Update: Tuesday On Twist Of Fate (Episode 438-439)

Abhi thinks about his conversation with Sarla. Later Pragya thinks how to find out what her mother sign her. She thinks to enquire and calls Tanu. Tanu thinks to torture Sarla daily and one day she will die. Pragya go outside in the living area and calls Tanu by changing her voice as the blackmailer, and says she thought to call her to know about her well being. Tanu gets angry and threatens him.

Pragya tells her that she know that she have kidnapped Sarla by mistake instead of him and asks if she will kidnap him like Pragya’s mother's. Tanu gets shocked after hearing this which is quite evident from her facial expression and she admit that they have kidnapped Sarla as she saw her and her boyfriend and knew the truth. Tanu asks the blackmailer how she know about all this and she further said that they have decided to even kill her as she finds their truth but fortunately she got paralyzed and they they leave her. 

After finding the truth, Pragya is shocked and says he is cancelling the deal with her, and will deal with someone else within her family. She talk to herself that Tanu time in Mehra mansion is up and her countdown has just begin and she decides to expose her as soon as possible. Tanu thinks she has to do something to this watchman. Pragya feels bad and thinks she shouldn’t have agreed to Purabh sayings. Tanu thinks to stop the watchman, the same way she dealt with Sarla. She is about to go, but sees Pragya. Pragya asks why she is tensed? Tanu says nothing. They have a heated argument.

Tanu says she have catch small fishes till now and should have targeted her. She says she don’t want to see her in the house after marriage. Pragya reminds her that she brought her inside the house when her house was burnt, and she can kick her out as well. Tanu says she have to leave the house soon and will be a servant soon.

Pragya says time will tell who will leave the house. She thinks her heart is asking her to expose Tanu, but she don’t have the proofs. Tanu thinks she have to do something to the blackmailer else he might sell the proofs to Pragya. Pragya asks her not to get stress, else she will deliver her baby before marriage, and then she have to plan baby’s naming ceremony. Tanu gets irked.

Raj brings gifts for everyone.  Ajay, Pammi and Rachna get happy. Mitali asks what did he bring for her. Raj asks about Aaliya? Ajay says she is staying in the outhouse, and it is her decision. Raj thinks about Aaliya’s revengeful words. Ajay asks Raj why he is not returning home in the nights, and asks him to return home. Raj says he wants Akash to spend time with his wife and he is also taking care of Akash’s work. He will meet Aaliya and leave for the meeting.

Pragya thinks her mother can’t speak, but she can sign her. She thinks to talk to her and get clue. Abhi comes in front of her and says he needs to talk to her. Pragya says she need to talk to her mother, and know answers. Abhi asks if she is joking? Pragya says he will not understand and asks him to move. Abhi insists to talk to her. Pragya tells him that she needs to talk to her mother urgently. Abhi gets upset and leaves.

Pragya comes to Sarla’s room and asks the nurse if she gave any injection to her mother. The nurse says no. Pragya asks her to go that she will sit with her. Sarla sees her tensed and gets worried. Pragya asks if she wants to say that Tanu is behind her kidnapping. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya says they have kidnapped her thinking her to be the blackmailer. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks if she see who was with Tanu and asks if she have seen her boyfriend and her baby’s father?

Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks her not to try to speak? She again asks if she have meet him? Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya asks if he come to this house. Sarla blinks. Pragya again asks if he came here after her change of avatar. Sarla blinks her eyes. Pragya wonders who is he? She says she will show her photographs of the functions and blink eyes if she sees that person. She shows her the photographs on her mobile.

Abhi thinks Pragya talked to him rudely and thinks he will not talk to her. Pragya tells her mother that she is feeling helpless and don’t know what to do? Sarla cries. Pragya asks her not to cry, and that she know that she will tell her very soon about Tanu’s boyfriend. She asks her not to cry and sign her when he comes home. She asks her not to take tension. The nurse comes to give her injection. Pragya asks her to take rest. Pragya thinks who might be that person. She thinks may be he is the producer, agent, ad maker etc, and decides to find out.

Abhi gets confused thinking if he should talk to Pragya about their divorce or not and marriage talk with Tanu then Pragya will get angry, but if he doesn’t talk to Pragya then Tanu will get angry. He thinks he is trapped. Later, he wonders why Sarla placed his hand on Pragya's hand before losing her consciousness and thinks it is not clear what Sarla wants to tell him, but thinks he has a responsibility towards Tanu’s child. Then, he makes up his mind not to be confused as Sarla gave him permission to marry Tanu previously and he should marry Tanu. He thinks he will talk to Daadi and initiate divorce process through her.

Tanu comes to the outhouse and thinks Aaliya have shifted from here to seek her advice. Tanu comes there? Aaliya asks her to tell what is her problem. She sees the lock open and thinks to repair it. She asks Tanu to hurry up. Tanu tells her that her problem list is long. Aaliya asks her to say it. Tanu tells her that the blackmailer said that he will sell the proofs to someone and he even knows that Nikhil is her baby’s father. Aaliya asks her to tell her everything in detail.

Tanu tells her everything, how they kidnapped Sarla and everything. Aaliya says she has a solution. Tanu asks her to tell and she gives her an idea. Later Pragya is seen outside the in-house temple, when she sees someone going to Sarla’s room. She wonders why the light is off and goes near the room to find out. She is shocked to see that her mother's room has been locked from the inside. She get scared and knocks on the door calling the nurse to find out the truth. She then comes to Abhi who is sleeping and asks him to wake up as there is a problem.

Abhi asks why is she disturbing him? And asks her to let him sleep. Pragya says somebody entered her mother’s room and locked the room from inside. Abhi asks if she is joking to make him talk. Pragya says no that she isn’t joking. They rush towards the room and see the door open. They see Tanu standing inside. Abhi asks what is she doing here? Tanu says she came to Sarla’s room to take care of her and that if she gets fine soon then her marriage will also happen soon. She will come here and take care of Sarla for her happiness. Abhi is impress with this but Pragya is in no mood to believe that Tanu can take care of her mother and understands her acting.

Tanu asks why Pragya brought him here and she must not want her to be with Sarla. Abhi says there was some misunderstanding and asks her to sleep. Pragya gets angry as she knows that Tanu is lying in front of Abhi. She thinks Tanu is fooling him and he is becoming a fool, she won’t let this happen and will tell her truth to him. Abhi thinks Pragya created tension and doubt in his mind unnecessarily. He asks Pragya if her confusion is cleared. Pragya says Tanu is fooling him and he is becoming a fool. Abhi asks does she think Tanu is trying to kill Sarla. Pragya says yes, that Tanu is an even person and they can’t trust her, and she is pretending to be good. Abhi says the light and door was open.

Pragya tries to convince Abhi that Tanu came to kill her mother and that when she went there, the light and door was closed and that Tanu is acting. Abhi admits that she is acting for her advantage. They have an eye lock while the song Sanam Re Sanam Re plays in the background. Abhi tries to get closer to her. Pragya asks what is he doing? Abhi says he is thinking about the story which she will cook up. Pragya says she will be with her to protect her and that she don’t know if he don’t see the truth or over seeing it. Abhi thinks he can’t tell her anything else she will refuse to give divorce and the case will go on in court.

Now Tanu is in mission to make Abhi divorce Pragya and Aaliya is helping her in her mission. She thinks Aaliya is right and thinks she has done right by taking him on her side and that it is good that Abhi doesn’t doubt on her, and thinks to end the blackmailer’s chapter. She gets Nikhil’s call. Tanu tells him that she is thinking if he really deserves to marry her. Nikhil asks what she is saying? Tanu tells him that the blackmailer called her again and said that he will sell the proofs to someone else. Nikhil asks her to message all the numbers which she received on her phone from the blackmailer, and he will enquire.

In the mean time, Pragya thinks she can’t make any plan else her mind will be diverted. She is anxious for her mother and her gut feelings are saying that her mother's life is in danger until Tanu is here. She decides to stay with her mother and take care of her. She sleeps on sofa. Pragya gets a dream where a woman comes in black clothes comes to kill her mother and suffocates her to death. She pushes the killer and dream ends. Pragya wakes up and asks her mother to open her eyes. Sarla opens her eyes. Pragya gets relief from this nightmare.

Pragya informs Daadi, Purabh, Rachna and Ronnie that she called Tanu, posing as the blackmailer and that Tanu ended up revealing the truth to her that she is behind kidnap of her mother and responsible for her condition and that her mother even know Tanu's baby father. Rachna informs her that they should try to know about the person's name from Sarla. Then, Pragya informs Rachna that she tried to get the person's name from her mother and got only few details. They think of organising a party to identify the guy.

Pragya says now he won’t come into the house directly. He will change his appearance and adds that their first priority is her mother's safety,  they need to take special care of her as Tanu might try to further harm her now. Ronnie tries to give Pragya an idea by which they might catch Tanu's partner but Pragya refuses to put her mother's life in danger and says she already lost Bulbul, now she won’t loose her mother.

Later, Ronnie is walking down the stairs and feels helpless as he is unable to help Pragya. He sees Tanu and he is angry at her as she is trying to harm Pragya and thinks that she’s responsible for everything. He finally makes up his mind to kill Tanu's baby saying if there is no baby then there won’t be any marriage. He sees Mitali talking a bottle water and asks her for water. Mithali gives him the bottle and leaves.

Ronnie spills water on the stairs and thinks to himself sorry sis. He know if he tell her this, she won’t give him permission and he goes and hides behind the stairs waits for Tanu to slip and fall. Tanu walks on the stairs and slips a little and however does not fall as she manages to controls herself. Tanu instead finds out that Ronnie is targeting her child as she sees him hiding and says the water is purposely thrown on the stairs and shouts at Ronnie. She then asks him weather Pragya ordered him to do this. Pragya comes there.

Tanu then takes the bottle water from Ronnie’s hand and says he threw the water on the stairs. Pragay asks Ronnie and he says sis. Pragya shuts him off and asks him to go with her. Tanu thinks to herself that they are targeting her baby now then she have to leave this house with Abhi and if there is no baby, then it means it’s finished and it’s been too much. She have to do something now..

Pragya calls Daadi, Purabh and Rachna. She is so angry and tells them about Ronnie's incident and scolds him. Ronnie says he can’t bear it when she cries and that he can do anything for her. Pragya scolds him saying what’s the baby’s fault. Ronnie asks then what’s BulBul fault that she lost her life. Though all of them feel that Ronnie wasn't wrong, Rachna says what ever Ronnie did is correct. Pragya shouts at her and asks if she have gone mad and that their fight is for the truth and not a war of killing for people.

Pragya says they are not like Aaliya and Tanu wanting to get rid of people. Pragya keeps on crying saying she is tired and is worried, while trying to mending one relationship with Abhi, her loved ones ( lost Bulbul and now, her mother is in danger ) are getting into trouble. She says for her happiness how many lives they risk doing all this. if she get happiness means she don’t want any happiness and blame herself for it and that she don’t want to do all this. They have to finish it here for her mother's and the rest of their own safety. She then decides to tell Abhi the truth about everything and that is the decision she have made and she don’t want any of them to stop her. She don’t care if he believes her or not. Daadi tries to reason out. Pragya says if this goes on then this distance will be for life and leaves from there

Purabh runs to Pragya and tries to stop her to think once. Pragya refuses and says that she has decided to tell the truth whatever be the situation. She further tell Purabh that they always keep thinking but never dare to tell him. She says what if they tell him and he believes them. Then they don’t have to do all these planning every other day once she tell him about it. She says what happens if she tell him the truth. He won’t believe her. He will remove her from this house. He has already removed her from his heart.

After that she don’t care if she live in this house or not and how much will he hate her? He already hates her a lot and if he removes her from the house she would leave taking her mother with her. Even Tanu will get what she wants and she will leave her mother alone. Already in this, they lost a lot to bring the truth out and so much bad had happened. If they both are destined to stay apart, if she had to loose the battle then he should just let her have a peace of mind that she told Abhi the truth and what ever happens after that, she is fine and leaves from there to meet Abhi.

Abhi is in the garden. Tanu says she’s looking for him everywhere. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya was trying to kill her and her baby as she doesn't want her to get married to him. Abhi looks at her. Abhi asks if she have gone mad? Tanu tells him everything. Abhi says he know Pragya is thinking wrong about her taking care of Sarla Aunty and that Pragya can never do that with her. Tanu asks why can’t she do it. Abhi argues with her saying Pragya can never take someone's life or harm anyone. When Abhi refuses to believe Tanu, she tries her emotional drama and shouts at him trying to brainwashed him and asks when will he trust her? Or when their baby dies then?.

Meanwhile, Pragya comes searching for Abhi in his room and asks about him from Robin in which he tell her that Abhi is in the garden. Purabh, Daadi, Rachna and Ronnie discuss that Pragya is not listining to anyone. Purabh tells Daadi to go with his Pragya and If Pragya only tells him then he might not believe her. But if she is with her then he might listen. Even Rachna agrees with Purabh on this.

Daadi says Abhi will ask for proof and she know he will think about what she said. He will bring Tanu In front of everyone and ask her and she will of course lie about it. Ronnie says his sister can ask time to get the proofs. Purabh agrees and says if Abhi doesn’t listen to do then everything will be finished. Daadi gets hyper and says she won’t let it finish. She will do what ever she haven’t done till now. She will fight with Abhi but she won’t let anything happen to Pragya and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Sarla pray to god that her Pragya is going with the truth and to please stay with her. Meanwhile, Tanu keeps saying that he is not understanding her and asks why don’t he tell her that he don’t have any responsibility towards her or her child. She will bear all this because she loved him and for his happiness she have given up hers and he is thinking of others happiness. She then throw a question at him saying who will get ready to marry a guy who loves someone else? But still she want to marry him because she care about him. Abhi looks on. Tanu says further that he don’t care about her or the baby and she wanted to abort the baby then but he didn’t let her and asks why can’t he take a decision.

Abhi shouts that he had taken a decision and it's same as her. Tanu says if their decisions are same then why aren’t their feelings the same? She asks him if he don't want her to bring this baby into this world. Abhi says not like that and says he was about to talk to Daadi to go and talk to Pragay about the divorce. He don’t want to get things complicated in a rush and if Pragya refuses the divorce then the matter will go to the court. They again argue.

Just then, Pragya listens to Tanu shouting, telling Abhi that their baby is in danger and that danger is Pragya. Pragya gets shocked. Tanu shouts at Abhi saying he trust her but not her and tells him not to show this on her because she will take advantage of this and she will tell some wrong story and try to instigate him on herself. Pragya listens to all this in shock. She tells that she fear that Pragya will come and tell him that the baby in her stomach is not his but someone else’s and cries. 

Pragya looks shocked. Abhi says what rubbish is she talking about. Tanu says Pragya will say this because he trust her and if not her then she will make someone else tell him this. Abhi assures her that no one will make him stop having a relation with the baby and he won’t believe it if anyone says this and declares that this is his baby.

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