Update: Wednesday On Life Of Ami (Episode 28-30)

Sanjay’s mother tells him that she is giving him 15 days time and he should select a girl of his choice in 15 days or else she is going to fix his marriage within 15 days and will get him married to Bhavna. He then leaves from there and Prabha is very much angry. Sanjay’s father tells Prabha that she should not loose her son by forcing her decision on him. she is shown a bit thinking and angry.

Shruti in her room is talking to Harsh’s photo and says that today she won the competetion and is very happy and today she is missing him a lot. Then Khushboo also comes and talks to Harsh and says that her mother won only 50% and Sanjay won 50% and then says that if Sanjay and her mother would have danced together then they would have won.

Khushboo says that now Ami has gone to Naani’s house and tells her that she will not take Ami’s name. Shruti says okay and tomorrow will be her day and they will all say the word “Khushboo” only. Shruti tells her that tomorrow will be Khushboo day and Khusboo asks what will they do tomorrow. Shruti says that they will go out and have lunch then they will go to the mall and then they will have ice cream. Khushboo gets happy and tells her to promise and Shruti promises her.

Then at Sanjay’s home in his room, he is thinking about what his mother said and is about to call Shruti but doesn't and says that whenever he has any problem he calls her but now he can't as the problem is related to his liking towards Shruti. While he is still in thought, Shruti calls him up.

He receives her call and then she thanks him for making everybody happy today and that now even she feels that it is necessary to take Khushboo and Ami outside to keep them happy. She then senses that Sanjay is quiet and not responding and asks him to tell her what is it that it's irritating him. She then asks if it is because of aunty and then supports Prabha on which he gets angry. They have a talk regarding this and then Shruti bids him bye. The next morning, while Shruti is combing Khushboo’s hair and then again Shruti Baa and Veni uncle are talking about Ami and then Khusboo pins Shruti and says Ami name. Shruti tells Baa and Veni uncle that it’s Khusboo day.

At the office, Bhavna is sitting and Sanjay enters his cabin and sees Bhavna’s and his photo of Dandiya and then sees asks her what's this and then she tells him that he gets bored in the office so it's for him so that whenever he gets bored, he can see her and his picture. He then tells her to go out with that photo and then Ashish comes in and he tells Bhavna to excuse him as he has an important meeting with Ashish and she then leaves.

Sanjay asks Ashish about the case and Ashish tells him that till the investigation is on, he has come to a point that it's a suicide. Sanjay gets angry and Ashish asks him that what's up with his behavior. A disturbed Sanjay who once confesses his love for Shruti, to his father. Sanjay confides with his friend too, and tells him everything about the conversation and fight with his mother. Ashish tells him that he should marry Shruti and suggests telling his feelings to Shruti and give the relationship a chance or it would be too late by then and he would loose this relation.

Sanjay talks to Shruti regarding his marriage decision and that he wants to marry to the girl of his choice and he has chosen a girl of his choice. She gets happy and makes him sit on the chair. Sanjay tells Shruti that he is taking a very important decison of his life now and Shruti tells him that she will get coffee for him but he stops her then Shruti asks him to speak up.

Sanjay tries to tell him about his feelings to Shruti but he is not able to say it because of a call made by Kothari. He calls Shruti in his cabin but Sanjay takes the call and tells Kothari that Shruti will come after some time but Kothari doesnt listen to him and tells him that he wants Shruti in his cabin just now. Sanjay gets angry and tells him to meet him right away and goes to meet Kothari.

Kothari says that he is removing Shruti from the job as she has done a loss of 5 lacs. Then Sanjay and Kothari have a argument and Kothari says that it's final and he has decided to remove her from the job. Sanjay says that he will pay all the losses from his personal account for the company.

Sanjay then goes inside and gets angry, he tells Shruti that he is trying for long time to talk to her but due to some reason he is not able to talk to her. Sanjay then tells Shruti that they should go for coffee and they should talk there. At Sanjay’s home, Prabha and Sanjay’s father have a talk and a sort of argument on Sanjay’s marriage. Prabha speaks ill about Shruti and tells Sanjay’s father that how much ever he tries to change her mind she won't.

At the cafe, Shruti and Sanjay go and order 2 capuchinos. Sanjay again tries to convey his feelings to Shruti but fails each time as Bhavna comes to the coffee shop and Shruti leaves saying that she has to take Khushboo out. Bhavna tries to talk to Sanjay about his feelings but he is not able to as Sanjay directly.

Sanjay tells Bhavna that he does not like her and he is not interested in marrying her. She then leaves from there and goes to Prabha and informs her about Sanjay’s feelings and that he himself said to her that he doesn't like her and he does not want to marry her. On hearing the same, Prabha then takes Bhavna inside, introduces Bhawna as her daughter-in-law to rest of her family ( Sanjay’s father, elder brother and Sanjay’s sister in-law.

Shruti and Khushboo take kulfi, Khushboo tells mother to click a photo and send it to Naani and that Naani will show the picture to Ami, then Ami's mouth will water. Then Shruti takes a picture of Khushboo with the kulfi and she sends it to Naani. Shruti and Khushboo go in the garden and sit there. Shruti apologises Khusboo for not spending enough time with her and always paid attention on Ami. Khushboo says it's okay, but Ami is not there so they will enjoy.

At Sanjay's house, Sanjay comes home and at the same time his brother also comes. Sanjay asks him why he came so early? His brother says his work was over. Then his brother says that his marriage preparations are going on. Sanjay could not believe him and learns from his brother and his wife that his mother has started preparations of his marriage to Bhavna.

Sanjay gets angry and goes from there by saying that he does not want to marry her. Then he goes in his room and sees his mother there. Sanjay's mother tells him to buy some shirts and suits. He asks her why? She says because he is getting married. Sanjay immediately blunt out that he does not want to marry Bhavna. He tells her to sit and listen to him properly and quietly. Then he tells her that normally he and Shruti were best friends and nothing else, but yesterday when she (his mother) asked him continuously the same question that does he like Shruti or not? At that time he realized something and came to a decision. His mother asks what decision?

He tells that he loves Shruti and he will marry only her. She tells him that she is a widow and a mother of two children. He replied his mother that the generation has changed and he will marry her. Then he gets up to go, his mother asks why doesn’t he favour his mother’s decision and doesn’t he care for her. She tells her that if she doesn’t want to understand then why did she listen to him?

Everyone have come for breakfast and Sanjay's mother also comes. His mother calls the servant and tells him to bring green tea for her big son, milk for the son’s daughter and coffee for her husband. The servant brings everything, then his mother asks how come he came so fast today. He tells that it happens some times. Then the big son’s daughter comes and goes for college. His mother stops her and tells her to atleast drinks milk in which she says that she is on diet and leaves.

Then Sanjay then comes there and his mother gets up to go on seeing him. Her husband tells her to atleast drink milk, and asks even if she is on diet. She tells that she is not feeling well and she leaves. Then the big brother also leaves as he is having office. Then Sanjay gets up to go and tells tells his father that he is going to confess his feelings to Shruti today. On the other hand, Jassu ben tells Shruti that she has sold her house and now Shruti will need to shift her base to somewhere else.

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