Update: Friday On Love Oh Love (Episode 10-12)

At home buah and avni reach, bhavna asks why so late, buah tells that it was late at the concert and they even had to leave devika, buah sends avni up and avni goes, buah tells bhavna that she has to say something very important about the concert, bhavna gets very tensed and tells that is it about avni , buah says no and tells that about arpita, she tells that today she saw arpita with some other boy and that too catching hands and she went with him in the car, bhavna tells her that she must have seen something different and must have been mistaken, buah tells that she knows the whole jaipur and her eyesight is stronger than her mind and that’s why she told her, buah then tells bhavna that she is akshats mom and she must only decide what to do as she(buah) was telling from start not to do this relation but they did not listen, buah tells that now she will only decide what to do and buah goes, bhavna is thinking all updates at desi tv box.me Bhavna then goes from stairs up to her room, she is going when she sees avni tensed and walking here and there in her room, she goes and asks what happened, avni goes and hugs her and cries and tells her everything about her reaching the green room till raj saving her, bhavna says its ok and tells that this is good that she is safe and asks her that did she say thank you to that man, avni says no as she did not see him as her eyes were closed, bhavna says ok and goes, avni calls devika and tells her that she told everything to mom and she did not tell her anything and told her that she just cares for her, devika tells that her mom is very cool, devika tells when will she tell him sorry avni tells she has not seen his face then how will she, while talking avni is keeping her purse when it falls down and raj’s bracelet falls there, she tells devika she will talk later, she picks the bracelet and says to herself that she will find that person and says him thank you but she does not know how to thank to boys and avni looks at the bracelet and smiles.

At raj’s home raj is looking at avni’s payal and smiling his friend is trying calling devika as he had her number from the daal baati competition, raj asks him how many times will he call, then surprisingly the call rings and devika takes the phone, friend tells that are you deviks, she says yes and friend tells that was she a participant in daal baati, devika says yes and asks that are they the organizers and have they decided to change the winner, he says no and tells that he just wants the number of her helper and her address, she gets angry and tells that she knows those boys and tells him that you people are not worth talking and keeps the phone, raj laughs at friend and tells him that let it be and he will only take her name and friend then tells that no as he being his friend will help him and friend asks that how will he find her, raj tells that if he can find her 50rupee note then he can also find her.

At home in avni’s room avni who is sleeping gets a call and she picks it up, a person tells open the door, avni goes down and slightly opens the door without making noise, it is the boy whose car was dashed with raj’s car, he is abhaas avni’s brother and older to her but younger than akshat. He goes with her up, avni hugs him there and avni tells him that why didn’t he come today early to see arpita and tells him that he is always busy in his politics, abhaas tells that he has to be busy in politics as he has to look forward at the country. Avni then tells him that why am I talking to you and she turns behind, abhaas tells that you are not going to talk to me so early so he bought a present and he removes revdi from his pocket and shows it to avni, avni gets happy and tells him to give as she loves eating those abhaas says no and hides his hand, avni tells to give and catches hand when he says ouch and she looks at hand and he has got hurt, she asks how he tells her about that raj accident, she tells him to stand there and she will bring first aid, she goes down and removes the box and turns to see bhavna, bhavna tells that abhaas has come, isn’t it, they both go up, bhavna is aiding abhaas’s hand, she is angry abhaas tells how much more abgry will she be, se tells that he does not come home early ever and is always busy with politics and why does he do this? Abhaas tells that he has to look after the country as it is his duty that being a politician looking after the country’s underdevelopment and the poverty. Bhavna tells that first he should come to family and then country. Then they get up, he asks that where is the rajasthani lion, avni and bhavna scold him and laugh, as he calls dad as rajasthani lion, bhavna tells him and avni that tomorrow there is a very big day and she is going to announce a decision and tells abhaas to stay good with dad at least tomorrow, avni asks what decision, bhavna tells she will know tomorrow.

 At Raj home Jiju came with breakfast In Raj’s Room and told raj that his Jiji is still sleeping. Raj was in his thoughts .Jiju asked him abt this. he told Jiju that he made a Map of her(Avni’s) Home and Jiju saw it and Raj explained all his LOgics to find Avni’s home. Jiju apppreciates his talent but laughed at his craziness. Raj told jiju that Person turns Crazy in Love its Obvious.

Sawri called bhawna.. Sawri asked Bhawna her well being..she replied she is making tea for Abhas.. saawri asked Bhawna if Abhas met Suket. Bhawna said Not yet then Saawri asked abt Arpita issue and bhawna told her to hold on and she will decide after asking baujii. saawri unhappy and then cut the phone.

At breakfast table Suket was not happy seeing Abhas fav. food, Then abhas came and congratulate Akshat

Abhass goes on Talking and said nothing in home happens without sukets premission.Suket was Angry

Abhass was talkng abt rally. Suket told he is alwayzz involve in fightings after seeing abhass injured hand.

he told to call doctor as if he gone outside like dis it will effect their reputayion. Ahass left in anger and suket too.

Akshat and dadaji told bhawna not to wry . bhawna told bhauji that sawwri saw arpita in concert with some guy and saawri ready to break the alliance., akshat shocked. bhawna told sawwri can’t lie. bauji n arpita discussed all dis and were confused. bauji told this matter is very sensitive. we need to think on it carefully and then decide . I m with u.

Jiji shocked to see raj and Amit. they adopt typical government employee style with oily hair n specs. Both were in their characters fully. jiji confused. Jiju came and started to Flirt jiji and said i was no one before meeting her and now he has everything family and all.

All were laughing and jiji told Jiju u did everything to won my heart and knew everything about me but raj idiot know nothing not even her name.

jiju told Raj to respect girls feelings and if she said no then Leave her..its her decision u can’t force anyone.

Raj was Happy and agree with jiju. then Raj left with Amit to Find Avni’s home.

Abhas was showing rally pics to Avni … she was happy and excited. then bhawan came asked him why he talked rudely with Suket. Bhawna n avni told Abhas that suket is nice. ABhas told Avni that once go against papa’s rule then u will see hw much nice he is. Avni told all new things to Abhas. then suddenly bhawna gets worried and left from there.

Bhawna was thinking about the words of Saawri forArpita. she to himself “My heart is not agree with what

saawri said but she can’t even lie.She thought every coin has two sides n compare it with how Raj save Avni but people could think other way. Same is the case with Arpita. She called saawri abt it.

Raj and amit going home to home to find Avni but disguising themselves as census Agents.Amit was irritated but Raj was laughing n enjoying.

Arpita and her mom talking about sarees n suits . Then door bell rang and Arpita saw Akshat outside. She went outside hurriedly. Akshat told everything to Arpita. Bhawna and Sawwri at Arpita’s home. Arpita and her mom greeted them . Both said some thing important to talk Akshat hiding behind sofa.

Arpita mom worried and asked them abt prblm. saawri started in her own way and told everything and asked fr answer. bhawna told Arpita not to worry just clear misunderstanding. arpita told she went to concert with her cousin vinay. Her mom said she also took my permission. bhawna was happy that MU cleared.

Both arpita and akshat are tensed and before saawari can pick up spoon, arpita picks it up. Avni shows arpita’s pic to abhas and they talk about it and then just devika comes there and asks abhas about gift he gives her chocolate and asks her to share with avni and leaves them saying he has some work, and devika asks forgiveness from avni regarding yday’s incident and then devika talks abut chocolate and how it can be used for sorry, thankyou and making some one happy, and they think about how to find him and devika tells him that guy will find them and just then both raj and his friend reach avni house and ring door bell, bhavna and saawari are leaving and arpita asks him to go home and she will call him.

At avnis house no one opens door and raj’s friend says he wants to sit as he is tired and raj notices a peacock drawing on wall and says he has a feeling that its his destination and rings bell again, avni and devika r in their room and wondering why no one is opening and avni says she will open door and is going to while raj is ringing bell impatiently and abhas comes from outside and sees raj friend in lawn chair and he asks him questions about who he is, while his friend remember abhas from the incident and raj goes running to him, and abhas says he has seen them before and avni comes out but abhas sends him inside while raj dont see her, abhas then knows they are cheating and he asks raj to shut up while abhas is calling cop raj’s friend throws his phone and both plan to run but abhas gets hold off raj’s friend and raj gets into fight and pushes abhas on floor and is shouting while avni comes running out and tries to calm him and he is blasting in anger and says he will not spare them and he will find them and tease them a lesson for getting into his house and avni is tensed.

Raj and his friend runs off and plans to go home and raj’s friend tries convincing raj to head home but raj is worried if abhas is hurt and his friend taunts him saying lets go home and asks him how he is and then raj and he heads home.

Bhana and saawari apologize to arpita’s mother for their misunderstanding and then talk about traditions while saawari is eager to get out of their, bhavan invites them home.

Raj is upset as he didnot meet her, while his sister and brother in law tries to convincing him to take out, while raj was refusing but he agrees in end. arpita and akshat are happy that their problem is solved but arpita is worried that they had to lie a lot and hope they get married off soon and put end to their lies and akshat justifies with lame excuse of god being with them.

Abhas is asking his friends to search them and he uses bad words and his father hears this and when suket asks him to mind his language at his house, and suket reminds its not his house and then starts scolding him regarding fighting with him others in rally and bhavna comes asking avni and avni just tells wat she knows without telling much. both father and son are arguing over politics and dirt of it, while abhas wants to be part of politics and when argument is getting more heated, bhvna comes there and asks suket to let it go and walks off with him.

Avni asks for forgiveness to abhas reg father scolding him and then she blames raj and his friend for this misunderstanding.

Bhavna and saawari are looking for saris when arpita comes their and asks for blessing, saawari then tries getting information about her cousin and bhavna cuts them off and they are looking at sarees, and when shop keeper asks what sort of material she need, avni comes there and ask to show netted ones for arpita and then says she joined as she wanted both arpita and avni get along well while saawari still is doubtful.

Asha takes raj to same shopping mall as avni;s and he tells her he will give her just 20mins for shopping while bhavna asks arpita to select on her own as its her function, saawari tries making reasons of showing arpita low while arpita asks bhavna to pick a saree for avni and avni says if its arpitas choice then she will and then goes to try.

Asha is asking shop guy to pack her selected sarees while raj is fed up of it and he goes off roaming when he sees avni trying her saree and is lost in her.

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