Update: Wednesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 451-452)

Purabh takes the help of some goons to find out the true identity of the person behind the burkha and asks them to act as audience at Abhi's concert and hide all their weapon. He  follow Ronnie as he thinks he is following Tanu’s boyfriend. Meanwhile, Ronnie arrives and calls Purabh as he is unable to find him in the parking area. Later Purabh reaches him and realizes that he was following Ronnie instead of Tanu's boyfriend and asks him as to what he was doing there and asks why he have changed his getup.

Ronnie murmurs something in his ear. Meanwhile, Abhi notices the crowd and now he decided to call his girlfriend on the stage to propose her as he decided now to speak his heart on the stage. He tells his fans that the evening is ending, and he didn’t know and that the time have come to speak his heart out. Pragya says Tanu will not come and he will take out his anger on her. Abhi tells his fans that now he would introduce them to his love and requests them to love her too. He even says today a confession will be made for the mistake he committed that he calls a girl to come on stage without taking any name.

Pragya wonders since Tanu won't be able to make out to be there on stage so to save the reputation of Abhi now, Pragya reached to the stage when Abhi makes an announcement. Abhi keeps his eyes closed and accepts him being her guilty and will apologize to her in front of them all. He bends down on his knees in front of her without seeing her face and says he is really sorry for making  her wait and suffer that is enough, and he just announces that he is going to marry her in front of everyone without even seeing her face. As Abhi is very sure about it that she is the love of his life. Kaisa yeh Ishq Hai song plays in the background.

Pragya and everyone get stunned and shocked to see she is Pragya and the moment pauses for a while. Abhi who reveal his love to the audience but ends up getting shocked when he realizes that Pragya is standing in front of her and he has expressed his love to Pragya and not Tanu. He sees that his fans are happy. Pragya is also scared as she is already aware of it that Abhi wants to propose Tanu and not her. He takes her back to stage and gets furious with her as well he insults Pragya badly for making her arrival in the stage instead of Tanu. Pragya says she came there to stopped him, but he talked nonstop.

Abhi says he was going to propose Tanu and not her. Pragya explains that she had to take Tanu's place for his own sake and his fans would have laughed at him and she can’t let her concert fail. Despite Pragya trying to make him understand but Abhi still humiliate her badly asking her to keep quiet and leaves angrily. Pragya breakdowns with tears knowing this Abhi's hatred towards her but decided to first accomplish her goals then cries. Abhi is dumbstruck with seeing this all and decided to leave the concert in the midway but his fans consider Pragya as the love of his life and showcased their thumbs up for the lady Pragya.

Pragya thinks she have to go to the parking lot and see what is happening? Purabh tells Ronnie that Tanu will definitely come there and she can’t risk her image infront of Abhi. Ronnie says he will change his get up. Tanu is tensed and says her dress is ruined. Nikhil asks her not to worry about her dress and says he will be near her, go and meet the blackmailer. Tanu calls the blackmailer and says Pragya have sent her here. Purabh says she came alone. Ronnie says they have to do something and make her come out of the hide out. Ronnie goes. Purabh is worries. Pragya is stopped by the media, and they ask her about her next concert.

Pragya says she need to go now and have important work to do now. They see Abhi coming and goes to him. Abhi refuses to talk to him. Abhi asks Akash to note down their questions and he will answer all of them at home later. Later, Ronnie who is wearing Abhi's mask says he is here and comes face to face with Tanu. Tanu believes him to be the blackmailer and says so he is here.

Ronnie as a blackmailer asks if Pragya sent her here, and says it is good. Ronnie asks her to give him the money. The blackmailer asks her to find the proofs in one of the cars. Tanu asks if he is mad? Ronnie says that the watchman blackmailer told him that she is like Bunty and Bubbly and a real thug. He asks her to call her boyfriend with the money.

Nikhil comes out of the hideout wearing the burqa. Ronnie asks where the money is? Tanu asks him to show his face. Ronnie laughs and says his boyfriend have covered his face as well. Tanu says he know him then why is he asking to see his face again. She asks who is he? Ronnie says he is Abhishek Mehra, people know him as Abhi. Tanu is shocked. Ronnie asks her to give him the money. Purabh gets tensed. Tanu asks him to come with them as the money is in the car. Ronnie asks them to go and he will follow them. A worries Pragya comes there.

Purabh says Ronnie have smartly made Tanu said everything and he have recorded it in his phone. Pragya asks him to show her. Purabh says his phone battery was less and nothing is recorded. He gets tensed. Pragya asks if they have gone? Purabh asks her to call Ronnie and he will tell him that he haven’t recorded anything. He gets Purabh’s call and he tells him that nothing is recorded, and asks him to make Tanu confess again. Ronnie says no and asks him to be there, and he has understood. Tanu asks him why he have not told his men to bring the proof here. Ronnie laughs, but sees Tanu’s men catching him. Pragya and Purabh get shocked.

Nikhil asks Tanu to go and he will handle him. He asks Ronnie to give him the proofs else he will be gone. He then suggests to lets them see his face before getting the proofs. Ronnie says he thought he is a smart player, but he is a fool. He asks his men to come and hold Nikhil. They hold Nikhil while Ronnie tries to lift his veil. Purabh and Pragya looks on.

Ronnie catches the person in the burkha and tries to see his face. Meanwhile, Pragya and Purabh also try to see the person's face hiding behind. The person in the burkha escapes from Ronnie's trap. Pragya, Ronnie and Purabh run after him. Nikhil who is in disguise wearing burkha comes out of the auditorium and thinks that it is not good for him to run in a burkha then he will be caught as he is easily recognizable. Later, he notices two more people in burkha and mingles around with them.

Pragya also comes there and loses track of him. She thinks it is a red light area. She stops the constables and tells them that the girls standing there are not good. The constable says they can’t lift their burqa veil. Pragya convince the constable to go to the bus stand saying she have seen with her eyes that someone gave money to a girl and she sat on his bike and went with him. The constables go there. One of the constable asks the girls to show their ID cards and asks the woman constable to lift their veil and show their faces. Nikhil tries to run, but constable asks him to stand right there. The lady constable tells that he is a man.

As the girls show their faces, Nikhil too is forced to take off the burkha as the constable asks him to lift his veil else he will make an announcement on the wireless. Nikhil removes the veil and his face is revealed. Pragya is shocked to see Nikhil and thinks her doubt is right and Nikhil is Tanu’s baby father. The constable asks Nikhil to come with him to the Police station. Pragya thinks her mother was signaling them right and Nikhil is responsible for her condition. Purabh and Ronnie come there.

Pragya tells Ronnie that he is caught by the Police and later informs them of her discovery that he is none other than Nikhil. She says she took Police help. Purabh says they would inform Abhi. However, Pragya realizes that they have no proof against Nikhil and tells Purabh what will they tell Abhi without the proofs. Purabh feels bad as the confession is not recorded. Pragya says atleast they know that he is Nikhil and they have to go home as Abhi is angry after the announcement. Ronnie feels bad regarding Pragya's helpless situation and tells them that he will come later and asks them to go.

Daadi talks to Sarla and asks why she have fainted. She asks her not to worry. Rachna comes and says she have something for her, and she will get happy seeing it. Daadi sees the video in which Abhi apologizing to Pragya and proposing her for marriage. Sarla also gets happy. Daadi says God wants Pragya and Abhi to be together, and prays for their togetherness.

Rachna says it will happen soon. Ronnie thinks they couldn’t do anything even if they know the truth now, and says pragya is suffering more. He says it is enough of the planning and decides to take an action himself. Tanu waits for Nikhil. Ronnie poses as the blackmailer, calls Tanu up and says he told her not to be smart. He asks her to be there and he will come there. Tanu tells him that she is at the backside of the concert godown. Ronnie says he will come there and asks her to be there.

Abhi recalls his conversation with Tanu and thinks she is very careless. He won’t forgive her. He picks Pragya’s photo frame and recalls his promise and confession. He thinks why did Pragya come to the stage and heard everything silently. He thinks Tanu and Pragya both are betrayals, he decides he will not forgive them nor see his face. Tanu wonders where Nikhil are? She talks to herself telling him to pick his call before that blackmailer reaches here. Ronnie comes there and says he will tell her what is the real game now. He laughs. Tanu gets tensed. Pragya comes home and tells Daadi that she has seen his face and that man is none other than Nikhil.

Daadi says Tanu is pregnant with his baby and Sarla’s condition is because of him, and he acts as a humble man in front of them. Daadi says they won’t spared him and now that Pragya have the proofs, they will go to Abhi and show him the proof. Pragya tells Daadi that she have just seen his face and don’t have proof. Daadi says no problem, and says God is with her. She adds that Rachna showed them the video in which Abhi apologized to her and proposed for marriage.

Pragya says it is a misunderstanding and tells that she was on stage in Tanu’s place. Abhi got upset and scolded her. She says she will talk to him. Daadi asks her not to go and to let Abhi’s anger cool down. Ronnie ends up kidnapping Tanu. Then, Ronnie and his men take Tanu to a certain place and tie her on to the chair. Tanu threatens him that he will have to suffer. Ronnie goes to make a call.

Ronnie calls Pragya and tells her that he has kidnapped Tanu. He says he will ask Tanu to call her boyfriend, and once he reaches there, he will record their confession. Pragya scolds him and says she is reaching there. Daadi asks what happened? Pragya tells her that Ronnie have kidnapped Tanu. She make a call to Purabh and tell him about the kidnapping of Tanu by Ronnie. She tells Purabh that Ronnie is trying hard to help them that is why he had kidnapped Tanu from car parking outside the area and asks him to reach there.

Purabh reply to Pragya that he will come soon at home and then they will go to that place where Ronnie kept Tanu. On the other hand, Tanu asks why did he kidnapped her? Ronnie force Tanu indirectly to call her boyfriend and asks him to come there. Nikhil is freed from the police station by his men but Ronnie's motive is to only gather some proofs of Tanu and Nikhil's relation. Tanu calls Nikhil up and tells that she is kidnapped. She asks him to come there. She tells Ronnie that he have done a mistake by kidnapping her and that Abhi will not spare him. Ronnie tells Tanu that he has proof against her and Abhi will not leave her. He tells her that Nikhil is her baby’s father. Tanu gets shocked.

Ronnie decides to record Nikhil's voice confession once he gets near Tanu and checks the battery of the recorded. Then, he informs his goons that Tanu's boyfriend is going to arrive and asks them to be careful as Nikhil is very clever. Nikhil arrives there hiding his face. Tanu tells him that the blackmailer knows even him. Then, Ronnie answers Nikhil's call and informs him about the place where he has to come with the money. Nikhil gives him the money bag and asks for the proofs. Ronnie asks which proof? Nikhil says the proof which will prove that Tanu is carrying his baby. Ronnie thinks he has confessed everything.

Nikhil manages to threaten Ronnie's men that if they don’t get out within 5 minutes, then the police will come and do their encounter. Ronnie’s goons flee from there. Nikhil sees Ronnie's face.   Both Nikhil and Tanu end up surprised seeing Ronnie behind the mask and he says so he is the blackmailer. Ronnie says he will show the proofs to Abhi now as without proof no one will believe him. Nikhil and Tanu are both shocked as they also learn that Ronnie has no proof against them except the recording that he has just made. Ronnie runs from there and tries to escape. Nikhil unties Tanu’s hand and they run after Ronnie but Nikhil's men chase him to a bridge. Ronnie tells Nikhil to come and take the proofs. Nikhil beats Ronnie mercilessly, and finally, Ronnie is stabbed on his stomach by Nikhil

After some time, Pragya and Purabh reaches to the place where Tanu had been kept. They see the angry face of Tanu. They start to make a video of Tanu. They sees Nikhil taking Ronnie’s mobile and sees him injured. Pragya and Purabh witness the entire scene as Nikhil dropped Ronnie down the bridge. Tanu asks Nikhil, if Ronnie is alive. Nikhil says he must have died. They leave. Purabh and Pragya rush to Ronnie's aid after Nikhil and Tanu leave and call Ronnie's name. They see Ronnie’s body and run towards him. Ronnie open his opens and says nothing have happened to him. Purabh tells Pragya that the blood is not coming out from his body. Ronnie takes out the knife and tells that he went with protection. Pragya says he must be happy that he is alive. Purabh tells that he has an idea to make Tanu speak her truth with her mouth.

Pragya comes to her room and gets shocked seeing Abhi holding a stick. He falls down on the bed. Pragya says he is sleeping. Abhi with his eyes closed, says he won’t leave anyone. Pragya thinks if he attacks her in night then she couldn’t protect herself. Pragya makes him sleep on the couch and thinks he would not wake up till morning and calm down his anger. She sleeps on the bed, and dreams that Abhi is pressing her neck. She wakes up shockingly. Abhi laughs and asks if she saw a dream and says hee dream will come true. Abhi throws tomato on her and shows her a basket of tomatoes and eggs. Pragya tells him not to insult it. Abhi says she would have thought so when she asked the audience to throw them on him. Abhi throws the tomatoes on her while Pragya covers herself with Abhi's favorite pillow. Pragya asks why is he angry with her? She came on stage to save his respect and even apologized to him. She asks if Tanu apologized to him.

Abhi thinks she is right and decides to scold Tanu. Abhi comes to Tanu’s room and knocks on the door. He sees her missing from the room, calls her and sees her phone ringing. He thinks he will punish her once she returns. Tanu comes to her room. Abhi is about to throw tomato and egg on her, but thinks she is pregnant. He says his music and career is ending because of her. He asks where did she go leaving him? Tanu says she got someone’s call and he said that her mummy came to meet her and met with an accident. Then, she adds that she got kidnapped. Abhi says she got kidnapped and came home. Tanu says she have hit the goon and went to the police station to file the complaint. She was in the police station all night and asks him to confirm if he wants. Abhi asks about the police station. Tanu gets tensed hearing this. Pragya looks on.

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