Update: Friday On Love Oh Love (Episode 27-29)

At Khandelwal’s residence, Arpita and Akshat's engagement comes to a happy end and a photographer was taking pictures of Akshat and Arpita and tells them to make a pose. Akshat refused but Arpita is ready. Akshat said they are not shooting Hollywood movie. On the other side love is blossoming between Raj and Avni. Raj and Avni laughing at this. Arpita gets angry with Akshat. Akshat went behind her. Raj said now Akshat will try to cheer her up. Avni said he is a predictor. Raj agrees that he is and says now Akshat will sit beside Arpita and holding her hand and wills romantically looks in her eyes. Akshat did same. Avni impressed. Avni asked Raj about Love. Raj said nothing. She asked him If he is in love with someone. Raj has spark in his eyes and nod Yes. Avni asked then he definitely know what definition  of loves means. Raj replied that love is a different love they can only feel it. Avni said whenever he gets to know about the definition of love then to tell her because if she ever fell in love with someone then she needs this knowledge.

The Kandelwal’s and Aggarwal’s are on dinning table. Everyone praised Arora’s food. Suket says their food is extraordinary good. Then all finished dinner and Jiju stated to bind up the things. Saawri Bua came and asked about recipe from Jiju. He started the recipe but Saawri Bua gave her number to him and tells him that she will ask on Phone. Avni asked Saawri how can she gave her number to a stranger so easily. She said Arora’s are nice as both were walking while talking Saawri bumped into Raj and hot coffee fell on Raj’s hand. Saawri scolds him for doing clumsy things. She left from there. Avni is about to give Raj her number but then she saw red burnt mark on Raj’s hand and is about to get some ointment. Jiju came and take Raj away as he is worried for Raj’ hand. Raj tells jiju he is good and he did wrong by bringing him here as Avni was going to give her number. Jiju said first time he did wrong thing unknowingly as Rja has to leave without taken the number today. Raj said he will not go without the number and tells Jiju to leave.

Raj sees Avni alone and went to her. He asked for her phone number and she said she wrote it on paper and give the paper to him. Suddenly the paper dropped with the wind blow. Abhay come there. He gave stern look to Raj and asked him what is he doing here. Raj is angry on Abhay but he controlled himself and tell him that he is here just for the bill clreance and other bind ups. Abhay tells him to leave as they will talk with his jiju tomorrow.

Raj who tries desperate attempts to get Avni's phone number but in vain and left from there helplessly. Avni starts to tells Abhay about the Daat Baati function story and she shouts lodly. Raj noticed it and he got it and then Akshat came. Avni said now she will start her story from the start. Abhay is irritated. But Avni started and uses an unusual manner to give her number to Raj using the quantity of things and number of persons there. Raj finally got her number.

On the Other side, Saawri, Bhavna and Avni are in kitchen and talking about maal pohe, then Avni phone rang and it was unknown number and she thought it was Raj but Devika was on Line. Avni tells Devika about Raj and how cute and nice he is. Devika tells her that she also want to meet her new friend. Devika cut the call and Avni is really confused.

Raj reached home and took his phone out. He is confused about whether he call Avni or just message her then Raj decide to message Avni that ” this is his number” just then one servant bumped into him and Raj phone fell on ground But, as luck would have it Raj mobile's screen breaks and is very sad. He goes inside and Jiji asked him the reason and told him to Buy new phone as why he is getting angry just on phone and some random number. Raj tells his Jiji about it and left. Jiji said Raj is angry for genuine reason. Both Jiju ( Raj's sister ) and Jiji discuss about their days. Jiji said Raj will definitely find out about Avni’s number in anyway.

Avni who is in her room thinks about Devika’s words and she said friend then she thinks Raj is nice and help her but how can she be friends with him. On the other side Raj remember Avni’s story and tracking the number. Just then Avni phone ring but it was not Raj calls. Raj try his best to track it while Avni is thinking about Raj.

Raj is trying to put pieces of the puzzled number story which Avni told him and Asha and Sheru comes and tries to help him reminding the right dates when he sends them off his room and continues in his attempt to guess Avni's number.

Avni notices Babuji in garden doing gardening work and asks him when he returned and where he went to which he says he been to temple and then tells that things should be fine. Avni asks him to dance or things on Sangeet and haldi to which Suket asks her to keep him away while Babuji sees Avni face and tells his son Suket that he has to do it and he agrees he will and both grandfather and daughter are happy and Suket asks Bhavna to check on arrangements from Arpita place. On the other hand, Raj calls every girl from his puzzled numbers and everything goes wrong and he is upset and his sister and brother in-law comes into the room to check on him and sees him in that position and teases him.

Sawari looks for Mehandi saying she wants best for the wedding and her husband comes in and bring a jewellery for Arpita which Sawari likes and takes it saying Arpita won't be wearing it as she is modern and she won't wear it and she shows him the diamond set she got for Arpita and says she would never get Arpita to have that set he got.  After trying several numbers Raj finally gets the phone number right and manages to call Avni and is very excited hearing her voice and Sheru and Asha are very happy like him and while they are all celebrating Avni is confused and gets busy with her brother's wedding preprations. Raj ends up saying Sheru lost his voice and he ends up getting invitation for sangeet ceremony and Raj too decides to join her in the preprations goes off to dress. 

Arpita's father looks over the decorations at her house and Arpita ends up having galla time with her cousin's when Avni's family comes there along with Devika and Arpita introduces her in-laws to her family and vice versa, and Devika says she would help them all with dance and every one asks Devika to teach them dance while Devika is a bit uncomfortable and just then Raj enters and Arpita goes to greet him and he offers her lots of sweets he got and says hi to Avni in subtle manner and seeing him Abhay is trying to remember something.

Devika is good job on dancing on odhani chunariya song while very one enjoys her dancing and appreciates it while Arpita cousins a bit makes a undertone sarcastic comments and Devika asks him to show how Mumbai people dances and when she is dancing very pathetically even in moves every one appreciates it and Bhavna has to vote for them and she votes Arpita cousins for Bollywood number, and during the ceremony dancing then it ends up in a challenges are thrown between girls and boys which stuns Devika and ends up saying she is cheering for Avni which stuns Avni and Devika tries to motivate and ends up giving Avni boost, while Avni is worried she is not good with Bollywood dance and even Abhay says same to his mother in a hushed tone, when Raj notices Avni's uncomfortness, Raj asks her to settle down while from guys side another cousin from Arpita goes and dances on Dhoom and again when Raj says he is not doing it right, and every one are stunned while the guy and his sister asks Raj to show the right moment and seeing Avni encouragement, Raj goes to dance on Dhoom again and surprises one and all with his outstanding dancing steps while one girl from Arpita cousin who challenged is totally into Raj. When Abhay sees this and he is not pleased on seeing Raj taking the lime light and Avni is very happy and every one appreciates him and Avni is not okay when the girl speaks to Raj and Avni is debating if she should get some help from Raj on her dance moves and decides to take help from Raj for her dancing.

Arpita introduces Raj to his cousin and he saying he helps in catering as it's his brother in-laws business, Avni is thinking if Raj can helps him during his busy time, but, later decides against it. Avni family is leaving while Avni goes to say bye to Arpita and sees Arpita's cousins laughing at her friends Devika's dance. This angers Avni and says it's not funny and challenges them to win her in the dance competition.

Avni is upset that Arpita's cousins are making fun of Devika and says it's not cool and when they try defending themselves over Devika's dance. Avni challenges Arpita's cousin for a dance on sangeet but has no idea how to dance and she walks off from there preoccupied and bumps into Raj. Raj notices her and asks her if all is well and comes to know she is worried about the dance and asks her if he can help her, she is confused if Raj is her friend or not and says how can he? as he is Arpita's newly made brother and not even her friend and Raj asks her to define friendship in her term and she says someone with whom she would hang out with, go to their place and invite to her place, dance and eat gole gapeas and all and says since she haven't done anything of that with Raj how can he be her friend? and he says okay to lets forget that and since she have helped him with Daal Baati, he will teach her dance for a return favour with this and when is not sure of this based on his cooking schedule he promises her he will manage and when Avni leaves he hopes they will be friends due to this dance practice.

Bhavna and Arpita are making a dish for Akshat and both ladies enjoy their bonding while Bhavna tells Arpita how Akshat was naughty as kid and would dress up as a girl in childhood. Arpita takes a look at Akshat's childhood photo as girl, she calls him up and teases him saying she won't miss this chance of teasing him. Sawari is teaching Avni and Devika dance steps and during break Devika goes off for a call and Avni is hoping to go and meet Raj without telling anyone, when Sawari gets a call from her father in-law asking her about a set which happened to be diamond and Sawari realises she has ended up giving it to Arptia and faints.

Raj is off to meet Avni for their practice and Avni waits for Raj at the dance academy but Raj is stuck in a situation where Arpita's cousins are in same place and are eating gold gapes and are making fun of people around. Raj sees them and hopes he would not seen with Avni and before he takes off he is called in by Arpita's cousins and when he tries to get off them but could not manage and they make a comment on Avni waiting for a boyfriend and Raj asks them not to make any such comment on a girl without knowing them and when they say it's a joke Raj says not a single comment on women is joke and he respects women a lot and he won't appreciate it.

Akshat comes home and tries to takes Arpita's bag and asks her about his picture and both are fighting when his mother comes there and asks him to taste the dish Arpita made. Akshat walks off from there making an excuse and Babuji comes there to taste the dish and asks Arpita to give it to Akshat in his room. Avni comes home annoyed and is upset with Raj as he does not arrive to teach her dance and hopes she would never have to meet Raj whom she trusted without thinking and knowing him and she would never speak to him. On the other hand, Raj is upset that he had to make her wait and wonders what she is thinking of him and is worried that he might lose Avni's friendship.

Raj gives Bhavna a sweet to taste and when Bhavna asks him how he will manage being both Arpita's brother and their caterer, he says he will and asks her for permission to set up cooking in garden tonight and when Bhavna says tonight he says he would better be prepared and they share a laugh. Avni comes down and Raj goes to her with sweet but she refuses to eat. Bhavna asks her to taste it and when Raj apologises for not showing up as promised, she says she wasn't waiting for him and Raj says she was and for an hour and Avni asks then why he never came to her and made her wait, he expalins to Avni his reason for not arriving at the dance academy and that it's cause of Arpita cousins as he don't want them to gossip on seeing them together. Avni appreciates it.

Sawari comes there and asks Avni about the dance. Avni says it's been good and when Avni says they were not able to today. Avni decides to start learning from the next day. But learn that the dance academy seems to be shut from the next day through her aunt Savri and this upsets Avni. Sawari wants Avni to win, and Raj says he would never let her loose and makes her win.

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