Life of Ami Weekly Teasers August 2017

Tuesday 1 August 2017

Shruti faces a lot of obstacles on her way to Sanjay. Prabha is still adamant that her plan to get Bhavna married to Sanjay will succeed. The day Prabha dreaded has finally happened, as she witnesses Shruti and Sanjay getting married.

Wednesday 2 August 2017

Prabha makes sure that she ruins Sanjay and Shruti's wedding night by making Shruti shed tears. Prabha continues to try and create a rift between Shruti and Sanjay and it leads to Shruti packing up and leaving the house.

Thursday 3 August 2017

Just when it looked like Prabha succeeded in her plan, Shruti comes back with Sanjay. Sanjay indirectly gives Shruti advice on how to make a place for herself in Prabha's heart. Ami attempts to prank Prabha. Will she succeed?

Friday 4 August 2017

Prabha gets jealous after seeing how everyone enjoys Shruti's food. Prabha gives Shruti various tests to try and break her down, but each time Shruti keeps passing her tests. The rivalry heats up between Ami and Prabha.

Monday 7 August 2017

The bracelet Prabha buys for Trisha goes missing and the first person she blames is Ami. Riddhi, Prabha and Trisha work together to humiliate Ami. Riddhi and Prabha try their best to create a rift between Ami and Sanjay. Will they succeed?

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Sanjay tries his best to cheer up Ami, but his mom and sister ruin all his efforts.. Shruti goes to repair one of Prabha's favourite Sari's and gifts it to her, unfortunately Prabha destroys it once again.

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Prabha sets Shruti up as she leaves the stove on and blames Shruti. Sanjay discovers something very disturbing regarding Harsh. Ami and Khushboo open up and tell Shruti about the treatment they get from Prabha and Riddhi.

Thursday 10 August 2017

Shruti finds out the hard way that Prabha set her up. Yogesh sends Anupam a letter asking for a divorce from Riddhi. Prabha finds the file that  Sanjay has been trying to hide from Shruti. Prabha makes a huge scene and the truth about Harsh is revealed.

Friday 11 August 2017

Sanjay comes to fetch Ami from her friend's house. It turns out that the first report of Shruti was fake. Sanjay finds out that it was his mother, who forged a fake report.

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