni dere and took kalash from her and keep it in Mandir.

Raj and Avni both Happy then Avni realised that Raj did all dis for her. Then Raj went to her and Avni Tnaked Him then Raj suggest her that he will never tell the truth to family which gives his family pain.

he told her now u decide that what u will do.

Avni went and asked Bhawna if she can perform Ring ceremony of Akshat n Arpita. All happy and Bhawna nodded yes. Raj happy because he succeded in making her understand.

Raj went outside and showing Thumps up to Arpita and Avni. he hugged Jiju and Jiju advice him to first do frndship with Avn n then Do love …dis will be the best relation.

Raj went inside Again.Abhas, Arpita, Avni all were dancing.

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