Update: Thursday On Life Of Ami (Episode 74-76)

Sanjay’s dad reading the letter sent by yogesh saying that he tried to convince and talk to riddhi to come and stay back with him but he couldn’t convince her and so he has taken the decision of divorce with riddhi. Riddhi gets shocked hearing to this and upset and she sits down n cries. Then Shruti suggests to riddhi that she should talk to yogesh and solve the matter instead of giving a divorce to yogesh.

Then prabha says to Shruti that she need not interfere and suggest anything to riddhi and she should better stay out of this matter. Then riddhi is crying in her room and there Shruti comes to console her and tells her that instead of trying very hard to break sanjay n shruti’s marriage she should try hard to save her marriage as it would benefit her. Then she goes from there.

Shruti goes in her room and then remembers about harsh’s policy papers. Then she checks sanjay’s cupboard and gets the papers and is about to read the papers but sanjay stops her saying its nothing important. Then prabha goes to riddhi and asks her that why is she crying and she should not cry. Then riddhi tells her that she will now try to save her relationship. Then prabha thinks that shruti might have said something to riddhi.

Then prabha goes to sanjay in his room but as he is not there while she is leaving she sees harsh’s papers and reads them and gets shocked. Then she goes in the hall and shouts out and calls Shruti sanjay n others outside. Then she tells Shruti that harsh had AIDS and she didn’t tell them and betrayed them. Shruti gets shocked hearing to this and takes the papers from prabha and reads it and goes in her room. Then sanjay says to prabha that what she did was wrong and she shouldn’t have opened up such a delicate matter so openly.

Then sanjay goes to shruti and consoles her and tells her that he was not able to tell her this. The screen freezes on Shruti and sanjay’s sad n crying faces.

Prabha riddhi and sanjay’s dad sitting in the hall and then baa comes in their house and asks prabha that why did she call her so urgently and what happened. Then prabha shouts that she hid the truth from the whole family that harsh had AIDS and she hid this n even Shruti has AIDS yet she made sanjay marry to Shruti. Then she says that she won’t let Shruti stay in the house and sanjay disagrees with this. Then prabha says that Shruti has to do a HIV test to prove that she doesn’t have AIDS. Shruti sanjay n prabha go to the hospital and do her test.

Next day morning Shruti n sanjay r going to take the reports but prabha says that she will go n she doesn’t trust sanjay n Shruti as he might hide shruti’s reports. Then prabha goes n gets the reports and she discloses that Shruti’s HIV’s test has turned out to be positive means that she also has AIDS. Shruti gets shell shocked to hear this and on that prabha keeps on blaming n shouting at her.

Shruti goes away from there in her room. There prabha comes and asks her to leave sanjay as he might also get AIDS n so she should leave Sanjay. Then baa comes and sanjay tells her that Shruti also has AIDS n then baa too gets shocked n starts crying. Then sanjay’s dad n sanjay make baa understand that they shouldn’t fall weak or shouldn’t cry as this would weaken Shruti n her spirit. So they should be strong enough to help shruti get out of this shock n trauma.

Sanjay getting Shruti for dinner and he asks her to have dinner but prabha says that shruti cannot have dinner with the family cause she has AIDS n she does not want anyone to get this disease in the family. Then sanjay says that she will have dinner here only and prabha says that if Shruti will have dinner here then she won’t have dinner saying so she leaves the dining table n goes away. Then she goes in sanjay’s room and removes his clothes and says that he will stay in another room but sanjay asks her not to overreact n so prabha gets angry n leaves from there.

Prabha goes angrily in her room n riddhi comes behind her n asks her not to make a issue of this n not destroy shruti’s marriage n so she does not want to destroy sanjay n shruti’s marriage. Riddhi leaves the house and says that she will go in her house n save her marriage.

Then sanjay goes n gets Ami from a party where she was being forcefully taken by her friends. Then he gets her home and Ami apologises to sanjay for her misbehaviour n says that he is her only best friend. Then they go home n find out that Shruti has gone somewhere from the house. Khushboo is crying a lot n asks sanjay to find Shruti soon. The screen freezes on sanjay’s face.

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