Update: Monday On Love Oh Love (Episode 30-32)

Raj giving orders to his workers. . Abhas talks to him rudly but he politely replies. In Avnis room she gets call from Raj and dhe says when we will practice?? Raj says come in the balcony. Avni comes in the balvony and below Raj dances. Background music plays. Raj teaches Avni dance steps. Suddenly suketh and othrrs hear the music and suketh saus who is playing music at this time of the night.

Avni steps back . Suketh and others see Raj. Suketh asks are you working or are you wasting your time.he says he dacing along with working to break the monotony of work. But nothing broke. Dadaji sayd its ok.everyone smiles Nd leaves but Abhas smells something fishy. he again rudly tells him to work and not waste his time raj answers him politely but thinks its first love

Next day Avni is standing in front of the mirror and practicing the steps thar Raj has taught her. sawri sees her ptacticing and says my God you are dancing so well. Then she calls Bhavna and tells her our avni knows such good dance. She asks avni who is your dance teacher?? Before avmi can answer bhavna takes Sawri saying I need your help

Outside Bhavna tells Raj that evrryone os praising the food. Raj is happy. Then Bhacna discusses the menu with him. Raj says its good we should finalize it. Bhavna says in our house all decisions are taken by men so I will have to ask Akshats dad. Raj says in his house all decesions are taken by women . Men are powerful in body but women are powerful in heart. Bhavna says the girl who marries you will be lucky and goes. raj thinks path of my marriage goes through your house

Inside raj bangs into suketh ji and says sorry. Suketh asks him does he go to college or does this work only. Raj says yes he goes to colkege and helps jeeju whenever required. Suketh what type of college is this where this hairstyle is allowed. Raj says he has to cut it but work comes first. Suketh goes and thinks gosh all decesions are taken by men in this gose and dad and brother are do khadus

Avni comes and he tells hee to meet him at 4 gor dance practice. Right now he has to go to Aepitas house to see the arrangements Sawri tells herself why did she give such an expensive necklace to Arpita. She plans to change it with a cheap nevklace. She devifes to ho to Arpitas house. Suketh is also hoing there so they go to gather

At arpitaa house Raj sees the arrangements and takes Arpitas leave. But her cousin asks him to take her around jaipur . He gets out of it but she is vondictive kinds and tells Arpitas mom to het chonese made. She requests Raj. Raj days ok but thinks how will I go to Avni now. Sawri and suketh reach Arpitas house. Suketh goes to meet Avnis dad. Sawri goes to look for Arpita. Then she asks about the hift and finds out that Arpita has not seen it yet. She asks where it is. Arpita says its in moms room. Saeri says to Arpita she eantz yo see the house and she will do so on her own. Arpita says ok.Sawri plans to change the necklace

Raj calls Avni and asks her to come over to arpitas house for dance practice. Raj busy in kitchen chores, Siddhi flirts with him. Raj sees Avni, tries avoiding Siddhi by asking her to go and practice the dance. Raj takes Avni to the roof, and starts practising. He admires her while she dances. Raj gets a call asking for help in the kitchen . He asks Avni to continue practising and gives her his bluetooth. Mumbai siblings sees Avni dancing and makes fun of her and calls her “Bhenji” Raj hears this via bluetooth. Savri tries to exchange the gifts, but unfortunately acc. to Savri, Arpita and her mom comes there. Trying to escape, Savri gifts both the uncut jewellery and the one she brought for exchanging! Raj asks Avni to be strong and face the problems. Avni tells she is a loser. Hearing this Raj goes to Mumbai Gamandi Ziddis. Ridz and Raj has a face – off, and they does the puncha lada.

Raj wins, asks Ridz to seek forgiveness from Avni. Ridz does reluctantly does. Raj encourages Avni and asks her not to run away from problems.They shake hands. At Night, Avni thinks of the moments with Raj. She sees Savri and her husband celebrating Valentines Day. Both gifts each other. Avni sees their love and wonders if everyone does the same and how love feels. Akshat does video chat with Arpita wishing Valentines Day. Avni sees them, and laughs at it. Avni wishes if she had a valentine, so that she can also wish Valentine Day. She suddenly remembers that there is some one whom she can wish.

Avni talking to her self that here is her Valentine with whom she can share evrything and then she hugged her Teddy.she said Her teddy is the one with whom she can share everything. On other side Jiju and jiji were celebrating valentines at home as all purohit house decorated with ballons and candles. Jiju surprised jiji and both hugged and jiji thanked him. Both were happy and then Raj in his room. his room were also having one candle lighten up and raj to himself today is day of love and he wanted to tell everything to avni that what he feels for her and took Phone to call her.

Avni’s phone rang and she murmering to herself that whose phone at night. she picked and devika was on other side. both wished valentines to each other and then devika told Avni that she thought they both don’t have valentines so decided to wish each other. Avni replied she has it . Devika confused and asked Avni about it. Avni said its her Teddy. Then avani said Devika that sumtymes she thinks that if someone is for her and with whom she will fall in love and how and devika replied that she also thinks same.

Raj and jiji-jiju sitting and jiji adviced him not to tell Avni about his feelings still. Raj said that’s why he didn’t call her. jiju said today is day of love just confess feelings. Jiji asked him when he proposed her and jiju replied when he got 100% sure about her feelings. Raj said exactly wt he also wants. RAj becomes sad suddenly and Jiji gave him packet of chocolates to give it to Avni as a frind’s gift just to cheer up Raj. Raj becomes happy.

At morning Avni and Abhas teasing Saawri on valentines card sawwri’s husband sent her. Bhawna came and stop Abhas from doing all this. Then Avni asked bhawna how she and suket celebrating Valentines. Bhawna replied its not for them its for youngsters and sawwri interuppted as she is celebrating it. Bhawna told suket is not this kinda and he does not like all this. Avni said Suketi defo like this and Abhas said he can only like Fights and rules. Suket overhears all this.

saawri’s husband talking to Akshat about vaentine and akshat excused for not knowing its valentine. Suketu came and asked them about valentines and how it is celebrated. Saawri husabdn explained him as all exchange flowers gifts Etc. Suket left from there and Avni excited as suket took interest in Valentines day.

Raj talking on phone at Arpita house and then sidhi came and wished him valentines and Raj turned around. Sidhi took Choco box from Raj’s hand and tahnked him for the gift. Raj was not happy as it was for Avni and he made excuse as he has to deliver it to oe client and left with choco box from there. Raj called Avni about dance class and Avni refused saying she has to go with Akshat somwhere. Raj becomes sad then Arpita came and asked for favour. She asked Raj if he is ready to go with her to meet with Akshat. Raj got ready and said to himself even though his dreams not fulfilled yet but he can make others valentines special.

Bhahwna ans suketu in car and bhawna saw flower and suketu gave her. Suketu wished bhawna happy valentines day. he said everyone at home is celebrating it so he also decided to surprise her and informed her that dey are going for dinner. Bhawna happy at this.Raj and Arpita reached the hotel and suddenly Raj stopped car and arpita asked him the reason. Raj showed her saawri husband.

Arpita was shocked and saying he is standing there with other women. Raj said Avni and her family will feel bad after knowing about Fuffa ji’s truth. Arpita told Raj to park the car there and meanwhile she will take the pics. Raj did same and arpita took pic. Arpita surprised to see pic and started laughing and showed it to Raj. Raj also strated laughing as it was Saawri with her husaband in western dress. Both said thank god they got pic otherwise it could cretae lot of mess.

Raj and Arpita went inside and Manger showed them the table. Both sat there and then Raj excused arpita by saying that he going to sit outside on another table and will keep on check that nobody can see her and left from there. Raj sat on another table and thumbs up arpita. Raj in his thoughts and suddenly he saw Avni with Akshat there. Raj mesmerized and background scene started. Avni saw Raj and went to him and Akshat went towards Arpita and gave her some gifts.

Raj and Avni told each other that dey both came for arpita and akshat. Raj offered avni chocos but she refused and wanted to got to Arpita and akshat. Raj stopped her and told her not to disturn AA. Avni sat and Raj asked him she ordered Food as he is also hungry as well. Both ate and Raj again offered Avni chocos. Avni refused and said as its Arpita and Akshat marriage so she is on diet.

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