Update: Wednesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 440-441)

Abhi tells Tanu that he has relation with his baby and before marriage and informs her that he would not break his relationship with her if someone says something to him and will not let anyone break this relationship or will let anyone play games. Tanu then apologizes to Abhi for suspecting him and hugs him.

Abhi hugs her too. Then, Pragya comes there and informs Abhi that Tanu is lying to him doing a drama. Abhi asks what did she mean? Pragya says she is lying? She then reveals Tanu's truth to Abhi that that she is carrying someone else’s baby, and whatever she is doing is to gain his sympathy, and that’s why she is acting to be helpless. She adds that Tanu have betrayed Daadi and everyone. Abhi gets shocked as Pragya informs him that Tanu is not giving birth to his child.

Tanu asks Abhi to slap Pragya and tell her that the baby is his. Pragya asks Abhi to trust her. Abhi did not believe Pragya's words and instead supporting Tanu for the sake of her unborn child. He tells her that she have crushed his trust and that Tanu has not betrayed him, but it is her. Pragya tells him the reason behind her suddenly transformation is to bring out the truth of Aaliya, Raj and Tanu. She didn’t have proofs against them to make him belief, that’s why she has changed to get the proofs and expose them. She also explains why she, with the help of Daadi, had to devise this plan.

Abhi says her story is good, but he can’t believe her. Pragya says Tanu is lying and trying to give his name to someone’s baby. Abhi asks her to stop, and asks if she has any proof. Pragya says she will get the proof and she will bring the proof in few days. Abhi asks if she have any proof now, and asks her not to raise finger on Tanu or his baby and that he will leave from there with Tanu and his baby. 

Pragya asks if he don't have any strength to bear the truth or is he accepting her illegitimate child. Abhi loses his cool on Pragya and slaps her in front of Tanu and also accuse her of defaming Tanu. Tanu is happy seeing Abhi slapping Pragya. Pragya gets broken down. She consoles herself think that Abhi is still unaware of Tanu's truth but it turns out that it was only her dream. Abhi leaves. Tanu takes a sigh of relief and smiles.

Aaliya calls someone and says she has a proposal for him. He asks her to come with Abhi. Aaliya thinks nobody knows her without Abhi, and thinks how to get a chance. She drinks a wine and thinks Abhi should give flop songs to lower his market value, but then thinks Abhi is not composing any songs. Pragya thinks about Tanu and Abhi’s conversation. She thinks Tanu is a big liar and have made a big story. She says if she say anything against her, then she will make Tanu right and thinks what to do now? Daadi sees Pragya crying and asks if she told the truth to Abhi and what did he say? Pragya cries. Daadi takes her from there. Rachna tells Purabh that Pragya has come. Purab asks her to sit with Sarla. Ronnie sees her sad.

Daadi takes Pragya to the room, and asks if she told the truth to Abhi. Pragya cries badly. Purabh comes and asks what did he say? Pragya says she is crying on her destiny and time, and she went to tell him everything, but Tanu reached there before her and tells him everything. She says Abhi believed on Tanu's words and tears and if anyone speaks against Tanu, then Abhi will go against them. She says Tanu said that someone might instigate him against her and that she is carrying someone’s baby, and also told that Ronnie tried to harm her baby on her sayings.

Daadi says Tanu is very clever. Ronnie tells Pragya that they will give proofs to Abhi. Pragya asks him not to interfere. Purabh says now they can understand why she has done this? He says Tanu have taken this step as she got afraid of the blackmailer’s call and they have to think wisely. Abhi thinks about Tanu’s words and thinks how can Pragya do this? He thinks time has come to do this and that he is fed up now. He can’t live with this.

Purabh gets an idea and tells them that the blackmailer said that he will give proofs to someone else and they will do that. Pragya asks what? Purabh says if Tanu’s friend gets a call, then she will tell her, and Tanu will try to catch the blackmailer again. Daadi asks if she understood. Pragya says yes, she is ready.

Daasi packs her bags and tells Daadi that she is going to vaishno devi in 2 -3 days. She asks Daadi to come but Daadi refuses and says she is worried about Abhi as Pragya the snake is in his life. Daasi says okay, she will go and pray. Abhi comes to her room and sees the suitcase. He asks if she is going somewhere? He says she can’t go anywhere. Daadi says Indu is going, and not her. She asks him to sit. She says she know everything and asks how is he feeling now. Abhi says when he couldn’t understand what is happening with him, then who can understand. He is losing his identity, and making everything wrong to set it right.

He have won this world on his own, but he is losing because of his family, losing his confidence, couldn’t take a peaceful breath. Daadi explains to him about day and night, darkness and light. She asks him not to leave the right path. Abhi says he is alone and have decided now. He says everyone knows that he will be marrying Tanu and he will make a new start now, but there is a problem. He can’t marry Tanu until he give divorce to Pragya, so he have to divorce her. Daasi comes and hears him.

Abhi tells his Daadi that he can’t marry Tanu until he gives divorce to Pragya. Daadi asks what will she do? Abhi asks her to convince Pragya for divorce, and if she gets angry and refuses to give divorce then the matter will go to court and it will take much time. Daadi is surprised that Abhi comes to her only to asks her to anyhow convince Pragya to divorce him. Daasi hears them and asks Daadi to talk to her. Daadi says she will talk to Pragya and asks him not to worry.

Pragya thinks about Tanu’s smart move, and her conversation with Abhi. She thinks she have to end Tanu’s game and can’t see her family suffer anymore. Later, Abhi comes to the room while Pragya tears some papers and throws it in dustbin. Abhi gets angry and then control's himself from chiding her. Pragya turns back and he takes back his hands. He then decides to behave nicely with Pragya until she gives him the divorce. He says he has to keep her happy so that she will easily agree to divorce him as his Daadi will talk to her tomorrow.

Pragya asks him if he is still angry with her. Abhi says no, and takes out his mobile phone. He says he have realized that anger is bad and dry up blood, and further informs her that he has decided not to waste his energy on her. Meanwhile, Pragya gets confused as she is unable to understand his words and gets angry. Abhi says it is not worth to burn blood for others and asks her to calm down, when someone instigates her to get angry. He says she will look less old and more young if she lowers her anger.

The two of them end up arguing like children when Pragya asks if he want to do her betterment. Abhi says he want to do everyone’s betterment by distributing the gyaan. Pragya says he can’t think of her betterment, and this doesn’t suit him. Abhi says he is a changed man. Pragya says his mood is like mumbai’s rain and can change at any time. Abhi gets angry and thinks she knows more about himself than he do.

Pragya then says he is talking to himself in heart. Abhi says live and let live and asks why she is very complicated. He asks her to look here and there and asks what is her own. Pragya looks in her room. Finally, their argument lead to a romantic moment when Abhi says he is talking about life partner, kids, family etc and that she haven’t thought about her future and asks her to think. Pragya says she don’t want to think about all that. She gets up, but falls down on his lap.

Abhi says it is needed, and asks until when he can save her from falling down. He adds that she will need someone to save her, take her in his embrace, lifts her in his arms, put her on bed, and asks if she got hurt. They have an eye lock while Abhi asks her this. Sanam Re song plays in the background. Abhi gets up and asks her to think that she is losing so much while trying to earn money and also asks her to find someone and that he is talking about her betterment. He leaves. Pragya thinks Abhi is taking care of her when they are so far. She thinks Abhi will take care of her very well, when they get together and hopes he becomes her future.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and informs her that her idea worked. She talked to Abhi just like she told her and she took him in her confidence. Aaliya is tensed. She asks how is everyone at home and if Abhi is doing any concert or launching any music. Tanu says he is always in tension and forgot to make music. Aaliya says she didn’t have a peaceful sleep. Just then Tanu gets Nikhil’s call. She tells him that she followed Aaliya’s suggestion and took Abhi in her confidence. Nikhil is pleased to learn that she has deceived Abhi into believing that she is carrying his baby in her womb. Tanu asks if he got to know about the blackmailer. Nikhil says no and says he has been using different sim cards and seems professional. He says he will find out if he calls again and asks her to keep an eye on everyone. Tanu says okay and disconnects the call.

After a while, Daadi comes to meet Pragya in her room in order to speaks to her and calls Abhi angrily. Pragya asks what happened? She says he is not in the room. Daadi closes the door and asks Pragya what happened between them. She says Abhi asked her to talk to her about divorce. She asks what would she him. Pragya asks her to say that she haven’t spoken to her and she will think about something. Pragya smiles and keeps her hand on Daadi’s face. Just then, Abhi enters the room and is surprised to see them together. He inquiries from them about it but Pragya manages to fool him that she was telling Daadi that she is looking tensed. Abhi asks why she is in tension.

Pragya says she asked her to give him divorce, and she was making her understand that anger is not right. Daadi pretend to be serious with her and tells Pragya that she haven’t see her anger yet and that she is elder in this house. Pragya refuses to accept her sayings. Daadi says it is her order and asks her to get the divorce silently. Pragya tells Abhi to calm his Daadi down else she will get angry. Daadi warns Pragya and asks her not to refuse for the divorce.

Pragya says she will think about it. Daadi says she should give the divorce till evening. Tanu comes there and hears them. Pragya says she won’t give divorce to Abhi. Abhi asks his Daadi to calm down, and not to argue with her. He then asks Daadi to come with him. Daadi says the war is still not over. Pragya says she will end it with her win. Tanu asks what happened? Daadi and Pragya argue again. Abhi takes Dadi with him. Tanu asks Pragya to divorce Abhi.

Purabh talks to Sarla that she will again stand up on her feet. Sarla looks at him. Purabh says Pragya is suffering being right and Tanu is enjoying her life being wrong. He asks her not to take tension and says few things will not be same like before, like Bulbul. He says he misses her, but can’t take support of her memories, as he will get weak and can’t fulfill her last wish. Ronnie comes to the room, hears them and says he can understand his pain. He says Pragya’s enemies will cry, and they will make her mission succeed. Purabh tells Sarla that he will send Rachna to stay with her, and he will punish Bulbul’s murderers and asks for her blessings. Sarla gets teary eyes.

Daadi laughs out loud recollecting the incident that took place recently as they had deceived Abhi and explains the same to Rachna that Abhi got afraid seeing them fighting and thought that they will pull each other hairs. Pragya however is not happy to see Daadi mocking Abhi and asks Daadi to stop laughing and informs her that she doesn't like anyone making fun Abhi. Then, Rachna asks her to give divorce to Abhi as that is what he wanted. She asks Pragya as to why doesn't she give a divorce to Abhi, when he is requesting her to do so.

Daadi tell Rachna to look how Pragya is looking at them. Purabh and Ronnie comes there. Ronnie asks they are laughing. Purabh asks Rachna to go and sit with Sarla. They all decide on a plan to reveal the truth about Tanu. Purabh tells Pragya that this is their last plan and they have to do everything carefully. Pragya says yes. Purabh decide to change the blackmailer. Pragya insists that she will continue being the blackmailer but Purabh does not want her to do two jobs as the blackmailer’s role as she can do mistake.

Daadi says she won’t let Pragya go alone this time. She says Tanu is thinking to kill the blackmailer. Purabh says they have to make a back up plan, and they should hire someone for blackmailing. Ronnie says he will do the blackmailer’s role. Pragya says no as she thinks his life will be in danger. Ronnie insists to set everything right in her life. Purabh settles with Ronnie's name and suggests that they should start the work.

Abhi thinks what to do, and thinks Pragya will not give him divorce now. He decides to talk to her nicely and convince her. Pragya comes down. Abhi says hmmm. Pragya asks him to apologize, and says it is written on his face. Abhi says he is apologizing on his Daadi's behalf and that Daadi shouldn’t have talked to her rudely. Pragya says she forgot about it and have calm down. She says no burning, only chill, as explained by him. Abhi says great. He says he wants to talk to her. Pragya says later, that she is busy now. Abhi says they will talk in the evening or whenever she is free. Pragya agrees and leaves. Abhi says he will think how to talk to her about the divorce.

Pragya comes to her mother’s room and says today she is going to take the last step, and if she don’t get success then she will tell him all the truth without the proofs, and if he don’t believe on her then her mother and she will leave from here. She asks for mother’s blessings. Sarla blesses her and says God should help Pragya else her trust will be gone. Pragya says good thing will happen. She have to do this work which she don’t want to do to bring her truth. Tanu thinks she should get the blackmailer’s call. After a while, Pragya calls up Tanu and poses as the security guard.

Pragya asks her to give Abhi’s number, and says he seems to be tensed and she is thinking to deal with him, as he is marrying her for the baby. Tanu says she will give him money. Pragya in man voice says she will not put his life in danger, and refuse to take money from her. Tanu asks him to tell her the account number. Pragya refuses and blackmails her to send the money through her man within an hour else she will tell the secret to Abhi. Tanu begins to panic and says 1 hour is less. Pragya says next call will be an important call.

Tanu later comes to meets Aaliya in the outhouse and knocks on her door asking her to open the door. Aaliya opens the door and asks her to say what happen. Tanu says her breath is stopping. Aaliya asks her to tell her straight what is the problem. Tanu puts forward her worry that the blackmailer asked for Abhi’s number, but she didn’t give him. Aaliya asks why she is worrying as she has taken Abhi in confidence. Tanu says this is happening because of Nikhil. She calls Nikhil and asks him to die, and curses him. Nikhil asks her to shut up.

Tanu asks him to come to the outhouse. Nikhil wonders what happened to her. Pragya thinks about the possibilities, and thinks Tanu’s mind will be diverted and her mother will be safe. Daadi asks Pragya, what happened? Pragya says she called, but said something else. Purabh asks what? Pragya says she asked for Abhi’s number so that she gets tensed and take a wrong move. Daadi says she is pregnant. Pragya says nothing will happen to her baby and they will know if she is worried seeing her face. Daadi says okay, and asks Pragya to go.

Tanu asks Nikhil what would he do? She asks him to think about killing the blackmailer. She says Aaliya doesn’t care about her. Aaliya says she have much work and she will check her in the mental asylum. She asks Nikhil to handle Tanu and leaves. Nikhil says she is right, and asks Tanu to have patience, and then only she will get good ideas. He asks her to go inside the house and access if there comes any call. He says he will also come. Tanu thinks to see them once she gets married. Nikhil wonders why the blackmailer wants Abhi’s number from Tanu. Pammi gets upset with Rachna as she couldn’t give her time because of Sarla. Daadi tells her that Rachna is taking care of Sarla and that’s why she got busy. Daadi then asks her to get ill and then she will take care of her. Pammi says she can’t get ill else illness will run away from her.

Tanu comes home and thinks Pragya is not there, she should check with others. She tries to move the chair and is about to fall because of Ronnie. He asks her to sit. Pragya comes there and sees her tensed. Tanu thinks with whom to ask. She sees Mitali checking her phone and saying it came. She sayss it is lottery message. Tanu thinks what if the blackmailer called Daadi. She asks Daadi if her phone is with her. Daadi says she have her phone.

Pragya comes and sits to have food. Tanu gets irked. Tanu picks chilli to eat. Pragya says it should be avoided in pregnancy. Daadi asks why she is worried? Tanu says someone is trying to trouble her and asked about Abhi’s number. She says she have handled him, but Abhi will get tensed. Ajay says Pammi gets phone call from weight loss machine sellers. Daadi says she didn’t get such phone. Pragya says the call will come now.

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