Update: Monday On Love Oh Love (Episode 30-32)

Raj giving orders to his workers. . Abhas talks to him rudly but he politely replies. In Avnis room she gets call from Raj and dhe says when we will practice?? Raj says come in the balcony. Avni comes in the balvony and below Raj dances. Background music plays. Raj teaches Avni dance steps. Suddenly suketh and othrrs hear the music and suketh saus who is playing music at this time of the night.

Avni steps back . Suketh and others see Raj. Suketh asks are you working or are you wasting your time.he says he dacing along with working to break the monotony of work. But nothing broke. Dadaji sayd its ok.everyone smiles Nd leaves but Abhas smells something fishy. he again rudly tells him to work and not waste his time raj answers him politely but thinks its first love

Next day Avni is standing in front of the mirror and practicing the steps thar Raj has taught her. sawri sees her ptacticing and says my God you are dancing so well. Then she calls Bhavna and tells her our avni knows such good dance. She asks avni who is your dance teacher?? Before avmi can answer bhavna takes Sawri saying I need your help

Outside Bhavna tells Raj that evrryone os praising the food. Raj is happy. Then Bhacna discusses the menu with him. Raj says its good we should finalize it. Bhavna says in our house all decisions are taken by men so I will have to ask Akshats dad. Raj says in his house all decesions are taken by women . Men are powerful in body but women are powerful in heart. Bhavna says the girl who marries you will be lucky and goes. raj thinks path of my marriage goes through your house

Inside raj bangs into suketh ji and says sorry. Suketh asks him does he go to college or does this work only. Raj says yes he goes to colkege and helps jeeju whenever required. Suketh what type of college is this where this hairstyle is allowed. Raj says he has to cut it but work comes first. Suketh goes and thinks gosh all decesions are taken by men in this gose and dad and brother are do khadus

Avni comes and he tells hee to meet him at 4 gor dance practice. Right now he has to go to Aepitas house to see the arrangements Sawri tells herself why did she give such an expensive necklace to Arpita. She plans to change it with a cheap nevklace. She devifes to ho to Arpitas house. Suketh is also hoing there so they go to gather

At arpitaa house Raj sees the arrangements and takes Arpitas leave. But her cousin asks him to take her around jaipur . He gets out of it but she is vondictive kinds and tells Arpitas mom to het chonese made. She requests Raj. Raj days ok but thinks how will I go to Avni now. Sawri and suketh reach Arpitas house. Suketh goes to meet Avnis dad. Sawri goes to look for Arpita. Then she asks about the hift and finds out that Arpita has not seen it yet. She asks where it is. Arpita says its in moms room. Saeri says to Arpita she eantz yo see the house and she will do so on her own. Arpita says ok.Sawri plans to change the necklace

Raj calls Avni and asks her to come over to arpitas house for dance practice. Raj busy in kitchen chores, Siddhi flirts with him. Raj sees Avni, tries avoiding Siddhi by asking her to go and practice the dance. Raj takes Avni to the roof, and starts practising. He admires her while she dances. Raj gets a call asking for help in the kitchen . He asks Avni to continue practising and gives her his bluetooth. Mumbai siblings sees Avni dancing and makes fun of her and calls her “Bhenji” Raj hears this via bluetooth. Savri tries to exchange the gifts, but unfortunately acc. to Savri, Arpita and her mom comes there. Trying to escape, Savri gifts both the uncut jewellery and the one she brought for exchanging! Raj asks Avni to be strong and face the problems. Avni tells she is a loser. Hearing this Raj goes to Mumbai Gamandi Ziddis. Ridz and Raj has a face – off, and they does the puncha lada.

Raj wins, asks Ridz to seek forgiveness from Avni. Ridz does reluctantly does. Raj encourages Avni and asks her not to run away from problems.They shake hands. At Night, Avni thinks of the moments with Raj. She sees Savri and her husband celebrating Valentines Day. Both gifts each other. Avni sees their love and wonders if everyone does the same and how love feels. Akshat does video chat with Arpita wishing Valentines Day. Avni sees them, and laughs at it. Avni wishes if she had a valentine, so that she can also wish Valentine Day. She suddenly remembers that there is some one whom she can wish.

Avni talking to her self that here is her Valentine with whom she can share evrything and then she hugged her Teddy.she said Her teddy is the one with whom she can share everything. On other side Jiju and jiji were celebrating valentines at home as all purohit house decorated with ballons and candles. Jiju surprised jiji and both hugged and jiji thanked him. Both were happy and then Raj in his room. his room were also having one candle lighten up and raj to himself today is day of love and he wanted to tell everything to avni that what he feels for her and took Phone to call her.

Avni’s phone rang and she murmering to herself that whose phone at night. she picked and devika was on other side. both wished valentines to each other and then devika told Avni that she thought they both don’t have valentines so decided to wish each other. Avni replied she has it . Devika confused and asked Avni about it. Avni said its her Teddy. Then avani said Devika that sumtymes she thinks that if someone is for her and with whom she will fall in love and how and devika replied that she also thinks same.

Raj and jiji-jiju sitting and jiji adviced him not to tell Avni about his feelings still. Raj said that’s why he didn’t call her. jiju said today is day of love just confess feelings. Jiji asked him when he proposed her and jiju replied when he got 100% sure about her feelings. Raj said exactly wt he also wants. RAj becomes sad suddenly and Jiji gave him packet of chocolates to give it to Avni as a frind’s gift just to cheer up Raj. Raj becomes happy.

At morning Avni and Abhas teasing Saawri on valentines card sawwri’s husband sent her. Bhawna came and stop Abhas from doing all this. Then Avni asked bhawna how she and suket celebrating Valentines. Bhawna replied its not for them its for youngsters and sawwri interuppted as she is celebrating it. Bhawna told suket is not this kinda and he does not like all this. Avni said Suketi defo like this and Abhas said he can only like Fights and rules. Suket overhears all this.

saawri’s husband talking to Akshat about vaentine and akshat excused for not knowing its valentine. Suketu came and asked them about valentines and how it is celebrated. Saawri husabdn explained him as all exchange flowers gifts Etc. Suket left from there and Avni excited as suket took interest in Valentines day.

Raj talking on phone at Arpita house and then sidhi came and wished him valentines and Raj turned around. Sidhi took Choco box from Raj’s hand and tahnked him for the gift. Raj was not happy as it was for Avni and he made excuse as he has to deliver it to oe client and left with choco box from there. Raj called Avni about dance class and Avni refused saying she has to go with Akshat somwhere. Raj becomes sad then Arpita came and asked for favour. She asked Raj if he is ready to go with her to meet with Akshat. Raj got ready and said to himself even though his dreams not fulfilled yet but he can make others valentines special.

Bhahwna ans suketu in car and bhawna saw flower and suketu gave her. Suketu wished bhawna happy valentines day. he said everyone at home is celebrating it so he also decided to surprise her and informed her that dey are going for dinner. Bhawna happy at this.Raj and Arpita reached the hotel and suddenly Raj stopped car and arpita asked him the reason. Raj showed her saawri husband.

Arpita was shocked and saying he is standing there with other women. Raj said Avni and her family will feel bad after knowing about Fuffa ji’s truth. Arpita told Raj to park the car there and meanwhile she will take the pics. Raj did same and arpita took pic. Arpita surprised to see pic and started laughing and showed it to Raj. Raj also strated laughing as it was Saawri with her husaband in western dress. Both said thank god they got pic otherwise it could cretae lot of mess.

Raj and Arpita went inside and Manger showed them the table. Both sat there and then Raj excused arpita by saying that he going to sit outside on another table and will keep on check that nobody can see her and left from there. Raj sat on another table and thumbs up arpita. Raj in his thoughts and suddenly he saw Avni with Akshat there. Raj mesmerized and background scene started. Avni saw Raj and went to him and Akshat went towards Arpita and gave her some gifts.

Raj and Avni told each other that dey both came for arpita and akshat. Raj offered avni chocos but she refused and wanted to got to Arpita and akshat. Raj stopped her and told her not to disturn AA. Avni sat and Raj asked him she ordered Food as he is also hungry as well. Both ate and Raj again offered Avni chocos. Avni refused and said as its Arpita and Akshat marriage so she is on diet.

Update: Monday On Lies Of The Heart (Episode 65-66)

Diwaker, urmi and samrat’s father are shocked to see the news clip. urmi asks if they know the girl. She is told that this is aditi. She is shocked, but samrat’s father confirms it. Urmi thanks that she reached in time that day. Diwaker asks if aditi is alright. All compliment her for having saved aditi. But all are serious when samrat’s mention comes. He calls shashi, who is oblivious that its aditi who she saved. When she sees the newspaper she is shocked herself. He reprimands shashi that its her own daughter who urmi saved. Shashi frantically asks urmi how’s aditi. urmi asks her to relax saying that nothing has happened and aditi’s completely okay. shashi thanks her for this favour. urmi asks her not to say this, as it isnt a favour.

He says that they are fortunate to have had her as the daughter in law. shashi remembers how she had reprimanded urmi for taking active interest. shashi regrest that she had said all that to urmi. But urmi asks her not to feel like this, while diwaker praises urmi for being the person that she is, and says that they are proud to have her as family. Both urmi and aditi talk to their respective tensed mothers, as to how this news got blown out of proprotions. Aditi thanks the lady while talking to shashi about the lady, who had helped her immensely. Shashi tells aditi about the relationship that they share.

Saroj too is shocked when she hears that the girl that urmi saved is her sister in law. saroj thanks the lord and tells buaji about aditi and urmi’s encounter. She asks urmi about aditit, and she reassures her that aditi is safe. Aditi tells shashi that urmi is very nice, and asks about samrat’s reaction to all this. urmi too expresses her tension about samrat’s reaction when he knows it. Saroj and others start discussing about aditi. They all compliment urmi for having saved aditi.

While anu is getting ready, trisha asks her to finsih her milk before leaving. Trisha asks her to come along too. Trisha asks what would she do. Anu insists, despte trisha telling her that she’s very busy and would talk in the evning. Sensing her tensed, trisha asks what the matter. Anu hesitatingly tells that some guys tease her on the road, and she is scared to go to college now. Trisha is shocked and asks if she had told anyone. Anu says that there’s no point in telling family, as they would blame her only. She asks trisha to come along. trisha agrees saying that she doesnt need to be scared, as long as she is with her.

Anu identifies the person who teases her the most, and is scared that he mightnt see her. trisha says that from today onwards, he wont dare to cast his eye on her. Trisha moves towards the guy, venting out her frustration. Anu realises that the person that she was talking about has gone away, and another person wearing the same tshirt bears the brunt of trisha’s anger who slaps him tight and gives a big lecture. anu comes and clarifies, and trisha is completely ashamed. He says that its okay and walks off. as other people start reprimanding her, she turns around and finds the person gone.

While working in the office, samrat gets to know that the newspaper has come today and is boggled as to why it didnt come at home. While going through the newspaper, samrat comes across the news about urmi and aditi and is furious beyond disbelief.

All are waiting anxiously and scared of samrat’s return. They all are hoping that he hasnt seen the newspaper or he would vent out his entire frustration by screaming at them. Hearing the car honk, they find out that samrat is back. samreat enters with a stoical face, while all get to calming him down. Samrat retorts back at the seemingly normal statements of the members. Shashi asks him to go to his room and rest, while urmi serves him tea and snacks there. He says that he can have it here too. all get tensed, when he doesnt give in if he knows about it or not. When samrat sits down and is served water by urmi, he sips it silently, eyeing him curtly. urmi offers to get tea for him.

Samrat asks urmi to wait for a minute and when she does, he asks if she had hidden the paper. urmi is stunned and unsure what to answer. All are shocked that he knows the truth. samrat’s father notions her not to oblige. She is about to lie again, when samrat stops her midway and reprimands her for now beginning to lie even. All are silenced. samrat says that the silence speaks all for them and their scare. he retorts urmi for having joined the gang too. Shashi tries to take her side, but samrat silences her too, saying that all are conspiring against him. urmi says that it isnt like that. He asks her whats this then. He reminds her that he had told her not to go to the police or create any more drama.

Samrat reprimands urmi that for going to shop she takes his permission, but to go to the police station even after his telling them not to do so, she didnt feel that need. he asks why did she go then. Urmi is speechless. His father stands and says that he had told urmi to go. Samrat is shocked to hear this. He says that now samrat must also know that she had saved the daughter of this family. Samrat says that the girl she saved, means nothing to him, if at all to others. He says that urmi is his wife, and that this isnt wifely of him, but sheer betrayal. urmi is shocked to hear this. The screen freezes on her hurt face.

Urmi is hurt at samrat’s anger. shashi asks him to stop this and calm down. He says that he is tired of everyone’s interference in their relationship and stop making it complicated, as if she continues to play with his respect and she wont tolerate it. Kanchan tries to convince samrat otheerwise, that its his sister that urmi saved. samrat asks her to silence. diwaker asks kanchan to stay quiet too. urmi speaks up finally and says that she could have apologised for what she did.

Samrat’s father says that she did them a favour, and shouldnt feel sorry. urmi says that she isnt sorry for that, but that she went without his knowledge and should have asked him, and apologises again. Samrat is satisfied that she realised her mistake and asks her to take care next time, as if it is repeated, it would be foolish on her part, and he wont like it. He leaves, while all are tensed.

The next morning, the entire family is praying. After being done with it, they engage in frivolous family banter. Devishankare’s mother asks the lord to forgive him for being so childish, today on his birthday. all greet him and are happy with the festive spirit of the family. Devi is sure that he would eat the cake only when urmi gets it for him, as it would be incomplete then.

Urmi too is busy making the cake. samrat’s parents wish him and tell him how excited urmi is for the cake for her father. Samrat compliments urmi for having made a beautiful cake, and other too ask her to give their wishes also to her father on his birthday. Urmi gets calls from anu asking her to hurry up. Urmi asks the servant to pack it up now, and samrat too instructs him to take special care of the cake that his wife has prepared. She takes their permission and leaves finally. Kanchan says that she too would have gone to urmi’s house with her, had her daughter been a little older, as she was really excited to meet trisha, who’s going to be a police inspector soon.

Urmi tells her that she too can go later on when her daughter is a little older. This alarms samrat when he hears trisha’s name who he hates severely. as urmi is about to leave, samrat asks her to stop. urmi gets tensed and turns around to face him, while all get tensed, sensing his anger. he motions her to come back. she comes back. He says that she was trying to befool him, and trick her way out of this house. he asks her how dare she tried to go to the house, qwhen trisha is there, and how did she think that he would go there too when trisha is there. urmi is baffled at his anger. He asks why didnt he tell that trisha was there too, and why did she hide this.

Urmi says that she had told that trisha was coming. Samrat says that she didnt say that trisha had actually arrived. Urmi says that she had told others but due to family scenes, samrat didnt get to know it. All confirm that they knew about it from urmi. samrat asks them to shut up. He tells her to be seated as she wont go. urmi is hurt and shocked and says that its her father’s birthday, and she has told that she would be there. he asks her to sit silently, as till the time trisha is there, she wont go and thats final. urmi is shocked.

Meanwhile, all are excited for birthday party preparations in annu’s residence. Granny orders them all around with prepartion instructions. All of them are also very tensed not to upset samrat at all this time, just like the last time, when he had gotten angry. Trisha is tensed at his name. They all are alert with tending to samrat to the fullest. anu asks her father to go and dress up like a Birthday boy for the party. she blackmails him into dressing up so that he can join the party and eat the cake too. trisha tells him that anu wants to post pics on social networking sites with good captions, and anu too teases him regarding the same. they manage to convince him and he agrees to dress up.

All are angry with samrat’s behaviour, after he has left. Urmi sits hurt and disappointed. shashi reminds the last time she had given urmi permission and samrat had created a ruckus due to this. Samrat’s father and urmi insistently request, ask and coax shashi to call samrat, as he must have calmed down by now, so that he can allow urmi to go to her father’s place. Shashi hesitates and tries to talk her way out of it, but finally complies and calls up samrat.

Hesitatingly, she brings forth the request that urmi wants to go to her parents place, after trying to get him to a good mood and samrat gets alarmed at this. shashi too senses the tension in her voice. samrat says that there’s no point discussing it as he wont give permission. She tries to convince samrat, but he says that they can send the cake, but not urmi. He asks her to tell urmi that she has to do what he says or else face the consequences, and asks her also not to favour urmi. When urmi hears about this, she gets sad and all get tensed. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Update: Monday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 531-533)

Pragya thanking Dadi for proving Sarla’s innocence, and asks her not to make these kinds of plan again as she don’t want anyone to get hurt. Dadi says if I am not with you, then there will be someone else. Pragya asks why you didn’t tell me? Dadi says I don’t want to waste time and had fallen from the stairs to make the scene real. She says I knew that Tanu will give money to make herself great in Abhi’s eyes. Pragya says you might have got injured. Dadi asks her not to worry and see what is going on in Tanu’s room. Pragya asks Doctor to say something. Doctor says it is your personal matter and goes. Abhi tells Tanu that everyone can’t be wrong. Tanu thinks sh has to accept her crime. She says she has stolen money from Pragya’s room and says she did it for him.

She says she had stolen money for their child’s future and says I knew Pragya will never give me money. Abhi gets angry on her and says you didn’t do wrong by stealing, but have done wrong by accusing Sarla, whom I regard as my mum. He says Sarla is helpless, her husband and daughter left her. Tanu says Pragya will ruin you and will never give you money.

Abhi says Pragya was ready to give me 50 percent money and asks why did you steal then? He says Sarla recovered from paralysis and you gave her a big shock. He says you actually wanted to take revenge on Pragya and that’s why accused Sarla. He says Sarla became great by protecting her daughter, and you have stoop low by giving credit to your baby for the theft. Tanu says I did steal for you. Abhi asks her not to touch him, and says he has no feelings for her. He says I just have hatred for you……Dadi scolds Tanu for targetting, accusing and insulting Sarla.

Tanu tells Abhi that she has no personal enmity with Sarla and she has done this because of Pragya. Abhi says I have no relation with you and asks her to leave. Tanu asks him to think about baby. Abhi says you didn’t leave me to think anything, else I wouldn’t have blamed Sarla. He asks Tanu to get out… Tanu asks where? Abhi says where ever you want to go, but go..Mitali thinks let Tanu go.

Abhi thinks how Tanu insulted Sarla and accused her, and then manipulated him and made him doubt Sarla. He thinks why did I doubt on Sarla and let her go. Pragya thinks Abhi is very much pained. She asks are you fine? Abhi hugs her cryingly…..He apologizes to Pragya and says I did wrong with you.Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays…………..I shouldn’t have done this, I should have seen the truth, I gave authority to Tanu to insult Sarla and you. He says I am equally angry on myself also. Pragya asks him not to apologize and says it was circumstances, which were responsible. Abhi says I will not support her, as she has betrayed me. He says she is going to be my child’s mum, but I will break relation with her.

Dadi thanks Doctor for his good acting. Doctor says you have gone wonderful act and made everyone cry like veteran actress Nirupa Roy. He salutes her. Dadi thanks him. Akash thanks the doctor. Purab tells Dadi that he has become her fan. Dadi says when I see the things going off from our hands, then I played last trick…and Tanu is out of house now. Akash says yes.

Tanu calls Nikhil and tells him that his dream to be CEO have failed. Nikhil asks her what happened? Tanu tells everything about Dadi’s plan. Tanu says Abhi asked me to get out. She asks where I should go now? Nikhil says I did a mistake by letting money with you, as I was in hospital. He asks from where did you get idea to give money to Abhi. Nikhil asks her to just go to hell. Tanu says atleast I have the strength and don’t make failed plans like you. Nikhil asks her not to forget that she is carrying his baby. Tanu disconnects the call. She thinks Nikhil was her last helpline and wonders what to do?

Dadi thanking God for giving her strength and courage to fight against Tanu. She asks God to keep Tanu away from Abhi and unite him with Pragya. She calls Sarla. Janki picks the call. Dadi asks her to put the call on loudspeaker and says Tanu is exposed. She was caught with the stolen money and have stolen it. She says Abhi asked her to leave the house. Sarla gets happy and thanks Dadi for supporting Pragya all along. She cries happily. Tanu packs her stuff. Pragya comes to her room and says I came to help you. You have done so much for me and have returned my husband to me. Tanu says no thanks.

Pragya says there is a difference between you and me, and says I will be more happy when Abhi will know your complete truth. When he comes to know that you are lying and betraying him since you met him. She says your biggest betrayal is your baby. She says this punishment is given to you by Abhi and not me, and makes her recall insulting her mum. She says my revenge will be complete when he comes to know about your truth, and I don’t want him to remember you and regret. She says you have entered this house with the help of this baby, and which made me leave the house. She says I did a biggest mistake of my life by trusting you and leaving the house.

You thought that you will never be caught, but I heard your conversation with Nikhil and then Aaliya’s conversation in office. She says I have to change my avatar because of you both and felt suffocated. Tanu says Abhi will never accept you as you are not suitable for him. Pragya says tell him complete truth and then he will decide whom to choose? Mitali hears her and thinks to call Taiji. Tanu says she is beautiful, talented and model, while she is a boring teacher. Pragya asks Tanu to come and tell everything to Abhi. Tanu refuses to go. Pragya says you don’t have courage to say the truth, but have courage to lie daily. She says I will give strength, and asks her to tell truth to abhi, and also tell that I don’t deserve him. She says you both tried to proved me characterless and had affair with Suresh.

She says you both have killed my sister, attempted to kill my mum and me. She says you have increased your punishment. She says you have become thief and a murderer now just because of the obsession. She asks her to tell the truth to Abhi. Tanu asks her to stop it, and says you are also trying to get him. Pragya says if Abhi knows your truth then he will kill you both, and a blast will happen. Tanu thinks if Abhi comes to know about my truth then he will kill me for sure.

Mitali comes to Taiji and says two thieves are going to Raja to know he will choose whom? She says Tanu and Pragya are going to Abhi. Tai ji says if Tanu will stay back? Mitali says this is the highlight of the twist, and says Tanu will win…Tai ji says Pragya will win and says she is the owner. Tai ji asks Mitali to bet with her and bet on 20000 money. Pragya again comes to Tanu. Tanu asks what do you want to see? Pragya says my precious thing is with me and asks her to go out. She says I will enjoy life with Abhi and says she don’t need to lie anymore. Tanu says now I am leaving but when I return then you will be gone from his life for forever. Pragya thinks Tanu might be upto some plan and thinks to expose her sooner.

Tanu goes to Abhi’s room. Abhi asks her not to come near him. Tanu says I am leaving from your house and life. She says I will love you always…and is taking your baby with me. She says I want the baby to be a son, so that I remember you seeing him. She asks him to come and see the baby when he is born. She emotionally blackmails him and goes. Abhi recalls Tanu gifting him toy gorilla and thinks to throw it out of house. Abhi tells Dadi that he did wrong with Sarla and feels guilty. Dadi asks him not to over think and says whatever happens is for best. She says I told everything to Sarla and she got happy. She asks him to go and apologizes to Sarla. Abhi says I shall meet her, but before that I will do one formality. Dadi says Tanu is leaving the house. Abhi says I don’t want to keep any of her memories. 

Sarla calling Pragya and says she is very happy today as Tanu has left from their lives. Janki takes the call and says they will come to her house. Sarla asks Pragya to visit temple and make mata rani wear chunari. Pragya says she will visit temple but she is more happy as her mum is cleared from the accusations. Sarla blesses her and says it is your good works that you are seeing this day. Pragya says this is your values which you have given me. Sarla blesses her.

Tanu is stepping down the stairs and thinks about Abhi. Tai ji asks Mitali to give money as she is leaving. Mitali says she don’t have money right now. Tanu hears them..Mitali thinks she is inauspicious to make me lose. Tanu thinks about Aaliya and misses her. Abhi sees her and calls her. Just then Tanu looks at him and falls down the stairs. Abhi and Pragya rush to her. Pragya asks Raj to call ambulance. Abhi asks Tanu to open her eyes, and gives water. Dadi asks Abhi not to worry.

Nikhil thinks he has to do something to break Abhi and pragya’s relation. He thinks what to do? Shall I kidnap her…then think whereever she is in trouble, Abhi saves her like a hero. He thinks to give her injection to make her fall in coma. He thinks if he has lost from Pragya, and thinks about her. He gets Pragya’s call. Pragya informs her that Tanu has fallen down the stairs while stepping down. Nikhil says someone might have pushed her. Pragya says nobody has done anything and asks him to think about his responsibility towards his baby. He says you are baby’s father and that’s why I am informing you. Nikhil thinks if something happens to baby then Tanu can’t marry Abhi and my dream to become CEO will fail.

Pragya tells Dadi that Tanu has fallen down in our home and that’s why she is responsible. They rush her to hospital. Abhi tells Doctor to save Tanu and her baby. Doctor says he will do the needful. Nurse asks Abhi to fill the form and asks about baby’s dad name. Abhi tells his name. He thinks baby is mine, and nothing should happen to him. Nikhil comes to hospital and thinks if this is Pragya’s trick to frame him. He thinks I will not go inside, and then her plan will fail and then she will come to know what I am. Then thinks he thinks to check out Pragya’s plan. Mitali thinks if Tanu is acting or doing drama. She thinks she has won the bet and tells Tai ji. Tai ji says I will never bet with you. Dasi asks about the bet. Mitali tells she has won. Dasi scolds them.

Purab tells Raj and Akash that Abhi might be feeling guilty. Akash says Abhi is emotional for the child. Rachna is sad and says don’t know why this has happened. She says everything has changed. Purab asks him to say clearly. Rachna says if Tanu acted like Dadi, so that she couldn’t stop at home. Raj says she is a mum and will not harm her baby intentionally. Akash says knowing that Abhi will marry her only for the baby. Pragya thinks Abhi couldn’t see Tanu’s pain. She sits beside him. Abhi says you said that you will support me like a friend in every situation, and says I need you. He says my baby’s life is in danger because of me. May be Tanu got shocked when I call her, and slipped. He says my baby didn’t get my name and may be life also. He feels guilty. Pragya tells Abhi that nothing will happen to baby.

Pragya says you have taken good care of baby when he is not ……just then doctor comes and scolds Abhi holding him responsible for Tanu’s condition. He says they would have done premature delivery, but it is risky for both mother and baby. He says Tanu was crying badly when I asked her how she fell down..He asks him to take care of his wife. Abhi looks on. Pragya hears him. Nikhil also hears doctor’s advice and scolding. Doctor says we have shifted her to private room and asks him to consult psychiatrist for her. Pragya thinks she was about to tell him about her truth. Nikhil thinks he shall hide before Abhi sees him. Purab asks what happened? Nikhil hides. Abhi tells Purab that Tanu got consciousness and he is going to meet her. Purab doubts on Tanu. Pragya thinks Tanu might trap Abhi and thinks to go. Nikhil comes infront of her and says you called me here to trap me.

Sad! Young Man Dies Of Electric Shock (Graphic Photos)

This is so sad...  May his soul rest in peace.. Ameen.

Update: Friday On Love Oh Love (Episode 27-29)

At Khandelwal’s residence, Arpita and Akshat's engagement comes to a happy end and a photographer was taking pictures of Akshat and Arpita and tells them to make a pose. Akshat refused but Arpita is ready. Akshat said they are not shooting Hollywood movie. On the other side love is blossoming between Raj and Avni. Raj and Avni laughing at this. Arpita gets angry with Akshat. Akshat went behind her. Raj said now Akshat will try to cheer her up. Avni said he is a predictor. Raj agrees that he is and says now Akshat will sit beside Arpita and holding her hand and wills romantically looks in her eyes. Akshat did same. Avni impressed. Avni asked Raj about Love. Raj said nothing. She asked him If he is in love with someone. Raj has spark in his eyes and nod Yes. Avni asked then he definitely know what definition  of loves means. Raj replied that love is a different love they can only feel it. Avni said whenever he gets to know about the definition of love then to tell her because if she ever fell in love with someone then she needs this knowledge.

The Kandelwal’s and Aggarwal’s are on dinning table. Everyone praised Arora’s food. Suket says their food is extraordinary good. Then all finished dinner and Jiju stated to bind up the things. Saawri Bua came and asked about recipe from Jiju. He started the recipe but Saawri Bua gave her number to him and tells him that she will ask on Phone. Avni asked Saawri how can she gave her number to a stranger so easily. She said Arora’s are nice as both were walking while talking Saawri bumped into Raj and hot coffee fell on Raj’s hand. Saawri scolds him for doing clumsy things. She left from there. Avni is about to give Raj her number but then she saw red burnt mark on Raj’s hand and is about to get some ointment. Jiju came and take Raj away as he is worried for Raj’ hand. Raj tells jiju he is good and he did wrong by bringing him here as Avni was going to give her number. Jiju said first time he did wrong thing unknowingly as Rja has to leave without taken the number today. Raj said he will not go without the number and tells Jiju to leave.

Raj sees Avni alone and went to her. He asked for her phone number and she said she wrote it on paper and give the paper to him. Suddenly the paper dropped with the wind blow. Abhay come there. He gave stern look to Raj and asked him what is he doing here. Raj is angry on Abhay but he controlled himself and tell him that he is here just for the bill clreance and other bind ups. Abhay tells him to leave as they will talk with his jiju tomorrow.

Raj who tries desperate attempts to get Avni's phone number but in vain and left from there helplessly. Avni starts to tells Abhay about the Daat Baati function story and she shouts lodly. Raj noticed it and he got it and then Akshat came. Avni said now she will start her story from the start. Abhay is irritated. But Avni started and uses an unusual manner to give her number to Raj using the quantity of things and number of persons there. Raj finally got her number.

On the Other side, Saawri, Bhavna and Avni are in kitchen and talking about maal pohe, then Avni phone rang and it was unknown number and she thought it was Raj but Devika was on Line. Avni tells Devika about Raj and how cute and nice he is. Devika tells her that she also want to meet her new friend. Devika cut the call and Avni is really confused.

Raj reached home and took his phone out. He is confused about whether he call Avni or just message her then Raj decide to message Avni that ” this is his number” just then one servant bumped into him and Raj phone fell on ground But, as luck would have it Raj mobile's screen breaks and is very sad. He goes inside and Jiji asked him the reason and told him to Buy new phone as why he is getting angry just on phone and some random number. Raj tells his Jiji about it and left. Jiji said Raj is angry for genuine reason. Both Jiju ( Raj's sister ) and Jiji discuss about their days. Jiji said Raj will definitely find out about Avni’s number in anyway.

Avni who is in her room thinks about Devika’s words and she said friend then she thinks Raj is nice and help her but how can she be friends with him. On the other side Raj remember Avni’s story and tracking the number. Just then Avni phone ring but it was not Raj calls. Raj try his best to track it while Avni is thinking about Raj.

Raj is trying to put pieces of the puzzled number story which Avni told him and Asha and Sheru comes and tries to help him reminding the right dates when he sends them off his room and continues in his attempt to guess Avni's number.

Avni notices Babuji in garden doing gardening work and asks him when he returned and where he went to which he says he been to temple and then tells that things should be fine. Avni asks him to dance or things on Sangeet and haldi to which Suket asks her to keep him away while Babuji sees Avni face and tells his son Suket that he has to do it and he agrees he will and both grandfather and daughter are happy and Suket asks Bhavna to check on arrangements from Arpita place. On the other hand, Raj calls every girl from his puzzled numbers and everything goes wrong and he is upset and his sister and brother in-law comes into the room to check on him and sees him in that position and teases him.

Sawari looks for Mehandi saying she wants best for the wedding and her husband comes in and bring a jewellery for Arpita which Sawari likes and takes it saying Arpita won't be wearing it as she is modern and she won't wear it and she shows him the diamond set she got for Arpita and says she would never get Arpita to have that set he got.  After trying several numbers Raj finally gets the phone number right and manages to call Avni and is very excited hearing her voice and Sheru and Asha are very happy like him and while they are all celebrating Avni is confused and gets busy with her brother's wedding preprations. Raj ends up saying Sheru lost his voice and he ends up getting invitation for sangeet ceremony and Raj too decides to join her in the preprations goes off to dress. 

Arpita's father looks over the decorations at her house and Arpita ends up having galla time with her cousin's when Avni's family comes there along with Devika and Arpita introduces her in-laws to her family and vice versa, and Devika says she would help them all with dance and every one asks Devika to teach them dance while Devika is a bit uncomfortable and just then Raj enters and Arpita goes to greet him and he offers her lots of sweets he got and says hi to Avni in subtle manner and seeing him Abhay is trying to remember something.

Devika is good job on dancing on odhani chunariya song while very one enjoys her dancing and appreciates it while Arpita cousins a bit makes a undertone sarcastic comments and Devika asks him to show how Mumbai people dances and when she is dancing very pathetically even in moves every one appreciates it and Bhavna has to vote for them and she votes Arpita cousins for Bollywood number, and during the ceremony dancing then it ends up in a challenges are thrown between girls and boys which stuns Devika and ends up saying she is cheering for Avni which stuns Avni and Devika tries to motivate and ends up giving Avni boost, while Avni is worried she is not good with Bollywood dance and even Abhay says same to his mother in a hushed tone, when Raj notices Avni's uncomfortness, Raj asks her to settle down while from guys side another cousin from Arpita goes and dances on Dhoom and again when Raj says he is not doing it right, and every one are stunned while the guy and his sister asks Raj to show the right moment and seeing Avni encouragement, Raj goes to dance on Dhoom again and surprises one and all with his outstanding dancing steps while one girl from Arpita cousin who challenged is totally into Raj. When Abhay sees this and he is not pleased on seeing Raj taking the lime light and Avni is very happy and every one appreciates him and Avni is not okay when the girl speaks to Raj and Avni is debating if she should get some help from Raj on her dance moves and decides to take help from Raj for her dancing.

Arpita introduces Raj to his cousin and he saying he helps in catering as it's his brother in-laws business, Avni is thinking if Raj can helps him during his busy time, but, later decides against it. Avni family is leaving while Avni goes to say bye to Arpita and sees Arpita's cousins laughing at her friends Devika's dance. This angers Avni and says it's not funny and challenges them to win her in the dance competition.

Avni is upset that Arpita's cousins are making fun of Devika and says it's not cool and when they try defending themselves over Devika's dance. Avni challenges Arpita's cousin for a dance on sangeet but has no idea how to dance and she walks off from there preoccupied and bumps into Raj. Raj notices her and asks her if all is well and comes to know she is worried about the dance and asks her if he can help her, she is confused if Raj is her friend or not and says how can he? as he is Arpita's newly made brother and not even her friend and Raj asks her to define friendship in her term and she says someone with whom she would hang out with, go to their place and invite to her place, dance and eat gole gapeas and all and says since she haven't done anything of that with Raj how can he be her friend? and he says okay to lets forget that and since she have helped him with Daal Baati, he will teach her dance for a return favour with this and when is not sure of this based on his cooking schedule he promises her he will manage and when Avni leaves he hopes they will be friends due to this dance practice.

Bhavna and Arpita are making a dish for Akshat and both ladies enjoy their bonding while Bhavna tells Arpita how Akshat was naughty as kid and would dress up as a girl in childhood. Arpita takes a look at Akshat's childhood photo as girl, she calls him up and teases him saying she won't miss this chance of teasing him. Sawari is teaching Avni and Devika dance steps and during break Devika goes off for a call and Avni is hoping to go and meet Raj without telling anyone, when Sawari gets a call from her father in-law asking her about a set which happened to be diamond and Sawari realises she has ended up giving it to Arptia and faints.

Raj is off to meet Avni for their practice and Avni waits for Raj at the dance academy but Raj is stuck in a situation where Arpita's cousins are in same place and are eating gold gapes and are making fun of people around. Raj sees them and hopes he would not seen with Avni and before he takes off he is called in by Arpita's cousins and when he tries to get off them but could not manage and they make a comment on Avni waiting for a boyfriend and Raj asks them not to make any such comment on a girl without knowing them and when they say it's a joke Raj says not a single comment on women is joke and he respects women a lot and he won't appreciate it.

Akshat comes home and tries to takes Arpita's bag and asks her about his picture and both are fighting when his mother comes there and asks him to taste the dish Arpita made. Akshat walks off from there making an excuse and Babuji comes there to taste the dish and asks Arpita to give it to Akshat in his room. Avni comes home annoyed and is upset with Raj as he does not arrive to teach her dance and hopes she would never have to meet Raj whom she trusted without thinking and knowing him and she would never speak to him. On the other hand, Raj is upset that he had to make her wait and wonders what she is thinking of him and is worried that he might lose Avni's friendship.

Raj gives Bhavna a sweet to taste and when Bhavna asks him how he will manage being both Arpita's brother and their caterer, he says he will and asks her for permission to set up cooking in garden tonight and when Bhavna says tonight he says he would better be prepared and they share a laugh. Avni comes down and Raj goes to her with sweet but she refuses to eat. Bhavna asks her to taste it and when Raj apologises for not showing up as promised, she says she wasn't waiting for him and Raj says she was and for an hour and Avni asks then why he never came to her and made her wait, he expalins to Avni his reason for not arriving at the dance academy and that it's cause of Arpita cousins as he don't want them to gossip on seeing them together. Avni appreciates it.

Sawari comes there and asks Avni about the dance. Avni says it's been good and when Avni says they were not able to today. Avni decides to start learning from the next day. But learn that the dance academy seems to be shut from the next day through her aunt Savri and this upsets Avni. Sawari wants Avni to win, and Raj says he would never let her loose and makes her win.

Update: Thursday On Lies Of Heart (Episode 61-62)

Dad says to umnri thy broke all ties with aditi…Sam gets furious when some one talks abt aditi…Umri says what did she do that he is so upset…Dad says she spoiled the reputation of our family…

Urmi says aditi did nt do anything wrong..Mom supports Urmi……Dad says aditi didnt listen to us..So we have closed the doors for her…

Dad says dont talk before sam abt aditi..he says this is jst for ur info abt aditi..no one here wants to talk abt aditi…

At sam hotel..some customer is unhappy woit food..Sam asks the waiter to sent the new cook to hotel…

Urmi calls sam to ask permission to make cake for her dads birthday..he says make and dont disturb me…Urmi says can she go to get the reqd items to bake cake…

The cook comes to sam cabin to meet him…Sam asks him to taste the paneer cubes made by him..but thy are very spicy..Sam says finish it off…
Urmi calls her mom..she asks if she has an idea abt sam real sister..mom says no…

Mom is shocked to hear this…Mom says she is mistaken..Urmi says thy have broken all ties with her…Urmi says no one talk abt her…mom says how did thy hide this frm us…

Urmi sees some folks molesting a woman..she says how bad thy are…Its aditi..and she slaps the man…Urmi says gd..

Some men throw the guyts who tried to misbehave with aditi..urmi sees the same men following aditi again…Sam calls urmi but she cuts the call in middle. She tries to follow..aditi…The men enter the lift with aditi…Urmi says this men will harm aditi..

Two goons entering forcefully in lift of Aditi. Urmi sees this and runs to save her but goon’s moves lift to topmost level.

Aditi tries to stop goons but they misbehave with her and when she slaps them, goons’ stops lift in between two levels.

Urmi informs guard about the goons who behaves helpless in stopping lift.
Urmi tries to call police but gets Samrat’s call which she cancles to call police first.

Urmi reach level of lft and speaks from outside that police and they all there for her and she should not fear at all.

Goons moves lift to ground floor and tries run but police comes on time and catches them.

Urmi reaches home and tells about the incident to her in laws. Samrat comes and makes fun of Urmi for her bravery and asks how dare she cancel her call.

Update: Thursday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 525-527)

Abhi telling his family not to let Police come inside. Pragya is tensed. Tanu says you might be happy that you will be saved if Police don’t come inside, and says they will punish them if not police. She says I was thinking from where did you get cunning mind? She says it came from your mum. Pragya asks her to shut up. She says if Maa would have asked money then I would have given her. Pragya says I heard her talking to someone about the notice, and offered help but she refused. Tanu says it is their joint venture and says Abhi trusts you, but not me. It is clear that your mum is doing emotional drama and trapping money. She says you want to be good in Abhi’s eyes, and asks her to tell Sarla to accept her crime and surrender to Police else she will take action against both
of them.

Purab is standing out. Inspector tells him that he got a call from a lady who said about the theft and her scream. Purab asks Inspector to stop there itself. Inspector says I will arrest you if you stops me from going inside. Purab says it is a family matter. Inspector says if he interferes then arrest him. Pragya asks Sarla not to worry. Sarla says she is innocent. Pragya says we both know that someone is trapping you. I will take blame on myself. Sarla asks her not to do that. Dadi asks Abhi to do something and says Sarla is innocent. wShe says you regards her as your mum and asks him to promise that he won’t let anything happen to her. Abhi promises that he won’t let anything happen to her. Tanu says if she pushes Sarla to go to jail then Pragya can take the blame and go to jail atleast for 6 month, then I will marry, have baby and my life will be set.

Tanu changes the track and says your mum might not have stolen the money, but it might be you who have stolen it. She asks didn’t you feel any shame? Abhi asks her to keep quiet as police is outside. Tanu asks Pragya, where was the keys? Pragya says it was with me. Tanu recalls stealing money from Pragya’s room. She says your greed have trapped Sarla. She acts and says she is feeling bad to badmouth about Sarla. She says Sarla’s tears are not fake. She says Pragya was in need of money, and have betrayed her husband. She says I was doubtful on you, but didn’t tell. She says you have proved your mum as theif and that too without any shame. Sarla thinks why Tanu is blaming Pragya now and says it is her trick to trap Pragya. She worries that Tanu might send Pragya to jail and then will marry Abhi. She thinks her daughter will lose in a day, and thinks she can’t let this happen. She thinks I have to stop everything and shouts enough. She says I have stolen the money. Dadi asks Sarla why you are doing this? Sarla thinks about Pragya and Abhi.

Sarla says he has stolen money from Pragya’s room. Inspector hears everything and says we have hear the thief statement, and asks Constable to arrest her. Purab asks Inspector to wait 1 min, and let him speak to Abhi. Purab talks to Abhi. Tanu tells Abhi that they shall get Pragya arrested too with Sarla, and says Pragya is with Sarla. Abhi says he don’t know what to do. Tanu says we both are very emotional and can’t see anything bad. She says this is happening for our secure future. She says you didn’t ask Sarla to confess and says she should be punished. Purab asks Abhi not to listen to Tanu and says Maa is innocent. Tanu says when Aaliya can be punished, then why can’t they. She asks if you are also with them in the theft. She asks Abhi to go down and let Inspector arrest Sarla.

Pragya tells Sarla that she knows that she has taken blame to save her. Sarla says she has stolen the money, but confesses that she has confessed to save her kumkum. She says if Tanu sends you to jail then she will marry Abhi. She says I don’t care if I stay in jail, but you should be with Abhi. I couldn’t see and took blame on myself. 

Sarla telling that she took blame on herself so that Tanu can’t trap Pragya. Dadi says she knew about her sacrifice and praises her. Tai ji thinks about the prize money for helping Police nap the thief. Mitali says we will get prize from 3 persons, police, Abhi and Tanu. Tai ji gets happy. Mitali says we will get atleast 25 lakhs. Abhi comes downstairs while everyone waits for his decision. Pragya asks Sarla to listen to her once. Sarla refuses. Abhi says I have taken my decision and nobody will interfere in my decision. Pragya sees Tanu smiling and thinks she might have manipulated Abhi. Tanu thinks Abhi will work as she planned. Dadi tries to speak. Abhi says I won’t listen. Inspector says we will beat Sarla and get all info about the theft money. Abhi says 1 second, and says a son can’t see his mum going to jail….He tells Inspector that there is no thief and it is their family matter, asks him to go. Inspector asks him to let him do his duty. Abhi says it seems you are new and says he will make him talk to commissioner. I will not hear his order as the thief has confessed to her crime. He asks Constable to arrest Sarla.

Abhi threatens to call media, woman organization etc, and asks if there is any FIR with you. Inspector says we got phone call from Mitali Mehra and her mum in law. Abhi says if anyone gives statement against Sarla then I will kick them out. Inspector says you are threatening the witness. Abhi doesn’t let him arrest Sarla. Inspector rues to keep an eye on him. Abhi asks Purab to drop Inspector till door. Dadi thinks Abhi did right. Pragya thinks Abhi has fulfill his duty as a son. Tanu tells Abhi that he has not done right, and spared guilty. She tells Pragya that she will get them punished and goes. Dadi tells Abhi that you have done right, and fulfilled your duty and promise. She says you are good son and grand son also. Abhi says he wants to be alone for sometime. Dadi says I know you are upset, and thinking if you have done wrong. She says results will be good.

Tai ji insults Sarla and accuses her for theft. Mitali asks where did you keep stolen money. Tai ji says she is not having any shame, else she would have left. Mitali says Abhi has saved her from Police, but may be couldn’t stay with her and that’s why left. Tai ji says Sarla will stay in our house even after stealing. Mitali says she will do something big. Tai ji calls her shameless. Dadi comes and calls them shameless. She says I have seen Police because of you both and asks them to go away from her sight. Sarla cries. Dadi feels bad on their behalf. Sarla tells Dadi that she want to leave.

Dadi says this is your house, and you have to stay here. Sarla says I can’t stay here anymore, let me go. Dadi says you can’t go as Pragya needs you. Sarla says she wants to be Pragya’s strength, but became her weakness. She asks her to let her go else Pragya will take any wrong step to save her. Pragya comes there….hugs Sarla and cries. She asks her not to go. Sarla says I am not going far, but to my home. Pragya says she is not feeling good. Sarla says she don’t want to become an obstacle in her fight. Pragya says what will happen to marriage hall. Sarla says I will save it, and asks her to concentrate on her kumkum and Abhi, and asks her not to divert her mind. Sarla cries and asks Pragya to let her go….Pragya also cries badly.

Purab informs Abhi that Sarla is leaving the house. Abhi sits down on the bed tensedly. Purab asks him to stop Sarla and says she is innocent. Abhi says I know that she is not the thief and says he couldn’t face her. He says she is like me, and will not stop. Purab asks him to talk to her and make her believe that he trusts her. Abhi says I don’t know how to face her and what to say? Sarla comes and hears them. She says there is nothing left to hear now. She says I came to bless you, and prays for him to identify the good and bad which is happening with him. Abhi cries.

Janki coming to take Sarla home. Tanu tells Sarla that she will throw Pragya and everyone related to her out of the house. Sarla tells her that lie have no feet, and says Abhi will throw her out of the house soon and she will come then to see her going. Mitali says Sarla is strong and have threatened you. Tanu asks her not to spy. Pragya cries. Dadi asks her not to lose strength and says we will prove Sarla innocent. She says truth will win and asks her to think that this is testing time. She says we will find out the truth. Pragya hugs her and cries. Dadi asks her to have strength. Dadi tells Sarla has bear enough. Rachna and Akash tell that abhi might change his view about Sarla, as theft have happened. Dadi comes to Abhi and says she wants to talk to him. She says money is stolen from our house and somewhere you have a doubt on Sarla. She says Sarla didn’t take the blame on herself just because she had stolen the money, but the reason is something else.

Abhi says I know she had not stolen the money as I saw truth in her eyes, and also helplessness. He says he will catch the real thief and asks Dadi to help him, says he will not leave that thief because of whom his mum felt ashamed. Dadi blesses him and says she is happy as he is taking right decision. She says I can’t support you. I know you are hurt. She says Pragya’s pain is big and asks him to support Pragya come out of pain. She asks him to tell Pragya that he doesn’t have any doubt on Sarla. Abhi says I will talk to her.

Tanu comes home. Rachna asks from where is she coming? Tanu says she went out insearch of thief, but got this to keep show piece in her room. Akash tells her that they have doubt on her. Tanu asks them to move from her way and goes. Akash and Rachna determines to find the real culprit. Pragya is sad and thinks about the allegations which her family had slapped on Sarla. Abhi comes to room, sees her crying, thinks to wear fuggi’s specs and make her smile. He thinks Pragya might slap him and recalls an old incident. He thinks to wear dupatta to cheer her up, and wonders what to do to cheer her up. He thinks to get her angry and make her normal. He acts to play guitar and gets his finger hurt. Pragya gets angry, and concerned for him. She calls Robin and asks him to bring first aid box. Pragya says you will not go anywhere for few days, and says she will cancel his recordings. She says how you will eat food now?

Abhi says you will make me eat now. Kaisa yeh Ishq hai plays……………Abhi puts bandage on his lips. Pragya asks if you are feeling pain, looks at him and says you are looking like a joker…Abhi says he is ready to become joker to make her smile. More updates on He asks why you are crying? He says we will catch the thief together because of whom our mum was accused. He asks her to shout on that thief also. Pragya applies bandaid on his finger. Sanam Re plays……………….

Akash and Rachna ask driver where Tanu went? Driver tells that Tanu went to hospital. Akash says she must have went to meet Nikhil and goes to inform Pragya. Abhi sees Pragya sad even while sleeping and thinks how to make her sadness go. He thinks Sarla is so clean hearted, but have to go from here and get insulted so much. He wonders who is the thief?

Akash and Rachna think to alert Pragya through the code, and knock on the door. Pragya thinks they have come. Abhi says Pragya is sleeping? Pragya gets up and signs them to go. Abhi thinks mogambo is sleeping. Pragya thinks what they want to talk?

Update: Friday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 528-530)

Tanu coming to meet Nikhil in the hospital and goes gaga about her plan. She tells how Sarla took blame on herself when she accused Pragya of the theft. Nikhil says we have to plan big. Tanu says she will manipulate Abhi and tell him that if Sarla is thief then Pragya is maha thief. Akash comes to hospital to enquire about Nikhil.

Receptionist says that Nikhil is discharged and the bills are paid. Rachna tells Akash that they will get the bills, as it might be on Tanu’s name. Tanu gets happy and thinks to count the notes. She thinks she must be having 80 Lakhs after giving 10 lakhs to nurse and 10 lakhs spent in Nikhil’s treatment. Just then Mitali comes there, and is shocked to see the money bag. She says your theft is caught and says she will tell everyone now.

She says Police will arrest you, and we will get prize money. Tanu asks Mitali to hear her once, and says you are happy to get the prize money. She gives her offer and says you will get all money if you keeps your mouth shut. Mitali gets ready and touches the notes.

Tanu clicks her pics with the money bag, and shows her the pic. She then blackmails Mitali, and says she will upload pic on social media and gets comments. She asks her to decide what to do? She asks if you are interested in this pic or money? Mitali thinks to show her kundli to pandit ji and goes without taking money. Tanu thinks she has to be careful and decides to keep the money hidden somewhere. Pragya gets a call….and says Abhi will reach in an hour. She comes to room and sees him sleeping. She thinks she can’t forget what he did last night to cheer her up. She thinks to wake him up for the meeting. Abhi wakes up and calls Robin. Pragya asks him to wake up. Abhi says he couldn’t sleep entire night and asks her to let him sleep. Pragya says you have a meeting to attend with Sridhar and asks him to get up.

Abhi thinks he will not go else Pragya will get upset again. Pragya asks him to get up, take bath and get ready. Abhi thinks he will make an excuse and get a holiday today. He acts to get headache..Pragya says you was alright when you woke up. Abhi says suddenly his head was shaking and feeling feverish. Pragya checks him and says his body is cool. Abhi says he is not joking and says he couldn’t get up. Pragya asks him to take rest and says she will call doctor. abhi says what is the need? She brings thermometer and puts in his mouth. Pragya looks for the doctor’s number. Abhi thinks what to do, as he has no temperature. He puts thermometer in hot tea. Pragya calls Doctor and tells Abhi has fever. Doctor says I will come and check Abhi. Pragya sees Abhi putting thermometer in tea and says so this is the idea. She checks the thermometer and says you have 109 degrees fever and is shocked. Abhi thinks Pragya will take care of him now.

Rachna tells receptionist that Tanu asked for a receipt of bill payment. Receptionist gives the bills. Akash sees bill on Nikhil’s name, and thinks they are very clever. Rachna says we have to find other way out and goes. Mitali comes to Robin and asks him to make nimbo pani. Pragya comes there and asks Robin to give ice. Mitali gets stomach pain because of the hiding truth and thinks what to do. Pragya brings ice back to room, and tells Abhi that she will try home remedy. Abhi says I don’t need ice and asks why is she troubling him. Pragya tries to put ice bag on his head. Abhi refuses and throws the ice bag. He says what you are doing? If you will make a healthy man ill? Pragya says you are having fever naa. Abhi says no, and says he wanted to make her take care of him. Pragya says you missed a meeting, and asks him to give chance to praise him. Pragya twists her hand and falls in Abhi’s embrace. Sanam Re plays……………..Abhi makes her sit and touches her foot to check. Pragya says she will get sin. Abhi asks her to touch his foot later. Pragya thinks he wanted me to take care of him, but taking care of me.

Dadi and Dasi coming to meet Sarla. Dasi asks how are you? Dadi says Indu told that she never saw your Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Sarla asks Janki to make Dasi see the marriage hall. Dasi goes with Janki. Dadi says I couldn’t talk to you infront of Indu, and says you was blamed as you are supporting Pragya. Sarla says I took blame on myself, so that Pragya can protect her marriage and Abhi from Tanu. Dadi praises the values which Sarla have given to Pragya and thanks her. She apologizes for the troubles which she has gone through. Sarla asks Dadi never to leave Pragya and protect her from Tanu’s attacks.

Dadi asks her not to worry and says God is with us. She says Abhi and Pragya are together even though there are many problems. Dasi comes back and asks Sarla to make her eat good food. Sarla says okay. Tanu thinks nobody will even know where is the stolen money. She gets call from hospital. Receptionist inform her that her manager came and collected the receipt. Tanu says I didn’t send anyone. Receptionist tells that Rachna and Akash came there. Tanu calls Nikhil and tells that Akash and Rachna went to hospital and got the bills. Nikhil says it was my decision to get discharged from the hospital. Tanu argues with him. Nikhil thinks he is bearing Tanu for his work/money. Tanu thinks she is bearing Nikhil as she is becoming mum to his child.

Doctor checks Dadi and says she is fine. He praises Pragya for taking so well of Dadi. Abhi smiles. Dadi also praises Pragya. Abhi asks Doctor to check Pragya and says she has slipped. Doctor checks Pragya and says she is fine, asks Abhi to take care of Pragya. He says she needs husband love and jokes. They go downstairs. Doctor tells Abhi and Pragya that Dadi’s BP is high and something is bothering her. He asks them to take care of Dadi. Pragya thinks if Dadi is worrying about Sarla and me, thinks to take extra care of Dadi. Mitali tells Tai ji that her stomach is having pain. Tai ji asks if she is pregnant. Mitali asks if she is not happy with two kids. She says she is having bal rok..since childhood. She says whenever I hide something, my tummy gets pain and swollen. Tai ji asks her to tell. Mitali asks her to promise not to tell anyone and tells that Tanu has stolen the money. Tai ji is shocked and says we will tell everyone and Police. Mitali says Tanu has taken my pic with the money and blackmailed me to stay silent. She asks her to forget about telling anyone.

Dadi falls down the stairs. Pragya shouts Dadi. Abhi comes there. Pragya says Dadi has fallen from the stairs. Abhi calls doctor. Doctor checks Dadi and says we shall shift her to hospital. Abhi says I will call ambulance. Doctor says his hospital is far and suggests him to take Dadi to nearby hospital. Mitali says that hospital is 5 star hospital…and very costly. Abhi says it is okay. Tai ji asks Abhi to get money first. He asks Pragya to give money. Pragya says the money which she has was stolen, and asks Akash to bring 15 lakhs. Akash tells that today is a holiday. Abhi gets angry on her for not keeping money at home. Abhi asks money from Tai ji, Taya ji, Akash, Mitali and Raj. They make an excuse. Abhi begs infront of everyone and says someone please give me money. I will give double money. Doctor says ambulance will come. Tanu thinks she will help Abhi and gain his confidence, goes to room. Mitali thinks where is she going?

Tanu thinks abhi might announce their wedding date seeing the money. Mitali comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu says you are after me when everyone is looking after Dadi. Mitali says I came to praise you, and says you are going to help Abhi with the stolen money. Tanu says dadi fell for her and says she will marry Abhi now. Mitali thinks her luck is good. Pragya calls Mr. Seth and asks him to send cash. Mr. Seth says he will send money tomorrow. Pragya says I have called all the clients, but nobody can send money today. She says we will take Dadi to hospital and then think about money. Just then Tanu comes and gives the money. Abhi and Pragya looks on surprisingly.

Tanu giving money to Abhi and asking him to get Dadi admitted in hospital. Abhi asks from where did you get money? Tanu says my mummy gave this money for wedding shopping, but wedding is still far. Abhi thanks Tanu and says he will never forget her big favor. Tanu tells Pragya that Abhi will be burdened by her always, under her favors. Abhi comes to Dadi and says ambulance is coming. Dadi asks from where did money came from? Abhi says Tanu gave the money. Dadi says she has done good, but it will be bad for her. She asks Akash to check the notes and see if it is stolen money. Abhi is clueless. Mitali hears her and asks Tai ji if she told Dadi. Tai ji says she drank digene thrice since morning. Mitali thinks who told her then. Pragya asks Dadi to rest. Dadi gets up and says she was acting. She starts walking. Pragya says I saw you falling down the stairs and writhles in pain.

Dadi says I knew that money was in the house only, but doesn’t know about the thief. She says she staged the drama to get to the real thief. Pragya says how we will know that the money is same stolen money. Dadi tells about Purab and Akash’s childhood habit, and says they used to write serial numbers of the notes. Tanu comes there and says ambulance is here. She sees Dadi sitting on bed and all fine. Akash comes and says these notes are stolen ones. Tanu is shocked and says her mum gave her money for wedding shopping. Pragya says how can serial numbers be same. Tanu says she is trapping me and says Sarla had confessed to the theft.

Abhi says Sarla lied to protect Pragya. Tanu says Akash is with Pragya. Abhi says I know he is not lying and it is his childhood habit to note down serial numbers. She blames Pragya. Pragya asks how can serial numbers matches. Dadi asks her to accept her crime and not to argue. Tanu says I gave money to save your life and you are talking like this. Akash comes to Tanu’s room and searches for more stolen money. He thinks she is very and have hidden money somewhere. Just then he opens make up suitcase and finds money in it. He says you are gone forever Tanu….

Tanu asks Abhi to take her side and says that she can’t steal. Abhi says I know just that Sarla can’t steal and says he can’t ignore the fact that serial numbers are matching. Akash comes back and asks Abhi to come to Tanu’s room. Tanu gets shocked. Pragya laughs and sits with Dadi. Mitali tells Tai ji if Akash saw money in Tanu’s make up kit. Tai ji says it is good, and my stomach ache will go now. Tanu thinks to reach there and hide the money. Mitali tells Tanu that there is no place for her in the room. Akash takes Abhi to Tanu’s room and asks him to see inside the trunk. Abhi asks what is in it. Akash opens it and shows the money. Abhi is very much shocked. Akash says I have that seller’s number who sold this trunk to tanu.

Mitali thinks Tanu will be caught now. Abhi asks Tanu to say. Tanu says this trunk was brought by me but I don’t know from where did the money come from. Akash throws the money bundles on the floor, and says I haven’t touched inside the trunk. We shall call the police and get the finger prints tested. Mitali thinks Police might find her finger prints on the trunk and tells Abhi that she saw money with Tanu. Abhi recalls Tanu blaming, accusing and taunting Sarla badly, insulting her to the core. He feels disgusted with her behavior.

Pragya asks Dadi, how did this happen? Dadi asks her not to think and says this is done now. Pragya asks her to say? Dadi says when I came back home after meeting Sarla, Robin came to give me water. I asked him if everything is alright at home. He said that Mitali is unwell so I thought to see her and goes to her room. She says I heard Mitali talking to Pammi and telling her that Tanu had stolen the money. She called Dr. Murti and asked him to help her with the plan and lie to Abhi. Dr. Murti agrees. Dadi says it is revealed now. Pragya hugs her.