Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 488-490)

Purah and Akash drive Tanu back home. Tanu tells Purabh and Akash that they would have gone to police station and get beaten up. She offers the two of them a chance to change sides, and support her instead of Pragya. Akash says they will also give her same offer, and they will give her money and asks her to forget about the marriage. Purabh says her kid will also be brought up like she is living in the house. Purabh and Akash not only reject the proposal but all threaten to leave Tanu stranded on the road as they both tell each other that they will jump from the car if she continue to talk nonsense. Tanu says she is pregnant. Purabh says that’s why she is spared and asks her to keep her mouth shut. Tanu gets irked.

Next morning, Pragya and Aaliya come face to face after her prayers and gives prasad to Aaliya. While Aaliya is certain that it is time for Pragya to leave the house forever and tells Pragya she don’t have trust on puja and don’t eat prasad. She will eat it if she give it as sweet. Pragya who seems certain that she will remain in the house itself tells Aaliya that she and her friend need sweetness, and if Abhi wouldn’t have reached there, then Purabh and Akash might have been in trouble. She asks her to make her friend understand.

Aaliya asks it means she is scared. Pragya says she don’t get scared by her or Tanu, and Abhi is her brother. Aaliya says Abhi will realize his mistake soon and will come back to her. She asks her to go. Pragya says Aaliya is supporting Tanu even after knowing the truth and this is wrong. She admit that the divorce papers is signed, but divorce is not done yet. She says they both can throw her out. Aaliya thinks to change their plan else Pragya can defeat them.

Later, Aaliya goes to Tanu's room and wakes her up from her slumber. She asks her to understand the situation. She says if you wait for the legal matters to settle down, then you will not marry Abhi. She asks her to get married to Abhi as soon as possible. Tanu says how is this possible? Aaliya asks her to marry Abhi in a temple simply. Tanu asks what about her dreams? She thought her marriage will be grand. Aaliya tells her not to concentrate on a grand wedding and gives her example that she also sat on the mandap and forgot about her dreams. She reminds her that her baby will be out in 3 months and if his face resembles with Nikhil then? Tanu gets scared. Aaliya asks her to get ready and they have to go to her gynaec fast.

Pragya tells Daadi that Abhi want to know what they were doing in the lawyer’s office yesterday night. Purabh was about to say something but Pragya says whatever she have to do, she will do. They all will not do anything, and before she could do anything big, she have to do something. Mitali tells Daadi that tea is not masala tea, and says she is thinking to get spicy news from everyone. Pammi says Rachna left her baby with her as she went with Daadi. Mitali says she don’t know anything. Daasi asks what happened at night. Mitali says everyone went out and returned at late night. Daadi comes. Daasi says she didn’t do right coming here from her Pind.

Daadi asks what happened? Daasi asks what happened yesterday. Daadi says she was sleeping so she thought not to wake her up. Daadi says okay, shw will tell her if there is anything in future and asks her to come. Mitali thinks everyone know now that something happened yesterday.. Aaliya meets Raj and asks him if he decide on whose side to take. Raj says he is living his life and is not on anyone’s side. Aaliya says Pragya’s politics will be drown. Raj says he don’t need anyone. Aaliya tells Tanu that they should concentrate on their main motive and leaves.

Pragya comes to the room and stands on a table to do something. Abhi asks if she is hiding her face, and asks about Purabh and Akash. Pragya says she don’t do wrong and don’t ask anyone to do wrong. Abhi asks who called her. Pragya says she is hiding the truth for betterment. Abhi insists that she is hiding the truth with different excuse, and says she should be leader. Pragya also argues. Pragya takes out a bag from the cupboard. Abhi offer to help her. They have an eye lock while Pragya slips on him. Dholna song plays in the background. Pragya asks him not to give support else she will get habitual to him. Tanu and Aaliya come to Abhi. Tanu gives him report and says her baby will be premature and can be born after 7 months of pregnancy. Abhi says how can she born so soon.

Tanu says it is not a product or a baby, if he is born before their marriage then their name will be ruine and they have to marry soon. Aaliya says there is a solution. Abhi says he didn’t ask her. Tanu says she is ready to marry her tomorrow. Abhi reminds her that she want a lavish wedding. Tanu says if she wait for a lavish wedding then they have to marry holding their baby. She says this is their love baby and they have to write his father’s name in the hospital. Abhi says he will not let same thing thing happen to his baby, and he is ready to marry her for this baby. Tanu gets happy and kisses him. Abhi says but what will he tell Pragya. Tanu says she will talk to her and that she is happy that their child will get his father name. Abhi leaves from there. Aaliya shows thumps up to Tanu.

Pragya asks Daadi where Purab is? Purabh comes there. Pragya says she want to tell him that but Purabh gives her a sorry card. Pragya gets touched by this. Purabh apologizes to her. Pragya says he is like her younger brother, can’t she get angry on him. She have already lost Bulbul, and that’s why she gets tensed about them all. She asks him not to take any wrong step. Purabh promises that he will not do anything without her consent. Daadi says she is seeing Lakshman and Sita milap. She asks them to end the scene else she will get tears. She asks Pragya, what did she think that Tanu will do something. Pragya says she will do something big. Purabh asks if they can request for stay order on the divorce. Pragya says she can’t request as she have signed on the papers. Robin comes and says Tanu is calling her to her room.

Tanu comes and starts packing Pragya’s clothes in the suitcase. Pragya comes there and is surprised to see Tanu packing her belongings and instantly questions her about what she is doing here, and how dare she touch her stuff. Tanu taunts her that she is merely helping her, as she would have to pack her stuff tomorrow, to leave the house. Pragya asks if she has gone mad, as she would not leave. Tanu says that she isn't sending her, but after what happens tomorrow, she herself wouldn't wish to stay. She reveals to Pragya that she will be marrying Abhi tomorrow after 12 and after that Pragya will have to leave the house and Abhi forever. Pragya is shocked. Tanu thanks her for what she did, and had she not done it, then she wouldn't be getting married, as by sending Purabh and Akash to the lawyer’s office, she gave her a brilliant idea. She says that when the papers are signed, divorce would happen too. She tells Pragya that she wanted to hide the divorce papers, so that the divorce isn't legal, and neither their marriage, but unfortunately her lie was caught. Pragya is shocked. Tanu says that she won't give her another chance to think or act smart, and would marry him tomorrow, and after that, she would depart, while Tanu herself rules the house and that once her divorce is finalised tomorrow, then they would register and throw a reception too, as tomorrow Abhi would take away her vermilion and don it on her forehead. Pragya is stunned. Tanu says further that he would leave her company, and take the pious circles around the fire, with her and that since the sindoor and mangalsutra join a couple, hence she wouldn't be able to be with Abhi anymore. She also says that she will have her stuff shifted, as this would be her room tomorrow onwards. Pragya is shocked. Tanu says that hence she was packing her stuff, and that she can't stay in the guest room, if she so wishes, or in Daadi's room, and asks her to decide with Daadi, as she will stay with Abhi in his room. Pragya asks her to stop this nonsense. Tanu says that this should have happened long back, but maybe she has a better fate, hence she remained in the house so far, but now she will set her straight. Then she asks her to see her face, as Abhi wouldn't want a middle class wife like her, but he always wanted to be with a super model like her, to raise his standard. She says that money isn't everything, as she lacks class by birth. She continues taunting her, while Pragya is overwhelmed. She asks Pragya to go to her mother, so that she can take care of her, as staying here would only give her pain and torment. Pragya eyes her ragefully. Tanu packs her suitcase, and talks about how middle class women only think about a fancy life with rich guys. To add insult to Pragya's injury, she hands her a toy, and taunt her by asking her to take the dolls that she and Abhi used to treat as each other and asks her to see it whenever she remembers Abhi. Aaliya too comes, and taunts her along with Tanu, that she should keep these dolls to herself, and live her life in solace now. Tanu says that she wants Pragya to stay alone, just like she had to for sometime. Tanu says that she is relieved after a long time, not because she is marrying Abhi, but because Pragya is leaving. She adds that the day she knows Pragya has moved on, and has gotten over it, she would come to meet her, with Abhi and maybe after seeing them, her wounds become fresh. She reprimands Pragya for how she ruined her life. Aaliya asks her to calm down, as it isn't right in her condition, and then says that she along with her sister, Bulbul ruined her life too. She says that she snatched Abhi, and Bulbul snatched Purabh, and reminds her all what she had to go through due to her and Bulbul. They taunt and tease her, while she is appalled. They remind her of her pitiful condition and that she is more happy for her marriage, than Tanu herself. She counts the time down to 12 hours, and she can live as much as she wants, as she has to die every minute after that. She takes Pragya and shows her face in front of the mirror, as this is the last day of her as a married woman, since she would neither be married nor have a husband tomorrow. She shows her the vermillion bottle, as neither is this hers, nor her husband, which means, her vermilion is in someone else’s fate now. She hands her the vermillion and asks her to look closely, as she came as hitler, to save Abhi from enemies, but couldn't even protect herself and came married, but shall leave divorced. Tanu then gives her the wedding picture, that she had torn, and Abhi has cellotaped it back, to take it with her, so that she can put up her grand wedding picture with Abhi. They start talking about how in depression, that she might just commit suicide. Tanu says that even if she dies, she would marry tomorrow, even if that's on her funeral pyre. They leave citing marriage preparations, but before going, Tanu again reminds her the venue and they leave as they both seem excited about Abhi's with Tanu and seem pleased as it will be the moment of Pragya's defeat.

Meanwhile, in Daadi’s room, Purabh and Akash to discuss with Daadi, as to what to do about Pragya now. Daadi says that she is very shrewd, as whenever she meets Pragya alone, she does something drastic. Just then, Abhi enters his Daadi's room and Daadi asks what's the matter, as he seems hesitant. He says that he has done what she wanted him to do, and that he has been forgiven by Pragya too. Daadi says that she too has forgiven him. He says that if no one has anything against him, then he should do that, for which he has divorced Pragya, and informs his Daadi and others that he has decided to get married to Tanu the next day itself and learning of this, all are shocked. He says that he can't do this without them, and hence wants them to know first. They are apalled. He says that he is getting married tomorrow at ten in the temple, and asks them all to come. He then leaves. They are distraught and wonder what to do now. Akash says that they don't have time to think anymore. Purabh thinks that Pragya would be devastated. Daadi laments that god is testing Pragya badly.

While on his studio, Abhi is distraught, remembering his romantic times with Pragya. Just then, Purabh comes and asks what's this, and how can he do this, as he got the divorce papers signed by a trap from Pragya, and now even before it's finalised, he is marrying Tanu, and asks what's wrong, and if he even thinks that, he has to do the wrong thing. Abhi asks him not to get into it, as it's all become too complicated, and he can't explain it to anyone, and particularly not him. Purab asks what does he mean, and asks if he has been instructed by Tanu not to speak to anyone, and asks how could he not even bother to ask him, before taking such a big decision, and today he proved them all wrong. He says that he found out accidentally today, or else he wouldn't have even told him. He continues to reprimand Abhi for treating him like a stranger, after making him feel like his family, while Abhi is frustrated and disturbed himself. He says that he reduced him to the status of a manager, and he is joining new relations on the funeral of old ones, and that he doesn't deserve to be in the house, and hence he is leaving. Abhi apologises to Purabh and asks him to try and udnerstand, as he is like a brother, and he doesn't have anyone except him. He says that Pragya isn't talking to him due to the divorce, and Tanu doesn't talk of anything except marriage, Daadi doesn't talk, and Aaliya is a gone case. He says that he needs him, and asks him not to desert him, even though he is angry, as his heart and mind are at cross roads. Purabh asks him to listen to the heart, when he knows what his heart wants. Abhi says that his heart has been wanting this for a long time, but he took a long time to hear it, and now it's too late, as the marriage is fixed tomorrow, and Tanu’s parents are coming, and the divorce has happened, and he can't do anything even if he wants to. Purabh is apalled.

In her room, Daadi comes and finds Pragya sitting tensed. Daadi tries to console her, but Pragya stops her, saying that she is broken now, but doesn't need any consolation, sympathy or false hopes. She says that her story has ended, and she got defeated and that she had lost long back, but was clinging to the last hope, not able to bear any pain, and by the excuse of fighting, she was just amusing herself. Pragya tells Daadi that she wrongly taught her, to always fight for the truth, and that the vermillion has strong powers, as there is no one today beside her, and she is totally alone, and if there is anyone, then where is he, and the vermillion and mangalsutra. She says that there was a sister, who isn't here anymore, a mother who is so helpless, that she can't help even if she wants to, and if anyone wants to help, they land in trouble. she says that she hasn't been defeated by Tanu, but by her fate, and who else would be so unfortunate, that her divorce isn't finalised yet, and the husband is marrying someone else, and what's a relation that ends by a mere signature. She says that if her vermillion isn't with her, then what does her fate behold. She says that Daadi was wrong as there is no place for the truth, in this world of lies, and talks about how everything is over now. Daadi tells her that it isn't so but pragya is depressed, saying that he is marrying Tanu, and all is over now. Daadi says that she still has anger, which tells that she isn't broken from inside, and isn't defeated yet, and her anger says that she can still fight and win too. Pragya eyes her tensedly. Daadi asks her to realise her anger within, which has kept her alive, and till this is there, she should move on and that she isn't here to console or sympathise with her, but just to make her realise that just like the divorce isn't finalised, Tanu isn't married yet, and till that doesn't happen, she shouldn't accept defeat. She reminds Pragya that she still has time, and she can do a lot if she so wishes. Pragya says that the papers are signed, and that marriage preparations are done, and Tanu’s family is coming, and what can she do now. Daadi asks her not to think of what can happen, but what she wants to happen. She asks her to close her eyes, and remember her marriage, as this was what, tied them both together. She says that while hating and loving each other, they were always together but they were together, and that Abhi is hers, and before marrying Tanu, he should be hers only. Pragya is set to thinking as Daadi motivates her to fight back until she get the goal.

Daadi asks her not to give up so soon, as Abhi hasn't married Tanu yet, and that she would be defeated only when she accepts defeat. She says that Tanu hasn't snatched Abhi, but she is letting it be, and asks why is she giving up, before a loss, drawing an analogy to Savitri, who brought back her husband from the dead. Pragya is set to thinking as Daadi motivates her to fight back until she achieve her goal. She says that Abhi is still with her, and till Tanu doesn't complete her marriage with him, till then, she should keep fighting, till she doesn't win or lose finally. Pragya remembers her marriage moments with Abhi, and is set to thinking.

Meanwhile, Abhi walks listlessly in the corridor, he too recalls Purabh’s words and advise asking him to be with Pragya tonight. He complies to purab’s statements, and decides to spend his last night with Pragya before marrying to Tanu but just then, Tanu who is excited meets him, and says that she wishes to talk to him right now. He tries to put her off till tomorrow, but she insistently takes him to her room, and shows her the wedding dress, for the function, and asks him to see how she looks once she dress like a bride. He says he will have a look at her dress tomorrow. She asks that it would just take five minutes. He screams frustratedly that he will see it tomorrow, startling her. He lashes out at her, while she gets tensed. He apologises immediately, and says that he is very tired, and there are lots of work tomorrow, and if he sleeps tonight, he should be fresh, and he will see her in the dress in the morning. He leaves, bidding her goodnight. She talks to the baby, as to how badly he talks, but tomorrow, his anger and her tensions would be over, as she would be married to him, and Nikhil would be in the past.

Abhi enters the room, and finds Pragya sits tensedly. She gets to pretend to be busy in some work. He gets scared at the sight of a cockroach. He clutcehs at her, in the scare of the insect. An awkward romantic embrace follows. Then they are aware of their proximity, and distance themselves. She says that the insect is gone. He asks her hesitantly, if they can sit and simply talk. She silently complies, still tensed. He gets up and sits in front of her, and then Abhi asks Pragya if she remembers their first meeting where he rescued her from drowning, when she was planning to commit suicide. She vehemently denies it. He says that she didn't know swimming and would have drowned and that at that time, they didn't know each other, but there was a weird connection as the moment was so magical.

He says that when he picked her up, and took her in his arms, he couldn't take his eyes away, and then asks her if he can carry her the same way again in his arms. She is stunned. They remember their first meeting. She gets up and allows him, he complies, and hugs her, and firmly carries her in his arms, while they keep eyeing each other, overwhlemed with a surge of emotions, remembering their past romantic moments, Pragya asks to leave. He places her back down, he asks her to and then goes to the shelf, and comes back, and place vermillion in her hand and recalls her the moment when this vermilion falls on her by mistake, saying that once he accidentally placed it on her by mistake in which they both remember that moment.

She wishes to go, but he stops her one more time, and then brings the necklace, reminding her of the jewellery store where they had accidentally met. He then place the mangalsutra in her hand, saying that the mangalsutra tied them together. She gets emotional and is about to cry, when he asks her if she can answer his one last question. She complies. He asks her if she can dress up as a bride by wearing her wedding dress for the last time. She is stunned hearing his request, and they continue eyeing each other, while she says that he shouldn't freshen the memories, that have faded away, as the heart would keep demanding things, and he would keep hurting her. She asks him to go and sleep, as it's too late. He complies and leaves. She sits troubled, still remembering their marriage, and how he draped the dupatta over her. As they resignedly lie in their rooms, they are both upset remembering their moments with the other. They both dose off.

In pragya’s mother’s room, Daadi meets Sarla and apologises to her, that she couldn't fulfill her promise one more time, as she had promised her that she would be by Pragya to make her win, but she couldn't. Purabh and Akash stand tensedly. Daadi sits beside her, and says that she can't imagine Abhi’s wedding with Tanu. Purabh says that there must be something to avert this. but Daadi says that there is no reason and way out, as Tanu will find some other way out, and that only one person can stop this marriage, that's Abhi, and if he ignites one hope in Pragya’s mind, then nothing can stop her from winning, as the willing do find a way.

The next morning, Tanu wakes up by Nikhil’s call, who taunts and congratulates her for her wedding, while she is frustrated. He says that Pragya finally did accept, and he too is ready. He tells her that he is going to the airport, to receive his would be in-laws. She is boggled and asks why, as they are her parents. He calms her down and says that she is getting married, and he too is planning in advance for his future. He disconnect the call. She is frustrated at him, but then gets tensed, and eyes her wedding dress, and thinks that this day has come after a long time, and asks her to think of that only now.

Meanwhile, the butlers in the kitchen are indecisive as to what to prepare, since no one instructed them, like Pragya always usually does. Just then, Akash’s mother comes and asks why isn't the breakfast ready yet. They tell that they don't know what to make and they are told that Pragya is no more in control. The butlers say that he will leave then, as they like the respect that Pragya used to give him, instead of Tanu, who used to behave with them like a slave. The members are shocked as to how they will manage if the butlers leave. Aaliya comes and taunts that they will take over, as she being Tanu’s friend won't work. They are smirking and hurriedly leave. Aaliya eyes them resignedly.

In her room, Pragya sits dressed as a bride, waiting for Abhi to open his eyes. He wakes up, opens his eyes and find, Pragya dressed up as a bride, and is pleasantly surprised. He is amused and comes to her. He says that this is what he likes about her, that she always agrees to everything he says, and she is sitting in front of him, and still he can't have her in his life, since he doesn't have control over it, but it's weird that she is the woman of his dreams, and say he can do anything as he is dreaming right now. She smiles. They eye each other romantically. He kisses her around the neck, and says that this is for what lecture she gave him last night. But Pragya pinch him and says that it is a reality. He is shocked and happy as she fulfils his wish and asks if she did agree, and she gets emotional, as he continues, saying that just like a dying man’s last wish is granted, and that he won't die, since he has a reason to live now. She tries to say something, but he pinch her nose and silences her. They both eye each other, full of tears. They both hug each other ardently, tears streaming down their cheeks. Purabh walks in, and finds them in love and wonders that they will stay together forever.

Purabh comes down, begging for the lord to do something, a miracle to stop this marriage. Tanu comes screaming for Abhi, while he says that he isn't in the room. She asks if she would believe him, and that she will go for herself and see. Purabh asks her if she won't listen to her brother in-law now, and distracts her in conversation, so that Abhi and Pragya can bond. She is pleased, while he continues fooling her, and she says that she will search for him elsewhere. After she leaves, he says that she is his sister in-law, as her child’s father, Nikhil used to be his friend at one time. Abhi asks Pragya to fulfil his one more wish and he asks hesitantly, if she would come with him to his marriage. She is aghast to hear this. He insists resquesting her. She eyes him stunned.

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