Update: Wednesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 430-431)

Pragya wonders where Tanu is and sees her car there. Pragya diverts Abhi's attention as she finds Tanu's car. Abhi goes in other way, while Pragya goes to the isolated place to find her mother. On the other hand, Sarla repents following Pragya and getting caught by Nikhil and Tanu. Sarla feels bad that because of her, Pragya will now divert from her main goal of trapping Tanu and saving Abhi. Just then, she feels Pragya’s presence, and thinks she has to have strength and get out from it soon.

Daasi asks Daadi to say what is the matter? Daadi asks her to enquire by herself. Daasi says she will solve her confusion forever, and declares that she is going to her Pint/ village. Daadi says she will not stop her now, and asks her to go. Daasi asks if she should go? Mitali hears her. Daadi says she is letting her go. Daasi asks her to tell what is the matter? Daadi says there is nothing to say. Daasi says she will leave. Daadi thinks she really felt bad and asks her to stop. Daadi tells Daasi that Sarla is missing, and Abhi and Pragya went to search for her. Mitali hears her. Daasi asks her to tell her everything. Mitali hears it carefully.

Abhi thinks there are many girls wearing blue dress here. He sees a girl wearing blue dress and calls her Sarla aunty. The girls identify him to be rockstar Abhi and take selfie with him. Pragya thinks this way is closed and thinks Tanu might have used other way. Abhi thinks sometimes fan irritates him, and doesn’t understand urgency. Seeing Pragya walking in an isolated place and thinks to find out what is happening. Abhi then follows Pragya to know what she is upto.

Tanu comes to the same place, and thinks Nikhil called her at a scary place. Nikhil comes and says it is a romantic place for passionate lovers. Tanu scolds him and asks what is the surprise. Nikhil asks her not to react and hear him fully. Pragya thinks what to do as Tanu went somewhere there. Abhi thinks it is like ghost place. He wonders where Pragya is? He sits down scared. Nikhil brings Tanu to the place where he kept Sarla. Tanu scolds him for not killing Sarla. Nikhil says she is saying fake stories, and he have a doubt on her and that today she got the blackmailer’s call and that means she is not the real blackmailer, but know his name.

Tanu asks him to kill her. Nikhil who is blind in love and trust Tanu blindly says he will make Sarla tell the blackmailer’s name and then he will kill her. Tanu says she is going now and he should give her the news that Bulbul’s mum reached Bulbul. Nikhil asks her not to worry. Pragya comes and pats on Abhi’s shoulder. Abhi thinks ghost is talking in Pragya’s voice and thinks he don’t know even hanuman chalisa. Pragya asks what happened to him? He says he was searching and that she lied to him about a girl dress in blue color and asks her to tell him the truth. Abhi and Pragya again, get into an unnecessary argument. They hear the voice and follow the person. On the other hand, Daadi tells Daasi about Sarla’s kidnapping and asks what is her decision now. Mitali hears her. Purabh calls Daadi up. Daadi says she doesn’t know where Abhi and Pragya are. Purabh says he is in police station, but will call them. Daasi asks if there is also anything else. Daadi says she started again. Daasi asks Daadi why did she tell Purabh to be with Pragya. Daadi says so that Purabh can inform her and she can inform Abhi.

Purabh calls Pragya and asks where she is? Pragya says she is near now. Abhi takes the call and asks if he is in commissioner’s office. Purabh says he is with the commissioner and gives the call to him. The commissioner says they are searching their team and Purabh will be with them. Tanu thinks Nikhil should kill Sarla fast, so that her trouble ends. She thinks Abhi and Pragya shouldn’t be doubtful about her. Abhi tells that no one is here, and asks if she really came to meet any girl. Pragya says yes. Just then they hear someone going in car. Pragya scolds Abhi and says the person have left seeing him. Tanu comes back home and thinks life has changed and have become troublesome, but before that it was all well. She looks for Abhi and thinks he must not have talked to Pragya. She wonders if they are together.

Tanu asks Daadi if she knows where Abhi is? Daadi tells she doesn’t know where he is? Daadi says nobody tells her where they are going etc and scolds her for coming late and reminds her that she is going to be her daughter in-law and asks her not to roam in the night. Tanu agrees and thinks until when she will be alive. She collides with Mitali and asks why she came in her way. She tells her she is looking for Abhi. Mitali tells her that Abhi and Pragya went to search for Sarla as she went missing. Mitali reads her face and says it seems she is involved in her kidnapping. Tanu looks angrily and says she don’t care. Mitali says she is acting as innocent as if she haven’t planned anything with Aaliya.

Pragya calls for mother and cries. She tells Abhi that she lost Bulbul and now her mother. She says he have a family, and why will he care for her. Abhi says she was like his mum and he is trying to find her madly. He gets upset. He picks some sticks to set fire.

Abhi lights the fire for Pragya as she suffers from cold. Pragya gets emotional recollecting about the incident in which she proposed Abhi previously at the same place. Abhi sits near the bonfire. Sanam Re Sanam Re song plays in the background while he reminiscences their happy moments. Pragya is seen sleeping. On the other hand, Daadi calls Pragya, but fails as her mobile is switched off. Later, she calls Abhi to find out about his whereabouts. Abhi picks the call. Daadi asks where he is asks if he is fine? Abhi says they came in search of Sarla aunty and asks her not to worry.

Daadi asks if he is alone or with someone. Abhi says Pragya is with him, but is sleeping. Abhi asks Daadi to hold on and set the wood on fire so that Pragya can sleep peacefully. Daadi says she don’t know when they will see the day. Abhi asks her not to worry. Daadi asks where is he? Abhi says they are in the car. Daadi asks if Pragya is troubling him? Abhi says Pragya is already tensed. He adds that Pragya betrayed him, but he still love her and says how can he separate himself from her and he should punish himself for loving her. Daadi says time will pass and everything will be alright. Abhi says once they find Sarla, then he won’t let any one even his heart not to betray him. He asks her to sleep and says he will come soon. Sanam Re song plays in the background. Abhi thinks if he wouldn’t have changed then nothing would have changed.

Next morning, Abhi and Pragya argue over repairing the car. Abhi asks her not to disturb him. Pragya tells him to do whatever he can, but to take her out from here soon. He gets Tanu’s call. Tanu asks where is he? Abhi says he is in Malvani lanes. Tanu gets shocked hearing this and asks Abhi to come home soon. She calls Nikhil and tells him that Abhi and Pragya are in the same lane, and if they get Sarla then. She asks him to wake up and stop them else they will land up in jail. Nikhil says he will go now.

Rachna comes to Daadi and takes her blessings. Daadi tells her they are together. Purabh also comes there. Daadi says when the truth comes out, then Abhi will think that he was walking on the right path. She is waiting for Abhi and Pragya’s union. Daasi asks what is she talking about? She says she heard her talking about Abhi and Pragya and asks if she is hiding something from her. Purabh says they were talking about Tanu and Abhi’s marriage and she is talking about Pragya. Daasi says if Pragya gets right then she can marry Abhi and their marriage will become example. Abhi tells Pragya that Tanu is sending the driver and they have to wait till then. Pragya says okay. She looks at Abhi. Abhi says she should thank him and that she was sleeping in this isolated area and he lit the bonfire all night. Pragya says really. Abhi says no, he is so hot that fire broke out just like that. Nikhil comes in his car and says he has come there to see the sight seeing. Abhi asks him to give them lift.

Sarla thinks everyone is sleeping, she should try to escape from here. She cuts her hand rope. She finds Nikhil's men sleeping there and thinks to call Pragya. Tanu thinks if Nikhil met Abhi or not. Mitali comes and congratulates Tanu and teases her. She says Abhi and Pragya haven’t come home in the night. She asks her to find the meaning, and history is repeating itself and that if Pragya gets pregnant then Abhi will ditch her and marry Pragya. Tanu says Abhi will not ditched her. Mitali says they have full faith on Abhi, but he did a mistake with her and that Abhi still feels for Pragya even now, although they are separated, but couldn’t go far from each other. She says they might have drown in weak moment yesterday and asks Tanu to understand. Tanu thinks his head will blast because of Sarla.

Nikhil comes to the spot to ensure they don't find Sarla and asks why did he come to this place. Abhi says they came here as a girl called Pragya and was about to give information about Sarla. Nikhil asks what happened to her? Abhi says she is missing. Nikhil acts as shocked and says did that girl give him the information? Abhi says no and says the girl left before they could reach there. Sarla gets worries and calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call. He asks her where she is? Sarla tells about Malvani tours and travels. Abhi asks her to be there and says they are coming there. To Nikhil's shock, Abhi asks Nikhil to take a U turn and asks him to take them to the place where Sarla is hidden.

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